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Tanjung Rhu Resort

5.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Will be visiting the hotel in June 2018 for 5 days. Have 2 questions 1. Will there be renovation work going on that time or paused? 2. What are the views from Damai & Cahaya suite rooms (pool/beach/garden)? Would greatly appreciate your response which will help me finalize my booking

I reviewed the Rhu thinking it was the whole resort, so here's my review again! Loved everything about Tanjung Rhu Resort. The food was excellent, the staff, couldn't have been more attentive and the beach was perfect..It was so peaceful and beautiful. I can't wait to go back.

TANJUNG RHU - BAYU SENJA. Truely awesome stay. Everything was splendid. Special thanks to Anas from front desk for making our stay a memorable one. We had the nicest view of sunrise and sunset from the room.

We stayed here for 1 week and chose it due to location, quality and price. Overall this place was a fantastic place and it helped to make our overall holiday a bit better. I would pick the friendliness/politeness of the staff and the grounds/beach out as highlights. The food was also high quality and very tasty. In terms of the ambiance, pool, beach, facilities and rooms the hotel was very good. Some of the staff are fantastic and can’t do enough for you. The only areas I would improve are the Wi-fi and some service. The Wi-fi is only in 2 seating areas of the hotel and is very hit and miss. It basically doesn’t work at all. However the tablet in each room helps. Some service was slow at times, but not that often and staff were always polite when serving. I would definitely stay again for the price. The hotel is very quiet and relaxing due to half of the rooms still closed for renovation.

Location basically in the middle of nowhere means: holiday. Leave your devices in the room and just relax and enjoy. Location by the white long beach and sea is beautiful. The resort itself is a bit worn out but there were so many positive things it didn't even bother. First and the most important thing are the people working there: always happy and smiling, friendly, helpful, chatting, having also fun together... Good service started at the front desk and went through every department, without any exception. Room was really big and the bed was comfortable. Separate pool for adults only was great! Also the food in the restaurants were tasty every time! I just enjoyed.

It is easy to understand when you see this beach for the first time why so many famous tv advertisments for chocolate and rum depicting paradise as we imagine it are filmed here onTanjung Rhu beach. It is paradise!! What is more the seawater is clean, calm and for the week we were there jellyfish free although the red flag was up. As previous reviewers have mentioned, I think the hotel always leaves the red flag up as a precaution as there are sometimes untertow currents if you swim to close to the sand bar when the tide is going out. Otherwise beautiful water to swim in. I cannot describe the hotel itself better than the reviewer Robsaw from London already did- see his review from three days ago. Yes it is not the most modern hotel but the rooms are very clean and are maintained to a high standard. I recommend you choose a Bayu Senja Suite as you then have a panoramic view of the whole beach from the balcony. However don't book it if you have problems with climbing 62 steps as there are no lifts. With the handset in the room you have fast internet and can also use the handset for free of charge telephone calls to countries from which most of their guests come - China Germany, United Kingdom. Your handset also has a telephone number where friends can reach you directly. So if you are from one of these countries and staying at Tanjung Rhu resort you won't need your own smartphone or a sim card. Otherwise there is only wifi in the reading room but this is so slow that you can forget it. As there are only still some 60 rooms in use in this hotel it would not cost much to put wifi in the whole resort and I think that the management must do this soon in order to keep their guests happy enough to come back again. Otherwise all facilities such as pool bar and restaurants good. The roti canai at breakfast were some of the best I have ever tasted ( better than those in the Ritz Calton Langkawi) where we also stayed. The Saffron restaurant is beautiful to sit in under the stars and I recommend the bruschetta ( as good as I have tasted in Sicily) and also the pasta pepperoni.. Happy hour runs for five hours so what more could you ask for! In Langkawi I have stayed at The Datai, Ritz Carlton and St. Regis but Tanjung Rhu costs one third of the price of these and the beach, food is better and I will be back. I as a senior TA reviewer with over 113 reviews to date highly recommend you choose this hotel when visiting Langkawi.

This is by far the most quiet hotel atmosphere any of us have ever experienced, and we have enjoyed every second of our time in Langkawi and in this beautiful hotel. The concept with different pools and restaurents in different areas of the hotel works really well. However we suggest a bigger difference and variation in the food and drinks. As others have mentioned, the WiFi is quiet an issue. Fair enough to have it in one room, but if it's not working in the reading room it gets annoying... So, we vote for WiFi in the entire hotel area 😀 We visited the water sport station by the hotel for both the booking of a mangrove trip and renting Kayak and it worked really well and with good service. The biggest round of applause goes to the lovely staff, who have been beyond welcoming, friendly, Kind, humble and easy to talk to. In our questionaire to the hotel we nominated Maulana and Jayadi for their excellent service and very good humor during our stay. Thank you 🙏 All in All, a fantastic vacation in outstanding surroundings with service above average. Attached is a few pictures of the hotel and the sorroundings, it can't be discribed with words.👌 Thank you for a remarkable vacation. Best regards The 4 Danes P. S. We wish for a small shop, where it's possible to buy ice cream and snacks 🤞

Tanjung Rhu Resort A bit of internet research reveals that this hotel opened in 1995 as the 5 star Radisson Tanjung Rhu, Something can’t have worked out – the 2004 tsunami springs to mind? because some years later it was Radisson no more and The Tanjung Rhu Resort was born. It also seems like that was the last time any serious money was spent on the place. Everything has been well maintained, but not upgraded. It’s a bit like a visit to your grandmothers house (mine at least when she was still alive). You knew that everything had been exceedingly good quality when it was bought 30 years ago, but it looks a bit dated and is showing some wear. Bang in the middle of the hotel (but curiously missing from their maps) is an abandoned structure which from even some of the in-room literature looks like it was once the main restaurant with a games room above but is now shuttered off and looks like it is awaiting demolition – and has been waiting for a few years based on the trees growing up through it! Also not in the brochures, approximately half of the rooms are closed for renovation. From inside the hotel I actually didn’t even notice for the first two days – they have rather subtly covered up the balconies with black netting. At the side it’s very obvious though with more shuttering and you can see into a few of the rooms which are little more than shells. Again, it sounds like the renovation has been stalled for a few years. Our room was large, but again, didn’t feel like it had been touched other than to cover up a few leaks in the ceiling for the past 10 years. The wood all looked a bit bare and needed some wax or varnish and there were shelves everywhere which needed ornaments or flowers, but none were present. (flowers were an optional extra I later discovered) Outside by the pool the teak decking looks as if it was installed back in 1995 and is now on its last legs. Wifi in one communal area only was very slow. There was a 4G handset in each room for you to use, but no tethering allowed. After my litany of complaints you would expect me to dislike this hotel, but I bloody loved it! Other reviewers have mentioned this, but signing into a hotel we are all used to the sweaty time when you leave the air conditioned car after the long flight and have to sit for 5 minutes smiling as they photocopy your passport and give you a drink you don’t really want. Not so here – perhaps because we had booked the airport transfer from the hotel (perhaps this is normal), they opened the door to the car and after confirming our names took us straight to the room and took down our details there – now this I can grow used to! The airport transfer was only about 5-10 MYR over what you would pay for a regular taxi which you would need to queue for. I would have hoped for a bottle of water and perhaps a cold towel in the car, neither of which were there, but so close to the price of a taxi I’m not complaining. Back in 1995 it appears that Radisson were charging approx. 300USD per night – I payed half that in 2018 – inflation be damned 😊. Half the hotel may have been closed for renovation, but no work was going on as we visited, so no noise and the number of guests! That said, nobody seemed to have told HR, so they were still fully staffed and the staff were super friendly and went out of their way to be helpful. Housekeeping need a special word here as the room was always kept immaculate. The beach – wow! I don’t care for sand, but I did find time to get some between my toes and we were lucky enough to be there on a full moon when the sand pathway to the islands emerges from the sea. 2 family pools and an adults only pool – fantastic. One criticism here, the hotel claimed to conduct careful tests on the sea everyday to determine if jellyfish are close and then raise a flag to indicate if it was safe to go into the sea. The flags were always red, but plenty of people were in the sea. I was left wondering if they have any other flags, or just always put out the red one to play it safe? That said we did see a massive Jellyfish on our mangrove tour, so perhaps caution is best… As mentioned earlier, our room looked a bit dated and a bit bare, but it was a suite for room money and it was damn big. The bed was huge and very comfortable. The bathroom had a large standalone bath and a separate shower, two sinks and a separate toilet. On the living room side we had a desk of sorts, a large LCD tv, dvd player, sofa and 2 chairs. As usual, we dumped our bags on the chairs and sofa and never switched the TV back on after we arrived. The view from our balcony was nothing special – the road and the abandoned building but with 3 large windows we had plenty of light. As for the lack of internet, we knew about it and picked up some 4G sim cards at the airport. A lovely feature I hadn't seen before other than on a plane was the night-light setting where a number of low level subtle lights on the walls gave enough light to move around at night but didn't keep you awake. We looked at various excursions and were close to taking the Mangrove tour from one of the public operators further up the public beach for a lot less money but I am very glad we took to hotel tour despite its higher price. There were only three of us on the tour and our guide, Zohar was passionate, funny and knowledgeable. With more time to spend the hotel boat was also respectful of the local flora and fauna. We learned lots and had a great time also. My wife had a massage at the spa which she enjoyed although it was relatively pricey. When we ventured outside, although apps like Grab and Uber were great for getting back to the hotel, because it was so remote they were useless when it came to getting taxis from the hotel, however the concierge was happy to call a taxi who might be 15% more expensive than Grab, but actually was available! Food was good. The breakfast buffet was comprehensive enough to cater to the different nationalities staying but did lack variety (I think in a medium sized hotel that is perhaps inevitable). Lunches and dinners were ludicrously expensive by the standard of the island, but reasonable when compared to back home. Some daily specials would have been nice, but with such a diverse clientele who do they target? The bar had a happy hour every night from 5.30 until closing with half price on all alcoholic drinks. This oddly meant that rather than asking for a Virgin Mary, you had to ask for a Bloody Mary with only a dash of vodka, otherwise you paid the full price. Driving up the headland to Tanjung Rhu you pass the Four Seasons resort and precious little else. Looking at the map, it seems like the Four Seasons has a view of the cement factory, while Tanjung is a third the price and has an unspoiled view of the islands and Thailand beyond. Would I stay here again? My wife is already planning our next visit!

We booked hi tea for our's daughter birthday on 25th of march at reading room, it was all perfect, 6 of us were so glade and enjoy the hospitality from everyone. Thank you so much we will be back soon, see you again on our next visit Cheers!!! Good luck Jimmy

My boyfriend and I stayed at Tanjung Rhu last April for a week. We chose the property based on budget and extensive research and were very pleased with our decision. Room: Upon arrival, I mentioned we were celebrating my boyfriend's birthday and we were upgraded to a 3rd floor room with a sea view and a MASSIVE terrace that included both a bistro table and 2 chairs as well as 2 lounge chairs for relaxing in the sun. We LOVED our room. There was a lovely floral arrangement, a fruit basket, wine and chocolates when we arrived to settle in. The bed and linens were comfortable and there was plenty of storage. We did have some issues with our shower door not closing and then not staying closed but each time we called, maintenance arrived shortly and worked to make thing right. We're not fussy people so minor inconveniences don't bug us so long as people are trying to make it right. Pools: Um, we basically just lived at the adult pool (The Sands side) when we were at the resort. Why wouldn't you? Staff was attentive, the nearby restrooms are clean and nice. Plenty of pool towels, sun and shade, quiet... It was heaven. Get down there early if you want a good spot though. Also, food and beverage are pretty good but a little spendy for us so we frequently brought our own drinks down in a little cooler. Resort overall: We saw some comments in other reviews about the property being only partially completed. And yes, when we were there, that was the case. But did it bother us AT ALL? Nope. The parts that are open are clean, well cared for, and there is always staff working at tidying this or that. It is clear that while they may not yet be able to open the entire property, they care. The beaches are combed, the landscaping is nice, the walkways are lit and clean. Less people just meant more personalized attention. Spa: We did a couples massage which started with a foot bath, followed by a massage, mud wrap and finally a soak in an outdoor, pedal-covered milk bath with tea and fruits in our own private space. We could not have felt more pampered. We were left alone once we went for the bath and told to stay and enjoy it as long as we liked. It was so nice to not feel rushed. Other activities: We rented sea kayaks one day and paddled way across the bay and to a few different "rocks" where we could get out and explore a bit. RECOMMEND! On the advice of another couple, we walked up around the end of the resort where some locals have booths of goods and services and negotiated a river tour (where we saw monkeys, crabs, snakes, bats, eagles...) for far less than what was offered on the property. Play hardball. Private beach dining: Okay, THIS WAS A SHOW STOPPER! They started setting up the beach dinner while we were sitting by the pool. This was a surprise for my boyfriends birthday and it was such an amazing spectacle. They set up a table, gauzy white flags, plants, linens, a barbecue and prep tables... We went with the seafood option and added on a nice bottle of sauv blanc (his fave). There was SO MUCH DELICIOUS FOOD. The sunset was SPECTACULAR and we felt like celebrities. All in I think it cost me like $200 USD. A complete steal. DO THIS IF YOU GO TO TANJUNG RHU. I cannot stress enough how amazing this experience was. All week people would ask "was that you who did the beach dinner?" :) All in all, we totally loved this place. The staff was SO nice. Breakfasts were full of variety, we could Uber anywhere we wanted to go on the island and were perfectly content to just stay at the resort too.

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Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in public areas
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa
  • Private beach

Tanjung Rhu Resort places you within a 5-minute drive of Tanjung Rhu Beach and within a 10-minute drive of Black Sand Beach. This 136-room, 5-star hotel welcomes business and leisure travelers with 3 outdoor pools, a private beach, and a full-service spa. Hot Springs Village and Herbwalk in Langkawi are also nearby.


Enjoy dining at Sands, one of 3 onsite restaurants. Order from 24-hour room service to satisfy your hunger without leaving your room, or explore the hotel and get a beverage at the bar/lounge or coffee shop/café. Start your day off with breakfast, available for a fee.


All of Tanjung Rhu Resort's 136 air-conditioned rooms provide furnished balconies, minibars, and coffee makers. Guests can expect 40-inch LED TVs with digital channels and DVD players. Bathrooms offer deep soaking tubs, hair dryers, and free toiletries, and Select Comfort beds with down comforters ensure a restful night. Other amenities include free newspapers, free bottled water, and safes.

Property features

Tanjung Rhu Resort features a private beach, a full-service spa, and 3 outdoor pools. You can take advantage of extended parking, along with an airport shuttle (available 24 hours) for MYR 100 per room roundtrip. Multilingual staff at the front desk are standing by 24/7 to help with dry cleaning/laundry, concierge services, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this beach hotel include a children's pool, a fitness center, and a spa tub.

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