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  • Walking distance to Hak...
  • Free WiFi in public areas
  • Free valet and self parking
  • Onsite dining

Recent guest reviews

We stayed here for a night having wanted to splurge on our Japan trip, and thought the Hakone area would be fun. The Ryokan was excellent in every way. The room was comfortable, clean, and uncluttered, with an appealing esthetic. The view from each part of the room was beautiful, with unobstructed Mountain View’s, including from the onsen tub. Of course the highlight was the onsen, and it was hard to contemplate leaving the relaxation of the bath. But it was worth it as they provided meals in the room. The food was interesting, delicious (though definitely adventuresome for American palates), and stunningly presented. They served on a gorgeous array of pottery and porcelain. The service was attentive, courteous, and helpful. The only two slight improvements would be: 1) we would have enjoyed seeing the grounds and 2) there was a little bit of road noise, which wasn’t bad, but was occasionally noticeable. We would stay here again in a heartbeat—only this time we would stay longer!

Me and my wife stayed 1 night in this beautiful ryokan, and once arrived, they offered us a glass of italian spumante and a sweet roll. Our room was the “Ashigara”, very comfortable in every way, very big and located on the corner of the hotel so we enjoyed the privacy and quitness of the place. The room is well equipped with a Nespresso machine with 4 capsule, set of bathrobes and japanese style “yukata” pajamas. In the bathroom you can find also a full set of body wash,conditioner and shampoo from Acca Kappa, toothbrush with toothpaste and razors. In the corner of the room there is your private onsen, with windows around where you can admire the amazing mountain landscape while relaxing. The dinner course is also a speciality of this place, a wide assortment of tasty well prepared dishes of the japanese cuisine. The breakfast is a lighter version of the dinner, but not less delicious. Last but not least, the staff was extremely competent and polite always up to your needs. Some of them also are English speaker so there wasn’t any problem with communication. In conclusion, this was one of my best total relax experience of my life, really recommended for couples that are looking for some intimacy and relax.

The most memorable stay of our holiday. Our room was beautiful with a great view. The staff are fantastic and the food is truly astonishing. I loved the private Japanese dining rooms. The inn makes you feel you are the only ones there. Only speaking English is not a problem. I would recommend getting the mountain view rooms, worth the extra.

I stayed here for 3 days and 2 nights a few days ago and here was my experience. We came in from Tokyo at around 6pm on the Hakone Tozan train and got off at the Kowakidani station. Thinking that the hotel was a 5 minute walk away, we walked up the hill until we found a gas station. Since the road was pretty deserted, we decided to knock on the door of the gas station, and the owner gladly called the hotel for us which was a REALLY, REALLY nice thing to do especially since the people in my party were already road weary. The hotel picked us up in 5-10 minutes, in a Mercedes wagon driven by (as we would later find out) our attendant for our stay. The nice, young man spoke English and we were on our way to our lovely onsen. Check in was straight forward, and we were shown our rooms within 5 minutes. I stayed in the Kowaku room, while the other people in my group stayed in the Oowaku. Both rooms are on the same floor, at opposite ends of the hall. ------------------------------- ROOMS ---------------------------------------------------------------- The Kowaku room... ...was spacious and well appointed, with free use of a Nespresso machine with both a decaf and espresso capsule with cream and sugar. The futons are standard with one pillow each, so don't expect western style mattresses. The wet area where the tub is would serve to be my heaven for the 3 days I stayed there. It was the first time I've tried the Japanese way of showering (sitting down on a stool), and I must say, I am a convert! The steam coming from the tub enveloped me in warmth as I came in from the winter cold, and after our journey in winter, it was indeed a warm welcome. A thermos of cold water is provided on the coffee table, and a yukata with obi and jacket is provided also. Toiletries are: Toothbrush with toothpaste, 2 kinds of: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, a folding brush, a razor set, a wash cloth, hand soap, lotion, face wash, face lotion. All the bottles are the big bottles you would normally use at home, and not the regular small hotel sized bottles. The tub is big enough for 2, but since I stayed there alone, I had it all to myself. The attendant even pre-warms the bathtub for you before you come back from sightseeing! The view from the room is that of the road in front of the hotel, but since I spent most of my time in the tub, I didn't really mind. Note: there spout where the spring water comes out from drips, so if you're easily annoyed, you've been warned. For me, the dripping of the water was relaxing actually, and I barely noticed it when I went to bed. Oowaku Room This room is the bigger room, as is specified on the website. It's a corner room, with a nice view of the mountains, and the tub is larger than the tub in the Kowaku Room. So basically, what you see in the pictures is what you get. The sleeping area of this room has its own room to keep the heat in. NOTE ON WIFI: The Kowaku room is just above the office (no worries about any noise coming from downstairs, there isn't any) so I got wifi, however the Oowaku which is at the other end of the hall, did not. --------- FOOD ------------------ We got the normal food package, but "normal" would be an insult in describing the food we got. Dinner was always EPIC, it stretched for 2 hours with soooo many dishes that we all went into a food coma afterwards, and we had a hard time keeping awake until dessert! Breakfast was also huge, unless you are an absolute picky eater who insists upon having so and so for breakfast. Same goes for dinner. I respect the chefs who prepared our meals, and see the love and care they have put into our food. I have never had food this fresh, and the vegetables were so crisp that I ate them plain! The flavours of the food reflected the surroundings, and our breakfast combined with the view from our dining room downstairs provided our souls with nourishment as well. ----------------- SERVICE ---------------------- The best part about this hotel is the car service (which is included in the price) that drops you off and picks you up at the train station at a specified time. There is also a cell phone in the room, which you can take with you to call the onsen if you need anything, or if you need to be picked up earlier than agreed upon. This onsen is completely for rest and relaxation, the staff are always there when you need them (but I'm not a demanding person). They even drove my friends to the nearest convenience store which would be about a 20 minute walk from the hotel going towards Kowakidani station. -------------- IN SUMMARY ------------- This onsen gave me and my friends the ultimate in rest and relaxation that we needed. Sure, I've encountered a few fish bones in my meals (about 5 bones in total), but I won't let a few fish bones ruin my opinion of this onsen, and our attendant was just amazing. I would like to return again.

thanks to the perfect weather, we can enjoy the private onsen with such beautiful view. guest room is large and clean. room is away from main building which provides privacy during our stay. we can enjoy our breakfast and dinner in our room. Food is yummy but only a bit disappointed on a bone was fond in sashimi. We enjoy overall experience especially with the premium service. advanced booking on hotel car pick up service that make us easier when arrived tram station and near by sight-seeing spot. we're also impressed with cell-phone provided by hotel that we can well communicated with hotel staff when needed. Overall excellent service and beautiful place.

Nous recommandons ce ryokan : - pour l'excellent service de ses hôtes : attention, discrétion et délicatesse les qualifient (principalement) - pour leur chambre confortable avec vue imprenable sur les montagnes : pièces spacieuses et propres, produits et outils de beauté de qualité à disposition (il y a une machine pour un sauna facial à disposition!) - pour leur onsen privatif - pour la qualité de leur cuisine. Vous en ressortiez ressourcés et reposés. N’hésitez pas à pousser la porte de ce ryokan


我们今天住的温泉酒店Hakone Kyuan,是料理酒店,四星级,住宿体验的条件特别好。 一套房有卧室、客厅、日式茶座、温泉房和洗手间。 晚餐吃的是怀石料理。上了七道菜,包括有和牛呢。 窗外就是山,可惜天色晚了,看不清楚什么风景。 我们是坐的公交车,走盘山公路进山的。 明天还有早餐,十一点退房,我们就去东京了。

妻と2歳の子供と宿泊してきました。 とにかく全てが最悪の体験ばかりでした。。。 まず、部屋に案内され半露天の室内風呂について「お風呂は源泉をひいておりますので60度位の温度になるため、朝掃除をしてから湯を溜めて丁度良い温度にしておきました」とのことだったので早速入ろうかと思い湯船を見てみると、髪の毛やら陰毛やらが15〜20本程沈んでいました。本当に掃除したの?と思いたくなる程の汚さで、一番の楽しみだった風呂に入る気を無くしました。 再度30分程掃除をしている間、何もすることなくぼーっとテレビをながめ無駄な時間を過ごしてしまいました。 その後風呂の掃除も終わり、子供とベッドで遊んでいると枕元に見覚えのない飲みかけの水のペットボトルが放置してありました。気付かずに子供が飲んでしまっていたらと思うとゾッとします。 さすがに支配人を呼び、部屋を変えてもらうようにお願いしましたが、満室とのことで断られました。 この時点でこの宿の全てが信じられない状態でしたが、まだまだこれでは終りませんでした。 事前に「魚介類が苦手なので、魚介類のお料理は他の食材に変えてください」とお願いしてあったのですが、夕食が始まると1品以外全て魚介を使った料理を提供されました。係りの方に確認したところ、聞いてないとのこと。。かなり怒りを抑えながら結局最初から最後まで全く箸をつけず終了しました。 締めのご飯と椀物のタイミングで子供がぐずりだしたら「部屋にお持ちします」と言ってくれたので先に家族で部屋に戻って待っているとご飯とお味噌汁を運んで来てくれました。食べようかとした時に気づきました。箸がないことに。手で食べればいいの? 怒りマックスでしたのでこれも箸をつけずにいるとデザートを持ってきてくれました。 「箸がなかったので食べれませんでした」というと「おにぎりにしましょうか」との回答。。呆れました。 さらに嫁がサプライズでデザートにメッセージプレートをお願いしてあったようなのですが、それも華麗にスルーされており普通のデザートでした。 嫁が確認するとまたも「聞いておりません」とのこと。 嫁曰く、宿に到着したときに嫁にメッセージプレートの内容についてこっそり質問してきた係りの人だったそうです。「聞いてません」答えた係りの人は。 何?嫌がらせ?呪われてるの?ほんと何なのこの宿。。。 嫌々風呂に入るとシャンプーのプッシュノズルが壊れていて使えなかったり、トイレットペーパーが少ない状態で替えもないし、とにかく早くチェックアウトしたいと、朝食を一番早い時間にお願いし、いざ朝食に向かうとまたも焼き魚。「事前に聞いてなくても昨晩あなたに言いましたよね、魚介が苦手だって」と心の中で怒り爆発させつつ、結局夜も朝も何も食べずにチェックアウトしました。 衛生面、客の情報共有、おもてなし、全て最悪。人生で最悪のクリスマスでした。

4年ぶり2回目の訪問です。昨年リニューアルしたという「大涌」に泊まりました。前回と違い、寝室が窓側になっていました。ベッドやソファに座って見える景色が素敵でした。特に日が落ちていくときの山の変化が素晴らしかったです。窓いっぱいのお風呂も寛げました。お湯は自分で調整するタイプでずっと掛け流してました。入りたい時にすぐに入れて、露天気分が味わえます。 奥にお和室があり、その壁一面にテレビがありました。和室(前回はベッドがあったところ)からは外が見えず、閉塞感があるのですが、映像に集中するにはよいかもしれません。DVDを貸してもらえます。ただ、iPhonには対応していなかったのが残念でした。なんとかできないか格闘しましたができず、時間がもったいなかったです。対応機種を分かりやすく表示しておいていただけるとよかったかと思います。 食事は勢いがあって楽しくいただくことができました。いろいろ意表をつく工夫があり、おもしろかったです。 食事以外部屋を出ず、籠ってひたすらのんびりできるのがよいところですね。

1297-248 Ninotaira Hakone Kanagawa-ken

Hotel highlights

  • Walking distance to Hakone Kowakien Yunessun
  • Free WiFi in public areas
  • Free valet and self parking
  • Onsite dining

Hakone Kowakien Yunessun is within a 5-minute walk of Hakone Ryori Yado Kyuan while other popular sites like Hakone Open Air Museum are within a mile (2 km). Each of the 10 rooms at this 4-star ryokan includes a balcony, a refrigerator, and an espresso maker.


Full breakfast is offered for a fee each morning from 8:00 AM to 9 AM. Savor a meal from the comfort of your room with room service, or grab a bite to eat at the onsite restaurant.


The 10 individually decorated accommodations feature balconies and afford space to spread out with 7 bedrooms. Guests can expect to find 40-inch flat-screen TVs with DVD players. Pillowtop beds sport premium bedding and down comforters, and bathrooms offer spring water baths, hair dryers, and free toiletries. Other standard amenities include refrigerators, espresso makers, and free bottled water.

Property features

Guests of Hakone Ryori Yado Kyuan enjoy free WiFi in public areas, spa services, and a ballroom. Free valet and self parking are available, and there's also a free area shuttle. The front desk is staffed 24/7 to help with securing valuables, concierge services, and luggage storage. This hot springs ryokan also has a fireplace in the lobby.

Room options

Deluxe Suite Room, Chisuji - Annex

TwinXL 2 | Sleeps 5

Japanese Style Room, Asama - Main Building

Twin 3 | Sleeps 3

Western Japanese Style Room, Sengoku - Main Building

Twin 2 | Sleeps 3

Japnese Style Room, Ashigara - Main Building

Twin 3 | Sleeps 3

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