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Angsana Bintan

5.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

We’ve stayed on Bintan many times before and enjoyed our visits but this time we decided to change resorts and we’re very pleased we did. A smaller, more intimate resort next door to the Banyan Tree overlooking a beautiful pristine Bintan tropical bay. Staff are friendly, rooms very comfortable, food generally excellent with special mention for their pizzas! A lovely 5 day stay. We did not use the spa. Highly recommended.

This place is definitely worth for a weekend escape. Has nice clean beach, which is empty if you book at the right time! You can enjoy also the next door facilities from the sister hotel. I played also one round of golf at their place and liked it. Walked on the beach in the evening with my loved one, since this was a gift from my wife for my birthday, so no children!

Stayed with my husband and the in-laws who were visiting us for Christmas. We wanted an easy location to reach so picked Bintan as it's only an hour away by ferry from Singapore. My main issue with this hotel was its exploitation of the local wildlife (see bottom of my post). To me the Angsana is only a 3* property although it rates itself 4*. It sits between the more basic Cassia Condotel (rated 3*) and the upmarket 5* Banyan Tree, all lined up on the beach next to one another with no spaces between them - very odd set up. All three are owned by the same company. Room: Adequate and spacious. We had a nice ground floor room that had a open patio area leading straight down to the pool and the beach beyond. The room itself was clean and comfortable with all the amenities you could need (TV, mini-bar etc). The decor is getting slightly dated and the wood of our patio had started to degrade. When you put weight on certain areas of the patio flooring it would give way and feel as if it were about to break. In some parts of our patio the wood had even begun to break away and there was a hole in the front of ours. Pool: Nice pool, not perhaps big enough for the number of guests at high occupancy times however as could be hard to get loungers. Food: You are able to visit the restaurants at both the Angsana and the Banyan Tree which is good as it give variety and plenty of options for meals. Angsana restaurants serve basic food which is edible but nothing amazing, the price is high as you would expect in a captive audience beach resort. The Banyan Tree restaurants' food is a million times better but also hugely pricey. We stayed 23-26 Dec so right over Christmas and in total our meals (lunches and dinners only) came to over GBP1800 / USD2500 for four of us for 3 nights. I liked the Xana Beach bar at the Angsana as it had lovely views out over the beach. Beach: Apart from the 3 hotels in a line there are no other properties along the rest of the expansive stretch of beach. It is very nice and clean and is a pretty nice beach with gorgeous white sand. Worth noting that as there is a lot of shipping to and from nearby Singapore there is oil in the water and you sometimes get it staining your feet. Easy to get rid of with washing up liquid. The waves were good and we did some bodyboarding which was fun. There is a watersports and activities centre located between Angsana and Cassia which has lots of things like ATV trips and jetskiing. Which leads me to... "Conservation Centre": In inverted commas as I am not convinced they are doing this with the best intentions but more to promote themselves and the resorts. In the conservation centre they have two pools which when we were there contained two lots of baby turtles, clearly differing in age as in one tank they were considerably larger. We noted that there were two release dates, advertised at the hotel front desk, again in our rooms and around all three resorts. These dates just happened to be Christmas Day and New Years' Day! How convenient from a marketing perspective...I have stayed on Turtle Island conservation centre in Borneo and they release hatchlings the day they hatch to give them the best chance of survival. We asked how long these babies had been here and were told over a month. So it appeared to me that they were keeping these animals with the idea that they could promote and market this experience to their guests as a "special" Christmas/New Year's Experience. I wanted to be proved wrong however, so I went down to the beach to watch. It was a huge gathering with guests from all three resorts including numerous children. I noted that there were half coconuts lined up along the beach and wondered what they were for. There were lots of staff milling around and a guy with a buzzing drone filming the whole experience, lots of noise and disruption...perhaps not the best conditions for baby turtles being released stress free. It got worse. The guy with the microphone who had been telling us about how much good work the hotels do for conservation proceeded to call forward all the kids. Each kid was given a half coconut...and then, to my horror, a baby turtle was placed in each coconut! Now. The handlers always wear rubber gloves when feeding the turtles and handling them we were told t prevent spreading infections to the turtles. These children weren't wearing anything on their hands. These kids were babies, some barely 2 year of age up to around 8/9. They were told not to touch the babies, but if you give a child a baby turtle like its a toy of course they are going to touch it!! I saw multiple children poking and prodding the helpless little baby turtles. On the count of three the kids then tipped the coconut shell to release the baby. Some didn't come out or were stuck, so the kids tapped the shells hard to force them on to the sand. One baby turtle, clearly traumatized, wasn't moving so its assigned child hit it repeatedly with the coconut shell! Not one staff member reprimanded the child and the parents looked on indifferent. The baby turtle ended up not moving, possibly dead, so a staff member chucked it down the beach towards the sea. When it had floated up and down the beach unmoving for a while it was scooped up and put back in the bucket with the other babies awaiting release. In the mean time, the kids, had been advised to stay behind the turtles as it was an important imprinting moment for the turtles where they would remember the walk down to the sea so that they could return as adults. The kids ran havoc, laying down on the sand in the baby turtles' way and shoving GoPros and iPhones up close to them. At this point I was sick to my stomach with anger and disbelief, so I walked off. There were another set of children to go after these before they allowed the adults to join in, all in all they were being released in multiple batches, making the baby turtles wait in cramped buckets in the searing afternoon heat. We had serious words with the staff of the centre and the resort manager locally but were told that they do it this way in all their resorts where they have nesting turtles. I really think this needs to be investigated and its credentials as a centre for conservation reviewed.

we had a great room with both ocean and pool views. also had a balcony. the decor of the room was pleasant and relaxing. the bathroom was clean and of a good size. the whole resort appeared well-kept. the staff was courteous and helpful. Benny, the activities co-ordinator was helpful and entertaining. we had a memorable meal at the Banyan Tree resort's exclusive Saffron restaurant. The Banyan Tree resort is next door.

Location - 3-4 points By the sea with its own small beach, great view from the room on palm trees and the sea. The beach is cleaned daily. This is also necessary, the coast is on a shipping route with a corresponding amount of garbage. In addition, small tar particles are washed ashore. You smell the tar and when you step on it, you have trouble getting it off your skin. There are sandflies (phlebotomes), we know those from various countries, a plague! So you have to spray yourself. From time to time, the property is fumigated with insecticides at 11:00 pm and guests are asked to keep everything closed. Around the resort there is absolutely nothing, no shops, restaurants or other infrastructure. So you are stuck here and the island has no attractions that would be worth the effort. On the other hand, just the thing for people who want to relax. Getting there - 2 points There are Bintan Resort Ferries not far from Singapore airport. Online booking of the ferry is tricky. There is a shuttle from the airport, but at such large intervals that we rather took a Uber Car. The whole ferry experience including the docks and the trip itself was not pleasant. You will be picked up from the hotel (call ahead!). All in all it takes a full day from a Singapore hotel. Building / General condition - 3 points Nice-looking building, four floors, rather simply furnished (somewhat like a provincial hotel in Eastern Europe). All rooms with sea view and balcony. There is a main restaurant (good looks), and a beach bar. Cleanliness: very good, both in public areas and in the rooms. Rooms - 3 points We had a large suite on the 4th floor with a large balcony (9 m wide). On the surface, the suite was ok. But if you look more closely: self-built furniture, self-painted, and cheap tiles. Primitive bath, shower in the bathtub. Wear and tear are visible everywhere. Tiny wardrobe, 30 cm clothes rail - my wife was shocked! Since then, her huge suitcase, with so many items of clothing in it, lay open on the floor. The rail was also quite high, my wife always had to climb onto the luggage rack to hang something up. The grounds - 4 points Nice pool and sun terrace. Nice view of the sea. Breakfast in the restaurant - 3 points Great selection, also some hot dishes. Positive: Fresh fruit, freshly squeezed juices made to order, one egg frying station with two employees Negative: Cheap tableware, catastrophic tea (Dilmah tea bags combine with the local tap water to a kind of rinse water - disgusting!). The worst thing is the loud atmosphere and some of the people. Dinner in the restaurant - 2-3 points A la carte. Large selection of different Asian countries. Quality mediocre at the most. Prices of the food on European level. Wine / Cocktails / Spirits very expensive but quite good. Again, the loud atmosphere sucks. Staff - 5 points Very friendly and warm (although wide range in service quality and English language skills) WiFi - 2 points Extremely slow. Almost unsusable at times. We also had a smartphone with a data plan for Indonesia (via Singtel), but there is no internet connection in the area (confirmed by locals). Fitness - 3 points Mini gym, not appealing. 4 cardio devices, 3 resistance devices, free weights. Mats are missing. Guest structure - 2 points 90% Asians, mostly Chinese, many of them are perfectly fine, but some of them were not to our liking. Children are allowed to run around and yell freely in the restaurant. In general: very large proportion of families with small children. Noise at breakfast and dinner like in a kindergarden. Value for the money - 2 points In Thailand, e.g., you get better quality for the same money, have less problems and getting there is easier (for example, Pukhet, Khao Lak). Tip for the right travel time: Here, monsoon prevails from November to March - not recommended because of constant, stormy winds. Overall rating 2-3 points Altogether just ok. For our needs (seeking peace after a busy week in Singapore) it was reasonably appropriate. Our expectations were not fulfilled in many respects. We will not come again.

We were playing golf in our home club Laguna Bintan and decided to stay on Bintan for the night and play another round the day after. As Banyan Tree was fully booked we managed to get a nice Sea-breeze, 4th floor room in Angsana. Whereas the hotel is not super modern, we found it very nice. Everything you need for a short stay or vacation is there. A good bed, a good bath room with an excellent shower, a nice balcony with a nice view, a great breakfast and speedy transportation to and from the golf course. The rooms and the hotel are clean and welcoming and the staff is awesome as everywhere on Bintan. The beach and the sea are great and there are super - new - lounge beds in front of the beach where lunch is served if you want. It is possible to book the restaurants at Banyan Tree as well...

We decided to spend 4 nights here to get away from the city bustle of Singapore and did not regret it. Although the hotel rooms had seen their best days - with upgraded facilities I would certainly have given this hotel a higher rating. Refurbished rooms and bathrooms are perhaps planned and, in my opinion, overdue. That said, the hotel location and the friendliness of the staff made our stay extremely pleasant and relaxing. The beach was beautiful and we felt as if we had it to ourselves. Unfortunately, we arrived late November and were greeted by rain for 2 of our 4 days stay. I´m sure it´s a fantastic location in April / May. As mentioned, the staff made our stay very special with their many smiles and hospitable greetings. We got to know several of the staff in our short stay and they all had their own stories to tell. We were pleasantly surprised when a male waiter, who had explained the contents of and served us a local "hot pot" dish, arranged for the head cook to beautifully write the recipe for my wife before we left. A nice gesture that we will always remember. The spa facilities and staff too were very good and we both experienced 2 wonderful sessions on the rainy days. The pleasant staff were too many to name and their hospitality was crowned by their parting gesture when we left the hotel. They lined up outside the reception and waved us away on our bus. A very touching goodbye.

Hotel is badly maintained and dirty. Service slow and most staff are trainee and clueless. We waited half an hour at check in and the service is messy. Food are extremely expensive for its quality. Fruits are not fresh. Will not come back again.

We have had an amazing stay in Bintan thanks to angsana resort. We found the whole experience hassle free. We were met at the ferry terminal and brought to the resort which were ready and waiting to welcome us. We were greeted with a refreshments and our own personal member of staff to check us in. Victor upgraded our room booking and showed us to a beautiful clean suite on the top floor with stunning views of the sea and beach. It was a quiet time for the resort when we were staying and every member of staff acknowledged us, said hello and were keen to help in anyway. We met the restaurant manager Ronal who was charming and friendly and most importantly cared a huge amount about the standard of service to ensure all guests had a good time. We enjoyed happy hour every afternoon and met many of the bar staff who were just as friendly. We were lucky and the weather was great so we were by the pool and beach every day. We watched the tireless efforts that staff made to keep the beach clean and it really was spotless. In the evenings we enjoyed eating at many different restaurant because angsana is linked with the neighbouring resorts. We had lifts to and from these giving us the options to eat a variety of food. Our favourite was treetops at banyan. They had live music each night and authentic Indonesia food. The breakfast at lotus cafe included in our stay was also delicious with so much variety, we enjoyed having omelettes with our choice of filling made in front of us and my personal favourite was the waffle station, again made on the spot and with an array of topping to choose from. There was a female member of staff who served us most mornings, I didn’t get her name but she was always smiling and very attentive which we really appreciated. On our final day Ronal greeted us at breakfast and said goodbye and I felt that he went out of his way to make sure we had had a good time. Checking out could not have been easier. The girls behind the counter offered to look after our bags until our transport came to take us back to the ferry. We enjoyed the rest of the morning in the resort before we had to leave.

Angsana is conveniently located 15 minutes drive from ferry terminal (with complimentary shuttle bus). The property is nicely located by the sea in between two other resort (owners by the same group). The reception staff is friendly and family professional. The family suite is large although not the size the website states (275 square meters - just about with the garden). Although the family suite is convenient and clean, the pictures of the website are from different decade and the reality is not so luxurious. The tiny private whirlpool is just about big enough for a child, but be aware of the aggressive mosquitos. The pool area it self is nice and well maintained. The beach would be nice, but even the 5 men + tractor working throughout the day are not able to keep it clean from all the plastic. The breakfast is sumptuous while the staff is quite inexperienced. Angsana's own restaurant are nothing particular for dinner, so you may visit neighboring Banyan Tree's restaurants.

Jalan Teluk Berembang Bintan Bintan Island

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa
  • Private beach

Located in Lagoi, Angsana Bintan is 6.5 mi (10.4 km) from Ria Bintan Golf Club and 6.5 mi (10.5 km) from Bintan Lagoon Resort Golf Club. This 113-room, 5-star resort has a private beach, a full-service spa, and 2 restaurants. Changi Museum is also 31.5 mi (50.7 km) away.


This resort is home to 2 onsite restaurants, perfect for a quick bite to eat. Savor a meal from the comfort of your room with 24-hour room service, or entertain your taste buds with a beverage at the bar/lounge or coffee shop/café. For your convenience, breakfast is available for a fee.


All 113 air-conditioned rooms provide balconies, free minibar items, and coffee makers. Guests can expect free WiFi and cable TV. Bathrooms have hair dryers, free toiletries, and slippers. Free bottled water, ceiling fans, and safes are also available.

Property features

Guests of Angsana Bintan have access to a private beach, a full-service spa, and an outdoor pool. Transportation is made easy with a free ferry terminal shuttle. The front desk has multilingual staff standing by 24 hours a day to assist with luggage storage and securing valuables. Other amenities at this beach resort include a fitness center, free WiFi in public areas, and 2 meeting rooms.

Room options

Sea Breeze Room - Queen

Queen 1 | Sleeps 3

Sea Breeze Room - Twin

Twin 2 | Sleeps 3

Island Suite

Queen 1 | Sleeps 3

Island Family Suite

Queen 1 | Sleeps 5

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