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Pacific Resort Aitutaki

5.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

This is a hard review to write as I know the location is amazing and some staff could not do enough to fix issues that kept popping up and they went out of their way to make our stay more comfortable To start off with , the reception staff need more training in smiling and being friendly Even though sometimes u feel u r in paradise but if you have staff that make u feel uncomfortable and unwelcomed then paradise is spoilt! What makes this resort lacking in that luxury feeling is the service ( or no service) that some staff provide or donot provide If you are visiting this location because of nature well then it is 6 star but donot expect the service to match. Adam from management was amazing in rectifying every issue and Quincy head waiter was so professional and knowledgeable and James was also fantastic . If it was not for these 3 guys we would have literally packed and moved to another resort by day 3! The breakfast is not a buffet but a la crate which becomes monotonous and boring after 3 days. They never got my cafe latte right in the 7 days I stayed there! Dinner in the restaurant was amazing. The food was of excellent quality and cooked with lots of flavours and taste . Wine price was reasonable. Room service was excellent and cheap. The bed was very comfortable and rooms were cleaned thoroughly with a smile! Some days you could wait up to two hours sitting by the pool to get towels and water ( specially when management was not around!) All in all if you are planning to go there to relax and not bothered with ad how service this place is magical but if you are like us and expect luxury and service well this place will be a frustrating piece of paradise!!

It is impossible to not relax on PRA. If you need to chill out, there’s no better place. There’s a calming energy on arrival so no matter how you feel, just let go and remember where you are. A tiny island in the Pacific Ocean, on island time with smiling faces. Dump the Valium. Lie down on the bed when you arrive and gaze out into turquoise waters of the lagoon. In just a few minutes you’ll feel better. Rummage around in you baggage and dump the other stress medication you might have purposely packed. Wafting coconut trees rustle, the fan rotates, the TV is there but don’t spoil the serenity, especially if it’s only about Trump. Wait 30mins then on with the swimwear and down to the pool and begin the trip to nirvana. After a 9 day visit, extended from four, experiencing three room varieties as it was the only way to stay, my wife and I could not find a negative about the accommodation. Beds were very comfortable, amenities, cleanliness, service, all excellent, cold water in the shower was warm, to be expected in the tropics, long staying guest surprises in the room, always a treat and on and on it goes. Book the cultural dinner with spectacular dancing and story telling about the island. An energetic 60mins of fun. Think this is a standard Wednesday event from memory. Food is good without being fantastic. My only suggestion is that long staying guests should have the option of daily specials to break up the monotony of “sameness” with the menus. Breakfast has a good variety and is plentiful. Lunch by the pool and enjoy. Dinner upstairs or in the Black Rock restaurant by the pool can be quick or as long as time allows. Take a lagoon cruise and dive into the extreme depths of 1 metre and then down deeper. Watch the giant trevally swim by, the myriads of tropical fish, giant clams, eels and an abundance of harmless sea cucumbers doing nothing on the sea bed. White sand everywhere. Stingrays pass by, the odd barracuda and turtles enjoying life in the clear waters. Walk on uninhabited islands and watch the white terns return from a fishing trip to feed their chicks all born on land between palm fronds. However, what makes a great property is the captain. Stormin Norman, the well credentialed Grand Fromage of the Resort. A New Yorker, on a Pacific island with no 5th Avenue. Not even a 1-4th Avenue but little lanes off a very unbusy road that circles the island of 1600 residents in less than 45 mins at the lawful speed of just 40km/h. Norman has his ideas and what he’d like to do to tweak the Resort from great to greater. My wife and I achieved what we set out to do. We left feeling fantastic. A holiday is one thing but to achieve bonus points like a tan, mental clarity, new friends and knowing that this is our new panacea, Pacific Aitutaki willsee us again.

This is a very hard review to write because the location and amenities of the resort are just beautiful. The restaurant is amazing and the villas very comfortable. We found the lagoon stunning to look at but horrible for swimming and snorkeling because of the over abundance of sea cucumbers. It was impossible not to stand on them. For the price we paid we would have liked a bath in our villa and better quality linen/towels. The Bvlgari products were gorgeous and we really loved the oil burner and coffee options. Arlyn did an excellent job of cleaning our room and on one day she wasn't there our pillows and cushions etc were not even put back on the bed, not indicative of a 5 star hotel?? We found our Villa a little dark, the mirror in the bathroom was cracked and the toilet leaked behind the seat. Room service was very good, tasty and Baldwin & Kurt were great. The Pool bar was very good for drinks, lunch and dinner with amazing sunsets and Robyn was excellent. I have reviewed the restaurant separately for dinner but for breakfast it was so hit and miss :-(. We received excellent service from Quincy & Baldwin but couldn't care less service from the rest. We had basically the same thing everyday and each day it was different ranging from delicious to too salty to eat, under cooked eggs and cold crepes with rock hard or runny depending on the day nutella. It could have/should have been so great and when it was good it was very good but when it was bad it was really bad. We hired a motorbike a couple of days and the hotel supplies helmets unlike other hire companies on the island with their equally dodgy bikes so book ahead if you wish to hire a scooter or car as they don't have many and you don't want to have to hire from Aquilla etc. Norman the GM is very professional and hands on and we really appreciated him taking time out of his busy schedule to both welcome and farewell us. Lastly, and the reason we can not give this property 5 stars is the attitude of most of the front desk staff. They didn't seem to care less and were borderline rude especially the front office Manager, I don't want to name and shame but she was argumentative and doesn't seem to have a clue about the concept of hospitality or how to deliver customer service to guests who have spent a lot of money to come and stay in this 5 star property. We have been lucky enough to have traveled a lot and this was by far the most disappointing service we have received (from local staff) in this level of accommodation and not what we expected for what we paid. Overall it's a beautiful property, with gorgeous rooms, views, gardens and restaurant and if the service/attitude of the front desk staff was better and the breakfast more consistent with better service it would most definitely be worthy of 5 stars and the price we paid.

We went to Pacific Resort for lunch. Very attentive and helpful reception and restaurant staff. Our meal and the service were 5 star. This is an expensive resort but well worth the money and the experience.

To begin with, my room was a bit dark. It almost felt like sensory deprivation in there, at times. It’s set back, and has less light than the adjoining bungalows 101 through 104. Other than that, I’ve very few complaints. The staff were attentive to your every whim (although the restaurant service was getting a little uneven toward the end, when the hotel was beginning to fill up) - if you needed more light, they’d cut down some of the foliage around the thatched roof, if you needed your Nespresso machine to be fixed, they’d send someone right away. The hotel turndown service, and housekeeping, in general, were top-notch. The food was excellent - however, the buffet at the Island Night event held every Wednesday night, isn’t anything to write home about. The Indonesian duck is fancy, and compares to one I’ve had on a Dutch Caribbean island. The chef is Canadian, and makes interesting island-fusion concoctions. The breakfast is out of this world - anything your heart desires, from a cappuccino and a banana smoothie, to granola and fresh fruit, to a mushroom and red onion omelette, with a side order of two chorizo sausages (try it!). The wine list is good, and the daily cocktails served at the bar are interesting. I spent a rainy afternoon next to a local couple who were guests at the hotel, and hearing her silently singing along with one of the local songs on the stereo in pitch-perfect tone was probably one of the highlights of my stay at the resort. I’d like know to what the drums are called that are used on some of the songs. Rather than something to be being feared, as the emcee claimed on the Island Night event, they remind me of the gentle patter of rain. February is very likely the best time of the year to visit this resort, when you feel that there’s not a soul around. I also agree with the other reviewer on the need for coral preservation and the lack of snorkeling prospects - along with the profusion of sea cucumbers on the sea bed.

We had supper at this resort and it was the best of our trip! We started with a custom cocktail at the bar and then moved to the restaurant, which has lovely tables overlooking the ocean. Our server was friendly and professional, and the food - delicious. The wine list was also very good. No complaints except for one. This place is touted as a "no children" resort...yet during our supper, there was a 5 year old boy, yelling and playing loudly for about 45 minutes. When we asked about this anomoly, the server said it's sometimes allowed...Seriously, when you travel half way around the world to spend some quiet time - and pay extra to stay at a "no children allowed" resort, it's quite a disappointment to have a screaming child around.

My wife and I just spent our honeymoon at the Pacific Resort in Aitutaki. This resort is incredible. From the moment you land til the time you leave the service and care is world class. Norman and his entire team will make your time on the island worth every second and every dollar. Plan on attending the Wednesday night dinner. The food is wonderful and the entertainment if great in the very intimate atmosphere.

We spend about 10 days in this beautiful place. What to say..... It is simply superb. The view,the bungalows, the service, the staff al it is almost perfect. starting with the view you will be taken away as soon as you walk in the reception with the view of the beautiful beach and lagoon. when you will enter in your bungalow will experience a sort of 'country luxury' style that will blow you away.All the comforts but without spoiling the contest of being in the nature. Staff friendly and efficient, always ready to fulfill any request. Management was absolutely perfect, Norman, the GM of the resort was the perfect host. Restaurant was also a very charming and positive experience. Food was perfect and presentation very attractive. All in all a place where will be back. Mario & Miriam

I spent five nights here as part of a Costco package. The hotel property occupies a beautiful beach that faces West on the island of Aitutaki. The beach is gorgeous and the views of the turquoise waters is stunning. All of the accommodation units are beachfront and have beautiful balconies to sit on and enjoy the views. The accommodations themselves are spacious and beautifully appointed in the tropical style. The personnel at this resort were over the top in their kindness and attentiveness. This was true for personnel from reception, dining areas and the room service sections. Everyone was professional and very helpful at all times. The general manager of the property, an American named Norman Luxumberg, has only been here for four months but it's clear that his management acumen is a superb match for this beautiful elegant luxury property. Norman took a personal interest in every guest during arrival, departure and during the stay. He interacted with each and every guest repeatedly to ensure that everyone was satisfied and he solicited constructive suggestions for improvements. I came to really enjoy my conversations with Norman. Dining options at the property are reflected in the broad menu offered by two on-site restaurants. The Black Rock is a poolside outdoor venue with beautiful views of the ocean. There were very nice choices and we especially enjoyed ordering small portions from the kids menu that are also appropriate for the elderly. We especially enjoyed the wahoo that was served as fish and chips... Yum delicious! The upscale restaurant is called Rapae and also offers a wide selection of dishes and is the venue for the wonderful complimentary breakfasts that are served to all guests. breakfast here are all personally ordered in a limitless fashion. In other words guest can choose any number of dishes that they so desire ranging from lemon or Nutella crepes to eggs benedict and everything in between. We enjoyed all of our selections except for the corn fritters which we thought we're a bit unconventional. The island night, similar to a Hawaiian luau feast, was excellent. At a cost of NZ$85 we thought the price was fair considering the huge variety and quality of food that was offered. The entertainment of music and dancing was also quite nice and the venue of the Rapae Bay restaurant was very pleasant for the group size that was present. The resort's infinity pool is a glorious place to chill out and enjoy the relaxed uncrowded scene. The beach is also perfect thanks to the daily manicure that the groundskeepers make before anyone wakes up. However the snorkeling in front of the property leaves much to be desired. We found that both here and at one of the best reported sites on the island, specifically by the Pacific Marine Research Centre near the west end of the airport, the coral reef system is in serious decline. At both locales there was 90 to 95% coral mortality. This was even worse than what we had seen at Rarotonga. With its current state of coral reef decline from shore, it seems that Aitutaki is a destination better suited for relaxation and enjoying low key tropical beauty rather than for the inner lagoon snorkeling experience. Some species of fish manage to survive and the proliferation of sea cucumbers was incredibly widespread. In some places there were so many that the sea cucumbers were spaced just 1 foot apart. Although the Pacific Marine Research Center has a breeding program for giant clams, there were few small ones to be found from shore. However at One Foot Island there were a few enormous specimens that measured at least 4 ft long . It's clear that Aitutaki really needs an artificial reef program within the lagoon and especially near tourist hotels and resorts. I hope that some creative partnerships will be implemented in the near future to mitigate both impacts on the reef system while coincidentally creating attractions that will enhance the tourist experience for snorkeling and possibly for diving as . It also appears that there's a need for actions to control impacts from local source. The impacts visible simply cannot all be attributed to global warming. A coordinated outreach program on the island should provide awareness of reef protection actions such as elimination of agricultural and urban pesticides, controlling precipitation runoff impacts, education about impacts of inappropropriate sunscreen and insect repellents, investigation of wastewater impacts (eg. Nitrogen) from septic systems and wastewater treatment plants. Educational engagement programs for school children would also be very sensible here. There is much work to be done to ensure that the Aitutaki tourist experience, its economic benefits and the marine ecosystem are all improved and protected. This resort is a heavenly paradise for relaxation as long as the biting mosquitoes are kept at a good distance. The resort places effective botanical insect repellent inside the bungalows. This is a very nice touch and guess should use it where they are staying on their balcony or touring the island. To make optimal benefit of a visit to Aitutaki, it is essential to get out on a lagoon cruise and see the beautiful nature of the atoll. A visit to One Foot Island seems to be a must. The topside beauty of the sand bars on these barrier islands called motus is remarkable. With more than two days here at this resort, it might be prudent to rent a car or scooter to get around the island. For as little as NZ$55 per day for a car, the expense is well justified for the benefits of sightseeing, restaurant dining and local shopping. We especially enjoyed driving to Piraki Lookout for the gorgeous views of the island and the outer atoll. Comparable views are also available by hiking to the island's highest peak. The hike was short, steep, hot and strenuous but only provided comparable views from the large vertical antenna. Piraki Lookout with its dual large water tanks was easier to reach by car and had equally enjoyable views if not better. Kudos to the entire hotel staff and to Norman, the property's new general manager. This is one of the best managed and most enjoyable boutique-hotel experiences that I have ever enjoyed. It's very expensive but it is a place to truly get away from it all.

My wife and me just finished our honeymoon at this resort. Having the experience from many other resorts at many tropical countries we could not choose better. There is absolutely marvelous view of beach with white sand and huge black rocks followed by light blue lagoon ending with dark blue ocean. Resort has romantic irrigared tropical garden all around the pathways. The best was the privacy - as there are reasonable distances between bungalows (as well as there is favourable V-shape of the coast there) and as most people spend their time on the trips, we were usually alone on the beach/bungalow terrace, what was absolutely romantic and we felt completely relaxed and calmed down just after first two days. Bungalow was in great shape and was finetuned to perfection - e.g. having 4 showers (beach, garden, 2 indoor). Food was amazing (both taste and look) - especially dinners made our honeymoon memorable. Not only us, but also other guest were surprised that hotel general manager of the hotel personally cared about satisfaction of all guest on daily basis and arranged that any our wish was fufilled immediately. It is clear that policy of the hotel is to provide maximum care for its clients - lot of small things like complimentary pralines each evening prove this on every step. We can also compare with other hotel in Aitutaki at almost the same price level, where we have spent first days, and Pacific was far better choice (at absolutely all parameters - bungalow quality, service quality, food, cleaning, snorkeling, ...). We have enjoyed lagoon trip - especially Honeymoon Island and sand bank close to One Foot Island - we had fantastic time with lot of photoshooting there and photos are superb. It was really hard to leave this place. We never go to the same location twice, but in this case we will do exception - we want to come back soon...

Amuri Aitutaki

Hotel highlights

  • Free buffet breakfast
  • Free valet parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa

Located in Arutanga Tapere within 2 miles (3 km) of Arutanga Harbour, Pacific Resort Aitutaki is within a few miles (5 km) of Aitutaki Golf Club. This 27-room, 5-star resort has a private beach, a full-service spa, and 2 restaurants. It's on the waterfront and also close to Ootu Beach.


Free buffet breakfast is included with your stay and awaits you each morning from 7:30 AM to 11 AM. Enjoy the ocean views at Rapae Bay Restaurant, one of 2 onsite restaurants. Order from room service to satisfy your hunger without leaving your room, or explore the resort and get a beverage at the bar/lounge or coffee shop/café.


The 27 air-conditioned accommodations feature furnished balconies or patios and afford space to spread out with sitting areas. 32-inch plasma TVs come with digital channels and DVD players, and guests can stay connected with WiFi. Bathrooms offer hair dryers and designer toiletries, and pillowtop beds with premium bedding ensure a restful night. Other standard amenities include refrigerators, minibars, and coffee makers.

Property features

Guests of Pacific Resort Aitutaki have access to a private beach, a full-service spa, and an outdoor pool. You can take advantage of free valet parking, along with a free airport shuttle (available 24 hours). The 24-hour front desk has staff standing by to help with luggage storage and tours/tickets. Other amenities at this beach resort include a children's pool, a fitness center, and a spa tub.

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