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Kenzi Europa

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Stayed here with my partener. Room and food was great. Wicked night clubs and beach a stone throw away. Don't be put off. All inclusive was spot on. Be aware of the street beggers not too intimidating. Staff spoke English and were very kind.

We stayed here 6th-13 November,I went with an open mind after reading all the reviews on Tripadvisor. We arrived mid afternoon, along with several other guests off the Manchester flight, to be greeted by a surly brusque male and stressed female on reception, our passports were taken & everyone was told to come back in an hour. First impressions, large reception area with seating, very small bar,large resturant and terrace. We were given room keys , no information on where things were or times of meals etc. We were in block 2 on the 6th floor, large room,mega sized bed. Oh dear, the bathroom, broken toilet seat that slid around,ominous looking brown smear on the tiles by the bidet,brown stain on the toilet cistern,stains on the floor tiles & smears all over the mirror. These stains were still there the day we left, no way did the maid clean in here, yes, towels were changed & toilet paper& toiletries replenished but no way were the tiles or mirror cleaned.The floor in the room was never mopped either, I wiped the tiles & the finger marks in the dust stayed all week,this was in front of the wardrobe. In the wardrobe was a fridge & safe,the safe is 175dirhams a week. The fridge had a dirty towel in it,yet again this was still there when we left 7 days later,needless to say we never used the fridge as there was no socket to plug it in.The shelves in the wardrobe were rotten and sharp on the edges. Decent sized balcony over looking the Best Western next door, we never got sun on the balcony. This block is cold, several guests had asked for heaters in the rooms, as it never gets the sun. Food-- We were always up for breakfast around 7am, wafer thin cheese slices,1 type of sliced cold meat,salads,beans,eggs,pastries,bread,a toaster,drinks machine,fresh juice,panckes,3 type of cereals,1 of which was a mixture of the other 2 !! Lunch-- salads,paninis,burgers,quiche, same every day, veg,chips,pasta a couple of meat dishes & a fish dish. Small cakes, fruit salad & 2 types of ice cream. All the cakes we tried tasted the same, the almond tart was really nice. The evening meal was the same as lunch, except they seem to rehash lunch time dishes at night,example, grilled peppers at lunch came as pepper salad at night. Iam happy with salad everyday,but they dont offer cheeses or cold meats only at breakfast which I thought was odd. Mid afternoon they serve pastries & crepes. There are no snacks available ,no crisps,nuts ,no ice cream other than at lunchtime. The interior is very run down,needs a complete refurbishment. Only 1 lift was working & this was very jerky and juddery, there is no indication as to what floor you are stopping on inside the lift, when the lift stops you have to leave the lift to look above the corridor as to what floor you are on, several time we got out on the wrong floor . The grounds are well tended and there are plenty of sunbeds, towels are available,you pay a deposit for them though.There is a small childrens area, petanque,football & a tennis court. The entertainment is dire, its the same everyday, the animation team did their best but sorry not good enough,no variety. The bar is small & has the smallest selection of drinks Ive ever seen in a hotel, I have more variety in my home. The alcohol on all inclusive must have the minimum amount of alcohol in them to be classed alcoholic. The only decent drink was pastis/pernod which actually tasted alcoholic. You can get coffee but they only give you half a cup full each time. A couple of times I was ignored whilst the bar staff served other guests not on all inclusive. The bar closes at 11.30 pm . Reception, rude & brusque middle aged man, black glasses,slicked back black hair in a suit, ignored us several times or pointed us to move further down reception,but he had no trouble peaking or dealing with non europeans. 2 younger guys on reception wearing tunic style uniform often ignored guests & carried on chatting to each other in Arabic. Several of the guests we spoke to had suffered diarrhoea & sickness including couples from Preston,Bradford,Castleford & Barnsley,but who knows the cause, too many issues not to pinpoint one particular thing. We holiday 4-5 times a year & this by far was not worth the money at all, paid almost £900 for 2 of us for the week. First & last time we will stay at the Kenzi Europa.

This is my own experience of the hotel following a recent stay. We were given a room in building 1. Although the room wasn't ready when we arrived we were asked to have dinner first. After finishing dinner we were taken to the room by a porter. There are 2 lift shafts of which 1 was out of order for the entire duration of our stay, the lift that was in service was therefore busy and erratic and felt very jerky when travelling. The room, although clean, hadn't received a deep clean and didn't receive one whilst we were there, even though the room was cleaned daily. Our room was situated with a view over the town square, at the rear of the hotel and was high enough up to quieten any noise from the pool area and garden, although nothing can quiet the sound of the call to the locals for the mosques. The bed was huge, really huge and comfortable , ample wardrobe space, a safe was in the wardrobe, the charge for using it was 175 dhms per week. The bathroom had the usual toilet, bath / shower ( not very powerful ), bidet, wash basin and hairdryer. The balcony was large enough to have 2 chairs and a table. We stayed all inclusive, the dining room was large and separated into 2 areas. Salad was available every meal. Breakfast was a choice of salad, hams ,cheese, cereals, toast or various breads, croissants and pastries, boiled eggs. Fried ages and omelettes were prepared by the chef at the counter, beans and tomatoes and fruits. Fresh juice was available as were fresh pancakes and crepes. Dinner was salads, chips, freshly meats ( mainly chicken or turkey )tagines, beef ragouts, panini, burger,pastas, fish, a barbecue every lunch of (on rotation) chicken, turkey, fish, sausage. The usual selection of deserts. The evening meal was similar to the lunch, just alternating between meats, most of which were cooked fresh at the counter. Waiting staff were plentiful and mostly courteous. The all inclusive drinks included bottles water and beer, soft drinks like coke. Also a variety of spirits were available, but only vaguely reminiscent of the name on the bottle. I usually stick to whisky but did not like the variety available, so went through all available spirits where I ascertained that only the pastis tasted as it should. However, no limits on what you wanted. Even tea and coffees were available until midnight. The garden was large and in terraced around the pool sections,the pool slides open for a couple of hours morning and afternoon. Activities were planned daily, but were always the same, the evening entertainment we didn't see ( out of choice). Sun beds were always available. A cash machine is available in the reception area or cash can be exchanged at the counter. Most of the hotel staff can speak English. The hotel is situated 30 seconds away from the beach but wedding avail ourselves of the Kenzi private beach. To get to the beach you do have to run the gamut of both beggars and lucky lucky men, which can be entertaining, and of course, the wonderfully erratic driving of the locals. The beach area, as is the most of Agadir, is well patrolled by the local police along with a couple of fully armed soldiers, they also patrol on quad bikes.

In reading some of the horrendous reviews "Worst Hotel Ever " I do wonder if these people were staying in the same hotel as me. Arrived on Saturday 4th Nov to quite a busy reception area, not a problem waited our turn & were given our room key & directions to our room on the 7th floor right beside the lift, which always worked & we couldn't hear a sound from it in our room. Location - Couldn't fault the location, it's in the centre of everything, across the road from the beach & market. We walked everywhere, day & night & never at anytime felt unsafe. Room - Spacious, clean with a view over the pool & sea, shampoo & soap provided, no shower gel so bring your own. Room is cleaned every morning & fresh towels left. Fridge & safe in the room, if you ask in the bar you can get bottled water & you can bring fruit up from the buffet & leave in your fridge for snacks. We left our patio door open all the time & had a lovely breeze. There is a charge for the safe. Sunbathing & pool - 2 pools, 3 areas to sunbathe, pool, garden & beach. No waiter service but heyyyyy I've legs & not beyond getting my own drinks. The hotel entertainment team are very respectful & not intrusive at all, If you wanted to engage it was there for you. Music was played around the pool, not too loud & a must for me - No entertainment staff yelling barely audible sounds into microphones !! Food - "Delicious", not one person I spoke to had food poisoning. There is fresh salads daily, crisp unwithered lettuce & tomatoes, waiters constantly buzzing around cleaning tables & serving drinks. Always a poultry dish & either beef or lamb available, plenty of fresh vegetables & pasta. You can see the staff cooking the food behind the buffet area & the meat & fish dishes are cooked in front of you. Staff - very courteous & friendly. They were never rude to me & I never saw them being any thing other than respectful to anyone else. The bar staff were always up for a chat when they weren't busy, asking how you were, were you having a good time, the usual chit chat. You can smoke in the bar, it's quite a small area & as a non smoker this didn't appeal to me at all. This would be the one thing I would change, as cigar smoke can be quite nauseating, so we always sat outside. Weather - It got quite chilly at night & when it was cloudy so definitely bring long sleeve tops or a light jacket. Checkout - Our pickup time was 3am. For 4 of us, the hotel opened the restaurant at 2.30am, laid on a waiter & fresh coffee, pastries & baguettes !!! I have NEVER had this type of service in any other hotel. We came here for some rest & relaxation which we got. This is not a wild loud hotel, if this is what you're looking for this is not the hotel for you. Would I return YES, would I recommend the hotel YES..

Well I must say it's a good clean hotel place to be its down to earth food is good staff are good went here to visit our friends staying here we where across the road I would gave swap to this hotel any time.

Hotel is ok .Not 4 star prob 3. My 1st reaction was it's not very morroccon .staff are friendly if you try the language and you are Friendly too.rooms are good .everything you need. No kettle but ask at reception .the only bar shuts at 11 prompt.only local beer and spirits all is good and staff attentive.i have bad knees and have not been able to get into pool as only ladders in and out .good location .short walk to beach with hotels own bed area .manned but no drinks there..a good weeks break

I cannot believe the good reviews of this hotel, which partly led us to choose this hotel. We booked with Thomson because we have only had good experiences with them and think their hotels are usually among the best. Not this time. On arrival at Kenzi Europa we were offered a salad which looked as if it had been plated for hours. The cold meat was curling and discoloured and the lettuce was wilted. We decided not to risk it and just go to bed hungry. However, we both needed water to take medication so we asked at Reception if there was bottled water in our room. The receptionist said there was, but there wasn't. I went back to reception to ask for water and was told I couldn't have any. I was insistent. Finally I was told to contact room service and a bottle was brought to our room. Next day at reception we were told we had to pay 30 dirham (about £3) for the water. Since a bottle costs about 6 dirham in a shop I thought this was outrageous bu I paid under protest. We mentioned this to Dana the rep at the welcome meeting and she said she would look into it. On the following day I spoke to the other rep Magdalena who became very argumentative with me, saying I should have had the salad and we would have got water. A member of the hotel management who was talking to Magdalena went to the cashier and without a word gave me 30 dirham. I gave up talking to Magdalene and contacted Thomson on Facebook to ask whether we should complain about the holiday then or when we got home. I was told to speak to the rep but I was not prepared to, given her bad attitude. The food at the hotel was of very poor standard as well as lacking variety, and both my wife and I suffered severe stomach upsets, as did at least 20 other guests we spoke to. On our last day we saw Magdalena and told her we wanted to complain about the food poisoning we had suffered. She asked if someone had told us to say this to get compensation. We know there are scams and in fact on a previous holiday in Marrakech we told the rep that a guest was passing on tips to get compensation. But we were outraged by Magdalena's reluctance to accept our complaint. She finally grudgingly recorded it. This was by far the worst holiday we have had with Thomson. The hotel is not good enough and the attitude of the rep was unacceptable. I could go on but I think I have covered the main causes of complaint. I would just say, avoid this hotel with its bad food and lazy staff and go to a Riu.

Got back from our holiday yesterday and will give you the main points of all you need to know. *Airport - Takes about 40 minutes by private taxi to the hotel. Money can be changed here and the rate was 11.85, it was 10.36 in London but 12.85 at the hotel, so best to change your money when you get there. *Arrival - we got there just before midnight. Checking in took a while as there was only one person behind the desk but he was efficient. I would advise 2 people to be at hand to reduce delay as we were all very tired by this time. The porter was excellent and carried our bags up to our room. We were given a plate of salad with a bit of quiche, salami, cheese, boiled egg, roll and butter and a bottle of water in the restaurant which saw us through the night - WELL DONE. *rooms - NO IRON, NO KETTLE. rooms were clean, beds and pillows were very comfortable and bedding changed every day. I x 2 litre bottle of water was in the room when we arrived but this was not topped up during our stay and no other soft drinks were provided in the fridge. No chest of drawers but there were sections in the wardrobes, hangers provided. The light switch by the bed and shaver sockets were loose, this was reported but not fixed. On day 4 we had a problem with ants in the bathroom and our electricity went down, these were reported and the electricity was fixed within 15 mins - thank you for your quick response. The entrance in the bathroom where the ants were coming from was blocked but some were still there. Could smell that they used spray to try to combat this. There was also a loose tile in the bathroom around the bath. Again the bathroom was cleaned every day. we were provided with a clean small and large towel each day. A hair dryer is provided and sample bottles of shampoo - no shower gel. Showers were powerful and hot - not a cubicle, shower over the bath There were 3 small pools and a couple of water slides but I did not use them. Towels were left on the loungers early in the morning and there was never any space to be honest as the area is very small. Towels are hired at 100 Dirhams per stay and can be changed everyday. You get your money back at the end of your stay / when you no longer require this service. We went to the beach instead which is a few minutes walk and has a small section for Kenzi Europa Guests. I got stung by a bee on my back the day before we were due to leave and the lovely man manning the beach squeezed the sting out of my back, so grateful to him. There are a lot of sellers on the beach which can at times get a bit annoying but everyone has a living to make. The all inclusive is not extended to the beach so bring your own drinks and you will have to use the restaurant or elsewhere to go to the loo as there is not one there either. The loungers are free. *Restaurant - much smaller restaurant than I am used to when holidaying abroad, limited choice for dinner but you can find something to eat. There was one day where I struggled but had salad. If you're children love chips and nugget etc, you will not find this here in the evenings though the one day that we had lunch there, there were chips. Breakfast - no sausages, beef burgers etc but omelettes and fried eggs made fresh and scrambled eggs were also available along with tomatoes, fried sliced potatoes, bread, rolls, pastries, pancakes, fresh juice and hot drinks. There was a bbq at lunchtimes but we only had lunch once during our stay and never tried it. Pancakes were also served again the the afternoons with honey and chocolate sauce Staff were really good especially the lady manageress (forgotten her name) but she was so helpful and lovely. *bar - the bar area is really small, the smallest I have ever seen. The bar staff were really lovely and efficient but the drinks / cocktails were not great to be honest but you can get hot drinks here as well. You can also pay for branded drinks. *Entertainment was ok, not great but the kids loved it. belly dancer was good, the acrobats were amazing, Went to Marrakech for the day and had a 2 hour hammaman with massage but booked outside the hotel as it was around 3 x cheaper, go out the hotel and turn right and you will find the shop. Free WIFI throughout hotel / rooms - this was a real bonus. You can also get free WIFI at the beach which we didn't find out until near the end of our stay. The area is local to amenities and there are a number of bars, restaurants and night clubs across the road / within 2 minutes of the hotel. We only made it to the English pub on the sunday before we left and it was excellent, music was great and it was packed, drink measures on spirits were good and strong, only downside was that you can smoke in the venue which being mildly asthmatic wasn't good for me. Taxis to the big souk are 20 dirhams, around £1.80 but some of the smaller red taxis, leave a lot to be desired lool, you can get practically anything there and can haggle. All in all I loved Morocco, weather was between 25-28 degrees, no mist as mentioned in other reviews, sun came up around 10.30/ 11.00 am. The hotel is lovely, clean and well kept and all the staff are lovely. Would I stay here again? Probably not but only because, I have been here now and I would want to experience somewhere different on my next visit as I am not a creature of habit and love to try/ experience news things.

A bad holiday bad company(Tui) Rude Staff Useless Reps Bar staff Served French and German and Paying ex Morrocans from Isreal before us Brits arrived at 11 at night not even a welome cup of tea or coffee was told nothing till breakfast

We had a number of issues the first being having to change rooms after our first night as the room we booked wasn't available on arrival. We also had a problem with our safe but all issues were sorted by reception although we felt we were being a nuisance. Can't say it was service with a smile. The room needs some updating. The taps in bath were encrusted with lime scale which meant we only showered. Also the frame of mirror in the bathroom needs to be replaced. My biggest issue was there was no mirror in the bedroom near the sockets so it was difficult trying to style my hair. Food was OK service very haphazard especially at breakfast when u were lucky if u got a cup. We went out in the evening for dinner as the quality of the meat for mains wasn't great. Drinks selection in bar were OK. Overall it's a clean hotel & we felt we got value for money.

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