By Britt Reints

Washington Monument. Credit: Francisco Diez
Washington Monument. Credit: Francisco Diez.

A Washington DC vacation always makes me feel especially patriotic, so it only makes sense that it’s also the perfect 4th of July destination. Spending a few days touring some of America’s greatest monuments can really bring home what we all celebrate on Independence Day. And staying at one of these historic Washington DC hotels will make the most of your all-American adventure.

Top 3 hotels for a Washington DC vacation

  1. Willard InterContinental Washington: This hotel was built in 1860 and listed with the national registry of historic places, but its greatest value to DC visitors is its location. Located two blocks from the White House and National Mall, it makes on-foot sightseeing a breeze. If you’re visiting over the 4th of July, the Willard InterContinental Washington provides a great view of the fireworks over the Washington Monument.
  2. Capital Hilton: This hotels claims to have hosted every U.S. President since FDR, who had an automobile lift installed to take his car to the second floor ballroom. The Capital Hilton has also hosted the Gridiron Club Dinner, where Presidents Nixon, Carter and Clinton performed musical numbers for the dinner guests.
  3. Renaissance Mayflower: It was given the moniker “Grand Dame of Washington DC” when it opened in 1925, possibly because it had more gold than any other building in the country except for the Library of Congress. President Truman stayed at the Mayflower while the White House was being renovated, and it’s said that he called it DC’s “Second-Best Address.”

Britt Reints is a blogger and freelance writer living in Orlando. She much prefers traveling to text books when it comes to learning more about history.

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