Feb 19 2008

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Top 10 alternative spring break destinations

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Finding a relaxing, tranquil travel destination can be a little more challenging this time of year, as college revelers hit the beaches for spring break.

So for travelers looking to avoid the partiers and big crowds, Orbitz is highlighting the top alternative spring break destinations.

Our Orbitz Insider Index shows the most popular places Orbitz travelers are visiting, excluding destinations frequented by the college spring breakers.

Here’s the list, which is based on
arrivals between March 1 and April 15, 2008:

Top 10 spring break alternatives
1. San Francisco 6. Tampa
2. Puerto Vallarta 7. Seattle
3. San Diego 8. Reno, Nevada
4. San Juan, Puerto Rico 9. Austin, Texas
5. San Antonio 10. Tucson

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