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There was a time when the awfulness of airline food provided comedians with a career’s worth of punchlines. Then the meals all but disappeared from the skies in exchange for buy-on-board snack packs. Now, in-flight dining is making a comeback but the meals are far from ridicule-worthy. Read on for the culinary strides airlines are now making, and when you’re ready to book your next trip, head to for the latest deals on flights, hotels, cars on more.


Delta Air Lines preformed a group focus test to find out what customers desired most from an in-flight meal. Delta discovered the group reacted much better to the same food when it was given to them on aesthetically pleasing silverware and plates.

Delta plans to update their silverware and plates for customers to have a fresher perspective for their in-flight meals. This also includes the meals prepared using fresher ingredients, though, having employees on the flight making the meals themselves remains a stretch. The menu on the flights will have updated items to give customers a wider variety to choose from, however, Delta plans to keep their less healthy options available to have food for everyone on board.

The real fight for flight companies was originally having the most comfortable seating, but they’ve now switched to having the best food experience for customers.


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