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By Joe Brancatelli COCONUT WIRELESS Suddenly, Everyone Is Adding Flights to Hawaii Again: Last year’s run-up in fuel costs destroyed Aloha and ATA, two carriers with heavy schedules to Hawaii. No one moved to fill the gap last year, but this year has been a different story. First it was Alaska Airlines: earlier this month [read more…]

By Vanessa Aleksic My son Aiden turned one just one day apart from my in-laws 30th wedding anniversary, so we planned a family vacation in Mexico at Dreams Cancun Resort and Spa All Inclusive to celebrate both occasions. Aiden was just a little guy, taking some of his first toddling little steps during our layover. [read more…]

By John George A stop at a private or secluded island has become almost mandatory for cruises in the eastern Caribbean. Most of the cruise lines, including Disney Cruise Lines, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and Holland America, have private islands for their guests. The basic program is similar: You will enjoy a beach, both paid and [read more…]

By Joanna Citarella The holiday season typically conjures up images of wintry scenes, log fires and family gatherings, and is generally far less synonymous with white sandy beaches than it is with snowfall. Yet every year thousands of people plan Florida vacations to enjoy the holidays, and if you are seeking a change of pace [read more…]

By Joe Brancatelli HIGH-TECH TRAVELER Free Wi-Fi in the Air and the Airport: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and that means free Wi-Fi thanks to the folks at Google. The 800-pound gorilla of search engines will sponsor free Wi-Fi at more than 47 airports around the country until January 15. Google will [read more…]

By Lena Katz When people say you may spot dolphins off the shore of Kauai, they don’t mean just one or two. Noisy, fun-loving, fearless spinner dolphins cruise the Na Pali coast in pods, swimming alongside the sailboats and wowing the humans with airborne antics and graceful waterborne power. Spinners can’t be trained, and they [read more…]

Melissa Fuller is the Orbitz Travel Blog’s travel artist of the month. Each week we will feature a series of photographs from her collection. Before we share her  photographs, we asked Melissa to share a little about herself. By Melissa Fuller I took the sage advice of my corporately employed single mother: “Melissa, I want [read more…]

By Melissa Fuller I went on an amazing international vacation — an African safari to see some of the world’s most prized national wonders: Arusha National Park, Ngorogoro Crater, the Serengeti National Park and Tarangire National Park. We spent our days cruising in the sun under the popped top of a converted 4×4 Eurovan hunting [read more…]

By E.C. Gladstone Think you’ll be cooped up inside one of our Las Vegas hotels your entire time here? Think again. Despite the deserved reputation of our mega-resorts as never-need-to-leave wonderlands, fact is, the Vegas valley is filled with more outdoor activities than most visitors imagine. Now that the weather has cooled a bit, I [read more…]

By Joe Brancatelli STAR SIGNS United Upgrades Upgrades, US Airways Simplifies Club Membership: Continental Airlines joined the Star Alliance at the end of October, so fellow Star carrier United Airlines is bringing its Mileage Plus program in line with Continental’s OnePass plan. Beginning in the second quarter next year, United will kill its 500-mile upgrade [read more…]

By Lena Katz Melbourne: where leisure is a luxury … for everyone As a girl who lives on the beach, I’m never head-over-heels to see more white sand. I like cities, especially the ones with character and architecture all their own, which is why I included Melbourne on my Australia vacation itinerary. Though its urban [read more…]

Whats the best way to learn no one likes bad surprises? Getting tazed, of course. In this video, the Orbitz cadets of the Hover Force Academy learn firsthand about the benefits of Total Price. Related Resources: Orbitz Total Price More Orbitz Youtube videos Hotel deals Flight deals

By Joe Brancatelli THE CONNECTED SKIES Lufthansa Makes Another Run at In-Flight Internet: Lufthansa was almost alone in mourning the loss of Boeing’s Connexion in-flight Internet service, which ended in 2006 after $1 billion or more in losses. And it’s been searching for a replacement ever since. It may have finally found one. The German [read more…]

By E.C. Gladstone Gourmet burgers are hot everywhere you turn these days. But the top restaurants of our Las Vegas hotels may be the most competitive anywhere in trying to create the finest formula. Rating them (for flavor, texture, and presentation) proved serious business — several perfectly good (and popular!) choices didn’t make my cut, [read more…]

Wi-Fi will be free at 47 airports during the holiday season, thanks to Google. The search engine company is paying for the service at select airports through January 15. Get details. Related Orbitz resources: Airline tickets Hotels

By Lena Katz What changes when you fly across the international date line? Nothing — and everything. That was my takeaway from a recent Australia vacation. The famously nicknamed Land Down Under may be largely unpopulated, but the cities along the coast are packed with amazing (expensive) food, delicious “sticky” wine, laneways and bridges, shops [read more…]

By E.C. Gladstone With the opening of the monumental City Center mere weeks away, virtually all of the major Las Vegas hotels on the Strip have been sprucing up to try and keep pace. But none has done more perhaps than City Center neighbor the Monte Carlo. For a long time, this European-styled resort was [read more…]

By Joe Brancatelli The Canada Line has opened and slashed mass-transit travel time between Vancouver Airport and downtown Vancouver to 25 minutes. The airport station is in the Link Building between the domestic and international terminals. The train serves nine stops in Vancouver and four in suburban Richmond. Mexicana has shifted its check-in operations at [read more…]

By John George I’ve always had relatives in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and my family lived there in the early aughts. We are returning for a week around Christmas, and will definitely utilize the following tips to help make our trip go smoothly. Find Appropriate Accommodations We’re lucky enough to be staying with relatives this trip, [read more…]

Orbitz travel expert, Lena Katz, explains the significance and allure of the Mexican holiday of Dia de Los Muertos, otherwise known as Day of the Dead. Related Resources: Mexico vacations Mexico hotels