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Hotel Premier & Suites - Premier Resort

5.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Are staying at this hotel for many years during our summer holidays. I see this as the best option in MiMa if you are looking for a modern, family friendly hotel, at the beach that is offering good service. The rooms are modern, spacious and well equiped, but might need some light refurbishment (not much has been invested in the last 6 years). The staff is very friendly and we can also recommend the restaurant at the beach for lunch. The breakfast buffet is great, offers a good selection of fresh fruits, bakery and whatever you might look for. It is a hotel in the 5* category, but you should not expect the same level of sophistication and attention to detail as in any of the leading hotels. However, I can still recommend it and value for money is good.

Modern building and interior, friendly staff and good breakfast. Overall we had a really nice stay. The rooms are spacious , modern and clean. The staff is well trained and polite... Though, the service received by the booking center was very poor. First giving us one price then another and not very friendly. Had if not been for the one to one interaction with the receptionist, we would have gone somewhere else. The beach was ok, rather quite and clean.

After moving to premier suites - we had a great experience - staff is super friendly and helpfull there - breakfast was even willing to make me vegan cappucino's - would be nice if there would be some more pata's or breadtoppings for vegans - but for the rest super yummie !

We’ve stayed in Executive room for August, 3-17. In general – this reminded me of a 3-star hotel in Turkey 12 years ago in everything, except prices. The most disappointing facts were: 1) There is no sea view in the hotel because it’s located on the second line. Waldorf is situated straight in front of it – so that you can see 5 meters sealine on the left (between Bellittini hotel and Waldorf) or 15 meters sealine on the right – between Waldorf and Palmes; 2) There are 3 swimming pools and 2 restaurants right below any room with the so called «seaview» with lots of people swimming, playing, serving tables etc all day long; 3) I would highly recommend you the second choice (15 m line in rooms situated on the right side on sea direction) because an extract hood of the restaurant in Bellittini (left side) works so loudly that it’s totally impossible to spend time/speak on your balcony. Besides this, you can also see the smoke coming out of it and sailing in front of your eyes on the 4-th floor. And one more detail: regardless the side you choose you can only see the sea if you are standing on the balcony but not sitting, because barriers are made of whole concrete with no spaces between. When we asked to change the room (we were first accommodated on the left side, near the Bellittini Hotel), a guy on the reception told us that there were no rooms due to high season and offered us one in Waldorf for 1000 euro more for a stay. We said that would think it over and after a terrible evening full of noise again came to the reception asking for another room. It suddenly turned out that there was a room on the 3rd floor, on the right side so we happily moved. But it still remains unclear why they first offered us only a room with 1000 euro extra charge; 4) Wi-fi connection is poor even in the room – I’m not talking about the balcony or moreover the beach. The best signal was in a bathroom, so if you need to upload something – welcome! 5) The hotel strongly needs renovation: there were old carpets on the floor, cracks on the walls, all the surfaces in the room were sticky (and I really don’t want to know why), the wooden floor on the balcony was partly broken – I even got a splinter, furniture was shabby; 6) Staff don’t speak English – except a few on reception and in the restaurant; 7) Indicator “Do not disturb” on the door means nothing – somebody still came inside the room in spite of this sign being “ON”; 8) We found a piece of metallic wire in a baby’s veal chop during the lunch in the hotel’s beach restaurant – this killed our 2 next days because we were frightened that our 1-year old daughter could swallow a part of it and all the possible consequences; 9) Clothes after the hotel laundry smelt like you were bathing in a washing powder – I guess they forgot to rinse them; 10) Rooms are cleaned twice a day – but the second room keeping is between 9 and 10 pm, which is definitely too late for families with small children; 11) One of the worst thing was an evening entertainment. Every night we had to hide in our room starting 21:30 and till midnight because it was very close to the building (as there is no hotel territory at all) and so loud that it was impossible to sit outside. My daughter even couldn’t sleep although we always closed the balcony door and drew the blinds. The hotel management doesn’t appreciate clients’ privacy at all. The only evening when we could sit on our balcony and drink some wine talking to each other was when it was heavily raining all the day – and that was the best evening despite the rain and cold. Based on the above mentioned the best area in the room became the bathroom – it was the quietest place with the wi-fi working. But, I beg pardon, they installed the most inconvenient toilet bowl I have ever tried – it was square  Also, guys, be prepared to pay for: 1) Room service: 10 euro (e.g. if you only want to order a club sandwich, which by the way costs 18 euro and there is even no grilled chicken breast inside – please pay 10 euro them to bring it to your room); 2) Sun umbrella on the hotel beach: 250 euro for 2 weeks. As positive moments I could only mention the selection of fruits and berries for the breakfast (at the same time the bread was always stale) and a trouble-free check-out procedure. As a conclusion I couldn’t recommend this hotel to people got used to a 5-star hotel comfort, privacy, who want to enjoy silence and sea view in evenings – to be honest I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody.

Even if it's not high season the hotel is the one to choose in MIMA! Close to the beach, different swimming pool to choose, from the one of the HPS or the sister hotel in front. Close to the main shopping street or restaurants at this hotel you'll find what you're looking for in MIMA. The room is excellent, spacious, modern and even with view and a big balcony. Excellent is the breakfast either you prefer Italian pastry or an american breakfast everything is absolutly perfect.

Very stylish modern hotel direct on the beach. Nice courteous staff. Beautiful environment. Heated pool. The room has a large terrace with sea views. The bed is very comfortable for sleeping. All in all an excellent hotel. The city offers great entertainment and dining opportunities.

How to spend a nice weelend off season in a warm sunny day? Here it is. Really a nice place to relax and enjoy the MiMa experience. What we really appreciate was the offering of the brunch included in the room price (promotion of the season). Any delicatessen you can imagine was available. Well done!

We stayed a week at this hotel to relax. It was our first visit at the hotel and the region. The welcoming was nice and friendly, but rather short. Afterwards, we ourselves had to ask more information, e.g. the restaurant of the hotel. We had to find out ourselves that it was part of a complex of three hotels. Of course it's not that hard to find out, but it would have been nice if there were a little brochure on the room where all facilities were clarified. We arrived at Wednesday, but only on Sunday there was that kind of brochure on the room: in Italian... The room itself was very spacious. The bed was really comfortable and the isolation is excellent. With all windows closed we couldn't hear a thing from the beach, although it was only a hundred meters away. We could see the beach and the ocean from our private balcony. That balcony was a plus for us. Comfy seats provided us a space to read in the shadow, away from the turmoil downstairs. It wasn't a sunny deck, but to tan, we could go to the beach. The private beach of the hotel was all you can expect from a beach, with a nice little bistro for a light lunch. The water of the swimming pool of the hotel was nice and cold, clean and the pool lady has it all under control. Back to the room. The bathroom was spacious and came with a toilet, bidet, two sinks and had a very high tech bath-with-sauna-with-shower-with-radio... In the end, it was like every ordinary shower but the showerhead was due to replacement. The design of the sinks was very nice, but not that practical. But, we were on holiday and didn't bother about some water splashes. House keeping was very good ! They were discrete and everything was nice and tidy. Breakfast then. We tried it at Premier&Suites itself and at The Waldorf. Because it's from the same complex we could choose where to eat. It's basically the same breakfast although quite different. At Premier&Suites it was more elaborate, at The Waldorf you get more personal service. In the Waldorf two people handle the whole breakfast area at a five star level, in P&S it was four star level, four people and most were blind for work. The biggest advantage of breakfast at P&S is you can have it outside. At restaurant La Settima whe had a lovely dinner. After a long day we ordered lobster. Which was very nice tender and juicy. Pure taste ! There was a little trifle with the wine, but the sommelier offered an elegant solution. Value for money. For us, the one thing we surely would return for is the bar at P&S. Bartender Giuseppe Taravella made us some wonderful cocktails which wouldn't be out of place in the hipster bars of New York City. I just told him what tastes I like 'et voila' he made me a nice cocktail. Every night he came up with something new, the one even better than the one before. We had a lovely time at P&S. Our goal was to relax and that's what's happened. Apart from some details, we hade a very lovely time at P&S.

We have been staying in a family suite ( 2 connecting rooms) for one week and were very satisfied. The rooms are spacious and clean with nice balconies (sea view). The offers over the three hotels (Waldorf, Palme, Premier Suite) is great, the service around the pools (towels, deck chairs, drinks) is very nice. We were very impressed about the breakfast offerings, nice buffet and multiple choice from english to continental plus fruits. The best part of the breakfast is that you can have it until noon, which means that you can make a nice brunch and don't need to have lunch.The day of departure, we even got offered a take away lunch bag! One thing we would object to is the fitness and spa. They want 16 Euro or a Spa which is for sure not worth it, and the gym is very small and not very clean. There is definitely room for improvement with regards to these two facilities. We will definitely come back next year, we loved and enjoyed our stay...

DONT COME HERE if you like to Shower after a long day in the beach!!! When was the last time a 5 star hotel threatened to call the police when you complained that they refused to properly compensate you for not being able to shower for 2 days as there was NO WATER in the room after a day on the beach?! My wife and I and our 2 children stayed in this hotel for 2 nights for a long weekend in the end of July 2013. We booked last minute and upon checking were given an upgrade to the Ibis suite. The room looked spacious and promising and came with a large balcony with a Jacuzzi. We were very excited about our upcoming stay. On our first day, we got back to the room at around 18:30 planning to relax a bit in the Jacuzzi before getting ready for dinner. When we got out of the Jacuzzi at around 19:00 to take a shower and prepare for dinner, we discovered that there was NO WATER. We called the front desk multiple times and were told that they were checking the problem. We were sitting with our bathrobes waiting for the water to come for about an hour. When finally the water problem seemed to have been fixed we showered, but the water pressure was still very bad. We were told that they were aware of the water pressure problem in the 6th floor where we stayed. On the second day of our stay, we came to the room at around 19:00 and again the same story. After relaxing with our 2 daughters for some minutes in the Jacuzzi, my wife went to prepare the bath for our little ones and was surprised to find out that AGAIN that THERE WAS NO WATER to bathe (neither cold nor hot water). This time it was much worse than the first day. Over the next 1.5 hours we were sitting wrapped in towels calling every few minutes the front desk waiting for the water to come so that we could shower and go out to dinner to a restaurant. We asked the front desk if they could at least bring us a hot water cattle, there was a tiny drizzle of cold water coming out of one of the taps at one point and we thought if we had some hot water we could at least wash our baby which like the rest of us was full of sand and dirty from a long day in the beach. The front desk told us they needed to check and it took them 1:15 hours to bring us the water cattle, but by that time not even a drizzle of water was coming out of the taps. We also asked if there was another room we could use to bathe and were told that there was not because the hotel was fully booked. We even asked if we could go down to the spa to wash and were told “we will check and get back to you” only the phone never rang and it seems that no one tried to find an alternative solution. At around 20:30 we gave up on the water and decided to just go have dinner in the restaurant we pre-booked. As if the NO WATER ordeal was not enough, the hotel also seems to have a problem with their air conditioning system. As we mentioned we have 2 small kids (ages 1 and 4) and it was not possible to turn off the air conditioning in the room. We had to call many times the front desk asking them to turn it off, because if you turned it off in the room it would just start up again after some minutes. The front desk explained to us that if we call them they can turn it off in their central system. So we had to call every time the front desk. The thing was that even after the front desk turned it off, it would come on again after some hours by itself and so during the night while we were sleeping my wife and I would wake up from the cold temperature and I would then call the reception again asking them to shut it off. When I asked them why it kept turning itself on over and over again the response was that they had some problem with their computers... The following day, when we were checking out of the hotel we complained and explained that we expected the hotel to adequately compensate us and that we did not think that given the uncomfortable experience we had during our stay we should have to pay the full nightly fee of almost Euro 500 a night. We spoke with the hotel manager, a lady by the name of Pamela Medri. After much discussions & arguments she was not willing to give us more than a 10% discount. In fact she suggested that we were the problematic ones that we were the only guests who complained and asked to be compensated for not being able to shower for two days. We did not feel that a 10% discount was enough of a compensation for what we went through nor that it showed any real responsibility or acknowledgement of their wrong doing by the hotel. When we told Ms. Pamela Medri that we do not agree to sign the final bill and would like to file a complaint with our credit card company she told us that if we were not willing to agree to these terms and sign the final bill she would have to call the police. We signed and paid as we had enough unpleasantness during our stay in Hotel Premier & Suites and we did not want to also to have to deal with the police; especially not with our 2 small daughters with us and during what was supposed to be a relaxing holiday weekend. We ask ourselves however how it is possible for a 5 star hotel to treat their guests like this...

via VII Traversa Mare, 15 Cervia RA

Located in Milano Marittima, Hotel Premier & Suites - Premier Resort is adjacent to Bagno Rosa and within a 10-minute stroll of Bagno Holiday Village. This 43-room, 5-star hotel has free breakfast along with conveniences like a private beach and an outdoor pool. Papeete Beach and Bagno 340 are also a short walk from this Cervia hotel.


Free buffet breakfast is included with your stay. In addition to a meal at the onsite restaurant, you can also enjoy a drink at the bar/lounge. Order from 24-hour room service to satisfy your hunger without leaving your room.


All of Hotel Premier & Suites - Premier Resort's 43 air-conditioned rooms provide balconies, minibars, and safes. Guests can expect free WiFi and flat-screen TVs with satellite channels and pay movies. Hair dryers and desks are other standard amenities.

Property features

Guests of Hotel Premier & Suites - Premier Resort enjoy a private beach, an indoor pool, and an outdoor pool. If you drive, self parking is EUR 14 per day, and there's also an airport shuttle. The 24-hour front desk has multilingual staff ready to assist with concierge services and securing valuables. Other amenities at this beach hotel include a fitness center, a spa tub, and a sauna.

Room options

Superior Double Room, Terrace, Garden Area

Full 1 | Twin 1 | Sleeps 3

Executive Double Room, Terrace, Sea View

Full 1 | Sleeps 3

Comfort Double Room Single Use, Terrace (Junior)

Twin 1 | Sleeps 1

Comfort Triple Room, Terrace, Garden Area

Full 1 | Sleeps 3

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