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Heythrop Park Hotel

3.5 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

We stayed here for a wedding in October and although the room was pleasant and comfy the place felt very corporate and prices to match. Food was substandard and expensive and for the first time ever sent back my food. If you can't cook a steak the way the customer would like then there is something wrong. Communication with the restaurant staff was nearly impossible.

The bedroom was amazing & much grander & bigger than I thought it would be. The view from the Longview room was fabulous & I could watch the sun rise. My daughter & her family had a fabulous room called Camilla .This far exceeded our expectations & was a perfect room to spend Christmas in. The main house was a magical place with its ornate surroundings & roaring fire. We also enjoyed the facilities of The Crowne Plaza which adjoined the main house. The leisure facilities & indoor pool were perfect for our young grandchildren. The food very good in the Bistro & the Orangery for our Christmas carvery. Service was very attentive & we were well looked after. The only criticisms was that the vegetables on the whole were very hard & not even al dente. This is a shame as the food was otherwise very good. The check-out took nearly an hour as we had items charged to our room which were not ours. The receptionist handled the whole situation very professionally & did her best to sort it out.

Stunning on arrival, I was over the moon. However everything just went downhill from there. We stayed over the Christmas period in the main building. The rooms were large but shabby and freezing cold. A mini heater had been provided but constantly broke down. The food was served in troughs and I imagine would have been substandard for the very animals that would normally eat from them. Children's activities advertised were a joke leaving my 8 year old son totally deflated and miserable. I had booked spa treatments for the last day, however I was so upset and fed up I cancelled. I now understand that I would have been charged £10 for slippers and gown. Outrageous! We will never return.

Just come back from a great few days away at Heythrop Park. Bit of a mixed bag but overall we were happy. Pre-arrival several of my emails went unanswered, the massages I tried to book weren't on their system when I called a month later. However all staff I spoke to we're friendly and helpful - we got our massages sorted when I called the day before we arrived. The spa is a bit of an add on to the golf course. Therapists were great but pretty annoyed I had to pay £10 to hire a robe and slippers. Didn't fancy trotting through reception with all the golfers wearing just a towel so didn't have much choice! Never been charged for this in any other spa I've been to. We stayed in the old wing of the hotel which has a stunning entrance and beautiful rooms. Our room was tiny but nicely decorated and met our needs. We ordered room service more than once and it was delivered quickly and was very tasty. Only had breakfast once. Brilliant staff, good food. The weather over new year was awful but we still got in a good stomp around the estate. Great for getting some country air in! We wanted a quiet romantic country break to celebrate new year in a relaxed, pretty setting. Exactly what we got :-)

Beautiful place, everything clean and tidy in rooms and spa facilities very good.The grounds were lovely and very well kept. Only issue was the man behind the desk came across very patronising which was Very in comfortable when I wanted to enquire about a few things, however the lady behind the desk in the morning was very noce and smiley! Very pleasurable visit had seeing in the new year!

We have just returned from a wonderful Christmas at Heythrop. We enjoyed a superb meal on Christmas Eve as well as Christmas Lunch and the Boxing Day buffet. Our room was large and the the bathroom everything we could have wanted. The bed was comfortable. Tea and coffee was provided and replenished on request. We enjoyed walking in the grounds and swimming in the pool. The staff were friendly and helpful. All in all, first class!

Similarly to another reviewer, we stayed at Heythrop over Christmas - three days, 2 nights. On booking (in August!), it was hard work to get it sorted, but I thought we had eventually got there after large volumes of emails, and never-materialising call backs. Turns out, I was wrong. On check in, we were sent to a room in the Archer Wing, with all our bags (over Christmas, this included presents and a hamper, but we were offered no help, despite the toddler-in-tow). We had made it clear from booking, that we were travelling with a toddler, so needed a suitable room, but the room we had, was literally a small double bed, and a fold out sofa bed - zero floor space and no bath (have you ever showered a three year old?!). Even worse, the sofa bed was pulled out right up against the wardrobe, so we couldn’t open the doors and unpack. The room door also didn’t close properly. We knew this wasn’t going to work, so we asked at reception about another room. For an extra £60 per night, we were offered the Berry suite in the main house. We knew we couldn’t spend Christmas in a tiny room with no wardrobe or floor space, so no choice really. Berry was far bigger, but very dusty and pretty sparce and tired. But hey... it was Christmas and we just wanted to chill out. Next up was pre-paid afternoon tea. The festive option didn’t have champagne, but was more expensive that the normal option that did. Weird... but okay. More annoying, was that we’d paid for two adults and a toddler but were only catered for two adults. We were also missing the olive bread and beef sandwiches that were advertised. We asked for these and waited 15 mins for two beef sandwiches. Determined not to feel disappointed on Christmas eve, or slightly apprehensive about the rest of our stay, we just brushed it off. The staff didn’t speak great English and we didn’t want to wait another 15 mins for olive bread. We were then presented with a bill to sign, despite pre-paying. We were assured if we’d pre paid, we wouldn’t be charged again, so we signed, presuming it was to record that we’d had our entitlement. Dinner in the restaurant was okay - nothing more. But the staff were friendly and we did enjoy ourselves. If only Christmas day buffet matched up. It was mass produced, undercooked and disappointing. If i’d have paid £50 per person in a restaurant, i’d have complained, but we had lost the will really by this point. The cinema was great on Christmas night, but the buffet offerings in the evening were really poor and very bizarre: rubbery chicken, grey sausage and some roasted veg. For £20 per person. Not appetising and not value for money. We also received family news and wanted to cancel Boxing Day buffet the next day. It was the last straw prompting us to leave, so we called Heythrop reception on Christmas, about 12:30pm. However, the reception was closed. We spoke to the Crowne Plaza who said we could cancel and claim back the pre-paid portion on Boxing Day morning when Heythrop reception would reopen. We tried before breakfast, but so many people were having issues with their bills on check out, we were told to come back. We tried to do so, but there was still a large queue and one poor girl who was left to clear up a total shambles, so we loaded the car before checking out. On check out, our bill was also completely wrong, with extras we hadn’t incurred (room hire?!), drinks we hadn’t had and the afternoon tea we had pre paid for. My toddler and my partner were in the car, and it took almost an hour to get to the front of the queue and check out. To rub salt in the wound, we were told by the on duty manager that we couldn’t cancel boxing day buffet or get our money back. Apparently we needed to give 24 hours notice, but despite looking through all communications, i can’t find this condition. I have emailed the duty manager and the hotel director, but not heard back. To really ruin Christmas, we have received a call from Heythrop today to ‘settle our upgrade balance’ and send them another £120. We have definitely paid this and are waiting for a refund. Ridiculous. I’m near tears and around £700 out of pocket. Heythrop - you are disgraceful. I will email a copy of this to the hotel, but doubt i’ll get anywhere. I just hope to deter future families from the same fate.

Such a shame that a fabulous asset such as Heythrop Park and its manor house should be completely laid to waste by inept thinking and utterly incompetent management. Not to mention chefs who quite evidently couldn't boil an egg if their only child's life depended on it. We have just endured quite frankly the most horrible Christmas I can imagine (for the price), and despite numerous conversations with junior managers (apparently the big cheese is on his hols), I have determined that I am a fool for neither staying at home, nor checking in to a reliable Premier Inn (either of those options would have saved me £1,000 plus and been far more enjoyable). I pity those who have forked out even more than I for their New Year's 'extravaganza'. To date, I have received a £202 discount from my bill, and today they have 'generously' offered me a further £48 in compensation. I think they've been on the mulled wine if they think that's a realistic solution to my complaints... I now still stare into my credit card bill and see that I have forked out £1,031.35 for two nights of abject misery. Plus £250-odd for something that could only be described as a Christmas dinner for the homeless. Avoid this place. It's a total sham. If you're that desperate, let me know and I'll take you in and give you shelter and something vaguely edible. The letter I sent to the absent manager is below. Dear Mr Russell We have just returned home from a two-night Christmas break at Heythrop Park. I had booked this trip as a special treat for my elderly mother who I fear will not be travelling for much longer, and, as you had advertised, an 'enchanted Christmas' for us all. Before I begin to express my feelings in a TripAdvisor review, I thought it only courteous and fair to allow you to respond to our criticisms, and perhaps attempt an explanation for what turned out to be an utter let-down and considerable waste of money. You preside over a magnificent asset in Heythrop Park. The grounds are beautiful, you are easily accessible from major road networks, and in the manor house itself, a building that can take your breath away. Added to that, most of the staff we encountered were enthusiastic, helpful and professional. However, this is where the positives end abruptly. Our room, Eldon, and that of my Mother's, Chia, were certainly grand and very spacious. But that was why I had asked for rooms in the manor house as opposed to being stuck out in annexes. But it transpired our room was drafty, the wallpaper in the bathroom tatty, despite having paid for an extra bed in our room for our son we were only presented with two bath towels instead of three, housekeeping failed to wash up our coffee cups, restock the tissue paper box (which was empty on arrival), and provide a new toilet roll (which had also run out). No sugar was provided in the tea and coffee making tray, and frankly, given the cost of the room, we expected rather more than small sachets of instant rubbish. We have travelled extensively for both business and pleasure, and when you are paying more than £200 per room, per night, we have become accustomed to proper coffee machines (such as Nespresso) rather than a packet of Nescafe more suited to a lowly guest house. Extensive childrens' activities had been heavily touted in your marketing material. However, the cookie and cupcake icing amounted to no more than a handful of chocolate chip cookies left on a plate in a dark corner of the Crown Plaza Mezzanine with a squeezy bottle of sauce and a few chocolate buttons. When my wife walked across to your swimming pool to let our son make something of a splash, she was informed, rudely, that children were not allowed in the pool until 5pm, 'but we're closing at 5.40 anyway'. That after we had visited the pool that morning when another member of staff saw us and not once warned us that children weren't welcome until the last 40 minutes of opening time. However, our principal grievance was the food presented for Christmas lunch and dinner. This I had paid for in advance, as requested, and for which I now bitterly regret. I have never paid so much for such an utterly pathetic spread as you provided yesterday. I could only describe it as something that might have just about been acceptable as a school dinner to children during rationing in the 1940s and '50s. Whichever meat one selected, it was tasteless. Whoever 'cooked' the parsnips had clearly never had any experience with preparing a pretty basic root vegetable, your 'Christmas pudding' resembled, smelt and tasted more like black pudding (no brandy butter either). No attempt had been made to create any sort of ambience or atmosphere in the dining room, and the whole event just resembled a sketch from a sitcom highlighting the plight of the sad and lonely at Christmas. Perhaps the most surreal moment of the 'festivities' (I use the term loosely) was when Father Christmas walked through the door, rang a little bell, mumbled something incoherently, then disappeared as quickly as he had arrived. What was all that about? But this appeared to be only the warm-up act to the incredibly sad event that was supposedly Christmas 'dinner'. There was something that was advertised as Gravalax, but not only was it a strange colour, there was no dill sauce to accompany it. The chicken kebabs were nothing more than rubber on sticks, there was something I can only imagine was meant to be calamari, but it was nothing more than a watery, tasteless mess. We didn't eat very much, so hopefully, should the nearby Chipping Norton fall on hard times, there'll be plenty to go around for a prospective food bank for the homeless. Finally I have to address check-out. During the usual preliminaries, not once did your member of reception staff ask if we had enjoyed our stay. I suspect she was afraid of asking given that she would have been aware of the answer from both myself, and the majority of your 'guests'. I wanted to make it clear that we were dissatisfied with the entire experience, and as soon as I began relating just some of the above, it became patently apparent she was completely out of her depth. I asked to talk to the manager, to which she spent the next 30 minutes trying to raise someone by both telephone and walkie-talkie. Eventually, a gentleman wearing what could only be described as pyjama bottoms and a jumper (no shirt) appeared (this was at 9am, not some witching hour) who seemed to have a complete lack of understanding, knowledge or appreciation of the English language. I, and my wife, explained our grievances to pyjama man (who had evidently been summoned straight from his Boxing Day slumber), and he offered not so much as the slightest apology for any of the above. 'Is that it?', he enquired as he desperately attempted a quick getaway. Unfortunately for him, another couple wishing to check out had appeared, with identical grievances to our own. I called your 'manager' back to talk to them as well. This had now been going on for what seemed an age, and I had my elderly mother and our son sitting in the car outside. Eventually, your receptionist took off a few extras off our bill, but I still found myself paying out £1,031.35 for what was quite frankly the worst hotel experience in my 51 years of existing on this planet. And that doesn't include the £250-odd I paid up front for the Christmas Day lunch and dinner 'extravaganza' that never was. £1,250 would have paid for us to have had a pretty memorable Christmas anywhere else. Unfortunately, the Christmas you gave us was memorable for all the wrong reasons. But it will live with us for a very long time. As I mentioned at the start of my message, before I take to TripAdvisor I'm willing for you to have your say. But ultimately, as my wife said to me as we were avoiding all the pot holes in your driveway, this is a beautiful hotel but whoever's running it has clearly not been in the trade for very long.

The hotel is lovely but needs a little bit of attention as a lot of the hotel seems under used. We did not enjoy the restaurant at all, the food was not nice at all but on a previous stay we went to the pub down the road and the food there was amazing.

A spa resort in the countryside, what could go wrong? Well everything. Arrived late and by the sounds of it like most people went to the Crowne Plaza first which is confusingly adjoined. So after a 5 minute walk in the rain had another 5 minute walk in the dark to try to find the other reception which trust me was not easy. Eventually found a beautiful lobby with a cramped reception at the back. The room reminded me of my University days, I could nearly touch all walls without moving. I was awake most of the night with staff cars coming and going, radios playing etc. yes the staff car park is right next to the bedroom and because the windows are not double glazed you can hear everything. Just when I thought things could not get any worse the deliveries started arriving at 0550!!! What a racket! Shouting, reversing bleepers, talifts, rollcages, right outside my window. I complained to reception who offered to move me at 0550!! I got up, showered and checked out. The window on the room was frosted to cover up the mess beside the bedroom. The baling machine is next to the bedrooms - great idea! And the mess from the kitchens is conveniently placed next to the bedrooms too! Heythrop Park Resort...more like a last resort!!

Enstone Chipping Norton England

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi and wired Internet in public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa

Heythrop Park Hotel places you within a 10-minute drive of Fairytale Farm and Chipping Norton Golf Club. This 168-room, 3.5-star hotel welcomes business and leisure travelers with a golf course, a full-service spa, and a restaurant. Blenheim Palace is also within a 20-minute drive of this Chipping Norton hotel.


Enjoy a bite to eat at the hotel's restaurant, or relax with a drink at the bar/lounge. Savor a meal from the privacy of your room with 24-hour room service, or get a pick-me-up at the coffee shop/café. For your convenience, a full breakfast is served for a fee each morning from 6:30 AM to 9:30 AM.


All 168 air-conditioned rooms provide phones and desks. Guests can enjoy WiFi and TVs. Bathrooms offer hair dryers and free toiletries. In-room massages are available.

Property features

A local mainstay since 1800, Heythrop Park Hotel offers a golf course, a full-service spa, and an indoor pool. You can take advantage of free parking if you drive. The 24-hour front desk has staff standing by to help with dry cleaning/laundry, concierge services, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this spa hotel include a health club, a steam room, and free WiFi in public areas.

Room options

Standard Single Room, 1 Double Bed

Full 1 | Sleeps 1

Executive King Room

King 1 | Sleeps 4

Deluxe Twin Room (Main House)

Twin 2 | Sleeps 2

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