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InterContinental Resort and Spa Moorea

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

I'm a Platinum Elite Member with IHG Rewards Program. I recently visited IC Moorea with one of my girlfriends. We spent four days at this property before we traveled to Bora Bora. We were a little worried that the property would be filled with honeymooners. To my surprise we saw several ladies that were on girls trips like us. There were a few kids but not many. I would recommend this property for families, couples and friends. We arrived to the resort before the initial check in time. Our rooms weren't ready until about 230pm, even though we requested early check in. That wasn't a deal breaker for us. The staff allowed us to shower and change into our beach wear. We hung around the pool until our room was ready. We had The Premium Lanai Room. Our room had views of the pool and beach area. The room was very clean and very well maintained. The property was absolutely immaculate. I actually liked the grounds better at IC Moorea compared to Le Moana Bora Bora. From the flowers to the architecture, they left no stone unturned when they were designing this property. I'm not a fan of walking, but everyday I would find myself taking a leisurely stroll around this property. It was so calming and peaceful. It was like having your own piece of heaven. There's 2 pools on property. They are pretty big. 1 pool has a swim up bar. Once the sunset, the property is pretty quiet. 2 nights a week there's a Polynesian show, other nights we heard bands playing music. The Polynesian show was pretty good. I would suggest you get there early to get a to good seat. The property is pretty big. There's a dolphin aquarium and a place where they raised turtles on property. I thought that was pretty awesome in itself. There aren't too many places where there's dolphins on property. There's quite a few activities to partake in while on property. There's kayaking, wave runners, snorkeling and paddle boarding. While we were the concierge chartered us a boat and we swam with the sharks and sting rays. Our guide was absolutely amazing. He was very patient with us. Before going, I read some reviews regarding the price of the food. I honestly didn't see what the problem was. It's about the same as a 5 star restaurant anywhere around the world. The food was okay, nothing to really rave about. I preferred the food at Intercontinental Fiji. I found that IC MOOREA didn't offer a lot of options when it came to the menu. The IC Le Moana Bora Bora menu offered much more options and the food was better. I don't know if it was just me, but I felt like the food service was pretty slow. Every night we could have been finished 30 to 45 minutes earlier if the waiters would have just checked on our table more often. It was a little frustrating but I didn't make a big deal about it. The staff was always nice, but they were just slow. The main beach area isn't that big, but it's very clean. There's no seaweed. You could always find a beach chair. The lagoons are gem. It gives the resort character, very picturesque. You can swim in them or watch the stingrays from the bridge. The view is like no other. With the mountains residing in the backdrop you can sit there for hours. I must mention Flora O. I don't remember her last name. She's a rockstar!!! She checked on us daily, making sure that we were having a great time. She even told us about this great restaurant called Steak On A Hill. It's a must if you are ever in Moorea. Overall, I absolutely loved my stay at IC Moorea. I'm definitely going back. The staff was splendid and the property is absolutely beautiful.

This review is from a seasoned traveler. We travel every year to a variety of destinations. This was our first time in the French Polynesia. We traveled as a couple without the kids as we were celebrating our milestone anniversary. I hope this review is helpful to those who consider this destination, as we realize the trip to French Polynesia might be on the expensive side and many factors should be considered. We stayed at this resort for 2 nights prior to moving to Bora Bora for the remainder of our vacation. This resort was a great start to our vacationa and it exceeded my expectations in many respects. This was not the best resort I've ever stayed in, but it was quite nice. Check-in: It was quick and easy. We arrived early and were assigned our room, which wasn't ready yet. We were provided a day room to shower and change so that we can go to the beach and relax while waiting for our room. The day room was small and a bit stuffy, but had all the necessities to help us freshen up after a long travel so that we can start our vacation. The hotel handled our luggage afterwords and we didn't have to worry about a thing. Room: We had a Premim Overwater Bungalow #514. The room had just stunning views of the lagoon, one of the best rooms in my opinion. This room was completely overwater, as opposed to being attached to one of the motu. This resort has only 4 of the completely overwater bungalows and we got the best one. Our room was right over deeper water with nice coral right off our deck. We snorkeled right there and saw a huge variety of fish and even a turtle swam by our deck. The location of the room was just spectacular. The comfort of the room was great too. Comfortable bed, nice layout, had everything one can need. The rooms might be slightly dated, but we spent the entire time on the deck enjoying the views, snorkeling, and lounging around. When we walked around the resort, we noted that the beach bungalows are a great option too as they are literality on the beach and also provide nice views. The only difference, you won't be able to snorkel there. The Grounds: The grounds were beautiful with variety of plans and flowers, clean and perfectly manicured. We didn't notice any bug or mosquito problems as some other reviewers have mentioned. This is a beautiful property. They have dolphins on site and some baby turtles as well. The Restaurants: Because we only stayed for two days, we did not venture out outside the resort and ate exclusively at the hotel. Our stay included a breakfast buffet, which offered plenty of choices. It was excellent in my opinion. Lunch and dinner were delicious. We did not have a bad meal here. The Pool: We didn't spend much time at the pool, as we prefer the ocean and the beach, but the infinity pool is beautiful, although a bit small in my opinion. We chose the beach instead. The Beach: The beach is a bit small, but has plenty of shade options, not crowded and is nice and relatively shallow. The hotel offers variety of non-motorized water sports activities and we took advantage of those. The Service: The service was superb. All staff were very attentive and ensured our satisfaction. Helpful tips to save some money: There is a small supermarket right outside the front of the resort, across the street. We purchased water there and some snacks and wine. The drinks at the resort are pricey and they charge about $6 for a bottle of water. So the supermarket saves us some cash on water alone. Also, we purchased our package through Costco. We've traveled a lot with Costco and have never been disappointed. The prices are hard to beat and they always include extra perks for Costco memebers. Lastly, I suggest signing up for IHG rewards program, as being a member might give some extras as well, such as bottled water in your room or a room upgrade. Overall: This resort was a great start to our vacation and we loved our stay. My only little complaint is about wifi that had intermittent service. But other than that, the resort was fantastic. The island is beautiful as well. I'd stay here again.

This is our 3rd visit to this property. We had an outstanding visit and will visit again. We had a booking problem (due to our travel company not IHG) discovered when we arrived. Alex, the manager immediately solved our problem and professionally and creatively solved our issue. He did and excellent job. The Polynesian staff was warm and friendly. Josie the concierge was amazing and warm and Moe in the bar was really fun. The entire staff worked very hard to see to our comfort. We previously rented an over the water bungalow. This time we rented a Lanai Suite. It was conveniently close to the pool and Top Dive Center. We stayed for 10 days and had an absolute blast. From the property management to the maid staff, everyone sought to exceed our expectations. Our daughter swam from 9AM to 5PM every day and made new friends every day. We used the Dophin Center, the Dive Center and everything in between. This is a perfect family location. We loved it!

I am a Spire Ambassador IHG member - that means I am the highest level of their program and it also means I'm the guy that spends a lot of nights a year in their hotels. I would easily estimate I've stayed in IHG properties in over 30 countries now and of those, many were intercontinental hotels. I am putting this review up so that others do not have the same misfortune my wife and I did. I read similar reviews and laughed them off until this happened to us here. The good - the staff is very friendly, helpful, especially the grounds crew and the folks at the various bars. The views are amazing, the lagoon is just awesome. Food isn't as expensive as some make it out to be. It is similar to the Intercontinental property food prices in NYC. Rooms are very large, bed comfortable, and if you want romance, you are in the right place. Suggestions - arrange in advance to take the bus from the ferry to the hotel and you will save quite a bit. There are only two ATM machines on Moorea, the closest being 25 miles from the hotel so get extra cash out if you will need it. If you take a cab to the hotel, stop at a supermarket on the way to get some snacky foods because there really aren't any in the little store on grounds. The staff is also very warm and friendlier than at other resorts I've been at. They couldn't do enough for us. THE BAD - I honestly feel like I am a victim of intentional misinformation and deceitful advertising of this hotel. It actually ruined my trip but I refused to argue about it at the hotel as it was my wife's 50th birthday and I did not want that ruined. I booked our room in advance and paid for an actual PREMIUM over the water bungalow. I did not book a regular over the water bungalow. There is a distinct price difference. The website indicates it gives greater privacey, better over water experience, etc. When I got here, Benjamin at the front desk told me the hotel upgraded me to a premium room. I explained to him that no, I booked it and already paid for it. He again told me that no, we were upgraded. I pulled out my receipt which showed that I had in fact paid for a premium overwater bungalow and he again smiled and said I was upgraded. I'm not sure if it was a situation that he didn't understand or if he said it enough he thought I would believe him. Another person on tripadvisor indicated the same problem a few weeks back. When they took us to our room, it was beautiful enough, but it wasn't a premium over the water bungalow. I was put in room 512. What I got was 18 inches of water to hop in to and then wade out a good distance to be able to snorkle. The regular over the water bungalows had plenty of water under them where people could jump off of the balcony (and were). Not mine. The extra privacy was non existent. I am sitting on the balcony typing this in full view of 8 units facing directly at mine. I have a side view of the lagoon and a dolphin cage. The cheaper regular units have a straight on view of the ocean. What exactly was I paying extra for? I question if I was upgraded, why am I not being given the difference between a regular room and the premium room I paid for? Next issue, my wife wanted 1 thing for her birthday, to have the canoe bring her breakfast, the sole reason I paid extra for the room I did. I booked it 24 hours in advance like I was told to only to have the concierge later apologize that the canoe can't come to my room because the water is too shallow. She said it could only go to rooms in the front and on the other side. So that's premium, can't get the services you want. What is maddening is that I told them in advance I was coming here for her 50th birthday. I would save my money and book a regular room over the water. I couldn't snorkle from the room, I couldn't see fish really swim by since it was too shallow, and I had a suck view. This is what year after year of loyalty gets you I guess. The disappointing part for me is this was her birthday and meant to be memorable. She is happy but I was clearly misled by the website and flat out lied to by Benjamin which ticks me off. I was a platinum member with Sofitel and switched over to Intercontinental. i was also a diamond member of Hilton. I'm to the point of going back to those hotels. I don't expect better treatment than other guests, but I do expect what I pay for. When I am charged a premium for something, I want it delivered. What I got was a disappointment that I wholeheartedly believe they knew was going on and Benjamin at the front desk was trying to do a sales job on me like they were giving me something for nothing. I've tried to be fair about the resort, it is beautiful and you cannot go wrong. Just don't let yourself get misled by this place or taken advantage of like I was and the other person who put a 1 star rating up was. Very unfortunate that this occurred. I also elected to finish this review once I got home and had a chance to let it sit in. To their credit, they did give us a 4:00 check out (spire members get late checkouts) and we were able to take advantage of that. Also, the last day, we ordered breakfast for one (food they bring is so much that 1 breakfast easily feeds two people). We were very clear to the concierge we only wanted one and filled out a form saying we only wanted 1. They brought 2 and charged us for 2. Also, word of warning, if you take the last bus to town instead of a private taxi, make sure you have plenty of time to get there. Our guy showed up late and we nearly missed the boat back to Tahiti (had about 2 minutes to spare). My choice for next visit will be a private cab for about double the price and to cut the stress. I will come back here, it was that nice, I just won't pay for an over water bungalow. Still mad as I write this. I should have struck stars from the rating but that isn't fair to the staff who work so hard to make this place so beautiful. But management needs to do something if the same issue is happening over and over, especially to its Spire members.

This hotel is not the best I've ever stayed in/seen but I do think it is one of the best options in Moorea. The only other hotel that I think may be comparable is the Hilton, which I did not personally see, but based on my talks with fellow travelers, the Hilton and Intercontinental seem to be the two nicest and best options on the island. This hotel had a very swanky and chic feel. The beach is large with a nice infinity pool with small swim up bar just behind the beach. The other half of the pool bar is a small restaurant for lunch, drinks, etc. Has cool music playing and has a nice vibe but I thought the prices were way too expensive. Drinks were about $20 (USD), lunch plates $30. Simply unreasonable for what it is. That being said, food was quite good. On that note, breakfast buffet situation was interesting. Certainly a lot of options - omelette station, etc. and ours was included in the price of the room but you have to sign for the bill every day regardless and I believe I saw that it was $41 per person.... what a joke! Definitely not worth that price AT ALL. If you don't get down early, there will still be eggs, breads, etc. but good luck on any fresh fruit, meats, cheeses. I highly recommend getting out of the hotel for dinner. All of the hotels will come pick you up and bring you back for free. Just talk to the concierge about that. Prices were more reasonable off the resort ... around $100USD for dinner, maybe a little more... with drinks, apps, etc. .... which is what I seemed to be paying for lunch at the hotel. I would recommend staying at the hotel for the night that they have the Polynesian show (I think it is every Monday). WOW they did a great job! The luau buffet on the beach was DELICIOUS! The show had Polynesian music and dancing - SUPER FUN. Great experience. Rooms were comfortable, no complaints there. People were very friendly. There is a supermarket across the street but it is pretty empty. You can get some water, drinks, maybe there is a small shelf of crackers or chips... but it really is a sad excuse for a market so if you want to pick up some stuff for the room (which I highly recommend to save yourself some of the expense of this hotel), just be prepared that there are markets that can meet your needs but they aren't walkable so you'd have to plan accordingly. The hotel does give you a bottle of free water every day and has a fridge with drinks and snacks for a charge. One last thing: the snorkeling at this hotel is really great. Better than I experienced on a snorkeling trip! Take a piece of bread or a banana and snorkel down by the bridge where the dolphin experience is ... wow! SOOOO many beautiful different fish! The hotel will give you a mask and snorkel to rent free of charge. Worth checking out! Overall, I thought this hotel was great. Very quiet and relaxing. With the exception of the Polynesian night that I referenced, most nights there is not a peep past 8pm. They have a nice bar in the lobby that was never open during my stay - they say it is only for when it rains. Too bad. Even so, this hotel is well kept with beautiful grounds and made me feel relaxed and refreshed when I left. Mission accomplished. Would highly recommend to others.

We stayed in a garden pool bungalow for our honeymoon for 5 nights. The lobby and the resort were beautiful and we really liked our room. The only downside was it was quite the trek to get back to the resort as we were the very last bungalow by the gym. The pool in our room was great but the water was not heated, so it could get pretty cold. The biggest gripe we had were the mosquitoes. I think with the pool and the greenery around our bungalow, it was a breeding ground for mosquitoes. We would have gone out to our pool much much more if we didn’t get eaten alive each time we went out there. We also brought a full bottle of bug spray with deet in it, and it barely helped at all. The food is decent but expensive. We also did the buffet dinner with the show which is pricey but it was a fun experience. We did the same buffet/show thing at the IC Bora Bora Thalasso and found that the food and the show were better at the IC Moorea. The staff was really friendly and great, and we fell in love with the beautiful island of Moorea. We were never bored and had booked 2 excursions and we also rented a car one day to explore the island.

My husband and I stayed here a for 4 nights in a beach bungalow. I didn't book the "overwater” bungalow because they really aren't fully over the water. We loved our time here very much! The hotel grounds are very pretty, loved the pool area with amazing views of the sunset. We also enjoyed our drinks as we comfortably waited for the sunset whilst floating around. The mountain behind the hotel is so beautiful as well, and what I thought were hotel rooms (up in the mountain) are actually normal houses! It looks like part of the IC property. Our bungalow was pretty spacious, nice deck with table and lounge chairs and outdoor shower. The garden and water view was nice and very relaxing. There was a chicken roaming around who would come to our deck daily so we named her "Ojona" she had big eyes! LOL Ojona followed us almost everywhere!  I can't say much about the food since we decided to have dinner at the restaurants recommended by our concierge. We tried The Mayflower, Les Tipaniers, Allo Pizza and The Yellow Lizard. The Poisson Cru at Les Tipaniers was awesome. The service was very, very slow at most restaurants (compared to American standards). We almost had to beg for someone to take our order and the check. If you want faster service eat at the resort as we did notice their service is much faster. The cost of food is more or less the same, but faster service for sure. In regard to cost and budget I won't go into details as we sort of splurged while in French Polynesia. I was very happy with management as they handled a small electricity issue we had at our bungalow in a very professional manner. The staff was helpful and pretty fun to talk to. Overall, I would suggest this resort for couples and families. Unlike the sister resort in Bora Bora where I don’t think kids should be allowed.

To start with Moorea was our favorite Island...its way more fun and nicer than Bora Bora and a lot cheaper! The Intercontinental looks out over the lagoon and we had an excellent bungalow with our own snorkeling. We were positioned on the point of the property with 180 degree full views to both sides and an excellent variety of fish at our footsteps. We had sunrise and sunset views! The bungalows are the same as they are anywhere else and actually better than the average Bora resort! The AC is an issue in these places, but theirs is positioned correctly so it cooled the bed off nice. They have golf cart service at no charge at anytime to take you up and back to your bungalow if your in a far private one like we were. The gift shop was adequate and the restaurant was good. The breakfast had all the trimmings with lots of fresh fruit and crepes as well as the typical American and Continental favorites. We were lucky enough to have 2 women with handmade jewelry and shells wet up one of the mornings and they had great values!!! I encourage you to buy if you see them. The restaurant staff is TOP NOTCH! And the food adequate. We did a BBQ one night and it was way is most stuff in Fr Polynesia! BE PREPARED! The hotel has an Avis booth in the lobby and the concierge was very helpful. The front desk staff friendly and well spoken. They have the dolphin and sea turtle center on the premise that help with wildlife conservation and it was excellent to see the wildlife. The grounds abound with flowers and it is easy to get anywhere you like with a taxi or rented car. A great experience overall!

Our stay at the IC MOOREA was a wonderful overall experience with a few little irritations along the way. We had previously stayed at the IC Tahiti which in comparison was much more modern and staff service was much better in my opinion. At both places we had Overwater Bungalows -both with amazing views throughout the day and into the evening truly beautiful sunsets everyday. Upon arrival we had to wait a while to check-in but were helped by a lovely friendly receptionist when we finally got to the front of the line. The concierge is very helpful and can organise pretty much anything for you. Breakfast was an interesting experience - a good selection of items for a Continental breakfast.....when they're available! Many items would run out mid-way through breakfast and it would take a good 15-20 minutes to replace (if at all!) not impressed when you're charging a good $50 for a buffet that isn't fully stocked. If you ask for something the waitresses will occasionally act concerned but there is no sense of urgency or going out of their way to find out what is day the whole wheat bread had finished by 8am (not great considering breakfast is served until 10.30!) I asked if there was anymore- the waitress walked around a table collecting dishes and then returned to tell me they'd run out.....30 minutes later another waitress came over to tell me they suddenly had a delivery of fresh bread if I still wanted toast. The staff are friendly upon your arrival to the restaurant but there doesn't seem to be further enthusiasm after this.....they are the same staff used for dinner service at the hotel restaurant too so don't expect much. The service at the pool bar was again not great - it took 10 minutes for us to even be acknowledged (another couple were also rather irritated at not being seen to either) but the food itself was good though. Dinner at the hotel restaurant was OK - little pricey but as expected in a hotel I guess! On the Saturday night we attended the Polynesian Dinner and Show- worth experiencing! The dinner and show was set up on the beach. Dinner buffet had a wide selection of dishes which were pretty good (salad bar/raw tartar bar made in front of you / sashimi/ flambe meats and fish/ Asian wok curry/ Satay station of meats and fishes/ wide variety of dessert too). The show itself was wonderful - Saturday is the Polynesian and Acrobat performance. All the dancers and acrobats are very talented and there is audience participation too so overall a lovely evening worth booking to attend! Spa Helen was a lovely experience - we booked a 50 minute couples massage and it was exactly what you want from a massage....calm, relaxing and tranquil. Prices are as expected for a hotel Spa (approx 15000XPF/per person for 50min). The hotel also has a Sea Turtle Clinic and Dolphin Centre which are wonderful additions to the resort. Our OWB was right next to the dolphins which meant we would pass them everytime we left the room - nice to stop and watch for a while everyday. A shuttle to the local shopping area (5mins away by car) costs approx 1000XPF per person round trip and you have to pay cash. WiFi in the room was decent connection -able to stream from Netflix easily. All in all a lovely stay at this Intercontinental resort - wonderful views of the ocean from OWB and great selection of activities to keep you busy.

We had the privilege of staying in one of the OWB facing the ocean. Absolutely incredible. The bungalow was lovely, the staff were very friendly, and the resort was really beautiful. We loved Moorea even more than expected and our stay at the IC was a big part of that!

Thiahura Moorea Windward Islands

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi and wired Internet in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa

Located in Papetoai, InterContinental Resort and Spa Moorea is 1.4 mi (2.3 km) from Tiahura Beach and within a 15-minute drive of other popular attractions like Moorea Tropical Garden. This 143-room, 4-star resort has a private beach, a full-service spa, and 3 restaurants. It's on the waterfront and also near Tiki Village Cultural Centre and Pihaena Beach.


There are ample dining options with 3 onsite restaurants, including Fare NuiRestaurant, which specializes in international cuisine. Order from 24-hour room service to satisfy your hunger without leaving your room. Buffet breakfast is offered for a fee each morning from 6:30 AM to 10:30 AM.


InterContinental Resort and Spa Moorea's 143 air-conditioned rooms provide furnished balconies or patios, refrigerators, and minibars. Guests can expect 32-inch LCD TVs with cable channels, along with free WiFi and wired Internet. Beds are dressed in premium bedding and bathrooms offer deep soaking tubs, hair dryers, and free toiletries. Other standard amenities include coffee makers, safes, and phones.

Property features

Guests of InterContinental Resort and Spa Moorea have access to a private beach, a full-service spa, and an outdoor pool. Free parking is available if you drive. Multilingual staff at the 24-hour front desk can assist with dry cleaning/laundry, concierge services, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this beach resort include a 24-hour fitness center, outdoor tennis courts, and free WiFi in public areas.

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Junior Suite (Bungalow)

King 1 | Full 1 | Sleeps 3

Bungalow, 1 King Bed

King 1 | Sleeps 3

Junior Suite, Overwater (Bungalow)

King 1 | Full 1 | Sleeps 3

Premium Room

King 1 | Full 1 | Sleeps 2

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