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InterContinental Dar Al Hijra Madinah

5.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

In my previous trips to Madinah, I had stayed at the Hilton which was located very close to the religious area but the rooms were not good and looked like they had not been updated since 1990. Because of this, I looked for other hotels and found the Intercontinental – there are two InterCons located in Madigan; one was right next to the religious area while the other was a bit further away. The reviews for the one next to the religious area were not good so we decided to pick the one that was a bit further away considering previous guests had given it high marks. From the outside the hotel looked decent enough but on the inside the hotel looked older and had a really small lobby. As you entered into the hotel, on the left was the concierge desk and straight ahead was the check-in desk. Further towards the left was a seating area for both the lobby and small café. Next to the café was the business center and further down were escalators which led to the second floor dining room. As with the hotel in Makkah, this hotel was also booked as part of a tour package but I had emailed the hotel and was able to locate my reservation and add my IHG number. For this reason, when I checked in I was greeted as an IHG member, given a welcome letter, and there was fruit and sweets located in the room. Even though I had emailed the hotel about the reservation, it was a very long and complicated checkin process. There were two staff behind the desk but neither seemed to a) know what was going on and b) neither seemed to have a good grasp of English which further delayed the process. I finally checked in and received my keys to the room. The elevators were located behind the checkin desks, but there were only two small elevators and it took a long time to get a free elevator. Our room was located on the second floor, at the end of the hallway. The room itself was big in size, but had the same old décor and look as the hotel. The room was shaped like an L, with long straight side that leads into the main room. As you entered into the room, there was a small entryway which contained a table; on top of this table was the complimentary fruit and sweets. The entryway led to a long hallway on the right hand side, which eventually led to the bedroom. In the middle of the hallway, on the right hand side was the bathroom while on the left was the window which faced out onto the street. The bathroom was a decent size and contained a sink, a toilet, a bidet and shower. The shower was big but the sink area was compressed. Further down the hallway was the bedroom area. As were three individuals, the room contained three single beds. As you entered into tone bed area, on the right was the closet and storage shelves. The closet contained a safe, the ironing board and iron, while the shelves contained the mini bar and complimentary water. Right next to the closet was the first bed – and there was not a lot of room between the bed and the closet. On the other side of the bed was a nightstand which separated the first and second bed. Next to the second bed was the third bed – and again there was little room between the two beds. On the other side of the third bed was another window. The beds were comfortable enough to provide a decent nights sleep. Across from the beds, against the wall, was a desk, a TV on top of a set of drawers, and two chairs with a table in the middle. The décor of the hotel and all of the amenities in the room looked old; the hotel phone looked old and sometimes did not work and there were a lack of plugs and no USB ports available. Amenities in the hotel included a business center, free WiFi, a restaurant, a café, and concierge services. The business center was a computer and a printer in a room; however, most times the door was locked so you needed to request the concierge to come and open the door. There was free WiFi available in the room, but it was spotty and the login terminal sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t. When it did work, the speeds were decent, but trying to get the WiFi to connect was a bit difficult. As an IHG member, I received two complimentary drinks from the café. I was going to order additional items, but again language and communication barriers prevented me from completing this task. Breakfast was included with our room and this was available in the morning in the restaurant. The restaurant was also decorated in the old décor and on the first day the breakfast had an odd layout which made it difficult to walk around – had there been more guests it would have been impossible to walk around. Luckily the layout got better on the second day, but it still was not the best layout. The selection available in Madinah was not as nice as Makkah and both the selection, freshness, and taste were average. As with the hotel in Markham, the Madinah hotel had poor service and poor communication skills. The poor service started at checkin where they could not understand the information, it was right on the screen but they were mixing everything up. The poor service continued when we tried to contact the front desk regarding an issue. It took almost 30mins and at the end no one understood a single item. Same thing happened when I wanted to request a late checkout; when I first approached the desk, the attendants English was not good and so just said “wait for manager”. I had to come back when another attendant was there who did speak English. It was extremely difficult to communicate with the staff for any issue. Overall, it was a disappointing stay at the Intercontinental Madinah. The hotel was located farther away from all the other hotels so it was a longer walk to get the religious area. Once you got the hotel, the service was poor and the hotel looked old. In the end, there was nothing positive about the hotel. There are other hotels which are closer to the religious area, so I would suggest to stay there; at least there is one positive aspect then.

Had a lovely stay at the hotel, hospitality was excellent, was treated with respect and all our needs were meet. Rooms were cleaned and food was available anytime of the day, room service was excellent. Thank you for making our stay enjoyable

My stay at the Dar al Hijra wasn't as I expect as I stayed in the Makkah Swiss hotel,the building is very old and dusty and also the lifts are really small and take ages,we had breakfast included in our package which I found pleasant but had the same breakfast served for the 7 days I stayed,the hotel to the masjid is most probably the best thing about the hotel,max 3 Minute walk literally cross 2 roads,inshallah I plan to visit Saudi Arabia but will give this hotel a miss.

i think the only thing wrong with this hotel is that they call them selves a 5 star hotel, if they call it a 3 star half of the bad reviews will go away. We stayed there in mid March 2017 and had no problems with the hotel or the staff. it did look it can use some updates but that in no way was inconvenient. the room we stayed in was not small and bathroom was good size as well. the best part it was minutes from the ladies entrance which was very convenient for my wife. The elevators did get crowded as the prayers time approached so we made sure we always left at least 30 min before the adhan. Breakfast was good and plenty and there were more options available near by. There was plenty of public transport near by with many shops very close to the hotel. We did not use hotel wifi so i cannot tell if it was good or not. Overall i had no problems with the hotel and have no problems going back.

What a mess! On 17/1/2017 my wife and I booked and paid for an Umrah Package from Haj & Umra Travel Limited 308 Elgin Avenue, London, W9 1JU. The Package consists of 6 Days in Madinah (from 20/3/2017 to 26/3/2017) at Dar Al Hijra Intercontinental on B&B basis and 4 Days in Makah (from 26/3/2017 to 30/3/2017) at Anjum Hotel, again, on B&B basis. Having cleared Custom Procedures at the Madinah Airport on 21/3/2017, we were met by the Umrah Operator representative’s (Elaf Travel & Tourism Company Ltd.) - which liaise with the Travel Agency, to be told that our names are not listed on EITHER hotel and that the WHOLE booking has been cancelled!! We were fuming to say the least, as we have not slept for more than 25 hours – we were exhausted. I showed the representative the receipt of our payment for £2200.00 paid on 17/1/2018, and he said you have no problem as you have clearly paid and all will be sorted - it seems there is a problem with the money transfer from London he confirms. We understood, eventually, that any Hotel has a cut off date by which it receives its money otherwise the booking will be cancelled i.e. even you have paid your money to the Travel Agency, in our case we paid them 2 months ahead of our arrival!!! The Madinah’s Hotel took £100.00 deposit for one night stay – but it was refunded on checking out – despite we showed them the receipt of our payment. We met the Umrah Operator representative, Mr. Anwar Al-A’thal (Mobile: 0591944047), at the Madinah hotel, and took all the information he needs from us so he can case ‘raise’ a complain case. He promised and swore that we will have a ‘new’ booking reference PRIOR to leaving on 26/3/2017 – he left no message for us. So much for empty promises yet more frustration and anger for us. I emailed Haj & Umra to sort the mess they have put us in and begged them to ensure that we have no problem with Makah hotel – they returned the email saying we should have our deposit back but no mention to our request for the Makah hotel! We really, really, had a terrible time to start with and till we have reached Makah hotel - instead of doing the usual/normal Umrah rituals which is the whole purpose of our travel in the first place. We leave it to you to judge, comment and tell us who to blame for all this mess. Jazakum Allah.

We had a really unpleasant time especially about the service, in the evening there was an unpleasant receptionist he speaks poorly, the room you had to ask every day for it to be made, breakfast every morning you meet a Great Asian gentleman who made the welcome at the entrance of the restaurant with an almost nasty behavior but there is a positive point in this hotel it is the Egyptian gentleman who is responsible for breakfast he was really welcoming

I have visited this hotel on 02.03.17 with my family of 5 adults and 2 children. We took the 2 bedroom apartment. The living room area is very very big with a big dinning table and chairs. The kitchen was OK but does not have any cutlery other crockery but does have a large fridge freezer. The apartment has 1 room with ensuite. 1 separate bathroom and 3rd wc. The apartment is good UK 3 star and a low Saudi 5 star. House keeping staff are very friendly and have always opened and closed the doors as you come and go. Haram is very close and about 3 min walk.

Darul Hijra Intercontinental is 5 mins from Masjid Nabvi, and is one hotel away from the Hilton. Though one has to cross two very busy roads and the drivers never stop for pedestrians. The hotel public seating area is very nice and comfortable. The reception staff are polite and speak a good level of English. The breakfast is served in large restaurant, with a very extensive menu. The quality of food was very high and complements to the chefs and staff. The room was well appointed and of good size, the marble bathroom was very large and had an excellent large shower. We stayed on 5th Flr, and one could hear the azan call, though the hotel would benefit from linked the call to internal speakers. The WIFI was of basic strength and one could not make wattsup calls. I hope they improve the quality of the WIFI. There is a neaby KFC and Hardees. A local asian/pakistani restaurant has just opened down the road and was very good though expensive, excellent rice pudding. My only serious complaint was the fact that the hotel did not have facilities to warm milk for young children. So we had to drop the bottle in the kettle to warm, not really ideal and would have much preferred if the kitchen staff could warm it in a microwave or something; but when I asked they said the hotel does not have a microwave!! My other only gripe, though minor was the fact that hotel needs a little modernising as it’s a bit faded in parts, but I guess this will depend on the Haram expansion.

Short description: Good room, large bathroom. very bad service and staff. Negative point: This hotel don't respect intercontinental standard. It has only 2 lift => long waiting time. Every day we have called reception to have basic service: Change of towel Change of cloth Cleaning Service at restaurant is not good. I don't recommande it especially for OMRA. ============================== !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DO NOT BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ==============================

We stayed here as part of a small Umrah tour group. I have the following pros and cons to highlight. I tried not to be critical or metion the negatives in my feedback as we stayed during umrah. I would rather concentrate on what the hotel can improve on or things that a fellow traveller may need to be aware of ahead of staying at the hotel: Good location: about 5-6mins walk away from gate number 21, 22 and 23 of Masjid Nabawi. Even during Jummah it is not a long walk at all, instead it is a nice and pleasant stroll to the masjid. You can hear the beautiful adhan from masjid nabawi through the street lamp post speakers. Having now been to madinah i would recommend staying in hotels the opposite side of gates 21, 22, 23. This is because entering through these gates means you have to walk quite abit inside the masjid to reach the front rowns and the original part of the prophets mosque. This is something to bear in mind for your own personal experience and has nothing to do with hotel. Rooms: Decent size Bellman: They take your luggage to your room upon arrival and will collect your luggae upon departure. Tehy are very friendly and do an amazing job! Need to know: I wont even give this point a number as it needs to be highlighted very clearly. The hotels elevators are such that they will without doubt test your patience. They are very small and they only have 2 elevator shafts for normal guests and 2 more for special/private guests. As a result the elevator waiting times could result in you missing prayers and also when the elevator does arrive, the doors open only to reveal a packed out elevator likended to the London Undergound trains : ( Be prepared to constantly remind yourseld not to lose your mind over small things, so i just ended up taking the stairs which look like emergency exit staircases and not designed for guest use, certainly not for a 5 star hotel. 1. If you stay on the lower floors, be prepared to hear alot of street traffic noise and taxi drivers calling out Makkah, makkah, makkah and Jeddah, Jeddah , Jeddah etc. We stayed on the 2nd floor. 2. The wifi at the hotel is abit unreliable, We could not make whatsapp calls but could message etc 3. The breakfast is abit difficult firstly to get a table and secondly availability of food. i think the hotel struggle to turnover the high numbers that come through for umrah an therefore they suffer from lack of food replenishment and from having enough tables for guests. On most days we had to hustle for a table and even then it wasnt clean, we just had to make do with clearing the plates/cutlery from the previous guests who had just used the table without cleaning the table with new linen or even clearing away the crumbs etc 4. We considered having dinner one night at the hotel however to my amazement there was only one guest eating there and the poor waiter was standing there with an eletric fly bat on his hand and he was casually batting away at the flys. Yes this hotel has a mssive problem with flys during breakfast and dinner. 5. The waiters at the restaurant always seem very overwhelmed and this is not unexpected given the numbers they have to work with and the amount of clearing away they have to keep up with 6. Room cleaning is done quite well and on time. 7. If you wish to take a cab to go somewhere, do not ask the concierge because he will hook you up with his best mate and get a cut and that said his mate might not even be a licensed cab. 8. Do not exchange money at the hotel, the rates are so extortionate that the hotel ought to be taken to the high court. Instead, change your money at the currency exchange directly opposite the hotel towards Masjid nabawi. It's in the corner and they have a good rate. You may need your passport for this.

King Fahad Street, Central Area Medina

InterContinental Dar Al Hijra Madinah places you within a short walk of Bin Dawood and within a mile (2 km) of Baqi Cemetery. This 5-star hotel has 195 guestrooms and offers conveniences like a restaurant, free in-room WiFi, and free self parking. In central Medina, the hotel is also close to Prophet's Mosque and Al Noor Mall.


Enjoy a leisurely bite to eat at Al Safa, the hotel's onsite restaurant. Order from room service to satisfy your hunger without leaving your room. For your convenience, breakfast is served for a fee each morning.


All 195 air-conditioned rooms feature refrigerators, safes, and phones. Guests can expect free WiFi and cable TV. Bathrooms offer hair dryers, bathrobes, and bidets. Ironing boards and desks are also standard.

Property features

InterContinental Dar Al Hijra Madinah features free WiFi in public areas, a meeting room, and a business center. If you decide to drive, there's free parking. The front desk is staffed 24/7 to help with dry cleaning/laundry, concierge services, and securing valuables. Other amenities at this luxury hotel include a computer station, laundry facilities, and a gift shop.

Room options

Room, 3 Twin Beds, City View

Twin 3 | Sleeps 3

Executive Suite, 1 King Bed, City View

King 1 | Sleeps 2

Standard Room, 2 Queen Beds, City View

Queen 2 | Sleeps 2

Standard Room, 1 King Bed, City View

King 1 | Sleeps 2

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