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Marrakech Ryads Parc & Spa

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

My Family and I stayed at Ryad Parcs and Spa hotel in early September in hopes of ending summer with a relaxing, reconnecting break away. Upon entering the hotel, we were delighted by the spectacular design and size of the lobby (which was filled with guests). We all commented on the chilled out atmosphere was which encouraged families and couples to sit and relax. We soon realised that the lobby was made so accommodatingly and was so popular because it was the only place on the entire site that had wifi. This was disappointing as when shown our rooms we realised we were a 10 minute walk-which felt like 20 in the blistering heat- away from the lobby. Furthermore, we were surprised as when a hotel says it has wifi, I expect it to have wifi everywhere, or at least in all communal areas. Even when in the lobby, the wifi connection was poor due to the large amount of people using it! We felt mislead and annoyed but decided it just meant more family bonding time- Great. Our first impression of the room was that it was clean, spacious, and airy. We had a balcony which was cute, air conditioning which was relatively easy to operate, TV, Fridge and safe. It was a double room and even though there was four of us, it never felt cramped or uncomfortable. There was a very sweet Moroccan vibe about the place which I liked. However, It lacked a few of the amenities that I would typically expect from a 4 star hotel such as tea and coffee making facilities and bottled water. Soon after settling into our room we discovered that the toilet wouldn't flush and when we tried to call reception in order to resolve the problem, we realised that the phone wasn't working either! It took us going down to the lobby on 3 separate occasions and us demanding to change rooms in order for them to fix the toilet and replace the phone. Later that night we also discovered that ants trailing around the bathroom floor, three of which bit my mother, we were not impressed. Despite the rough start, the pool was needless to say, the highlight of the hotel, it was huge and included a kiddy pool and another smaller pool sealed of to itself. There was an abundant amount of lounge chairs, although towels seemed to be in short supply and where to acquire one remained a mystery to us. However the water was cool, clean, not salty and not heavily chlorinated, I found I could swim without googles at ease and had enough space to enjoy myself without the fear of swimming into anyone. Activities were hosted by the pool by very enthusiastic and friendly staff who made sure to include all, they even got my grouchy brother to join in a game of basket ball. We found all staff were lovely and willing to help, however for the size of the hotel, you could tell that there just wasn't enough people to run the place efficiently and effectively. The grounds of the hotel are vast and beautiful, the gardens are well kept and make for a beautiful back drop for pictures and a great spot for a calm, relaxing walk. We chose to go all inclusive for the convenience (good thing too because the hotel is in the middle of no where) however breakfast offered little variety serving bread, eggs, porridge and little else. Lunch and dinner were far better tasting and offered a wider range. The menu however I wouldn't say is kid friendly so if you have a picky eater in the family- tough luck no chicken nuggets, or pizza for you, you'll have to live off of pasta for the next week. We had drinks included however this stopped at 11pm. Communal areas were large, but weren't kept to the highest of standards, ants leisurely crawled all along the poolside bar top and indulge in sugary puddles of juice however no bar staff deemed it necessary to run an antibacterial wipe over it. It was gross. Communal female toilets also lacked sanitary towel bins which I thought was just incredibly poor on the hotels part. Evening entertainment offered something for all, my sister and I who are 22 and 20 respectively found that Saturday night entertainment was the highlight and we had a great time dancing in the bar and outside by the stage. The younger staff members are great for getting the party started and the atmosphere going. Overall, the hotel has a lot of potential to be fantastic but I wouldn't recommend due to the wifi restriction, lack of feminine hygiene facilities and the bloody ants!

After reading a lot of the reviews, I was very nervous about coming here. However I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! The staff were lovely, very friendly and funny. Shout out to the animation team, I didn't take part in a lot and we didn't have any kids with us but their energy and positivity were infectious and made for a great atmosphere around the pool. The room was lovely and very clean, and a great size! we did come across a couple of ants in the room, but they are ants not poisonous snakes, there is a lot of greenery and flowers around the hotel grounds-of course bugs will be present! There were a few wasps around the pool, but they only bothered me once or twice. Just make sure you don't have lots of fizzy, surgery drinks around you and you will be fine! The grounds are gorgeous and well maintained. The guy who organises trips was helpful and knowledgeable. The only issue that was kind of annoying. The hotel advertises that they have wifi throughout the hotel- this is not true. The wifi works in and just outside the reception. The benefit of this, is you get to actually relax rather than checking work emails or instagram every 5 minutes! The food, was sometimes really good other times not so much. I am a fussy eater though and my friend throughly enjoyed everything. I am not a fish/seafood eater and there is a lot of that on the menu. However, they do have pizza and a ton of bread available so if worst comes to the worst that's always an option. There is also always rice and potato options. There is a shop there which isn't open in the day, however if you ask at reception they will open it and allow you to buy whatever you need. They do have towels available but you do need to put down around £10 deposit, which you do get back. The hotel is about 20 minutes drive outside of Marrakech, however it does clearly state that on the website. For me that was nice, I live in a city so it was nice to be away from the dust and the noise. I would return here and throughly enjoyed my stay.

Pulled up to the hotel on the 14th august. Looks amazing from the outside! Went inside to check in couldn't check in until 3 this is after a 35 min wait at the counter because there was people everywhere and no air con. So finally we got sorted out didn't get our room til after dinner. The first day was nice there figuring everything out. Over the week we realised what the reviews had said and were actually right...the food is terrible and made me and a few other guests very ill! The guests are mainly French some of who are ignorant and very rude! Make sure you grab water at lunch and dinner if you don't you will get charged for it even if you're all inclusive. The bar closes at 11 and anything after that you have to pay for. The pool bar serve drinks in little tiny plastic disposable cups for kids a beer in this is stupid! Sometimes you get dirty cups or reused cardboard cups eww! Be prepared for a long wait if your wanting anything at this hotel still then people will push infront of you! The rooms are really nice well ours was until the air con started leaking down the wall in the room and bathroom then by the end of the week it had turned to mould reception didn't care, then the wardrobe door fell off on my foot but apart from that all was fine! There simply isn't enough food for the amount of people and the quality is shocking throughout the hotel. Best thing to do is go out on trips and go into town for food. The wifi isn't in your rooms it is only in the lobby and it's the worst thing ever. There is no al a carte restaurant there is no room service there is no gym. Basically half the stuff we got told there was wasn't there. waste of money waste of time. Might have scraped 4* 10-15 years ago but at this moment in time it's not even 2* One way to ruin your holiday. Go to this hotel.

Very hot if you don't like swimming or lying in the sun hotel is not for you miles from nowhere have to get bus into city they drop you off in a side street then you have a 20 min walk to market the food in restaurant was the same every day chicken fish pizza the entertainment at night was shocking if you don't like kids everywhere this hotel is not for you when you arrive you have to pay £35 extra

I stayed here for three nights with family following a hiking trip in the Atlas Mountains. The rooms and the pool are amazing - both are clean, good facilities and spacious. However, the hotel is too far out of Marrakech to be able to enjoy the city. It was a 200dh (approx. £20) taxi ride one way from hotel to the Medina. The hotel offer a shuttle bus for 20dh each way. However, this takes 30 minutes to get into the centre and does not drop you at the Medina. Instead it drops off outside of the city walls (20 minute walk) to a queue of waiting taxi drivers who then jump on passengers to take them to the square. The hotel staff do not advise you of this and there is no information available to tell you how to get to/from the pick up point and/or the Medina. The times the shuttle bus runs are also odd. The food was average - all edible and quite a bit of choice but the hotel do not label dishes so it's difficult to know what a dish is before you try it. I loved my time in Morocco and Marrakech but would not stay here again simply because it is too far out and not good value for money. If you want a week relaxing by a pool, then this hotel would be fine as it is perfectly pleasant. This is nothing to do in the surrounding area and the entertainment was very limited.

Having read some very mixed reviews I was u sure about booking this hotel for our family holiday. I'm not sure I will believe reviews again. From start to finish everything was great. The welcome at the reception, the service throughout the hotel and the animation team that work so hard to please. The rooms were clean and well looked after. The pool was amazing, no shortage of sun beds and great entertainment throughout the day, so much so hardly saw my 13yr old son all holiday. If I had to fault anything the reception area could do with air conditioning as stifling hot! We had the greatest family holiday and I would not hesitate to recommend this hotel. Thank you for the memories

This was our first time visiting Morocco and we picked the Marrakech Ryads Parc & Spa for a 10 day stay 3 – 13th August 2017 I read some of the reviews here and decided to go as usual with an open mind. Let's start with the negatives first: 1. Cost/Expense 5/10 The cost was in line with most hotels/bars in the UK with things costing in the region of £2 per item e.g. large bottle of water. It’s was the unforeseen added costs that were irritating; everything from towels to bus shuttles all involved an added charge and this put a large dent in our spending money. Charges were never clearly defined and could fluctuate depending on what you wanted and who you asked e.g. a taxi could range from £15-40. 2. The people staying at the hotel 5/10 Now this could range from really nice and friendly to downright rude depending on nationality, there were times during breakfast and dinner I didn’t know whether to smile or punch someone in the face, basically be prepared for the customary “I own” towels on pool loungers and queue jumpers. 3. Haggling 1/10 Now people were trying to convince me that this was quant and cultural but what it really boiled down to was “I’m going to try and bully you to extract as much money from you as I can, you then need to argue with me to try and bring the price down to as close to the real price as you can but it will still be over priced!”, after a few experiences of this you’ll be so worn out that you’ll pay any amount to just get rid of the guy/girl. “JUST GIVE ME A FIXED PRICE!” To be honest this related more towards the shops and markets in general rather than the hotel. Now the positives: 1. Hotel Staff 9/10: Besides the usual arrogance you get from the majority of hotel reception staff the rest of the staff were very welcoming and friendly. There were lots of smiles and chat as well as wanting to help you whenever possible. 2. The Pool and Activities 10/10: The pool was very clean and large with plenty of fun activities. Just make sure you get your towel down early on your lounger before you go to have been warned. Also, don’t leave un-bottled sweet drinks on the ground as the local insect life will be your best friend 3. Food 8/10 The food is Moroccan as expected and I did try most of the dishes although the flavours were somewhat over powering for me but plenty of variety for all tastes. If not, there was always Mc Donald’s down the road :-). Final Verdict: Average Hotel for a family to stay in if a) you like to lounge by the pool b) don’t mind insects c) can pallet morocco food and d) English is counted as a third language and sometimes not at all but hey! at least you’ll get to practice your school daze French...A LOT! The only final advice I would give for your trip to Morocco is definitely do the Atlas Mountains excursion (must see), Learn to say hello and thank you in Arabic and stay away from the Monkey men and Henna ladies in the market I still have nightmares about those haggling experiences.

So we stayed at this 4 star hotel but it felt more like 2.5-3 stars. Good things: 1. The resort itself was beautiful and clean. Cleaners always cleaned our rooms when we wanted them to. 2. The pool is amazing...very big and again clean. Could do with a few more umbrellas but not a huge problem if you get up early to "reserve" your spot. 3. Food was good...mostly Morrocan dishes which is what you would expect. They were tasty and plentiful. We booked half board and that was enough. Our waiter, Abdul was amazing and kind. Very friendly and couldn't have done more for our family. 4. Entertainment was good...a different theme each night. Lots of activities for young children too. 5. Pool games and aqua aerobics highly recommended. Bad things: 1. It is a 20 minute drive into the town and the shuttle bus was not included. I would expect this to be part of your total price package as it is out of the main city. 2. Reception staff were not the most friendliest. Felt like we were an inconvenience at times. The shop for drinks was not always opened and when we asked them to open it, eyes rolled up to heaven. 3. There is no good food/snack shops on site. If you wanted a snack, you have to eat crisps or sandwiches available. Lunch is 150 dirhams pp which is expensive. 4. Not catered for English speaking only tourists. They spoke in French a lot and could respond in some English. Noticeably, there was no "London" clock on their wall. Overall, if I had to visit Morroco again, I would choose somewhere closer to the city to stay with my family....i would take Abdul with us though :).

We travelled as a family, 4 adults and two children of 1 and 6 on the 25th July 2017 for two weeks. We had some reservations having read poor reviews but decided that the holiday is what you make it, and we had a brilliant time! Good points: The staff were friendly, we had a couple of minor issues and providing you remain polite, friendly and calm, staff were really helpful. Beause we had small children, nothing was too much trouble and when the air conditioning in the room broke, they quickly repaired it within an hour (this happened a couple of times during the holiday). Pool was lovely and quiet with plenty of sunbeds despite being at the beginning of the UK school holidays, and other than a busy mid-holiday weekend when lots of visitors stayed for a long weekend, the hotel stayed relatively quiet. Rooms were a little tired but clean, roomy and well laid out with air conditioning and a TV that had a couple of English film channels. We didn't experience any issues with cockroaches as reported in other reviews and the rooms were cleaned daily with fresh towels. Food was ok; we were prepared for continental food and enjoyed it. They put some form of pasta on daily and also pizza at lunchtime (and some evenings) so even if you didn't fancy any of the local dishes there were more general foods to eat. It did get a little repetive over two weeks but the salads and fruit were plentiful too (melon was especially nice). There was a couple of shops in the hotel which stocked bare essentials and inflatables for reasonable prices. Transport into Marakkech town was easy and cheap with a shuttle bus 3 times a day, you just had to book with reception. Price was around £2 per person each way. Markets were good but you need to be firm about saying no and be prepared to haggle a bit with prices - they do enjoy it! Animation team are good fun and a couple speak good English. There was daily French Boules (twice a day) which is very addictive and easy to play. In the pool there was aqua aerobics twice a day, water polo and other games. No pressure to join in but good fun if you did! they had an evening kids disco for the 6 year old which she loved, it was a little late at 9-9.30pm but good fun nonetheless. Negatives: Rooms do not have tea making facilities, we were aware of this and took a travel kettle. You can't get any hot drinks until 7.15am in the main restaurant so if you are an early riser, advise you take a travel kettle and mugs which is what we did. Pool area is not great for non swimming children. They have a baby pool but this is in the shade until mid morning and so stays quite cold until around 11am, and is also not very big and got crowded during the busy weekend and was not really suitable for a 6 year old. The 6 year old wasn't a swimmer and there was nowhere to play without some sort of boyancy aid or where she could stand up other than the baby pool - upside is that she was swimming unaided by the end of the holiday! They do not give much information - probably not helped by the fact that not many of the staff speak English with French and Arabic being the predominant languages (pretty much everybody spoke French). For instance we were unaware there was a kids club twice a day for 4-8 year olds until the last few days! You can have daily pool towels with a deposit which is like most hotels, but we were surprised that we had to "hire" the safe rather than just pay a deposit for the key! Its a very international kids club in a lovely cool air conditioned building so a good way to get childen out of the sun for a couple of hours and our 6 year old really enjoyed it despite being the only English child there. Wifi is not great and is only available in reception and it is very slow, paticularly in the evenings when the hotel lobby area was full of people using it. Drinks were ok if you like wine or beer. We were all inclusive but we couldn't get beer after 11pm without paying for it. Water was free but you could only get bottles at lunchtime and dinnertime - not at breakfast. We found out late in the holiday you could collect from the reception shop but they didn't tell us this until the last couple of days. Overall, we had a brilliant holiday, it was surprisingly quiet and relaxing and we found the staff to be helpful and friendly and the rooms were fine considering we only really used them to sleep as we were by the pool every day!

It was nice,at least an escape from the hustle, the service was nice,the breakfast was lovely, wi-fi very bad,and the smell of the whole city it's everywhere ,the comforters smell like dead animals,I regret spending the money

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