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Palazzo Capua

4.0 out of 5.0

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We booked a deluxe suite as part of a package with easy jet . We were given the princess penelope suite it was very shabbily furnished downstairs with a very small cracked 2 seater settee no window coverings so no privacy no access to the wrap around balcony , A en suite that was off the living room not the upstairs bedroom and a very dangerous spiral staircase . None of these facts about this suite is mentioned on the easy jet website or ax website they really must make its clients aware of this rooms problems it is by no means the luxury room you will like me be expecting . One of the giveaways is all the other suites have very beautiful massive doors where this suites door is of an ordinary size and seems to be a separate offshoot of the main building . After complaining about the suite and the fact that I couldn't manage the staircase the staff very kindly gave us a room in the victoria which was very nice . But we were excited about staying in an exclusive property so we're very disappointed that it did not live up to expectations you have been warned all other suites seemed fine except this one .Sort it out ax hotels your clients are spending a vast amount of money on a poor example of luxury accommodation.

Our room in the Palazzo Capua was duplex suite clean spacious and cool. The staff throughout the hotel were friendly and helpful. The rooftop pool and restaurant and bar were ideal at all times of day and a good place to retreat to for a relax Food was also to be recommended especially the rooftop restaurant. A quiet location with great facilities. Highly satisfied with our stay sad to leave

We recently stayed at the Palazzo Capua which is part of the AX Hotels Group in Malta. We stayed for 4 nights We stayed in the Selima Suite It was extremely spacious with a balcony There are only 5 or 6 rooms (suites) in this building so it feels very exclusive and private. It is adjacent to the Victoria Hotel which is where you have your breakfast (which is included but average). The swimming pool a bar and restaurants are also located at the Victoria Hotel on the (9th) top floor. The distance from the Palazzo Capua to the main hotel building (Victoria Hotel) is less than 1 minute) and linked to the palace hotel. We did not eat in the complex,apart from breakfast, but made use of the half price cocktails in 2 of the bars. The ones in the penny black bar were best. I would recommend this Hotel for the accommodation

The entrance to Palazzo Capua is dramatic - polished marble stairs, large halls on the lower level (for small conferences during the day), historic artwork, 15 foot (5 metre) ceilings, a spectacular balcony around the entire house. But where is the reception? For the unaware, it's in the Victoria Hotel next door. This is an "annex" of the Victoria, and as such, you get to use the facilities at the main hotel (pool, spa, gym, breakfast room), while maintaining a certain separation. The reception staff at the Victoria were very nice - we arrived before our room was ready, but after a 24 hour travel, needed a shower, badly. The receptionist suggested going to the shower room on the 7th floor (where the indoor pool and spa are), and using the showers there to "freshen up" (he provided towels for us as well). We stayed in the Selma suite. The designers did a very clever thing - take a room with 16-18 ft ceilings, and install a mezzanine or loft, effectively giving you 2 rooms in one but with a feeling of a lofty room. The bath was very good - the only thing was a slow-flushing and slow-filling toilet. Another clue - how to find the place. It's next door to the Victoria AND next door to the St James Hospital (on the other side). The street is quite small, despite looking like a major thoroughfare on the maps. The bed was very good, as were the pillows. There was a bar fridge (which was in a low-boy cupboard, and the space in there got quite hot at times). Rooms were made up every day, very nicely. Breakfast (included) was a full English breakfast (bacon, sausage, fried tomatoes, omlette station, eggs, fruit, cereal, bread, coffee etc). Enough to keep you going all day. I would definitely stay here again. I don't know what the main hotel (Victoria) is like, although it was absolutely full of northern English vacationers - I think there was nobody left in Yorkshire! But the Palazzo was a wonderful location. I have recommended it to friends already.

We recently stayed at the Palazzo Capua which is part of the AX Hotels Group in Malta. We stayed for a week and we really enjoyed our room. We stayed in one of the Deluxe Suites (The Tagliaferro Suite) and it was extremely spacious with a massive balcony which came in handy. There are only 5 rooms (suites) in this building so it feels very exclusive and private. It is adjacent to the Victoria Hotel which is where you have your buffet breakfast (which is included). The swimming pool (which is amazing) and the bars and restaurants are also located at the Victoria Hotel on the (9th) top floor. The distance from the Palazzo Capua to the main hotel building (Victoria Hotel) is only about 30 metres away (less than 1 minute). I would recommend this place without hesitation.

We stayed at Palazzo Capua end of August, Principo Francesco Suite, paying over 900€ for 5 nights. I'm mostly of the opinion that "value for money" has to be considered too when rating a service or a hotel, as expectations are generated according to the prize paid. Let's start with the POSITIVE: - The detached historical building has 5 suites, ours was very large. Interesting emotional architecture impact when you arrive, especially from outside. - The young reception and roof top pool Staff (Russian, Polish, Serbian etc...), friendly, ready to smile and listen at all times. - Car parking for 2€ a day in town, that's excellent. - Wifi works correctly, most of the time. NEGATIVE: - We arrived on two different flights, so we needed to check in twice (that's ok), but what's unacceptable is that the first time the young lady at the reception asked me if she could help me with my luggage but when I saw the trainee coming around the desk I didn't feel too comfortable being a strong men and knowing I had a 20kg in my suitcase, getting this done by a young lady half my size and weight didn't seem appropriate. I was right, walking in the August heat from my car to the building and then very large stairs up one floor with my luggage wasn't even easy for me, I think the girl wouldn't have managed it. When my companion arrived, she had even a larger suitcase, we passed through the second "welcome" process and I was amazed nobody even asked if we needed assistance to get a huge suitcase (it was visible on the floor for everyone) to the other building and up one floor... I have stayed in 2, 3, 4 and 5 star facilities throughout my life and have even met with employees at pensions that were so kind to help you with small luggage when you do not expect it. - At the reception they informed us they had only one key for the Suite (??). Yes, no joke, that's true, and especially surprising when you see that there are two doors to enter the building + room, and the door to your room must be locked with the key if you do not want anyone from outside to get in. Maybe you can imagine what that means. If one person needs to leave the room while the other stays, the door must be closed from outside with the key if you didn't want anyone to get in. You have two options, either to leave the door open while your companion is taking a shower, per example, but at night that wouldn't be possible because you need the first key to get into the building... or close the door with the key, while going out and returning. In the meantime your companion is locked inside the room as long as you're not back... no joke. - So once you enter the room, with the surprise of the luggage and the key which is probably not the best welcome expected, you open the mini bar and... its empty! I was amazed, I mean you get into your room, you come from an international flight, it's hot and... nothing! There is not even a bottle of water. It was not a mistake, I asked the reception and they told me that it was normal, I think even the staff was a bit ashamed... One night we came back from a dinner and a walk, and a helpful staff person at the reception took some keys and walked into the bar to get us some drinks. The other option would've been a dispenser machine with soft drinks and water like those you can find in train stations or gyms... wow effect! - Very weak in matters cleanliness. While opening my hand luggage a cable of my mobile phone fell between a closet and a sofa, so I needed to move the sofa. The dust and dirtiness I could see just under the sofa that I moved was totally unacceptable. After getting my cable, I wanted to find the correct light switches and as the light next to my side couldn't be turned on, I needed to move the table next to the bed, to see if the cable was plugged in (it was not plugged in...).The view was more than terrible, at that stage and even more after finding a long air inside the bed (trust me, it's not a joke, I even showed it to an employee who came inside the room and I told him "don't worry, this can happen") it was clear to me that something was not in order at Palazzo Capua. - Breakfast and breakfast time. It's a totally "commercial breakfast", both in terms of atmosphere and quality. It is served at the adjacent Palace hotel, so cramped some people are moved inside the bar next to the main breakfast "hall" without any window and where all table are set in rows. All the products are of medium quality, they look as they come directly from the supermarket onto the buffet tables, except the fresh melon and watermelon. On another point, while this is certainly my subjective point of view, I find it surprising for a supposedly higher rated hotel at a holiday destination, that breakfast terminates at 10.00... Pardon me, but as I'm coming to relax for a short break, and working hard for the rest of the year, I would have loved to have an option until 11.00 which is the habitual service in any 4 and 5 star I have stayed so far. - Roof top swimming pool. It is a pool they call "infinity pool" indeed you have an excellent view over Sliema, but let's clarify that it is more a "large jacuzzi" with a dimension of I guess 10 x 5 meters (not exaggerating, or maybe 11 by 4 meters). The same as the "cramped breakfast hall", it's full of people, no way to have some discretion at all. Many young waiters from around the world running around, smiling, but not very professional (sorry for that, but both times I was there they made quite some avoidable mistakes in attending us). And, just take a look at the menu and you feel the management just doesn't care, they are "missing" or do not see what's going on. My question is, what would it cost to print a new, nice and clean menu once in a while, so transmitting the idea of care and respect towards your clients? - Air conditioning. I don't consider to be a very demanding person in terms of air conditioning, I like warm climates, but being inside a suite to suffer the heat and don't sleep well due to insufficient air conditioning is a quite of a negative experience. My humble recommendation would be to change/renew the apparatus or tell the maintenance to fix it. Executive summary: If it wouldn't have been for the efforts of the staff, friendly and collaborative, I would have rated this hotel even less. I truly hope this negative judgement will help the management to get things done in a more professional way or to adapt their prices and information to what is the reality of the Palazzo Capua. It's sold as 4 or 5 star, though offering a three star service, not more for sure.

Having previously stayed at the sister hotel The Victoria we tried the Palazzo Capua and were not disappointed. We were in The Prince Charles suite and found it to be very spacious and comfortable. The Palazzo was very quiet during our stay despite everything being fully booked and we were not disturbed by street noise or guests. Guests access the facilities in the Victoria and their other hotel The Palace and we had half board finding all meals plentiful, good choice and staff attentive, the pool facilities were very good with plenty of sun loungers. We have found all staff very helpful and pleasant and cannot do enough to make your stay enjoyable. The area is much quieter than staying on Sliema front but still only a short walk to get to the ferries, bars, shops etc. Very easy to get into Valletta either by bus or ferry. My only comments on improvement would be make the pool area no smoking, the background music around the pool can be little loud if you want to relax and listen to an audio book ( in my opinion) , the carpet in the Prince Charles Suite definitely needs a good cleaning and 1 free bottle of water left in your room would be a much better level of service than having to pay nearly 3 euros for the one provided. All in all excellent week and will return and recommend to anyone.

We stayed at the Palazzo Capua in Malta for a week, the suite was wonderful, loads of space & very clean, my only gripe is the carpet & lounge sofa in the Prince Charles suite could do with an upgrade looking very tired. The bedroom only had a wardrobe so there was no where to put tops & underwear so had to keep them in the suitcase which was a bit annoying. If like me you like drying or straightening your hair in front of a mirror you will have to ask for an extension lead. The staff in the Victoria Hotel which is next door & which you have full use of facilities are very helpful and can't do enough to help, I noted that some people complained about the breakfast, why I don't know there was everything you could possibly want & a wide range to cover everyone's needs, the Palazzo is also conveniently situated for both the beach & ferry to Valletta. We enjoyed our week & would return but a nice bottle of cold water in the fridge would be welcoming after a long journey.

On arrival you go to the Hotel Victoria just next door to Pallazzo Capua. The staff there are delightful and can not do enough for you however, the standard of the hotel is way below the standard of the Pallazzo room/suites. Well decorated with a bed on a mezzanine floor is well furnished with a dining table, sofa and a good sized bathroom. Two doors open out onto a terrace which overlooks a new private hospital which is very quiet. Breakfast was dreadful, all self service with the cooked offering sweating in covered dishes, press a button for the coffee and the fruit on offer was tinned pears or peaches and wedges of orange or apple that are seen at half time on a rugby pitch. Why not serve breakfast in the suite on the dining table? Use fresh local fruits found on Mediterranean islands. Thee is a 5 star hotel next door maybe they serve a better breakfast. What a shame, the staff are so good and professional but let down by poor breakfast.

So by no means all negative very different hotel in an old palace , lovely ambiance and very comfy bed in the suite which had 2 floors. Air conditioning very good and nice overall suite. Shower was very small but given it's an old building they must have struggled for space. Most of the time staff friendly and helpful but pool area indoors was not nice and at times like a youth club apparently members of the gym can pop in any time on the Saturday they were in blasting music on speakers and taking endlesss pictures .We asked one of the staff to sort it out and first person instead of dealing with it had a laugh with the people making the noise. One of the staff (forget his name bald with glasses) did come up again but even after this my wife ended up having to ask them to be quiet as they didn't listen to him (he also seemed to find them amusing ). He told me later on he had sorted it out which I knew he hasn't which made it worse .In a 5* hotel you don't expect that. So I don't think we would stop again we love Malta and have booked next trip already staying at the grand in Valletta we stayed there last year and it is in a different class to be fair. So if you can get a good deal and you are not bothered about the indoor pool then may be worth a go but we are unlikely to return.

Gorg Borg Oliver Street Sliema Malta

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa
  • Outdoor pool and indoor pool

Palazzo Capua places you within a 10-minute stroll of popular attractions such as Sliema Promenade and Bisazza Street. This 4-star hotel has 5 guestrooms and offers a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, and an indoor pool. Centrally located in Sliema, the hotel is also a short walk from Point Shopping Mall and Balluta Square.


In addition to a restaurant onsite, there is also a pub where you can enjoy a drink. Savor a meal from the comfort of your room with room service, or get a quick energy boost at the coffee shop/café. Start each morning with full breakfast, available for a fee from 7 AM to 10 AM.


All 5 individually decorated accommodations feature living rooms. Guests can expect free WiFi and 42-inch LCD TVs with satellite channels. Beds are dressed in premium bedding and bathrooms offer deep soaking tubs, hair dryers, and designer toiletries. Other standard amenities include minibars, coffee makers, and free newspapers.

Property features

Palazzo Capua features a full-service spa, an indoor pool, and an outdoor pool. Parking is EUR 2 per day (EUR 2 per day for valet parking)—but if you prefer not to drive, catch a ride in the airport shuttle (available 24 hours) for EUR 22 per vehicle roundtrip. Multilingual staff at the front desk are standing by 24/7 to help with dry cleaning/laundry, concierge services, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this spa hotel include a fitness center, a sauna, and free WiFi in public areas.

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