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JS Es Corso

3.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

The bubbly on a very late arrival was a nice touch. All our experiences were positive and can't fault the food, the staff [thanks to the young female evening chef for doing pasta for our kids!], the cleanliness of the rooms etc. Our only small niggle is that the pool area is getting a little tired and needs some TLC to stop it really going to ruin. There were lots of popped off tiles around the pool that my daughters caught their feet on every now and then. Luckily nothing major, but one to keep an eye on if your kids are a little on the younger side. The pool filtration could be doing with being turned up a notch or two as well, as by the end of the day there was a substantial suntan lotion oil slick on the surface that if you were unlucky to be dive bombed by one of your kids, you got a lovely chemically taste left in your mouth!!

Ok I'm not a moaner and find positive in everything, I have an open mind and tend to see things for what they are: This really is a 50/50 hotel; if there was a star for 2.5 I would have clicked it. The plus side - Staff, Cleanliness, Pool Downside - Food, Entertainment, Room We didn't get a drink on arrival which we were disappointed about as we had read all the reviews and all guests had one so we were looking forward to it but it didn't really matter and no we didn't complain; this is only a courtesy thing so not essential. The receptionist was really helpful, directed us clearly to our rooms and made sure we knew what the keys were for. Leaving reception and walking passed the pool was a long/stepped walk but by no means a problem for us able bodied. The pool looked glorious so couldn't wait for the next day to jump in (arriving late in the evening). We did notice towels already on the beds ready for the next day which we find unfair, especially as the next day these people did not come to their beds until 1pm! Anyway that's another story; at other hotels they remove them if people aren't there... this should be considered! Opening our room door to the smell of damp was the first thing we got so straight away was put off, it was like school dorm furniture, though comfy to be fair but having stayed in some wonderful places it was a real disappointment. It was clean with the added touch of mosquitos squashed around the walls and ceiling! The terrace looked out on to a mud mound with a bush on top, but was large. The air conditioning works when the patio doors are both slammed shut (they have sensors on apparently), we found this out after a hot night’s sleep. The shower fabulous, I do love a good pressure and this had the right pressure and great temperature. There was a fridge and microwave in the room, didn't need to microwave but the fridge was great for the water we bought back. The pool was simply lovely, different depths and plenty big enough for everyone at the hotel (assuming it was full). The pool bar was nice, the food snacks was toasties on a sandwich toaster which you make yourself and fruit and biscuits which was plenty. They do other snacks when lunch is on which was pizza, burgers and hot dogs, same as in the lunch hall. The staff were wonderful, couldn't be nicer and do enough for you. They work so hard and work in every area, one day we would see them at breakfast the evening they would be behind the bar etc. Very long hard hours but kept on smiling! The Bar - I found it a little odd that we could have Malibu with pineapple juice as in a "pina colada" but not with coke on the All Inclusive?? Very Bizarre as it's the same spirit?! We made do with the Cocktails, Estrella and Vodka so all was ok really. Drinking from a glass in the evenings at the indoor bar made the drinks so much better, I understand not having them round the pool but its horrible drinking out of paper cups, especially the cocktails! Everywhere was clean, staff were constantly mopping and cleaning toilets and corridors etc. Really couldn't fault the cleaning other than the mosquitos on our walls and ceilings! Entertainment - hmmm the "mini disco" was a young girl stood playing the same 4 songs each night getting the little ones up, they seemed happy enough but it was poor though again the staff member was fab, later we saw her in the bar and the next day serving at breakfast. The first night we had a Spanish singer who sang all English songs old and new and was absolutely fabulous, engaged with us all and had us up dancing, we really had a great night, he was awesome! We really thought this was the start of wonderful evenings... how wrong we were that was basically it, the second night the entertainment was a bird (a few parrots) show but they didn't inform us that it was outside so a huge group of us were sat in the indoor entertainment area whilst it was taking part outside so we missed the whole thing. The final night (we only stayed 4 nights and our first was when we arrived late) the entertainment was quiz night and juke box, I love a good quiz so was very much looking forward to this, having asked the question about where it was we found it was outside again, so we took our seats outside ready when a German man got on stage with his guitar and another chap with some bongos and they sang... well made noises to a lot of English songs, it was honestly the worst entertainment I think I've ever seen. It turns out the two chaps are guests of the hotel, had been sat around the pool strumming their instruments when they were invited to do the night entertainment! Sorry but it was awful. Food - Well it's buffet food as expected, breakfast was always ok with the usual cooked food, cereal, toast, pastries, pancakes, fruit, yoghurt etc. so always plenty to choose from and was pleasant. Dinner however a different story, It really was poor I'm afraid, lots of choice if you're a meat eater, myself and two others in our group were vegetarian, the first night was "fish night" and everything... I mean everything had fish in it/on it/ wrapped in it. Even the Pizza and salad had fish and crab in. So we got a couple of bread rolls and popped some cheese in, having not eaten since breakfast this was tough so we spoke to a staff member and said is there anything we can have which is vegetarian, so the chef came out and made a cheese pizza for us, this was wonderful though stodgy it was food and we could eat something warm. We were really pleased with chef who delivered it to our table with a smile on his face. The second night was Spanish, there was one vegetarian choice which was a pasta dish, this was tasty and stodgy but was edible. The final night Italian and the vegetarian option was aubergine in tomato sauce with a sprinkling of cheese, again edible but simply not sufficient. Our meat eaters always found something but it wasn't the greatest of quality food and the plates were always in need of an extra wipe down. Ironic really when everywhere else was so spotless. Honestly more vegetarian options should be available, with better quality produce, I know it is a choice to be vegetarian but some people have allergies, particularly to fish/dairy, what would they have done? To be fair you get what you pay for, for the price we paid for a 4 night break we probably drank as the drinks on the island were expensive so having those included was great. 4 nights here was more than enough, we spoke to a couple who were there 14 nights, I really felt for them with no entertainment, dreadful food etc. we would not return here, as I said there were some really great points about this hotel but also some poor ones and for the same price (though over 10 days) I stayed in a gorgeous 4 star in Corfu a couple of years back and the food/staff/cleanliness etc was outstanding, so it can be achieved on a budget. The area - absolutely lovely, it is hilly and quiet but lovely with the most gorgeous beach, harbour, shops, restaurants and people. If you want loud and rowdy go to Magaluf, if you want quiet, scenic and friendly stay here. Point of advice - hire a car to see some of the sights! Majorca is a stunning island and there is a lot to see and do but the trips are expensive and lengthy. We looked through the trips picked the ones we wanted to do and drove there at a fraction of the cost.

Stayed here as a group of 9 on All inclusive. Received a nice glass of bubbly on arrival while we checked in which was a nice touch. Pool area was ok some of the beds were broken so had to pick carefully. Location was good close to shops and a lovely beach. Rooms were clean although basic furniture but had lovely big balcony. Food was ok. Not much choice but always managed to find something to eat. Pot luck in the evenings with drinks as didn't matter what you asked for it was always different. Staff were brilliant, very helpful and friendly.

I'd advise anyone coming here to take a taxi from the airport as the transfer by shuttle was horrific, taking only ten minutes less than the flight from Manchester. All good on arrival though, despite the early hour, we were dealt with pleasantly, speedily and then shown through to the dining room for snacks and drinks. Our room was spotlessly clean, the beds comfortable (even the bed settee) and had a lovely big balcony. The following day we could see that the rest of the hotel was spotless, well maintained and run by the most lovely, friendly and helpful staff! Now to the highlight which for us was the fabulous pool, clean, various depths for all swimming abilities and huge! Plenty of room for everyone including those with inflatables. The pool bar provides snacks and my sons practically ate their own body weight in toasted sandwiches, also TRY THE BISCUITS! If the pool is not enough there is also a beautiful little beach close by with a few little shops and restaurants around while five to ten minutes walk away in the opposite direction brings you alongside the gorgeous harbour and more restaurants. We were all inclusive so did not indulge but were definitely tempted by some of the menus. Now for the food.. well.. we do have a very picky 12 year old so were not surprised that he ended up living on chips, melon and toasted sandwiches but I'm a little bit like a human dustbin and will eat most things. This hotel caters to a wide variety of nationalities and the food, quite rightly, must reflect this. We certainly didn't starve and could always find something we liked but the quality really wasn't the best as a whole (although every now and again there'd be something that was utterly delicious). Entertainment was virtually none existent and, apart from a drag act, what there was wasn't inspiring but again, no one can please all the people all the time. I won't be going back but this is purely because the location is not to our tastes and certainly not a reflection on my experience at JS ES Corso, we have thoroughly enjoyed our stay here!

transfer took over 2 hours on a scorching hot day. there should be bottled water on the transfer if your AI as this would be ideal instead of a glass of wine in reception.i asked for a lower floor with having walking difficulties. no I was on 4th floor the lift was off so my hubby and grandchildren had to lug are luggage to other lift. room was ok no kettle so hired 1 for 7.50 euros a week with a 5 euro deposit then you have to pay tax 15.50 euros per adult. wifi 15 euros a week you have to pay in euros as there is no money exchange at hotel. you have to go to bank. I could not walk to beach or up the hills .we were wanting a drink but bar did' nt open until 6 to get to pool you have to go to an underpass with 3 flights of steep stairs I. got to the pool for a drink she was shutting up my hubby explained I needed a drink she only give him one .there was nothing to do as my grandchildren are 10 and 14 a bit old for a disco no I wouldn't go back just because of all the walking but if your fit and healthy it will be fine for you plus the food is ok the rooms ok staff very frindly

Stayed for a week in June had read all reviews so was looking forward to it. We arrived at 3 in the morning and wasn't told that the other key on our fob was to get in and out of the side gate with all our luggage and instead of walking under the tunnel and past the pool,we only got told as we was checking out!!. The pool was good and was happy with the food and all inclusive but would not return as really not much to do outside the hotel people had put plenty of bars and restaurants but couldn't agree with that. Staff were lovely worked hard but always had a smile for you. They definitely need to have 2 people at the pool bar to much for one person.

Went all inclusive wasnt worth it. I asked for malibu & coke. Or spanish version.i was told i could only have malibu with pineapple. Or id av to pay. Explained i don't like pineapple can i have malibu on its own please. NO! only if you pay.Bar staff didnt seem they wanted to be there. You only had choice of few drinks even though it says rum(white only).vodka.whisky.gin.(spanish)i wasn't allowed rum. Hotel seemed clean in rooms but very outdated & worn bathrooms. tiles. furnture. Curtains.etc. food bad.pork everyday.went out mostly for food. No entertainment only mini disco which was bad. Saw jet2 rep few times she was lovely. Trips expensive but its because your miles from any of the places you need to see. Reception staff seemed polite. Chief omg there aprons were dirty. Never seen chiefs wearing aprons with dirty teatowels hanging on there sides.they were dirty to. The pond was dirty needs a good clean. Theres 2bars only 1person on it.outside side of pool.the other 1 shut all have to walk acrosd or under a road to get to the bar to get a drink.because they not serve you in the bar inside even if staffs there till later 6 or 7 ish. Which i found bad. As it was 30 degrees. Safety bad trying to get in & out the shower. And trying to stand between a bidi & toilet i nearly fell a few times. The good things...bed cream...melon...coka cola... tv waist of time for uk visitors. Wifi €3 aday or €15 a week. Safe €24 a wk.€3 bk end of wk. You have to pay tax when you arrive about €15.40 aweek a food & pub on way to beach on left nr shops. Bar citrus or citrus bar.lovely food & booze.beefburgers.steak pie.scampi.etc. for kids.pool table. etc.

Myself and my daughter stayed here the last week of June....I must say that the journey from the airport took about 2 hours which I didn't mind to much as it gave us the chance to look around the area.. when we arrived in Porto colom I was a bit disappointed as there was nothing much there and quite a lot of hills and thought you would be in trouble if you wasn't great on your legs... As we approached the reception in the hotel we was made very welcome and give a glass of wine the reception staff was amazing and friendly.. once we got to our room it was very small even though you had everything you needed but very small it had a balcony but unfortunately it looked straight into a bush so no view at all apart from a steep hill from over the bush. It's also had a lovely large swimming pool...Now for the food well what can I say absolutely disgusting ...for breakfast the choice was any type of cooked egg, bacon, peas, carrots, mash potatoes and chips and yes that was for breakfast they did have cereal and toast though....they also had a fish day and everything was fish and I don't like fish so we went with out.... also the plates were dirty... now for the shops well there was one shoe shop 10 min walk 3 gift shops about 15 min walk up hill and I think that was it. The beach or should I say cove was nice but again all up hill took about 15 mins to walk and loads of steps down.. I'm use to so much more for my money so I wasn't impressed at all. The pros are very clean and wonderful staff the cons are not nice food small rooms and a very very quiet area with not much to do.

Will not be going back. The pool was great. That was all that was good. The entertainment at night was almost non existent. The bar staff were rude. It was as if they didn't want to be there. The food was very poor with little or no variety. Would not be recommending this hotel to anyone.

I will start with the down side first which is of no fault of the hotel, the transfer from the airport took well over two hours by coach with many stops so when it came to going home we paid for a taxi which took only forty minutes. The area is very hilly which wasn't a problem for us but could be to someone with walking difficulties, the main and best beach is Cala Marsal which is a ten minute walk away over a steep hill but a fantastic beach with nice restaurants. Now the plus side. Porto Colom is a fantastic place, very slow paced with only a handful of quiet bars and restaurants and if you want to get away from it all then this is the place for you. There were plenty of local people drinking out and everyone was so friendly and the area very safe no matter what time of day or night. A couple of times we caught the bus into cala d'or and calas de mallorca, the bus is cheap quick and stops right outside the front of the hotel. The hotel itself was one of the best hotels we have stayed at for the money you pay and great value, we stayed as a family of four in two apartments one with a fantastic sea view over the square which one night had live spanish music. We went all inclusive, the food was great and varied with something for everyone and the chefs work very hard and cook food fresh for you as well. Drinks were great with a good selection and your all inclusive included cocktails which you wouldn't normally get on an AI so again great value. There was good entertainment for the kids every day and evening with different shows, the pool was just fantastic a very large pool with plenty of sunbeds to choose from and a great pool bar. At the pool bar you could even make your own cheese toasties which was great for the kids along with slush's and again a good variety of drinks. The hotel rooms were great with good aircon and the hotel itself was kept extremely clean by the staff. The staff themselves go out of their way to help you enjoy your holiday and are a credit to the hotel. If you can try and book a room overlooking the square with sea views, if you are looking for a hotel in a quiet area of Spain the JS Es Corso is the hotel for you.

Carrer Orada, s/n Felanitx Mallorca

Hotel highlights

  • Onsite dining
  • Free children's club
  • WiFi in rooms and public areas (fees apply)
  • Concierge services

Located in Portocolom within a short walk of Cala Marçal, JS Es Corso is within 2 miles (3 km) of Platja de es Babo. This 116-room, 3-star apartment welcomes guests with conveniences like a restaurant, a bar/lounge, and a free children's club. It's on the boardwalk and also near Platja de s'Arenal and Punta de Ses Crestes Lighthouse.


Enjoy a bite to eat at the apartment's buffet restaurant, or relax with a drink at the bar/lounge. Start your day off with breakfast, available for a fee.


The 116 air-conditioned apartments feature kitchenettes and balconies, and there's space to spread out with separate bedrooms and sitting areas. Guests can expect to find WiFi and satellite TV. Sofa beds and phones are also standard. Limited housekeeping is available.

Property features

Guests staying at JS Es Corso enjoy a children's pool, an outdoor tennis court, and WiFi in public areas. Airport transportation is made easy with an airport shuttle (available 24 hours) for EUR 30 per person one way. The front desk has multilingual staff on hand 24/7 to help with dry cleaning/laundry, concierge services, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this family-friendly apartment include a free kid's club, a seasonal outdoor pool, and a terrace.

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