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BelleVue Aquarius

3.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

We had a great room with sea view and of the pool but we had to wait for it as we had an early flight. Staff were very helpful, the food was very good and fresh everyday as we stayed all inclusive. The room was clean but needs updating/refurbishing. There were a lot of steps to negotiate though for getting a case to your room. No good if you are disabled. The pool bar could be better and the evening entertainment area was not good. We spent most of our time on our terrace or out elsewhere. The pool area had umbrellas bolted to the floor so if anyone was not using it you couldn't move it. Did not like the vibe around the pool so we went to the beach instead the other side of the old town. Beautiful location but would not go back sadly.

This apartment got bad reviews I think they were lovely .lovely view cleaned a lot nice cleaners.nice people.basic but everything you need .beds were comply .would go back good cheap holiday .nice and quite area.

Beautiful view of the sea and harbour from our room but it is a 110 steps to get there , if you stay here and not that fit ask for a room on lower levels. We did self catering but ate every day you can find full English breakfast for under €3 Beer for €2.50 plenty of places too eat for little money . The rooms are a bit dated but clean fans of only no aircon . The staff are friendly and quick to help we would definitely come here again if we can get the same deal again ☺

Stayed at the Bellevue for a weeks holiday during April in a 1 bedroom apartment overlooking the pool & giving us great sea views. Apartment was tidy , clean & had everything you needed for a weeks self catering. Pool area was nice and relaxing and pool bar staff helpful although prices were slightly expensive we thought. €3.10 for a beer in a plastic cup seemed when you could get the same in an ice cold glass within 5 minutes walk of the complex. No real complaints though and would happily stay here again.

we spent a great week here. View from balcony was great in the morning and evenings. Room was ok décor a bit tired otherwise everything functioned. Central for old town plenty of bars/eating at hand. Only real gripe was having to wait till 1500 for room.

Room with a view equals stairs, lots of stairs. Our room was very basic, walls were rotten, fridge didnt work, fan in living room didnt work so was very hot. There is no way to your room but past the pool bar, It was OK in the morning going out but when we came back there were remarks from drunk people who had been sat drinking all day, We didnt like that. Our shower worked but was hanging off and was a dribble, but water was warm. Not noisy at all and the location is great for the old town and harbour area, nice bars and restaurants in close proximity, Staff were abrupt but not rude. Its a cheap hotel and that is evident when you stay there, If your looking for a mod cons or a bit of luxury then go elsewhere, Its not bad but I would not return.

I really liked the lovely sea view from this hotel and feel you would normally have to pay a lot more for accommodation with this view. It was lovely to sit out on the patio in the sun with the sea in front of you. For the best view ask for a higher room but be aware that this will result in a lot of steps to climb. The accommodation is clean, basic and comfortable. It is in a good location and is near to a lively Irish bar which is a very popular spot. I would stay again and would recommend.

Went to Lanzarote for a week on my own, staying in the Bellevue Aquarius. It was a great spot for me, clean and great location. Great value also. Near by some great restaurants and the harbour. Not for to walk to the beach either.

My wife and I had booked a quick week away following a family wedding at the weekend and so arrived around 6pm on a Tuesday evening, rather than a busy Saturday, which I was grateful for since the layout of these apartments forces you to push your way through the busy outside bar area to get to the reception, weaving around tables full of people who have been drinking all day. Just to get to this level you have already mounted 24 stairs in typical Canarian heat, and there are no lifts. We arrived at reception to be 'greeted' by Peter, who asked me to fill in a registration card. He pointed in turn to three boxes saying "..Street, Town, Country.." I asked him if he needed the number of my house in the street section and he looked at me like I was an idiot before aggressively stabbing his finger onto the three boxes and repeating in a louder and more brusque tone the same demand. Not a very nice 'reception' at all. Add to that the fact that they want to rip you off for 3 euros per day for a safety deposit box that is a fixture in the room! How poor is that? Who in their right mind doesn't want to keep their passports and driving licences etc. safe? Why the heck is this cost not already included? I understand the 5 euro deposit for the key, but the rest is just a con. The Wi-Fi was also 20 euro per device per week, why isn't this included also? Another rip off. So I'm standing at reception, having run the gauntlet of about 50 raucous revellers , in front of the rudest receptionist I have ever encountered and I'm already 66 euros down before I get into my room. Not the best start to any stay. We were given a 'map' to our apartment which turned out to be completely inaccurate. The second/third set of stairs were not as shown, and sent me the wrong way up a further 33 stairs before I realised the error, and had to come down again. Anyway, a sum total of 88 stairs to get from the street to our patio door. Do this three to four times a day (I'm 52 and in decent health but in 30+ degrees of heat this get tough at the end of the week), and I reckon I'd tramped up and down around 4500 stairs in a week. The patio door was incredibly stiff and my wife could not manage to fully close it. The rooms were sparse, poorly finished, poorly furnished and poorly maintained. Starting in the lounge/kitchen area; the blackout curtain was full of holes, there were bare cables to the ceiling, the doorbell didn't work, the corner of the wall had been damaged multiple times and simply painted over and over. There is no air-con, instead an ancient ceiling fan. The settee was a badly re-upholstered mess, the coffee table painted and repainted and covered in scars and heat burns off mugs with one wobbly leg, you could see where there had been a dividing dwarf wall to the kitchen area as it had never been properly redecorated. There was a horrible old smelly dresser in the kitchen area with paint peeling drawers that when opened gave out a most strange and unpleasant odour. Only one of the bulbs in the twin ceiling light above the kitchen worked. There was a two-way switch whereby you could control this light from the lounge or the kitchen but unfortunately the 'electrician' who must have wired it had done it so badly that you could only turn it off from the same switch you had used to turn it on. The kitchen units themselves were old and in desperately poor repair. The worktop upstand was grubby with end caps missing, the pelmet rail was dirty and greasy from neglect. The monoblock kitchen tap was hanging off. The cabinet door below the sink was hanging off at the bottom hinge and the mdf finishing tape was completely missing from the top edge leaving exposed a dirty chipboard edge. The flatware and cutlery was a mish-mash of recovered goods, the hob's decals - which would show you which knob controlled which ring, and what each setting was - were completely missing so it was a case of guesswork. Surprisingly though, there was a functioning single oven, and a toaster, microwave and (leaky) kettle. Only one electrical outlet anywhere near the kitchen though so tea and toast was a bit of a fuddle. The bathroom was in a similar state of disrepair. There was a sticker on the wall behind the bathroom door which had clearly come off some previous occupant's clothing, alongside a dirty stain. These two items remained untouched for the duration of our stay, which just goes to show how inattentive the domestic staff were.The two hooks, also behind the door, were only attached using one of the two screw positions required so they hung at 45 degrees letting anything we tried to hang on them fall off, the towel rail at the end of the bath was the same so the chrome rail kept falling out. The bathroom wall tiles were patched, cracked, repaired, replaced with ones of a different colour etc, all the fixtures looked like they had been replaced several times leaving odd screw holes randomly about the place. The shower bracket was dirty rusted and pitted. The tiling to the shower end of the bath was grubby, mouldy and covered in black sealant marks. The suspended ceiling tile directly above the shower head was of a completely different type to the rest and towards the end of the week we realised why, when a huge damp patch appeared on it. On a plus note, the towels were replaced 5 times a week and they were clean enough, unfortunately sometimes the towels you were given were tatty and frayed. The bedroom had another ceiling fan, two bedside cabinets, a stool, a mirror and wardrobes. There was nowhere for my wife to sit and do her hair or apply her make-up, without having to lay everything out on a bed. The room was tiny and cramped, a gap at the end of the bed of approximately 18" to get around so when a wardrobe door was opened there was no getting by, the same applied if my wife was trying to get ready to go out. The fan broke after the first night. On another ( and admittedly rare) plus note, when I left a note at reception about the wobbling kitchen tap and the broken fan they were repaired the same day. Also when the lights fused due to the toaster the maintenance man appeared within 5 minutes. I feel that if I had left a note detailing ALL the above faults the Bellevue may well have repaired them all, but even though I am a professional builder it wasn't my place to go on holiday and have to snag their apartments for them. The dividing walls were single skin and uninsulated so they really lived up to their 'party wall' status as we could hear every cough, scrape of chair, bang of door, drunken shouting and screaming argument from the rooms either side of us, as well as above us. Also, since this place seems to be a major attraction for stag/hen parties, the rooms around us had two, three and even four different occupants during our one week incarceration, er, I mean stay there. Finally though, our flight home gratefully came to bear and our transfer was 3.40pm. Two days earlier I had asked reception for a late checkout, 12 noon being the norm. I was told I would have to wait until the day before, and that 3 hours extension would be 21 euros. Another con. They've either got someone booked in before then or not. Anyway, I returned on the Monday and paid the same cold and unfriendly Peter the required amount by card. On the Tuesday the domestic staff came to turn down the apartment at about 12.30pm whilst my wife and I were showering etc. They spoke little English so I explained that I had paid to keep the room until 'tres en punto' but they were unhappy, made it clear to me that they were unhappy and kept making telephone gestures to me before I eventually shut the door and drew the curtains on them. 15 minutes later the room phone rang and a man addressed me as 'Mr Van Hoek'. I said that I was Mr Worth and he asked me why I had not vacated my room at 12 as agreed. I told him that I had paid for late check out and he claimed to have no record of this and asked if I had paid the previous day. I clarified that I had paid Peter by card the previous day. He then revealed that he was Peter and said he would have to look into it. At 3pm on the dot the cleaners returned to boot us out of the apartment. We manhandled our luggage down the 64 steps to reception where we arrived sweaty and dishevelled to check out. Peter apologised for the late check out misunderstanding. I have not often been so glad to leave a place. In summary: Old, dated and tired apartments in dire need of a full refurbishment. Reception was aloof at best, and downright rude at worst (the second morning there I asked at reception what time the supermarket attached to the apartments opened, and a different man this time (not Peter) replied, "When he gets here". Quite a lot of rowdy clientele, mixture of all-inclusive and half-board etc. coupled with a penchant for stag and hen parties means loud interrupted nights. Some really nice people there too to be fair. Good location but not for the elderly, infirm or unfit. Great view over the pueblo and puerta. Cheap but not cheerful. I would have given it 1* but for the response to the maintenance issues and the location.

Stayed here for a week with my wife. We'd researched the hotel and surrounding area before arriving, reading the usual very mixed reviews. This wasn't our first trip to an All Inclusive complex, so we took the bad reviews with a pinch of salt as you're never going to please everyone all the time! We arrived at approximately 1.30pm and were told our room wouldn't be ready for half an hour. We got a drink from the bar and waited. After 30 minutes I returned to reception to be told it still wasn't ready. I asked for our All Inclusive wristbands then as I wasn't going to pay another €7 for 2 more drinks. We were given the key to our room at 3pm. On the 1st floor just down some steps away from the pool area. The room was clean and well kitted out. Even though we were AI, there was a fridge, hob, utensils and a microwave should you need it. The food was the usual selection of AI fare, but all piping hot, well cooked, and plenty of it. There was always something you'd fancy, so please don't be put off by the mega negative comments about the food, as I'm guessing the contributors of these don't each much more than pizza and pot noodles at home anyway! The drinks aren't the usual watered down offerings you get at many resorts either. The bar staff on the whole are pleasant, but not the quickest to serve you. Don't be surprised if you're standing at an empty bar waiting for a drink, to see a bartender look at you, walk off and return to serve you a few minutes later! The pool area is a decent size, with lots of sun beds available. Go for a blue one, as the white ones aren't nearly as comfortable. You do get the usual suspects coming down early to claim their beds with towels, then proceeding to sit in the shade at the bar all day and never using them! Annoying but this seems to be the norm for these type of resorts now. The pool isn't as cold as everyone will tell you, and after relaxing in 28' heat, you'll be glad to cool off! It is deepish, at around 6'4" average depth, so keep an eye on swimmers in your party that aren't uber confident, as unfortunately the lifeguard won't. He'll be tucked away, without a view to 90% of the pool, playing candy crush on his mobile. This wasn't every lifeguard, one was very attentive, but you'll spot the one I mean! Pleasantly surprised to find that this wasn't a typical cheap hotel for Brits abroad to come and get legless by midday. Yes there were people who'd evidently taken full advantage of the "free" drinks, but no one ever got silly, abusive or aggressive. A good mix of ages, and everyone seemed to get on very well, a well mannered crowd all told. If you wander off complex there are a good range of bars and restaurants very close by. Slightly too many Irish bars for my liking, Guinness and Full English breakfasts aren't what I go abroad for, but that's me! A couple of well stocked supermarkets within 2 minutes walk also. The harbour and beach are a short walk. Walk around the boardwalk by the harbour for the chance to see an amazing range of fish swimming in the beautifully clear waters. Stingray, parrot fish and goat fish being lovely examples. All in all, a good resort that offers a holiday in the sun for not a huge amount of money. Location is bang on, with decent alternatives nearby if you want a change of menu occasionally. Yes, we would return with no qualms

Calle Teide 6 Tias Lanzarote

Within a short walk of Fariones Sports Center, BelleVue Aquarius is within a mile (2 km) of Puerto del Carmen Beach. This 167 -room, 3-star resort welcomes guests with conveniences like a restaurant, a bar/lounge, and an outdoor pool. Gran Casino de Lanzarote and Lanzarote Golf Resort are also close to this Tias resort.

This resort serves as home to a bar, along with a buffet restaurant that specializes in international cuisine. Start your day off with breakfast, available for a fee.


The 167 rooms feature kitchenettes and balconies. Guests can expect to find WiFi and TVs with satellite channels. Sofa beds, safes, and ironing boards are also standard. Limited housekeeping is available.


Guests of BelleVue Aquarius have access to an outdoor pool, a children's pool, and WiFi in public areas. Free offsite parking is included with your stay. The 24-hour front desk has multilingual staff ready to help secure valuables, and answer any questions about the area. Additional amenities include a terrace and laundry facilities.

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Standard Apartment, 1 Bedroom

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Standard Apartment, 1 Bedroom (2 adults and 2 children)

Twin 4 | Sleeps 4

Standard Apartment, 1 Bedroom (3 adults)

Twin 3 | Sleeps 3

Standard Apartment, 1 Bedroom (2 adults and 1 child)

Twin 2 | Sleeps 3

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