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Arbatax Park Resort Borgo Cala Moresca

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Location is amazing, staff friendly and always trying them best to help and accomodate clients. Resort is full with activities, places to visit, several pools and beaches, restaurants and caffe'; you can spend the full week there without been bored and without the need of a car (I would recomend using Arbatax Park transport service from the airport instesd of renting a car). Food is fresh with several traditional dishes offer every day, we liked having lunch with the pizza offered at the border of the pool including real parrot as scenary! We loved exploring the park and the farm as well as the boat day trip to the most amazing beaches you would never seen. Is a perfect familly holiday and we hope to be back soon!!!

Il Borgo Cala Moresca is built to look like a traditional Sardinian village. It has beautiful views of the blue sea below and, if you're early enough, you can enjoy free sun beds and umbrellas on the lido. In July, the sea was warm and deep with interesting underwater scenery, colourful small fishes and superb visibility for snorkelling. There was a shuttle service to another, private beach. Our bedrooms were up a cobbled pathway from the reception area. On a steep gradient, this hotel is great for building up one's leg muscles but not recommended for anyone who doesn't like walking. Although comfortable enough, our room was rather dark and we only went there to sleep. The food in the restaurant was varied, plentiful and excellent but, in peak season, we often had to wait for a table. We enjoyed the salads and local puddings and cheeses and the complimentary beer and wine on tap was definitely drinkable. The swimming pools were large, clean and well-kept and, further down towards the beach, there was a lovely, peaceful pool without loud music. The hotel has tennis and squash courts but these were usually unavailable, even in high season. Most evenings there was entertainment in the amphitheatre but compared to similar hotels in the Mediterranean the standard was low. By contrast, the service in the restaurant, bars and reception was very good. Due to an online booking error, we paid for our holiday twice. Eventually, once we'd returned home and after several emails, the hotel refunded the excess amount to our booking agent.

Ahoj přátelé, pokud už navštívíte toto krásné místo, myslím Tartoli a nádhernou pláž Lido, tak užívejte krásnou dovolenou. Byl jsem tu 4 dny a navštívil snad všechno. Jeden den jsem vyzkoušel i tento hotel. Kdysi to mažná byl nádherný komplex, ale dneska už ne. Hodnocení kolem 7.5 je docela nadhodnocená. Ve městě si užijete daleko více komfortu a dobrého jídla. Ubytování jsem docela vyhrál :), ale všechno je to tu hodně do kopce a pláž vlastně neexistuje. Přitom v okolí jsou pláže nádherné. Jídlo a pití bylo o 20 procent dražší než ve městě a kvalitu radši nechci ani říkat. V okolí za menší peníze naleznete o mnoho více pohody. Pokud mate rádi zvířátka :) tak vám asi nebudou vadit komáři 😂 Hi friends, if you visit this beautiful place, I think Tartoli and the beautiful beach Lido, so enjoy a beautiful vacation. I've been here for 4 days and visited everything. One day I tried this hotel. The rating around 7.5 is quite overvalued. In the city you will enjoy far more comfort and good food. I really enjoyed the accommodation :), but everything is very up and down and the beach does not exist. Food and drink was 20 percent more expensive than in the city, and I do not even want to say the quality. You can find much more comfort in the surroundings for less money. If you like animals :) you probably will not mind mosquitoes 😂

Staff shout at you, we are closed, go away when we wete trying to find the resturants and pool areas around this massive resort with lots of steps and walkways that is not well signed. Our resturant had big tables cramped closely together, there was no service and getting up for food was difficult due to lack of space. We were pointed to go and find a seat. No wellcome or cosy arrangements. Food was cold, the beer was flat and the redwine was frothy and of poor quality. Money is not accepted on the site, so you have to put cash on a card in reception. We did not realise when booking that this was an all inclusive type resort. The sun loungers had not cover and was very uncomfortable. We had to pay for beach towels and using the spa facilities. The nightly hotel,if you can call it a hotel, charge was approx 140EU or more, so one would expect being treated as guests with some comfort provided. Will never go there again. A real shame as we found the local people very warm and friendly. Never have we experienced hotel staff shouting at us to go away, rather than wanting to help us find our way and what we were looking for. The rooms were very dark with no view and the bed was guite hard. The resort consists of 4 or 5 differently named and styled hotels. We never found out what we could use or where and when entertainment was on. This information apparently was given during dinner time in Italien. When asking the entertainment staff they turned away from us? Presumable because they could not understand or speak english.

The park resort is a very nice assembly of an expensive beautiful luxury castle like building, a Sardinian village like cottage in the hill with great views on the sea and a village close to the sea. Views, walks, the park, the coastline with rock formation, sport opportunities, pools and bio park is great . Staff is friendly, management flexible. I do not mind missing changes at breakfast or missing covers for chairs at the pool. It would have been a perfect vacation without the problems with transfers from or to the airport. Taxis are for 2,5 hrs ride 250 EUR. The collective shuttle from the resort goes 2-3 times a day resulting in 3-5 hrs waiting time at arrival ( arrival 10 am ,bus departure 5 pm) or departure ( get up in the morning 2h30; flight departure 9h15) . This is unacceptable.

Having recently returned from Sardinia and the arbatax borgo cala Moresca resort I thought I'd a quick review.. Sardinia is wonderful and beautifully mountainous.. The drive from Cagliari to arbatax was around 2.30 hours but definitely worth it, we hired a car well in advance which saved a lot of money as they double in price nearer the time. Having the hire car certainly made it a more pleasant holiday as we could get around easy and see more of the area. The resort was great but be mindful of you are not in the best of health or not that fit, it is very steep, getting to some of the rooms was via lots of steps (steep steps).. Also getting down to the beach area was very steep, but worth it.. Once at the beach we found it was very rocky which we liked, however a word of warning... The rocks are very slippery and there are no signs warning of this, numerous people fell over on the rocks getting into the sea..... The sea was beautifully clear and clean and great for snorkeling.. The restaurants were fine but i would advise if you are going to stay at the resort and not travel into the local towns, then consider full board and all inclusive deals because buying drinks etc is very expensive..£6 for a beer!!!!! £20 per head for buffet etc... The staff are great and helpful. All in all is definitely recommend this resort , its beautiful and peaceful built in the style of an old Sardinian village... And the weather was awesome averaging around 33 degrees. Enjoy if you go 😁

We came to the hotel in July of 2017 and if there has ever been any of the problems talked about in the low-star reviews, they must've been fixed since then, since we never experienced any of those. I'll talk about the main parts of the resort that we experienced on our vacation: * Enviroment: There's pretty much nothing bad to say about the surroundings and enviroments of this resort and it's pretty clear that the gardeners and cleaning staff are working tirelessly to make everything lush, green, clean and pretty. The beautiful cacti, the old olive trees, the fig trees and the beautiful and colourful bushes are all fantastic to look at. However, it is quite exhausting to get around the resort, but I can't really figure out if I liked the hill-y layout of the hotel, more than I disliked the physical excercise of getting anywhere! (wasn't that big of a problem but we were all in good shape and it still knocked the wind out of us, going from the pool to our room). Don't go if you have serious knee-injuries and pay attention to the description of the hotel on various booking sites - if you're hard-at-walking or anything like that, then it's going to be difficult to get around the resort. * Rooms: nice rooms for families - the double rooms have a door that connects them to eachother, so you don't have to go outside to get into eachother's double-bedroom room. Was a very, very pleasant surprise for me and my family. The beds were okay - we have neck problems and will usually be in a lot of pain the first few days in hotels, but nothing like that happened to us during out stay, so they must've been nice for us. That is ofc not evidence that they are objectively good or bad - just that we didn't have problems with them. Bathrooms are a bit small but the shower is better than the average hotel shower. Mini-fridge gets overburdened quite easily if you put in a lot of bottled water. We would've enjoyed some kind of seating area close to our room - even just a bench or a couple of chairs in the empty dirt planters outside the windows. Just so we could've sat in relative peace at night, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Sometimes the AC unit would smell like fart and we found no explanation for this, but it was quite brief and only occasional. * Pool-area: The water was nice and the location of the main pool meant you got some occasional light breezes that was very nice in the scorching heat of July. However there were never enough sunbeds - like at all. If you didn't start your day extremely early, and then alternated people at the pool for swimming, going to the toilet etc., then you might not get one that day, at all. Also you would have to eat a super quick lunch if you wanted to have a spot again when you came back to the pool. The problem became worse throughout the week after several chairs broke - all of which were being used by very skinny people who were laying still. * Food: The buffet-style restaurant was pretty nice and the food tasted good and there were many healthy alternatives. I think this was the first time that we all lost weight by the time we got home, since so many delicious vegetables and salads and light dishes were available on a daily basis. However you still had a problem with a lot of the dishes being completely ruined by being boiled in fish-water or fish sauce. Cauliflowers, brocolli etc. tasted nothing like themselves and instead was just an extremely overwhelming taste of fish. Even my fish-crazy mom who loves the taste of fishy fish, had to spit out certain food items because they tasted too much of fish. Sadly it also meant that the special pastas (which were new every day) weren't something we ate since they also didn't taste of tomato sauce or pasta - only fishy fish. Again, the restaurant had way too few tables for the summer break and we had to wait around for 30+ minutes almost every day before we could get a table. People walking around looking for tables meant that the dining experience was stressed and chefs and waiters were running in and out of people with large trays. Just very stressful. Could be solved by larger dining area. The special selection of different speciality dishes almost every night was really nice and they tasted great. The meat would usually be really awesome and tasted wonderfully spicy. The pizza restaurant on the cliff was super nice and the pizzas were delicious. A bit expensive for Italy but it was about 1/3rd of the price for a night out, compared to a similar night at a Danish restaurant. I've seen people freak out by the mice and animals around the resort and we DID see some of those at this restaurant and some people were offended by this, but I don't know what you can really expect from a restaurant in the wild nature... outside.... so ofc you're gonna have random animals pop around, like lizards or mice - my sister even saw a deer at that place. * The beach: really nice beach. Keep in mind it's rocky and not like the beaches that people are used to from Mallorca and such. It's still a nice beach, regardless. Not really much to say here - it had a toilet but no shower but I honestly don't really know why a shower would be important before going into the ocean. Oh and it's difficult to get down there and you have to go down a very steep slope. Doesn't matter if you're healthy and in good shape, though. * The staff: They were really awesome during the entire stay. Almost everyone of them were super positive and when you would return your glasses or help out the wait staff, they were extremely grateful. The guy with the full-beard who ran around doing a lot, like card tricks and what-not was really awesome and looked really happy about his job. At least he, and many of the others, looked like they genuinly cared about the happiness of the visitors. It might seem like a stupid thing to notice, but at least for my family, the welfare of the employees is very telling of the place you're at and it did seem like the staff were mostly enjoying themselves.

We stayed here for a week in June as this particular hotel seemed the nicest in the area for our week's rock climbing holiday. We were pleasantly surprised by the beautifully designed houses and general set up of the Borgo. The main entrance reception might have been a touch chaotic, but the girl who helped us in the Borgo reception was an absolute star and super-helpful and friendly! The ATV drivers, who take guests and their luggage to the little houses, are very friendly, chatty and courteous, so absolutely no criticism here. Our room was cleaned every day and had everything we needed, including a little fridge to keep drinks cool. We were only booked in for breakfast, as we intended to be away from the complex all day anyway, and were fully satisfied with the breakfast provided, which offered a wider choice than generally available in Italian hotels on the breakfast buffet. However, I can understand complaints from customers who book full-board here, as the buffet restaurant (tried one night... never again) offers the overcooked, tasteless culinary fair typical of All-inclusive and was neither particularly good, or well-done or tasty. But, given the amount eaten by fellow holiday-makers, there is a market for this type of food. On our first night, the girl at reception had booked us into the restaurant overlooking the sea (under the white canopy), which is a beautiful setting, but was spoiled by the incompetency of the staff, particularly the guy who seemed to be in charge. The Faulty Towers experience was off-set against the beautiful sunset though. After those two Borgo dinners, we walked into town instead, except for two nights when we wandered down into the Tellis part: The style of the cottages / rooms is really nice, yet we were pleased with the more idyllic setting of Borgo (plus Tellis was more crowded than Borgo). We ended up in the pizzeria, and - having forgiven the new waiter for throwing red wine all over us, bursting out in a loud, traditional 'Cazzo' (rather than maybe apologising) before running off to find another shirt (leaving us without-wine-in-the-glass but plenty-of-wine-on-the-white-tops) - the pizze here are actually great, and hoorah - they have three vegetarian, cheese-less versions on the menu, too. The entertainment might not be everybody's cup of tea, and there is a tranquillity pool (no under 12s, no music) which serves as a great adult refuge. All in all, the place in a beautiful setting and is big enough to cater for various interests, food tastes and accommodation styles, but - for the more discerning diner - it might be an idea to stick to B&B rather than full-board and choose where to eat.

The hotel is perfect. The area is SO beautiful, the staff is excellent and the food is great. It is always clean and welcoming. However, the musical entertainment in the evenings is just terrible. Simply awful. If I could, I would've waited till we've left the hotel to write this, but it's just to prominent. The music is sooooo loud and sooo terrible! It might've been ok if it was 1999, but people would still have complained about the volume. If it wasn't for the evening "entertainment" and their daily rehearsals by the "relax" pool, the hotel would've gotten all the stars I could possibly give them. It's such a shame that our experience is getting ruined by a terrible DJ and an awful show-host. Please bring your earbuds if you're planning on a stay here. If any hotel staff read this, please just put on a regular Spotify list instead. We love the rest of you, just not exactly the entertainment-crew... Spotify is cheaper! Go for it!

Currently staying here after a great week in sorrento. We have paid for a week but stuck here for another 5 days . Service is appalling , All staff look in fear every time u talk to them, at reception can constantly hear people complaining and get more angry as the reception staff don't understand the problem. If u like a resort then maybe u will be okay but u are stuck here . There is a shop on site but everything in it is bar prices. The buffet dinner is hell. Everyone charging in to get a seat, flies all over food . Seriously if u have booked here and have the option of changing ur mind u should do it !! Young couple from England.

Via Capri 49 Tortoli OG

Hotel highlights

  • Free buffet breakfast
  • Free WiFi in public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining

Arbatax Park Resort Borgo Cala Moresca places you within 2 miles (3 km) of Cala Moresca Beach and Rocce Rosse Beach. This 239-room, 4-star hotel has 2 outdoor pools along with a full-service spa and 8 restaurants. Also close to this Arbatax hotel are Port of Arbatax and Porto Frailis Beach.


Free buffet breakfast is included with your stay and awaits you each morning from 7:30 AM to 10:30 AM. There are ample dining options with 8 onsite restaurants, including Borgo Centrale, which specializes in international cuisine and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and La Vela with its ocean views. Entertain your taste buds with a beverage at the bar/lounge or 2 coffee shops/cafés.


All 239 individually furnished rooms provide safes, phones, and desks. Guests can expect to find TVs with digital channels. Bathrooms offer rainfall showers, hair dryers, and free toiletries.

Property features

Guests of Arbatax Park Resort Borgo Cala Moresca have access to a full-service spa, 2 outdoor pools, and a nightclub. There's free parking, and an airport shuttle (available on request) for EUR 80 per person roundtrip. The 24-hour front desk has multilingual staff ready to assist with luggage storage and tours/tickets. Other amenities at this spa hotel include a children's pool, a health club, and a sauna.

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