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Tricked Out Travel Tech Toy of the Week: Luggage Edition


So if you haven’t gone luggage shopping lately, you probably aren’t aware that the state of baggage is pretty grim. Not unlike this year’s election, you basically have to choose between the lesser of two evils. The newly released EO Travel Collection from Incase is a major step in a stylish direction for techy luggage.

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Alaska Airlines allows passengers to self-tag their own bags at two airports, with more to come.

DIY air travel: Self-boarding and self-tagging for bags


Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines and Lufthansa are among the airlines trying out new automated bag check and boarding technology to process passengers faster.

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Continental adds fee for first checked bag


Some Continental passengers will pay $15 for their first checked bag.

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Travel gear tips: Sam’s summer vacation essentials


Travel expert Samantha Chapnick shares her must-haves when she’s on the road.

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United adds fee for one checked bag


United has changed its checked baggage policies, including a new fee for the first checked bag.

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