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The St. Regis Atlanta

5.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

A beautiful hotel lobby welcomes you, with smiling and efficient staff. Our room was really lovely with a small balcony too. Delicious food and drink with very attentive service. The area was quiet and cosmopolitan, with exclusive shops and lovely homes nearby. In a inner courtyard is a swimming pool and loungers, a real oasis if you want to escape the city.

Although the hotel is in the middle of Buckhead, it is hard to find. There is a lot of construction in the area blocking roads that GPS told us to use. Upon arriving, there were no bell hops that guided us to parking or to take luggage. They eventually showed up. Then checking in was also a wait as there was only one person on the desk. After those hiccups, we were taken to our room. It was light and sunny. The room size was on the smaller end. The adjoining bathroom was good size. The room was very well appointed. My view is for the hotel to achieve 5 stars, the service needs to be flawless along with great accommodations.

After a 1 night stay at the Four Seasons Atlanta and a 2 night visit at the University of Georgia, i returned to Atlanta for a 2 night weekend stay at the St Regis. I vastly prefer the Buckhead location of the St Regis, and that allowed me easy meetings with my friends in town and with former students at Emory University. The St Regis was pricey at a $445 AAA rate ($525 with taxes), but the location was perfect and I knew I stood a good chance at an upgrade--being that I am a SPG Platinum 100 with Ambassador status. And I wasn't disappointed, as I was pre-upgraded to a St. Regis Executive Suite a good 3 weeks prior to my arrival. The hotel is a much more traditionally Southern and elegant/grandiose property than the Four Seasons. The lobby is grand and just oozes Southern charm and tradition, and the public spaces overall are far more inviting. Check In Check in was a disaster. I arrived around 4:30 pm, but the front desk agent told me in a rather matter-of-fact tone that I had been upgraded to a suite that wasn't quite ready--but they'd be happy to switch me to a ready regular room. I declined and asked how long it might be. I was told 90 minutes more. I knew better. I asked to speak to a front office manager, and decided to wait in the lobby. The front desk agent didn't even apologize or offer me water, a free drink, or any form of hospitality, really. After 15 minutes, the front office supervisor came out and largely repeated the front desk agent. Almost word for word. They both kept insisting that my complimentary suite upgrade wouldn't be ready for 90 minutes due to strict housekeeping standards. They both stressed "complimentary upgrade" as if I should be grateful for the upgrade and stop complaining about the wait. I politely told the supervisor that I was quite disappointed and had never had to wait so long at any St Regis--ever. At 5:30 pm, I checked again--and the front desk agent offered me a Caroline Astor Suite that just had been made available. I asked how long my St. Regis suite would be and was told it would only be a few more minutes. So I said I'd wait. I waited another 30 minutes, ridiculously. At almost exactly 6:00 pm, the front desk agent came to tell me my suite was ready. She finally apologized, gave me the suite keys with a free drink coupon for "my trouble" (about 90 minutes too late), and wished me a nice stay. The Director of Operations later spoke to me after my stay and apologized profusely for the way this had been handled. Their housekeeping later became obvious as being overwhelmed, and the front desk supervisor and agent both handled things terribly. Without question, this was the worst check in experience I've had at any St Regis and probably the worst I've had at any luxury hotel in a decade. Room The St. Regis Executive Suite was extremely spacious and yet disappointing. The furnishings and decor were pretty dated and just looked tired. After waiting 90 minutes for this, I was annoyed to be honest. The living room was spacious and offered plenty of natural light and seating. There was s spacious powder bath, too. The bedroom was extremely spacious, and the master bath was downright massive! The air conditioning was set to 68 F but clearly had just been turned on--not impressive, considering they knew I wanted it cold but hadn't bothered to turn the air con on until they finished cleaning the suite. The thermostats indicated it was 70 F (21 C), but in fact it was closer to 75 F (24 C). I had my handy thermometer to showcase the nonsense. I immediately called for an engineer to remedy the air con and make it as cold as possible as fast as possible. The one air con vent in the bedroom was blowing air so little that I knew it was going to be an issue. The air con vent in the living room was blowing a lot more air. The engineer got the living room to 70 F but the bedroom was still 72 F when I left for dinner. I returned from dinner and the living room was 69 F and the bedroom was still 70 F. I was not pleased. But at least the engineer had fixed the thermostats to properly reflect the real temperatures! I also found a nice little treat and note from the engineer. He assured me the room would eventually get quite cold, but it may take a bit of time. By the next day at noon, the living room had reached 65 F (18 C) and the bedroom had reached 66 F (19 C). Just as the engineer had promised. I finally was very comfortable. The wifi was pretty decent at almost 10 Mbps. Overall, I ended up being quite comfortable in the suite, particularly the second day. That first night, however, was a bit uncomfortable and I did not sleep well at all, waking up several times throughout the night. The second night, however, I slept like a baby until almost 10 am--unheard of for me! The bed was supremely comfortable, a bit more firm but still almost as soft as the Four Seasons bed. The shower pressure was excellent. The lighting and controls were easy to use and effective. The plugs hidden in the back of the bed table lamps were convenient. Everything worked very well. My biggest issue with the suite was the less effective HVAC and the dated decor. Fortunately, the Director of Rooms tells me the hotel rooms and suites are slated for a renovation beginning in June and scheduled to be completed by December 2018. Hooray! Service Service initially was a mixed bag between the check in fiasco, the management response, and the fact that housekeeping didn't clean my room on the first morning after I left the hotel. After that, however, the service was extraordinary. I never received a welcome amenity. Considering I was a high status guest who was made to wait 90 min for the suite, that wasn't impressive. The fact that housekeeping didn't come in a timely manner on the first morning was worse. And made all the more blatant by the fact that butler service coming to remove my butler coffee and change the fan in my room. I left the hotel around 10 am and returned around 12:30 pm, and the "Clean My Room" light clearly was on the whole time. The fact that housekeeping had such problems cleaning my suite for check in was making a lot more sense. The front office supervisor was extremely apologetic and handled everything much better after our first encounter at check in. He apologized for the housekeeping snafu and check in fiasco and comp'd my first night due to the check in delay, the poor handling, and air con issue--which I thought was very fair and reasonable. He immediately took care of the housekeeping issue and had them return when I wanted. I never had any issue after that. Butler service was excellent--though the packing and unpacking was curious. The unpacking butler split my belongings between the two closets for some odd reason. A different packing butler forgot my toiletry bag when packing. But butler service brought my morning coffees exactly as I asked--and usually within just 5-10 min. I even had afternoon iced coffee with no questions asked on the day of my arrival, even though that's technically not on offer. Room service was excellent--prompt and gracious. The engineer left me the sweet note and chocolate by way of apology for my air con issues. A nice touch. I also had a long wait for tea service...and then a longer wait when we realized the biscuits served had raisins--and I'm allergic to some raisins. It took almost 20 minutes for them to replace those with a single chocolate chip cookie. Not impressive. But the rest of the tea service was sublime. Dinner service at Atlas was spectacular. World class. I also took advantage of the hotel's location and used the Mercedes hotel car service to take me to the Tomo restaurant nearby for dinner on Saturday night. The car service will take you anywhere within a 2 mile radius. Overall, the service was mixed for the first day of my stay...and then became more what I have come to expect from St Regis--absolutely excellent. But it shouldn't take a day to be excellent. Dining As usual, food/beverage was a highlight at the St Regis. Wow. First, dinner at Atlas as SPECTACULAR. It was worthy of a Michelin star. My halibut was cooked to perfection--not an easy feat. I tried everyone's dishes, and all were truly wonderful. A very impressive dinner! My room service waffle was so good, I had to order it again for Sunday brunch at Astor Court the next day with my friend! She ordered the pancakes, and said they were sublime. I also met a friend on the Saturday afternoon for tea service at Astor Court. As mentioned in the service, we waited maybe 10 min before being served, and then had to wait 20 min for them to replace the raisin biscuits with a single chocolate chip cookie due to my raisin allergy. That wasn't so good. But after that, the rest of the tea service was wonderful--and absolutely delicious! We had a rough start, but wow was that a good tea service otherwise! I'd be happy to return just for that tea service! The hotel may have had a few service misses, but the food/beverage was outstanding! Location The St Regis' Buckhead location is amazing. It was only a 30 min drive to the airport on a Sunday, though I know it would have taken 45-50 min at least with all the traffic to get to the hotel from the airport on the day of my arrival. The hotel is conveniently located to all that Buckhead has to offer--shopping, restaurants, bars, etc. I met a friend at nearby Tomo on Saturday night, using the house Mercedes since it was within 2 miles. It was also just a 15 min drive by Lyft to Emory University, where I had meetings with former students on campus on Saturday. I love the St Regis location! Overall Overall, my stay at the St Regis Atlanta was far from perfect. I had trouble at check in and trouble with the suite air con and housekeeping. I had imperfect tea service. I wasn't a big fan of the tired and dated decor in my suite. But the public spaces at the St Regis are spectacularly beautiful and totally evoke the Southern tradition in Atlanta. The rooms/suites will be getting renovated soon. The air con finally did its job. The food/beverage were amazingly good--world class even. Butler service was great. Bellmen and valets and the wonderful engineer were all fantastic. And the Buckhead location just cannot be beat. Would I return? Absolutely. I certainly preferred the more masculine decor and air con in my room at the Four Seasons, but I liked everything else more at the St Regis. The air con and decor will be remedied by the renovation. The service clearly can be excellent. And my status with SPG/Marriott clearly pays dividends, too. Overall, I recommend the St Regis, especially if you want to be in Buckhead. I'd look forward to the new look of the rooms/suites after the renovation, though!

I very much like the St Regis. The location is good, my room was large, comfortable and immaculate, the fitness center is large and well equipped, and the restaurant is quite good. Service is genuinely first rate. My one criticism relates to a weak and inconsistent WiFi signal, which kept cutting in and out. The hotel needs to do better with that, but otherwise this is a great option for a stay in Buckhead.

We attended an absolutely outstanding wedding and reception at the St. Regis this past weekend. The hotel did a exceptional job with everything. The ball room was magnificent and the seated dinner was flawless with truly great food. Our room was large with a nice view of Chops. The only thing I was disappointed with was the shower. The head was on a floating bar and it would not stay in the position it was adjust to. It kept sliding down the poll and turning away from me as I was using it. For a hotel of this stature I would expect a much better shower.

I had the opportunity to stay at this hotel for a work training. I've never stayed a luxury hotel and I almost passed on the chance to stay in the hotel as I live in the area. After seeing some pictures, I decided that...why not!! The hotel lobby is very quaint and doesn't feel like a normal busy hotel lobby. It's extremely charming and very antiquey feeling. It felt extremely welcoming and homey. The check-in process was extremely easy. As soon as I got to my room, my mouth literally dropped to the floor. The natural light from the outside poured into the room. There was a wonderful small balcony facing the Shops at Buckhead. The King size bed was super fluffy and light. The TV was large, modern and gave you the option to watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and other things. The room was stocked with every type of liquor, snack and drink you could imagine. There was wonderful chaise in the room as well for lounging. Now, the bathroom absolutely immaculate. There is a wonderful hallway that leads from the hotel room door to the bed. There was a TV in the bathroom mirror. There was a deep tub as well as an enclosed shower and an enclosed bathroom with a phone. My only complaint is that the tub was not as clean as I would have liked....not a big deal...I still used it. The phone in the room had an alarm clock and also controlled the lights in the room, which was wonderful. I forgot my iPhone charger but there was another clock that had a built in iPhone charger which was a lifesaver! I picked my daughter up from school, which is 18 miles, and she literally walks in and screams..."This is the life, this is the life." really is! She jumped on the bed and watched her favorite Youtubers until her bedtime. Before we fell asleep, two lovely women came and fluffed our bed and put two chocolates on the night-stand. It was a great touch. The next day, check-out was so easy. Leaving was the hardest part. It was an incredible experience and I look forward to the day that I can stay there again!

We recently spent a 3 day weekend at this beautiful hotel. We were greeted late in the evening by a smiling bellman and by Alejandra at the front desk. Our room met all of our expectations. The bed was comfortable and the sleep restful in very quiet surroundings. The staff were always prompt with our requests for extra pillows and ice.We used Alou in the company car for a ride to the MARTA station to go downtown. We had great service and a wonderful breakfast on the 4th floor. We enjoyed drinks in the bar and out on the terrace each night before dinner. The hotel was in walking distance to great Buckhead restaurants where we dined each night. This hotel provided wonderful service all weekend. We even spent some time at the pool where Bara was providing ice water and ready to help us with any of our needs. We are eager to return to this DELIGHTFUL establishment.

The hotel lived up to our high expectations except for one glaring problem. We had a suite - extremely roomy - virtually an apartment. However, one day they never cleaned the room even though the electronic button to "Make up Room" was lighted. Assured it was an oversight and would NEVER happen again, it did. For a second day, they failed to clean our room despite a lighted request button. How does this happen for Platinum Starwood members?

We were really disappointed. There were a lot of little things that made it feel mediocre. The wood furniture was terribly nicked and dinged all over. It looked worn out. Two drawers were broken. The mirrors in the bathroom were hung permanently crooked. The carpet showed some wear. The pipes in the walls made a terrible noise when you turned on the water at the sink. The two clocks in the room were set to the wrong time (we almost missed our dinner reservation). There was only one USB port in the entire room, as far as we could find (luckily we brought a wall wart, but otherwise we'd only have been able to charge one device at a time). The phone in the bathroom did not work. Additionally the cordless landline phone lost it's charge after a only a few hours off the charger (leaving us with no way to call the front desk at 3am when someone in the hotel started blasting loud music). The coffee maker was incredibly loud (it vibrated so intensely that the coffee cup almost danced right off of it) and it made only barely warm coffee (really almost lukewarm). It would have been nice to have some bath salts or bubbles for the beautiful and enormous bath tub. We were only there one day, so it wasn't worth trying to get anything fixed or change rooms. And none of these things were truly awful, I just expected more of the St. Regis. I would have told the management as a courtesy, but the woman who checked us out didn't even ask me how our stay was. I will say, other than her, every single person I encountered who worked there was FANTASTIC. I give the staff five stars. And despite it all, we enjoyed ourselves. But for the price and the hype, the St. Regis absolutely did not deliver. Stay somewhere else and get a better value. Or wait until they remodel and refresh the rooms.

The St Regis Buckhead is without doubt the premier 5* hotel in Atlanta. Centrally located, immaculately presented (public areas and rooms) and the service is exemplary. It's a relatively new hotel but feels "old school", in keeping with the St Regis ethos. ATLAS restaurant is a world-class "foody" fine-dining restaurant that is amongst our favourites in Atlanta.

Eighty-Eight West Paces Ferry Road Atlanta GA

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi and wired Internet in rooms and public areas
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa
  • Outdoor pool

Located in Buckhead within a 5-minute walk of Atlanta History Center, The St. Regis Atlanta is within a 15-minute stroll of Swan House. This 151-room, 5-star hotel has a full-service spa along with an outdoor pool and free in-room WiFi. Also close to this Atlanta hotel are Piedmont Hospital and Legoland Discovery Center.


Sit down for a leisurely bite to eat at the onsite restaurant, or enjoy a drink at the bar/lounge. Savor a meal from the comfort of your room with 24-hour room service, or get a quick energy boost at the coffee shop/café. Start your day off with breakfast, available for a fee.


All of The St. Regis Atlanta's 151 air-conditioned rooms provide minibars, free newspapers, and free bottled water. Guests can expect to find free WiFi and wired Internet, plus flat-screen TVs with cable channels and DVD players. Beds are dressed in premium bedding and bathrooms offer hair dryers and designer toiletries. In-room massages are available, and other amenities include laptop-compatible safes and desks.

Property features

Guests of The St. Regis Atlanta enjoy a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, and a health club. Valet parking is available for USD 34 per day, and there's also limo/town car service. A multilingual staff is on hand to assist with dry cleaning/laundry, tours or tickets, and securing valuables. Other amenities at this luxury hotel include free WiFi in public areas, 8 meeting rooms, and conference space.

Room options

Superior Room, 1 King Bed

King 1 | Sleeps 3

Deluxe Room

Queen 2 | Sleeps 4

Suite (Metropolitan)

Queen 2 | King 1 | Sleeps 5

Deluxe Room

King 1 | Queen 2 | Sleeps 4

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