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San Mateo hotels

San Mateo hotels receive corporate guests from many industries, including solar, web and financial. Nature lovers also visit hotels in San Mateo for their parks, gardens and endangered species habitats, like the Mission Blue Butterfly. Arts aficionados are taken by the Coastal, Peninsula and Stone Tiger art galleries near hotels San Mateo. Howard Johnson Express provides family friendly hotel San Mateo rates. The Coxhead House Bed & Breakfast Inn is an ornate San Mateo hotel.

San Mateo Quick Picks and Tips

San Mateo County Event Center welcomes guests from San Mateo hotels to events such as the Aloha and Salvadorian Festivals, Golden Gate Apparel Association and Northern California Volleyball Association.


Nini's Coffee Shop starts the day for many travelers at hotels in San Mateo with omelets, corned beef breakfasts al fresco. Aqua Pazza satisfies diners' need for authentic Italian cuisine, and Pancho Villa Tacqueria grills up an excellent Chicken Avocado Salad.

Major Point of Interest

Families visiting hotels San Mateo can take a much-deserved break in Central Park. Featuring a Japanese garden, koi pond and cultural center, its serene vibes are contagious.


Hillsdale Shopping Center near hotels San Mateo offers weekly giveaways for customer feedback in the form of social media. Their retail therapy lineup is highlighted by a California Welcome Center, Michael Kors, Swarovski and Kiehl's.


Water sports enthusiasts can gear up and have a blast at Coyote Point Recreation Area and Horseshoe Cove, both easily accessible from many San Mateo hotels.