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Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort and Spa

4.5 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Over water hut was amazing. The entertainment was sparse but good. The restaurants had good food but not many choices. Boat rides to the island are free in the morning until about 5pm. The bus is quite expensive but you are in gorgeous Bora Bora so....They do charge you for a boat ride to the island for dinner hours which I think they shouldn’t. I would definitely recommend this resort for a relaxing vacation.

My husband and i went here for our honeymoon and had the over the water bungalows. The views are spectacular but there were a lot of things that made our trip less enjoyable. Our second night i ended up with 36 mosquito bites. Bug spray didn't help. During our lunch you had to fight with the flies to even enjoy your meal. Then our room..... the rooms view is amazing like i stated and i did really enjoy the balcony to lay out but the bathroom filled the room with smells of sewage and then the air conditioner leaked above our bed. We did as many activities we could to help our stay. Then the 75 dollar room where you can wait in before they take you to your flight was a disaster. The toilet didn't flush and the sink was clogged. When we mentioned this, the staff didn't seem to care. Bora bora is beautiful but next time we will be staying at a different location and must relay the message to others as well who are traveling there . Pay the extra for a nicer hotel. Our friends who stayed at nicer hotels didn't have any of these issues.

Travel to the resort, like any other in Bora Bora, was lengthy but if you travel prepared, then it will not be an will especially forget all your worries once you've arrived to this destination. From the Tahiti airport, there is a 1hr flight to Bora Bora and then a short 10 minute boat ride to the resort. Our flight arrived in the early AM and immediately following our orientation/welcome meeting, we were lucky enough to have access to our room. Some other guests had to wait for their rooms to be ready but during the slow season (Nov-Feb), the wait isn't very long and they take all your luggage for you so you are able to walk around and get familiar with the resort while you wait. I was not comfortable with the resort making copies of our passports, I am not sure why they need to do this..any other form of ID would normally be suitable in other countries but nonetheless, everything seems to be fine so far. I was most impressed by many of the resort staff knowing us by name from the day we arrived, they seem to take great pride in their personal customer service. Resort: was very clean, neat and well kept. Staff are on the ball with their organization. It is a small resort so I guess it is a little easier to maintain. Only a bit of an issue with the mosquitoes, these buggers bite you ANY TIME of day! I did not ever see the gardeners spray the citronella but we were told that they do it every day. I was a little confused by the shuttle to the mainland, we were told it only goes out 3 times a day but we saw it running all the time. .. It was later explained that the 3 times given to the tourists (9am, 10am, 12pm) is because there is a bus lined up at the same time to take you downtown. This boat shuttle is free before 5pm but the bus is $16 roundtrip per person (bus ticket is purchased at the resort before you leave). The downtown area is small; you could leisurely get all your shopping done within 2 hours. It is recommended that you go early so you don’t have to wait too long for the next bus back (at some point in the day, there is a 4 hour gap between busses but I cannot remember when) TIP: if you make any friends on the resort, it is cheaper to go out together and take a cab so you can travel at your own time and pace. Also, most places are closed and no Alcohol is sold/served (in town) on Sundays so there are usually no busses that day at all. I recommend booking excursions on Sundays since there is nothing else you will miss out on then. Spa: is a little hard to find the first time, it is hidden in the back bushes, lol. It is stunningly beautiful, well maintained and great staff to help with all your needs. Gym is there for use at no charge pretty much all day, has a piece of equipment for any needs. Prices at the spa are reasonable and comparable to what we pay at home so take a chance and indulge while on vacation! Best part to me was the on-site tattoo artist, there everyday to ink in any traditional Tahitian tattoo you choose. This was something very different than any spa or resort I have been to and I love the cultural meaning behind it. Beach: was very nice, water was warm and waves weren't over powering. The water is shallow, deepest part going all the way out to the rope, is only about 3-4 feet. The sand is as pristine and white as you see online but is honestly not as beautifully soft as Bermuda or Aruba. If you are a person who really enjoys rolling in the sand, this is not the best place in the world to do it. The resort has a beautiful Coral Reef Nursery, great for snorkeling. I had rare opportunity, and near heart attack, of seeing a stingray and a nurse shark near this area. I have seen these creatures before but never in their own wild habitat where I was also swimming! it was surely something beautiful and definitely made my trip that much more spectacular. Pool: was wonderful AND heated! it is small but January is a very slow time of year so we pretty much had the whole pool to ourselves whenever we were there. Only downside is that there is no swim up bar, you have to jump out but the bar is so close, its really not a big deal. There are some people who come with their children and they usually hang out in the pool, I just avoided going when the kids were there we could enjoy the still water. Entertainment: There is essentially no entertainment here or on any other resort/island either, this is a trip to RELAX and appreciate the beauty. There is a very nice show on Mondays, the Tahitian buffet night at the restaurant, band and dancers are incredibly talented. I wish they had this show more than just once a week. Nightly by the pool/Bar however, there is a band and sometimes singer(s) until about 10pm. Those folks are also extremely talented, it was wonderful to watch them play and sing in the evenings, very relaxing. In addition to these two options, there is a well kept/maintained billiard where you can freely play music from your phone and shoot some pool throughout the day or night. There is also a tennis court and beach volleyball area but they are far too large for any one couple to play alone (unless you are professionals)...I suggested to the resort to have some entertainment staff try to organize tournaments to bring people out to play and watch. Rooms: I was able to take a tour of all rooms and to be completely honest, the best Rooms are the beach front Jacuzzis. Many people go to these places for the over-water bungalow but I find them overrated. There is actually less privacy in those rooms (with your neighbours) and they are far away from everything, including the beach. Personally, my husband and I are beach people so that is why we chose the beach-front. Once there, after touring the other rooms, we realized that our room was enormously bigger than the others! It is not for everyone but it had an outdoor bathroom area (closed off toilet room though). The shower was so easy to just walk in and out of and since it was pretty much outside, i never cared about getting the floors all wet, I would have a field day splashing around in the shower lol. The fence is tall and there is a partial roof, plus this is strictly a NO DRONE ZONE so no need to worry about your privacy except with your travel partner! One bonus of the over-water suites is that they have a Tub in their bathroom so it is nice to be able to have the option for a bubble bath. Keeping in mind though, the beach front suites have a Jacuzzi in the backyard so you can still have the pleasure of the bubbly! Beds & Pillows are incredibly luxurious and comfortable, it has been 3 weeks since Ive been home and my husband cannot stop talking about that ‘bora bora bed’! It is a tease to go here for only a few days, I highly recommend making a good long trip at this resort so you can thoroughly enjoy your bed! Lol. I give that comfort 6 out of 5 stars! Our specific suite also came with our own hammock by the beach. Unfortunately though, there is no 'reserved' sign or anything so many days, we came out to find other people using our hammock. We didn't want to upset anyone who was just trying to enjoy their vacation like us, so we never told anyone to move. It would be good if the resort offered some sort of sign to inform guests that, that feature was exclusive to the room in front though. The beach front room, in lieu of a balcony, has a very large solarium area, with a huge day bed and table to enjoy your coffee in the morning or room service meals. It is entirely cased with bamboo and other wood but almost the whole room (3 walls/ excluding the glass doors to the bedroom) opens up so you can have a cool breeze flowing through all day. One complaint about the bedroom area, is that it was difficult to get the AC working..for us northerners, it was just not cool enough (at best, we got it to about 22 degrees C). Also, the refrigerator in our room was not very cold, sufficient, but I would not trust milk in there for example. Keep your ice buckets full as often as you can. Next concern was the security of the bedroom area; there is a main door to your cabin and then a separate door to your bedroom> our entry door to the bedroom usually did not lock, we had it ‘fixed’ a couple times but it would just stop working all the time. We just left it and ensured the main door to our cabin was locked. Secondly, The glass door to the solarium area could be pushed open from the ends...sounds confusing so I will try to explain: sliding glass doors open in the middle where the latch is, as normal, but the ends> from either wall, have a ton of wiggle room (about 2 feet on either side) and are not screwed youre able to just push/slide the entire glass piece away from the wall and boom, you have a full doorway open to the bedroom! The Solarium area locked by mostly by simple latches so we just ensured those windows and doors were locked before we went out. All in all it is very easy to break into someones room if you wanted to but thankfully, there are good people/staff here so that is not something we were too worried about. Housekeeping: was sufficient but honestly not very good. For a resort with such high standards in all other areas, I was disappointed with the housekeeping. Every day was different, not sure if it was a different cleaner, but there was definitely a difference in the cleaning that took place each day... Some days the used glasses/empty beer bottles were not picked up, some days we didn’t receive replacement towels and some days our floors were not swept. The only consistency was that the bed was made. I never called to complain since it was something so randomly different everyday...I didn’t want to complain about one cleaner when others have their faults too. Also, there were sometimes particular things that were done so well, that I overlooked the things they did not some days, they would organize my shoes neatly across the wall and some days they would wipe down and neatly organize all my bathroom supplies. There were also days when they would clean up the bar/refrigerator area so well and ensure fresh, clean drinking glasses were supplied. I think it would be beneficial for the cleaners to consult general a checklist before they sign off that a room has been cleaned, this would help ensure some more consistency on their rounds...basic things like replacing towels should never be missed. Food: Was wonderful. Extremely expensive but that was expected. For example, a burger and fries was about $ husband and I only ordered it once and shared it anyway. Most travel agents are able to get the breakfast buffet included with your package, I highly recommend it, it was simple yet delicious every day. Food and bread was fresh and fruits were just mouth-watering!! Next best bang for your buck is the pizza during Lunch hours (11am-4pm), about $20cad for a 9'-10' round cheese pizza with olives. The pizza was absolutely delicious and can be shared. The Tahitian night (Mondays) dinner buffet was FABULOUS! the food was sooo good, wish they had those options every night. Otherwise, there is pretty much only one restaurant and it is the same menu options every night...that food was good but we were there for 10 days so it did get repetitive. Price for dinner was not completely obscene, about $40-60cad per person. TIP: all purchases/paid reservations made at the resort are billed to your room, no need to carry cash unless you are leaving the resort. Also, if you are coming from Canada or the US..or anywhere really, exchange to Tahitian Francs (CPF) or Euros as these are the currencies most widely accepted. I had some CPF but also brought US which was barely acknowledged as money to them lol. They prefer Euros if you are bringing any foreign currency and also all prices (on the resort as well as in town) have the Euro price conversion listed, no USD. To save some money on food, we brought a bunch of snacks and MR.Noodle Cups to tie us over between meals. Also, we were so comfortable in our room/area, that we were sometimes just too lazy to go to the lunch bar or dinner lol, so we would just grab a bag of chips and watch movies from our laptop by the beach. TIP: if you are staying for a long duration and want to save some money on food and drinks, be sure to go out to town to the grocery store. You can stock up on liquor, beer, juice and simple snacks for a much lower price than what youd pay at the resort. My only big issue during my entire stay was the service at the concierge desk. Booking my excursion and dinners were great but I was sorely disappointed with how they handled my complaint about a price discrepancy upon billing: On arrival to Tahiti, we received our hotel package which included a coupon booklet for various excursions and restaurants around all of Tahiti. In that booklet was a coupon for a safari excursion in Bora Bora. With our concierge desk, we booked this tour however after completion of the excursion; the tour company refused to honour the coupon and the hotel refused give the discounted price. After going back and forth, for hours, with the Concierge, they claimed that the coupon was expired and could not be used...the booklet says 2018! could the coupon be expired just two weeks into the new year!? Anyway, I was disappointed with the tour company for giving us such a hard time but I was more upset with the hotel for not stepping in to resolve the situation and please their guests...instead, the hotel (only one rep to be exact), sided with the tour company and refused to help. I was in such complete shock and that horrible service, I was no longer arguing about the money but rather the principle of the matter; catering to your guests and honouring your island’s group marketing attempt. This was a book I received with YOUR hotel package...why are you refusing to honour coupons that are clearly NOT expired? Front desk and other staff were great but the Concierge desk needs a reminder of what customer service is. At the end of the day, literally the last day at the resort and after 7 days of complaining, they finally corrected the bill. At the end of my trip, we booked a transit-room because we had a late flight and needed to check out of our room by 11am. The transit room is $80 but free when you've stayed longer than 10 days. It is PERFECT, it is a very small room but completely sufficient; has a bathroom, HUGE shower, a good size closet and a day bed to relax if you like. I really appreciated the practicality and simplicity of this room but it was missing one thing...a phone! When it was time to leave, there was no way for us to call for the bell boys to collect our luggage, lol..we had to walk out and flag someone down the old fashioned way. Besides that, it is a lovely room, and made for a seamless transition to our final departure. I recommend to anyone who has a late flight out. Overall, I had an amazing time doing a whole lot of NOTHING, the fact that there is so little to do, ensures that you WILL have time to truely relax and take in the fresh air and true beauty. One day I sat on the hammock and watched the Mountain until nightfall, total serenity. If you have the time and funds, I do not recommend staying here less than 8 or 9 days, it is too wonderful to be stripped away any sooner. last TIP: source 100% sunscreen if you can, this sun is different than any other, and we know how important it is to protect from those UV Rays. I got in my full tan on day one, the rest of the time, I char broiled! lol. Also, Bug spray bug spray bug spray! bring something for your room and something for your skin. Those mosquitoes know no boundries!

The atmosphere and the surroundings were very well designed. The best part of the Pearl is that it exclusively deals with one of the expert guides for the shark and ray excursions - ROSTO; Lagon Excursion Services (RAINUI TERIITAU ) . He made the guests feels as though they were swimming with tropical fish and not sharks . I highly recommend the Pearl so that everyone can experience this rush of adrenaline apt for all ages .

My wife and I just spent 8 days at the Pearl Beach Resort and we can't wait to go back!!! The people along with the views are absolutely second to none. While the bartenders could use a little more training, the food and accommodations were amazing. This resort even has a local tattoo artist who gave both my wife and I beautiful pieces of Polynesian artwork that we will have for the rest of our life. If you have tattoos this guy is GOOD :-) Happy and safe travels to all

Recently honeymooned at the Pearl Beach Resort. I booked thru and I couldn't have been more pleased. Everything went off flawlessly and no detail was overlooked. The resort was total class. The staff were amazing and helpful. The private villa with splash pool was lush and totally private. It felt like we had the resort to ourselves. It was so hard to say goodbye to paradise! We will return!! Thanks again to Amelia and for planning the perfect trip!

From the minute you land and take the short boat ride to the resort the welcome is 2nd to none the over water pontoon rooms are amazing with glass tables you remove to feed the fish the room itself is large with tv iron and board tea coffee etc although the tv is crap as is the Wi-fi the views from the room are spectacular the waters are warm and ideal for snorkelling the restaurants are very good if a little limited on choice the staff are very friendly and nothing seems to much trouble would certainly go back

We spent 3 nights at Bora Bora Pearl Beach, it was a great moment. The people are so kind and quite attentive to our comfort. We have appreciated the equipment, bedroom, sport material. The restaurants are quite good also.

This resort may not have the glitz and glamour of some of the resorts on the other side of the island, but it sure makes up for that with the friendliness of its staff! The location is perfect--not too far from the main island, so it is fairly easy to get off the motu, yet far enough to enjoy the absolutely stunning beauty of the lagoon and beautiful view of the volcano. There is even a coral nursery at the resort and you can swim up to it right from your over-the-water bungalow. The beach and the views from the restaurant are breathtaking. The bungalows are not new (minor signs of wear and tear due to the weather and location right on the water although there seems to be regular upkeep), but gorgeously done with local materials and windows to the water below so you can see the fish while you brush your teeth or sit in the bathtub. The hospitality at this resort is unlike anything I have ever seen. One of the staff members travelled to a restaurant on the main island to bring me a typical flower crown on my birthday, all with a gracious smile! Small tip: take a kayak and go around the motu. The corals on the other side are stunning!

Lovely, picturesque hotel situated 10/15 minutes boat ride from the airport. On arrival at the airport you are directed to the hotel stand before collecting your luggage, where after you climb aboard the hotel boat for a 10/15 minute ride across the lagoon to the hotel. The location of this hotel is stunning, in a lovely part of the lagoon with views of Mount Otemanu. We stayed in a lagoon premium overwater bungalow, which is just below the premium water bungalows which have view of Mount Otemanu. The bungalow is equipped with coffee and tea making facility as well as a mini bar which you pay for. There is plenty of space in the room, with a large comfortable bed, large bathroom area with shower and bath. Next to the bed, on both sides as well as in the bathroom there are viewing hatches where you can see the ocean floor below. The bedroom leads out onto a fair sized balcony which has two deck chairs and a seating area and also allows direct access to the lagoon. The hotel has a lovely swimming pool and two main restaurants where you can order a selection of western meals as well as a few local dishes. The food at the restaurants is very good though a little on the expensive side, with a selection including burghers, pizzas, club sandwich and a few local dishes. The menus are rather limited if you are looking for a long stay, or your other option would be to catch the boat to the main island. Breakfast consists of a continental selection as well as a hot breakfast including a station with eggs made to order. The pastries are very good and the yogurts have some interesting flavours. We were only here for three days so did not venture onto the main island. At the hotel there is a small coral nursery where you can snorkel but there is not a lot of sea life, so a good idea to venture out on an excursion for this. We did one excursion which circled the island and included swimming with sharks and sting rays. If you have limited time on the island I would particularly recommend this excursion as you get to see a lot and the visibility of the water is very clear. All in all this is a hotel set in an idyllic location, with lovely grounds, pool and beach. I personally would recommend a water bungalow if you can stretch your budget that far, it is worth it!

Motu Tevairoa Bora Bora

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa

Located in Motu Tevairoa, Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort and Spa places you next to Pearl Resort Beach. This 80-room, 4.5-star resort has a private beach, a full-service spa, and 2 restaurants. It's on the boardwalk and also near Mt. Otemanu and Lagoon Resort Beach.


Enjoy dining at one of 2 onsite restaurants including Restaurant Tevairoa, which specializes in French cuisine. Order from 24-hour room service to satisfy your hunger without leaving your room, or explore the resort and get a beverage at the bar/lounge or coffee shop/café. For your convenience, a continental breakfast is served for a fee each morning from 6:30 AM to 10:30 AM.


All of Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort and Spa's 80 rooms are air-conditioned and have an array of amenities, including furnished balconies or patios, minibars, and coffee makers. 20-inch LCD TVs come with cable channels and DVD players, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi. Beds sport premium bedding and bathrooms offer rainfall showers, hair dryers, and designer toiletries. Free newspapers, ceiling fans, and safes are also standard.

Property features

Guests of Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort and Spa have access to a private beach, a full-service spa, and an outdoor pool. You can take advantage of free parking, along with an airport shuttle (available 24 hours) for XPF 4238 per person one-way. Multilingual staff at the 24-hour front desk can assist with concierge services, luggage storage, and securing valuables. Other amenities at this beach resort include a children's pool, a health club, and a spa tub.

Room options

Bungalow, Overwater

King 1 | Twin 2 | Sleeps 3

Suite, Jetted Tub, Beachside

Twin 2 | King 1 | Sleeps 4

Bungalow, Overwater (End of Pontoon)

King 1 | Twin 2 | Sleeps 3

Premium Bungalow, Ocean View, Overwater

King 1 | Twin 2 | Sleeps 3

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