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Sandals Emerald Bay Great Exuma - All Inclusive

5.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

First off..we did not pay for this husband works for paid..we never do all inclusive and this trip confirmed why...first off..the views are spectacular and the water is different colors of turquoise i cant even what price..we stayed in room 7310 and air condition worked sometimes..the room had a musty smell and mattress felt moist from the if you like florida and sticky..thats the place to we had to deal with black flies swarming on our the jerk shack..the hot tip was to place a ring of tobasco sauce around your food..the flies hate it..really..then serious service with an attitude..this is why i dont agree with not morning we came through the side door for breakfast buffet..they would not serve us drinks because we did not get seated by a in effect we got punished..but who knew..the quiet pool was full of dead bugs for 2 days and a comfortable 80 degrees..the cananas are great..they come equipped with a fan a table and 2 lounge chairs..perfect..there were plenty available..on the beach you have to scramble out early or the huts will be husband and i were not we will stick to our yearly jaunts to Aruba....

We just returned home from a 7-day stay at Sandals Emerald Bay. Our travel party of four (2 couples) consisted of one couple who had visited other Sandals resorts and my husband and I were new to the all-inclusive experience. What a fabulous time! The ocean, the ocean, the ocean! I have never seen water so blue! We knew we wanted beachfront walkout rooms, but initially were put off by the fact that those rooms all had butler service included. We did not think we needed or wanted to pay for that service. We decided to book anyway, since we really wanted an oceanfront room. Boy were we happy we did, as our experience was so GREATLY enhanced by our view and access to the beach PLUS the wonderful team of butlers. We truly felt that their service made this a very special trip. A team of 3 butlers worked with us during our stay. Our first butler, Alvin, was incredible! He was so professional and personable in making dining recommendations and reservations. He thoughtfully brought us poolside drinks and snacks (unsolicited or as requested), always paying attention to our particular favorites. He booked our golf tee times and prepped coolers filled with drinks for poolside and for the golf cart. He escorted us to dinner and brought us our first cocktail of the evening before stepping away. For one of our dinners he set the table with fresh hibiscus flowers. Another time he suggested breakfast on our beachfront patio. He set the table and delivered food and drinks before we even realized he had arrived outside. Alvin never rushed us, was always smiling and caring. When you speak with Alvin, you feel like he is completely with you. Outstanding service. On Alvin's day off, he passed us to Lee, a professionally trained female butler from China. Lee was an absolute sweetheart. She corrected a less-than-positive experience at the golf course, took photos of our group (suggesting creative and fun poses) and popped in to check on us poolside. We loved visiting with Lee and hearing about her journey as a butler. She is the type of employee every employer dreams of hiring! What a joyful, interesting and hardworking professional. Our third butler was Roy. Roy was a 'newbie' but has a calm demeanor we enjoyed. He did some service recovery on returning some laundry that was late in getting back to us. In short, our butlers fixed the very few hiccups we experienced at the resort. While I'm recognizing great service, let me mention bartender Cashane at Bahama Bay. She customized drinks for us, as we all had a different idea about how sweet our mojitos should be. We felt like she was hosting us in her home, telling us about island life, and how much she loved her work. Truly kind lady and we loved hanging out at her bar on our last night. Sterling at the Jerk Shack was a showman, bringing us great food and making us laugh. Great fun! Poolside sun, swim-up bar, and hanging out in our cabanas was great. The bartenders entertained us with occasional impromptu dancing. Bartender Chris made great drinks and kept the staff moving. The crowd at the pool (never crowded) were fun but not rowdy. There is a quiet pool as well, without music but with a bar for drink service. We opted for music, swim-up bar and occasional dances and some island history. Loved the historian who patiently taught us about Exuma. Restaurant food quality was generally excellent with food quality and taste ranging from barely okay to excellent. Our group of foodies enjoyed the Italian restaurant, the sushi restaurant and the Indian restaurant the best. The chicken from the Jerk Shack was delicious. The seaside open-air Barefoot By The Sea was a lovely setting...with average food. Still, we really enjoyed the setting. The French restaurant was not so good. It was the only restaurant where service was not warm or friendly. It was strangely too quiet. Our chateaubriand was thin, overcooked and tough. The escargot was prepared and seasoned in a way my French husband had never seen before. We passed on dessert because we just weren't enjoying ourselves. Completely the opposite, the Indian restaurant was delicious and the servers and manager were wonderful. Great job! Would we book this again? Certainly! Can we have Alvin, Lee and Roy again please? Thank you Sandals for a great time!

We stayed for 7 nights over New Year's Eve. When we got to the resort our room was not ready so they showed up to the buffet and we ate while our room was prepared. We arrived to Sandals around 1pm, so before check in time. Our room was beautiful and the maid service was excellent all week. We had a good experience with food at the resort. The jerk shack was a great place to get an afternoon snack, as well as pizzeria. Dinner at the Italian was probably the least impressive. It was good, but not what I expected from Sandals. The food at the Drunken Duck and French restaurant were fantastic. The Drunken Duck made us more than one "to go" plate off the late night menu. We had a horrible experience with room service. Food didn't come for over 1.5 hours and it was cold and soggy when it arrived. Lesson learned. The quiet pool was always relaxing and the water there was warmer than the other pool. Bar service there was slow and most of the time required getting up to get your beverage, and it was limited compared to the other sites. The most disappointing part of this trip for us was the diving. In order to dive you were told to meet in the piano bar area in the morning. usually 30 mins after the time they told you to get there the van would show up. 10 mins ride to the dive shop. then you get to sit around and wait for people to do pool checks before getting on the boat. The actual dive boat was broken so we had to take the snorkel boat out...until the last day we were there and it broke down too. The dive shop set up is less than ideal and we spent a lot of time sitting around staring at people in the pool at the dive shop instead of getting in the boat. The Dive Crew and divemasters were AMAZING and clearly trying to make the best of the situation they are in. They were all very friendly and made me feel safe. I just wish Sandals would provide better support for such an amazing crew. Our room, the grounds, the restaurants were all beautiful. However, the dive set up was inconvenient. I would recommend this resort to a golf couple or to a couple looking to laze on the beach for a week, I will not suggest scuba divers come here. The weather was horrible on our last day and all flights in to Exuma were all flights out were cancelled. At the airport we went to talk to the Sandal representative and he would not help us at all. He kept saying they had no rooms...and we kept saying NOBODY new is landing on this island today to check in. He was rude and dismissive. Luckily we found a condo to rent (which we shared with strangers who were also stranded)

I have vacationed to several Sandals' resorts; this was my first visit to Emerald Bay. The ocean/beach area and views are GORGEOUS! Clean, soft sand and, as the name implies, emerald ocean! The environment is SUPERIOR! The hotel, pool areas, and restaurants are in keeping with other Sandals resorts (above average, I'd say). The staff were kind, professional, and accommodating. Please keep in mind...the airport is very small and does not have air conditioning. Arriving is not a problem, as they immediately whisk you away to the hotel, but international departure typically requires that you arrive 3 hours before your estimated departure time. This is NOT necessary, as the airport is extremely small and HOT; ask your butler or the reception desk to leave approximately 1.5 hours before your departure time. They will ask you to sign a waiver form, which we did, but it was WELL worth it...otherwise, you'll ROAST for 3 hours while you wait for your flight. We got through their airport/customs is less than 15 minutes. Overall, a beautiful resort and a lot of fun! This is definitely a resort I would visit again!

I will start with the two things that I did like about our trip 1. The wedding coordinator on site was very sweet and helpful, she was always cheery and happy to help with anything she could. 2. The wedding photographer was very outgoing and was never to busy to stop and talk to us, even before and after our wedding shoot. He was a genuine person and could carry a great conversation. That is unfortunately where my positive interactions with this resort end. Let's start from initial booking. I don't even know if I can say it as Sandals, but Unique Travel Corp, the place that books for Sandals, insisted that we book everything through them, our room, our stay, our activities, and our flight. Telling them that I had never flown or never traveled out of the country before, they insisted that booking everything through them would make it much easier for us and we would get the best deal. They proceeded to tell me that they would take care of everything. We booked our flight through them and all of the other things we thought we would need. One the day our flight was to take off, we showed up to the airport an hour and 15 minutes before the flight was to take off. The people at the airline told us that we had missed our flight and for international flights we were supposed to be there two hours prior to takeoff. This was NEVER told to me when booking our flight with the resort. We were put on standby and told to show up the next day and hope to get on a flight, which we did. As far as the resort, the location really is beautiful. The water is a pretty bright blue and as clear as can be. The grounds are kept up very nicely, but there were spots that smelled like stagnant water. Our room was in building one, with an ocean view. While the view was pretty, the air conditioner rattled every time it was on high, and every time you rolled over or even moved in the bed, it creaked loudly. The was rust on the thresholds of a couple of the doors, other than that the rooms seemed pretty clean. Breakfast came to our room daily, but every evening, after asking multiple times, we had to go to the front desk and pick up the breakfast cards to be filled out because for whatever reason they just couldn't seem to leave one in our room. We wanted to book a tour to see the pigs, after the desk telling us that we had to put a card on file because the resort doesn't accept cash everywhere, we put a card on file. specifically telling them that at the end of the week when we check out, we wanted to pay them cash and not put it on the card. They assured us that this was fine as long as we reconciled the charges before departure. The day came to check out, and before leaving, I checked the bank account attached to the card on file, there were three pending charges, one for $330 one for $100 and one for $50. I asked them if these could be cancelled because we wanted to pay cash. They informed me that we could do that but the pending charges won't be released until 10-13 days after departure. We ended up just charging the card for the tour because we would have been out more money if we had paid cash and waited for the pending to clear. The total was $405 and some change. The day of our wedding the process went well, again, the wedding coordinator on resort was amazing. However, we had asked that the top of our cake be sent to our room and the rest (it had a whole bottom tier) could be distributed throughout the staff or other resort guests because we couldn't take it with us. When we got to our room later that night, there was a cake there, but when we cut into it, it was a complete different flavor than we had had for our cake. I had a vanilla wedding cake, the cake in our room was spice cake! The night before checkout they had told us to pack our bags and have them ready in our room by 9am the next day. That morning we put our bags by the entry way and my wedding dress next to them on the bench at then end of the bed. When we got to the front hall, they asked us to verify our BAGS. Under the assumption that they had put my dress in a safe place to bring us to the airport, I checked my bags like they had asked me to. I verified that those were our bags, and we got into the taxi and went. (mind you, on the way To the bahamas they had taken my dress and hung it in a closet on the plane to make sure it was well kept, maybe I was wrong in assuming that this would be the same care when leaving the bahamas) Getting on the plane I noticed that my dress was not in the closet. As soon as we landed in Miami I called the number that comes up for Sandals. I had to told the lady what happened and she rudely told me that I should have noticed when we verified our bags and it was my fault and if they did find my dress I would have to pay to have it shipped back to me. I nicely told her that I was asked to verify my BAGS, and assumed that my dress was taken and put somewhere safe for the taxi ride to town. She put me on hold for 56 minutes. Throughout that time she came back once to tell me they couldn't find my dress anywhere, then she came back to tell me they had found a dress and had to verify it was mine, then she came back to tell me that the butler had thought the dress came in with the "new arrival" of people and brought it back to a room with them, then she came back yet again to tell me that they had found my dress and I had to pay to have it shipped back, when I told her that this is their fault and I was not paying, she put me on hold yet again and came back 20 minutes later telling me that they actually had not found my dress and gave me a customer service number to call and follow up after the weekend. I called the number on monday, they opened a ticket and said they'd let me know what happened. Seriously?! I was married a week ago today and still have yet to hear anything about my wedding dress. The thing that really topped off my frustration was that when I got home and logged into my bank account I see the charge which had cleared for $405 and some change, and then still on my bank account was the three pending charges from the week prior, making my bank account negative and freezing all of my money. I called the customer service again asking them to help me with this and their reply was "You'll either have to go to your bank and see if they will release the holds early, some do some don't, or you'll have to wait until 10-13 days from your departure." How the heck can they hold money even after they charged your account and it cleared?? Overall horrible customer service. No one is willing to help or budge with anything. The travel company is extremely rude and holds no accountability for what they don't tell you when working with you. I will NEVER spend as much money as we did on a resort again, and I will NEVER stay at OR recommend another Sandals to anyone.

My wife and went back to Sandals a 3rd time in less than 2 years. First two times was in St Lucia. We liked Sandals La Toc so much we invited our friends and they went twice with us since. However this place Emerald Bay was a total let down. This is why... Upon arrival the resort is very pretty, the grounds and pool area are nice and clean. But our room # 7112 that we paid for was very Musty and warm I turned down the AC in hope it was going to get better. It did not get better after one night we requested to change rooms, after there attempts to fix the AC failed. So they chose to put us from a large room to a small room on 3rd floor from our floor level. I refused the room they then put us back on floor level with the same smaller size room # 7104. This room also had a bad Musty smell but the AC was cold so I was grateful. After I complained about the the downgraded room size they said they would credit my account $150.00 I accepted and the issue was resolved at that point. As the days went forward our TV in the room the sound was bad like a old speaker cracking so we had to keep the volume super low or it distorted terrible. I requested Kalik beer a (Local Beer) for mini fridge in my room 3 times and it never came for the entire week. Our maid service was terrible never knew when or if they would show up. Had to request multiple times for towels. Our coffee supplies in our room to make coffee was not replaced. We had 1 stir stick for the entire week. The food at ALL restaurants except the Drunken Duck was slow and never came out Hot. The food taste was not that good. Breakfast was always terrible at both spots. I and my wife are not Big Complainers but the FOOD/ SERVICE was a joke. I paid about $5500 including Airfare to have bad food and service for a week. So between my Friends and us we decided Sandals may not be our choice anymore. Very disappointed!

Great stay, will be back some day. Guess services are fantastic and the service providers are the best. This was the most relaxing vacation I have ever been to. Getting to the airport too early was a bit of a downer, the air was not working in the loading area.

We stayed in room 2110 and it was right in front of the Red Lane spa and work out room which was very convenient it was nicely centered to most things on the resort. Let me start with the food, the French restaurant was the one I was least looking forward to but let me tell you this place is awesome!!! (Fat head )the chef cooks some amazing food from the steak to the rack of Lamb. I ate the steak 3 different times and it was amazing that it was cooked and tasted the same each time. Compliments to the Chef. They have a dessert there that we called the lava cake with ice cream, we came and ate it 5 of the 7 nights we were there( just amazing). The Jerk shack was quick and they also had good food. We didn't have any food that was bad. Most people go to this resort to golf but a couple we meet in Grenada the year before said this was their favorite resort and they meet us there and we fished off the golf course and had some pretty good luck and some pretty outstanding views. The only negative I would say about this resort is that you have to leave the property to go snorkeling, which is what me and my wife love to do. I got to give a shout out to Troy are photographer he took some amazing pictures and he was a lot of fun to talk with.

We were celebrating our honeymoon, and booked the most expensice ocean walkout room. (eachfront Oversized Walkout Butler Villa Suite). The price does not worth it!!! the butlers were NOT nice, or welcoming. They did not assist us with anything. The butler even booked us a restaurent that was CLOSED! We eventually ate at our room because there were no restaurant available. no one apologized! The butler did not speak to us until our diparture. We asked to talk to the manager and no one contacted us. Poor food, really LOW STANDART. Will never recommand. Will never go back to any Sandals hotel.

Found this property to be one of the most beautiful resorts that we've ever stayed at. The beach and ocean are breathtaking and the resort is immaculately kept. The staff was gracious and accommodating. Food was good with plenty of variety. We found the entire experience to be relaxing and a great vacation! We'll be back soon.

Queen's Highway, Emerald Bay Rokers Point Exuma Islands

Hotel highlights

  • Free full breakfast
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining

Located in Emerald Bay, Sandals Emerald Bay Great Exuma - All Inclusive is within a 15-minute stroll of Emerald Bay Beach. This 245-room, 5-star resort has 3 outdoor pools along with a private beach and a golf course. It's on the waterfront and also within a 20-minute drive of Hoopers Bay and Exuma Beach.


Free full breakfast is included with your stay. Enjoy dining at Bahama Bay, one of 7 onsite restaurants. Order from 24-hour room service to satisfy your hunger without leaving your room.


All of Sandals Emerald Bay Great Exuma - All Inclusive's 245 rooms are air-conditioned and have an array of amenities, including balconies or patios, iPod docks, and refrigerators. Plasma TVs come with cable channels and DVD players, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi. Bathrooms offer hair dryers, free toiletries, and bathrobes. Minibars, coffee makers, and ceiling fans are also standard.

Property features

Sandals Emerald Bay Great Exuma - All Inclusive features a private beach, a golf course, and a marina. You can take advantage of free parking, along with a free airport shuttle (available 24 hours). The 24-hour front desk has multilingual staff ready to assist with dry cleaning/laundry and tours/tickets. Other amenities at this adults-only resort include a full-service spa, 3 outdoor pools, and a fitness center.

Room options

Beach House Oceanview Walkout Club Level Junior Suite

King 1 | Sleeps 2

Beach House Oceanview Club Level Junior Suite

King 1 | Sleeps 2

Beach House Luxury Club Level Room

King 1 | Sleeps 2

Beach House Club Level Junior Suite

King 1 | Sleeps 2

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