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Gambero Apartments - My Extra Home

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Recent guest reviews

This was our first stop in Rome/Italy and we were a little worried when we had to wait downstairs at the door for 10mins, not knowing what to expect. How we were over-worried! The apartment was very nice, lots of space, probably a typical Italian home type. Everything is very authentic Italian, even the books and magazines on the shelves. Lovely, private, and we would recommend it!

This is not a hotel. It is an apartment building. Upon arrival, I was supposed to call Silvia so someone would be there to let us in. I was having trouble with my phone and couldn't call her from the trains station. I had somebody call her from a shop next door and there was somebody there within three or four minutes to let us in. We stayed in apartment D. It was fine for us, but be aware if you are tall that this is an attic apartment with sloped ceilings on the sides. There was a small vestibule inside the front door and a living room with two couches. I believe they both pulled out, but we never did. Then there is a full kitchen with a dishwasher, fridge, toaster, oven and stovetop along with dishes. There is a grocery store very close by and we made breakfast every morning. There was an iron and ironing board, small washing machine, deck with clothesline. The bedroom had some dressers and closet space and a large bed. The air conditioner worked really well. At one point in our stay, the shower backed up. I emailed Silvia and somebody came while we were out and not only fixed it, but straightened up the place and left more toilet paper and shampoo. The hotel is in a primo shopping area and a five minute walk to both the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. It is a 20 minute walk to the Colosseum, the Capuchin Crypt, and about 25 minutes to the Borghese Gallery. The only downside was a slight smell of cigarette smoke in the apartment and a septic sort of smell inside the front door of the building. Know what you're getting though--there is no concierge and cleaning service. I knew that going in and it worked out great for us.

The apartment is in a good location and the bathroom was clean. The kitchen has not good appearance and the dishes were dirty. I had to make two phone calls to get in because the staff wasn't in front of the appartment when i arrived.

Bed bugs in the apartment (which they knew about), no 24hr reception (which is advertised), the oven did not work, no toaster and the pictures online are very deceptive. We stayed in an attic apartment at Gambero Guesthouse where the roof slopes low (three quarters of the way to the floor) over the kitchen, the lounge room and the bedroom. You cannot use parts of the apartment without bending over, and we kept hitting our heads on the ceiling. They put pictures of the nicest apartment up as the main pictures, and the pictures of the actual apartment you rent are of 2-3 apartments mixed together, taken with a wide angle lens. What you are actually getting is not clear. When we checked in, Hasna lied to us and told that the oven, which was not working would be fixed the next day. It wasn’t. The next day, we complained about the oven not working, no toaster and the apartment not matching the pictures. Hasna gave us a sandwich toaster, and she told us the oven would not necessarily be fixed. The day after that, we are offered the opportunity to move to a new apartment with a working oven, this is at Frattina Guesthouse. That night, we discover that there are bed bugs- coming out from the bed head and mattress to crawl all over the bed and the wall in the bed room. We try to ring the emergency phone numbers provided and there is no answer, we get the machine multiple times. The 24hr reception is a lie. We have to stay there, and we get no sleep that night. The next morning, we go to reception to speak to the manager, Silvia at 8:00am. She is not there and won’t be there until 10:30am. She initially tries to deny that there are bed bugs, telling us “Hasna said she didn’t see any” and “two Russian guys stayed here two weeks ago and they didn’t complain”. We tell her about the casts from the bed bugs (shed exoskeletons) in the bed head, which her staff had seen. No one was surprised about the bed bugs when we showed them so they knew about them when they moved us to that apartment. They deny this of course. Silvia agrees to give us a refund. Only the refund is not by credit card (how we paid) but it’s by international money transfer, which has many fees and can be cancelled within 28 days of a transaction being made. Silvia pays for a taxi to take us to new accommodation, which is also free of charge, at Mulatta Guesthouse (they are all the same company- My Extra Home). When we get to Mulatta Guesthouse, the manager Mia tells us that while we are travelling an internet booking came in, and now that we would have to find alternative accommodation. We move our luggage to reception and refuse to leave, so after a long 20min phone call (conducted outside so we don’t hear) Mia relents and lets us stay at the accommodation organised by Silvia. Mia is incredibly rude and patronizing to us, telling us, “I’m just trying to help you”, which we don’t believe for a minute. We had asked Silvia to organise a taxi to pick us up from Mulatta and take us to the airport (for an international flight home), and she and Mia tell us it is confirmed. Then, the next day when we get back to Mulatta after a day’s sightseeing to leave for the airport, we are told that today is a public holiday (which all of them would have known when they booked it) and all the streets around the hotel are closed until midnight, so they cancelled our taxi. We have to drag our luggage to the taxi rank to get a new taxi. The icing on the cake is, we then get an email from Silvia later asking us to give an “understanding review” on because our review would “affects their jobs”.

Этот guestthouse находится в 5 минутах ходьбы от площади Испании и знаменитой лестницы (которая, кстати, сейчас полностью закрыта на реконструкцию). Все остальные достопримечательности также в пешей доступности. Это огромный плюс. Вторым плюсом была большая квартира на двоих: спальня с двуспальной старинной кроватью и огромным шкафом, зал с большим телевизором, небольшая проходная комната с односпальной кроватью, кухня со всем необходимым (тостер, чайник, микроволновка, холодильник, плита, посудомойка, полный набор посуды). В ванной комнате разовые банные принадлежности. Пароль от Wi-Fi находится в информационной папке. Вся квартира обставлена антикварной мебелью, достаточно чисто и аккуратно. Так как Check off в 10 утра, а вылет у нас был поздний, менеджер дал ключи от офиса в соседнем здании, где мы до вечера оставили наш багаж. В общем, все на достойном уровне, тем более цена в самый сезон (июль-август) составила всего 62 евро/сутки.

場所的には最高ですが、お勧めできません。 ここは普通のアパートメントの中にあるので、到着のアポをして道路に面した入口の前で待ち合わせです。待てども待てども係が来ません。電話してやっと現れましたがぞんざいな対応でした。 天井に梁があるお部屋で、広いのですが、何しろ掃除がされていません。係が冷蔵庫を開けたら前に宿泊していた人の食べ物が残されたままなのには驚きました。チェックもしていないのです。 トイレットペーパーは一日で無くなり、自分で調達してとのことでスーパーに買いにいきました。5泊なのにタオルの交換もないので洗濯しようとするも、日本にないような操作のもので使用方法も書いてないので四苦八苦。結局脱水が機能せず大きなバスタオルも手絞りでベランダに干すという始末。 ここまではまだよかったのです。ローマに暮らしている感触を楽しんでいました。 悩まされたのはノミあるいはダニです。私は5泊で10か所は刺されましたし、娘は20か所は刺されていました。係に伝えたところ殺虫剤を持ってきただけ。 要するに掃除も行き届いていない、ベッドリネンも清潔に保たれていないので根本的に解決できないのです。 それから天井が古い木の梁なので、虫食いあとのように棚の上に木くずのような粉もたまっていたりします。 ロケーションは最高なので虫対策と清掃さえきちんとすれば大変良い宿になるとおもいますが、今のところこういう状況です。

Несмотря на не лестные отзывы на сайте выбрали этот отель из-за расположения и не прогадали. Квартира хоть не была очень большая, но все очень чисто и аккуратно. Небольшая кухня, с микроволновкой, духовкой, эл. чайником и полным набором посуды. Антикварная мебель, интересный интерьер. Весь центр Рима в пешей доступности. В предпоследний день случилась авария, потекла труба водопровода этажем выше и нашу квартиру затопило... Оперативность и дружелюбие персонала выше всех похвал, после моего звонка на пороге уже была менеджер, которая очень быстра нашла замену и нас переселили в номер в два раза больший по размеру, с двумя ванными комнатами и такой же антикварной обстановкой. В следующий раз буду стараться попасть именно в этот отель.

Los apartamentos están muy bien ubicados, al lado de la Fontana de Trevi, y de la Via del Corso. Son amplios, con cocina, sala de estar y wifi gratuito en todo el apartamento. Nosotras eramos 4 y estuvimos genial, con 2 baños y 2 habitaciones. El ascensor iba un poco mal, así que no lo usamos, subíamos y bajábamos cada día por las escaleras. Justo al lado, a salir a la izquierda hay una pequeña cafetería-estanco dónde desayunábamos cada mañana, los dueños eran un encanto y se comía de lujo a un buen precio.

호텔스닷컴에서 후기가 좋아 트립에서 빈대가 있는건 운이 나쁜 분이 었을 꺼라생각하고 갔어요. 후기에 쓰인 경사진 방은 말고 사진에 보이는 평평한 천장방을 달라고 메일로 부탁하니 매니저인 실비아가 그러겠다고 해서 기분좋게 갔더랍니다. 도착해서 로마의 중심에서 열쇠로 작동시키는 옛날식 엘리베이터가 있는 건물이 너무 로맨틱해서 좋았으나 아무래도 호텔이 아니다 보니 먼지가 좀 있더라구요.그리고 정말 오랜된 에어컨이 하나 거실에 있는데 바로 밑에만 시원합니다. 방쪽 침대에서 잔 저랑 딸은 7월말 한더위에 잠설쳤습니다. 하지만 로마의 가정집 체험을 하고 싶어 참고 다음날 투어를 갔다 왔더니 개미 수백 마리가가 저희 가방을 헤집고 다니고 있더라구요. 놀라서 매니저인 실비아에게 전화했더니 관리인인 하스나가 와서 에프킬러 같은 거 한 번 뿌리고 개미없다라고 하더라구요. 아니 내 정신연령이 3살 아기라 눈앞에 없으면 개미가 방에 진짜 없은걸로 안다고 생각하는지..매니저인 실비아한테 다시 전화 걸어 이 방엔 못 머문다 다른 방을 달라 하니 다른 방은 풀북이다.그냥 머물러라라고 말하더라구요.관리인인 하스나는 봉투도 안뜯긴 신라면을 들고 니가 가져온 음식때문에 그런거다라고 하며서 우린 개미를 먹기도 한다고 아무 문제 없다는 식으로 말하구요. 도저히 안되겠어서 이 룸에 머문지 24시간도 안 된 나땜에 어떻게 개미가 생기냐 원래 있었던 개미다라고 화를 내면서 말하니 실비아는 니 말 못알아듣겠다고 하고 전 화내고 하다가 결국 저희 남편이 실비아랑 합의해서 하루 머문 수박비가 내고 나머지 3일치는 환불받기로 약속하고 저녁 8시에 아파트 나왔네요. 위치 자체는 너무 좋으나 아무래도 호텔이 아니니 불편한점도 많고 관리의 문제도 있는듯요. 그리고 저녁7시 이후 체크인시 추가 25유로는 현금으로만 따로 받아요.

Estos apartamentos esta muy bien ubicados, a pocas cuadras de Plaza España. Al tener cocina te permite poder sentirte como turista y también como un italiano más. Nos alojamos en dos de los apartamento los cuales están muy bien equipados, tanto la cocina como la ropa blanca impecable. Cerca de mercado subte y de las principales atracciones. Con el Subte llegas a Plaza San Pedro en pocos minutos. Muy bien WI FI

Via del Gambero 30 Rome RM

Hotel highlights

  • Walking distance to Trevi Fountain and Pantheon
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas

Gambero Apartments - My Extra Home places you within a 10-minute stroll of popular attractions such as Trevi Fountain and Pantheon. This 6-room apartment welcomes guests with in-room amenities like kitchens, living rooms, and dining areas. It's in central Rome and also a short walk from Piazza Venezia and Vittorio Emanuele Monument.


The 6 air-conditioned apartments feature kitchens and space to spread out with separate bedrooms, living rooms, and dining areas. Guests can expect to find flat-screen TVs and stay connected with free WiFi. Bathrooms offer hair dryers, free toiletries, and bidets. Other standard amenities include espresso makers and ironing boards. Weekly housekeeping is available.

Property features

At Gambero Apartments - My Extra Home, guests have access to free WiFi in public areas. Airport transportation is made easy with an airport shuttle (available 24 hours). The front desk has multilingual staff that can help with luggage storage and tours/tickets.

Room options

Apartment, 1 Bedroom

King 1 | Sleeps 4

Apartment, 2 Bedrooms

Full 1 | Sleeps 4

Apartment, 3 Bedrooms, Terrace

Full 2 | Sleeps 7

Apartment, 1 Bedroom

Full 1 | Sleeps 2

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