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We visited this campsite so that we could get into rome with ease and then hopefully relax away from the hustle of the big city. Getting into rome from here is not terribly difficult..the mini bus which takes you to the railway station are quite frequent but you have to cross the road outside the camp first which when busy can be a problem. Their is no bus stop on the main road into town..only towards the seaside town of Ostia We went in by train from casal benocchi which is the train station also to rome in the other direction. I really liked it here at Ostia but my family were not so keen because their really wasn't many people about just a few beggars.. Theirs a restaurant on the front 'the wild west, Foods good and a nice selection of different beers.. On our return you realise why the railway have no money..everyone was just bunking in and not paying ..I think we were the only ones with tickets ! Rome itself is off the grid..its great !.get the red bus tour..honest and buy your tickets on line from home its much easier..the vatican is marvellous and a 3 hour tour 40euros..we were happy..the pope thrown in for good measure..honest he was there on the wednesday ..fantastic. The campsite..we had a massive storm and the pools were ruined the site worked really hard to get it all back to normal and massive credit to them The supermarket on site shuts ,1130..opens 1630..yep so get your skates on,the other one is not far away but walking it is treacherous..the road is dangerous be careful.. Ah the bus stop..towards rome was allegedly taken away by the council because its too dangerous and people hurt running for the bus..I was told this so just beware the main road is dangerous We had some problems pool side with a bloke who kept playing with himself and we eventually had to report him Apparently he lives on the site and their is a mini campsite within the site..we called it sangatte ..people live their for whatever reason but don't wear wrist bands..the management were made aware and were quite good in dealing with the situation..although we didn't go back to the pool again ..all I can say is be observant when you are around the pool area..and be security conscious at all times.. Their are lifeguards and they do a good job so report anything you don't like.. This is a good site for rome..but not as easy as everyone states..I personally wouldn't return but then again I've seen rome now so no need..

My family, a group of 11, has just spent 10 days here in two mobile homes which I booked through Eurocamp. THE SITE - The site is very large, with a permanent area in the middle clearly for local residents which resembled a curious kind of shanty town composed of caravans covered in tarpaulins and a mish-mash of tents and furniture. One of our units was situated just at the corner of this area in the midst of the statuesque pines which provided great shade from the heat and the other was along the top row with a view over the city but not so much shade. There are 3 pools, 2 are for the campers and I got the feeling that the 3rd by the tennis court and with its own restaurant/bar was for the owners of the permanent placements and possibly staff as it was closed off most of the time. The big lagoon pool is very shallow and has a soft bottom and is an absolutely genius idea for young children as they can play and splash to their heart's content, my 3 year old granddaughter loved it. All the pools were positively acrtic in temperature but you soon got used to that if you kept moving. I don't think the lifeguard had his mind on the job most of the time, I don't know how much use he would be in an actual emergency. We were disappointed that the closing time was reduced to 6pm when we arrived, the site was still pretty busy and I would have thought even the original time of 7pm a little early. However on the Sunday of our first weekend we had quite severe thunderstorms and torrential rain which filled the main pools with dirt and required them to be closed for cleaning - we were told for 'a day or two' but they actually didn't open again until the Friday. A huge mobile kitchen and canteen tent was being set up throughout the whole week for a vast army of school children and I got the distinct impression that they kept the pool closed as it aided access to the construction area to take the jcbs and lorries across the poolside. We were told we could use the 3rd pool but the first couple of days we tried it was still closed off. I know we were there late season (7-17 September) but to have the main facility out of action for such an extended time is not acceptable. There were also many notices around the camp for a market held on Mondays and Wednesdays, even to the extent of being included on the permanent direction signs around the camp but this did not take place. The gelateria was open for a few days after we arrived which suprised me as the camp website and literature states that it closes at the end of August so that was a nice surprise. The pool bar, gelateria and restauarant had very good prices for food but as usual, extortionate for cold drinks (not coffee and beer). We ate twice in the restaurant and it was very good both times, yes service was somewhat haphazard but the staff were very accommodating and helpful with our large party and my steak in particular was superb. Cocktails were cheap but absolutely horrible!! The main bugbear when we initially arrived was that the map we were given bore absolutely no resemblance to the actual plan of the site, none of the roads were straight, most were unsurfaced and it took us a day or two to figure out how to get around. The size of the pitches is generous. I would not go so far as to say it is simple to get into and out of the city although at E150 for a single ticket which lasts up to 100 minutes it was certainly cheap. Going in to Rome, the site organises a free shuttle bus to the nearest train station half hourly in the morning from 8am to noon. This is because the bus which brings you back from the metro (709) drops off near the site but does not pick up. The alternative is a 20 minute walk to the bus stop near the nearest Pim supermarket (which is EXCELLENT, ask reception for directions), followed by a bus, then train, then metro - depending on which area of Rome you are aiming for. There was a public transport strike on the one day we had to be in the city for a specific time but the transport starts at 6am so we managed to get in before the strike started. Reception and the travel office both refused to book us taxis the day before and said we would have to turn up and take our chances, I thought this rather odd but as we had hired cars we drove to the Pim supermarket and continued as already described. The supermarket on the site though quite small wasn't excessively pricy and we found everything we needed there for a few days. We could probably have managed the whole stay had I not fancied looking round an exotic supermarket for an adventure! Staff throughout the site were friendly and helpful and welcoming at all times. There are lots of beautiful wild cats on the site which like to come and visit and should be left in peace as they are looked after by the management, my granddaughter was enchanted by them and they were in no way a nuisance. As I have seen mentioned in other reviews, the invasion of school groups which began on our last Saturday (16th Sept) was exactly that, hundreds of rowdy kids from around 10 to 18 rampaging around the site completely unsupervised. Noisy and intrustive, they kept us away from the pool on our last day. Avoid this time of year. ACCOMMODATION- We stayed with Eurocamp and had a Vista 3 bedroom and a Classic 2 bedroom mobile homes. They were basic to the point of being unpleasant. The Vista had the loo in a little cupboard in the living area which is centrally situated, the bench seating was tiny and sloped when you sat on it, the dining table was way too high to reach from the table and the kitchen was minute and very poorly equipped. We had an oven which was a luxury but it only had one shelf and one tiny roasting tin, there were not enough chairs or plates for a party of 8 which the unit is designed to accommodate and very few utensils or serving dishes (one tiny glass casserole dish lid with no dish, one plate, one bowl, one pint sized glass measuring jug. Pooling the equipment from the two units and always eating together we managed but it did make the cooking of a proper meal into a very time consuming affair. The fridge was a generous size. The basic design of these units with the central living area seems not to make good use of the space to me, we have stayed in many static caravans in the UK of similar or smaller size and all of them were much more comfortable. I would recommend going for the Espace if you use Eurocamp, they looked better laid out. None of the other companies' mobile homes seemed any better though. We also rented linen packs which were poor, laundered but stained sheets, a cheap felt/fleece type blanket and a very thin pillow and cheap thin towels. I would recommend using some of your luggage allowance on your travels to bring at least one more towel each. I was also unhappy that the pull-out bed in the living area was too dirty to use, it meant one of my adult sons had to sleep on the seating bench as it was and he didn't get a good night's sleep all week. There is mini golf, two good playgrounds and go-karts and bikes for the kids and the site runs some very good trips to places of interest. THE AREA - if you're going to Rome for the history you need no suggestions from me except to reiterate that the best way to see the Colosseum is on a private tour. I booked ours with Vatican Tours as it was both considerably cheaper and only 90 minutes instead of over 3 hours which I thought would be more advisable with a 3 year old in tow. We had 2 guides who split us into groups of 7 and 8 so it was a very informative and evocative experience and worth every penny of the E65 a head it cost. I would also recommend a trip to Ostia Antica as it's beautiful and rather haunting in the late afternoon but wear comfortable shoes! We also drove down to Pompeii which was around 2 1/2 hours down a good motorway, once outside the Rome metropolitan area - just avoid the parking touts and be careful where you park. There is a Carrefour supermarket on the main tourist strip which runs along below the ancient town and you can park there for E10 for the full day. We also avoided the touristy restaurants and went to the Hostaria Plinio on Via Plinio which was just lovely, my granddaughter was made a fuss of and the owner insisted on taking a photo of us all together - well priced and good food too. We found that many of the official monuments have a wonderful system of payment for young adults. They often charge a much cheaper rate for people between 18 and 24 or up to 26 years so remember to take the passports of anyone in your party who may qualify, I estimate we saved around £100 on admissions in this way. In fact monuments in general are much cheaper than similar places in the UK would be, with the exception of the Diocletian Baths which were E23 entry and so unfortunately we had to miss them - saved for the next trip! Another outing we had was to Cinecitta film studios. There are two exhibitions and a cafe which you can visit for an entry fee but paying for a guided tour which run frequently every day but Tuesday and don't require pre-booking gives you access to the outside sets. This costs E20 but they have a family ticket for 2 adults and 2 children up to 26 years of age (!) for E45, this lasts for an hour and then you have as long as you like to look at the exhibitions. I was very surprised to learn that Zoolander 1 and 2 were both filmed here and my son was very happy to visit the set from the recent BBC/HBO tv series, Rome, which is one of his favourite series. DRIVING - well this is just a NIGHTMARE and not for the faint hearted. It must be an age thing, but my 28 year old son adapted to this much better than us oldies. One significant thing we eventually figured out but I have never seen mentioned is that on dual carriageways there are usually two separate roads, the inside 4 lanes are for traffic going straight ahead and the outside 2 lanes in each direction are for traffic turning off either right or left, the two roads merge by way of slip roads between the two. There are almost no road markings and all the lesser roads are so badly kept that to a British driver they look more like what remains on an abandoned airfield or a home-made farm track across a field. I have absolutely no idea how anyone would find their way around without a good GPS system. We'll definitely go back to this site at some time in the future but I think probably would brave the higher temperatures and go before it starts shutting down for the winter and also would be there longer so we could actually spend some time enjoying the pools and recovering from the epic amount of walking we did around the historical sites and I think I'd pay for an extra case and take my own linens, it's not the easiest thing to do to go self-catering when travelling by air.

My friend and I stayed in a mobile home here for a week at the beginning of September 2017. We enjoyed the camp site very much. We used it as a base and spent 3 days exploring the city of Rome, 2 days at the beach in Ostia, one day at the historical site of Ostia Antica and one day at the camp site. We used public transport and found it very reasonable and fairly straightforward though you need to leave yourself plenty of time for getting back to the camp site. The staff at the camp site were very helpful and never made you feel like your questions or requests were a bother to them. They were always pleasant and looked after us very well. The shop was handy and had everything we needed. The pool was lovely and the pool area was not too crowded. We enjoyed the ice cream shop a couple of times and also had takeaway pizza once which was very good. Our mobile home was spacious and clean and contained all the equipment we needed. It was nice to have our own shower and toilets and still feel like we were camping. On the first day we had a few ants in the mobile but the staff gave us some ant spray and we never saw anymore. The camp site was quiet at night time - except that we had a few thunderstorms at night. After 11ish the evening entertainment quietened down and the place was very family oriented and felt safe. There was plenty of entertainment without it being too noisy for those who wanted a quiet break. It is a huge complex but you still feel like you're in the countryside in the trees and it makes an ideal base for touring the city without staying in a noisy city. We enjoyed our time very much and would return next week if we could! Thanks everyone in Camping Village Fabulous for a wonderful holiday!

Hi We stayed here for 4 nights and was amazing. The staff and friendly and helpful. The amenities on site are spot on. Plenty of room around the pool to relax. Perfectly positioned to visit Rome. We could single travel tickets which were purchased on site which lasted 100 mins which was plenty enough time to get us where we needed to go and same again coming back. The site put on a free shuttle bus to metro station which takes you into Rome. I must admit I find it a shame that they don't do the return journey as local bus is hot and busy. They are very old too. The one we had struggled to get started one day. We had to wait some time. Certainty not worth renting a car as it's so easy to get around in Metro. On site restaurant is lovely and priced reasonably. Around 8-9 euros for most meals. The snacks at pool bar are a little over-priced but you can get fresh bread from the shop if you want to save a little. Just note that is closes from 1.30-4.30. Would have been better to have had another hour as often we went out first thing in morning and arrived back at 2.30-3.00 when it was closed! But all this being said I was more than happy with the place and would recommend to others.

Firstly let me apologise for the length of this review but I want to give a detailed account. After arriving late due to a delayed flight , my son and I were exhausted yet we were so excited when we arrived at Camping fabulous ! The reception staff were great and organised transportation to our Eurocamp rep Poppy , who was helpful, lovely and informative. We arrived at our Chalet that mirrors a very similar layout to that of a caravan. There was plenty of space for the two of us with an extra bedroom to spare and a large decking area with barbecue. It's very picturesque with beautiful pine trees above that is home to birds and crickets which was lovely to hear everyday , especially over our morning tea! The accommodation is basic , and instead of duvets they provide you with blankets yet are comfortable. They come fitted with air con which was great on hot days however myself and my son literally only spent our mornings having breakfast in them and going to bed ! We didn't need anything else regarding accommodation. It was good to have a shower etc and have a cuppa on the decking, but we only used it as a base. If you want 5 star accommodation this is not for you , the clue is in the title " camping fabulous " this is a camping resort and there are many chalets , tents , caravans etc. It isn't untidy whatsoever it's well situated . There are Italians that live on this site as their permanent residence however they were no trouble whatsoever. Their homes are plain to see however it only sparked interest in my 8 year old son to see people living in tents permanently and to see their little plants growing etc. If anything it humbled us and taught us something about the Italian culture . The restaurant on site is lovely and we had no problems waiting whatsoever , staff are friendly and helpful however we arrived at the end of the season therefore there was less people on site. The food was lovely and my son especially enjoyed the pizzas! The view from the restaurant was beautiful especially at sunset. Their is an info point on site. The two ladies that worked there were great and nothing was ever to much trouble. Being on my own with my son I wanted to feel confident and safe on site and travelling and they helped me do this. It isn't as simple as some say going into Rome as some have mentioned previously however it isn't as difficult either ! The shuttle bus runs every half an hour till midday , you have to cross the road and wait within the car park for its arrival. By the way it's a coach and not some shabby pick up bus. This then takes you ten mins down the road to the nearest train station where you depart to head into Rome. You can buy at the info point the travel passes I recommend the 24 hour pass that you can use on the trains and buses for £7 Euro, under 12s go free! I will upload a photo of our travel map but honestly once you do it the once it's easy ! We changed at ( sorry If I'm wrong ) St Porta Paolo and then headed onto the colosseum which was two stops away , all in all the journey took 40 mins from the resort. The colosseum is beautiful and well worth it . My son and I queued for 15 mins and again children go for free! You can pick up audio tours and the price is so reasonable It cost me £13 euros ! We then went to the palatine hill which is incorporated with the price of the colosseum! Great day and then on the way home there is not a returning shuttle bus ! Therefore you get on the same train line as before but get off at EUR FERMI, you then head up the stairs on your right and cross the road where you will walk down the stairs and see the bus depot! We always got on the 070 , which doesn't directly go outside the camp , so look out , you will see the chalets etc and it's literally the first stop after a very long stretch of road ! It's literally then a 2 min walk round the corner ! Honestly it took about an hour on the way back but feels quicker as it's broken up by train and bus. It's def worth it and we ventured into Rome to the sistene chapel , St Peters , Trevia etc which was just spectacular! We got of at ottaviana, for the sistene chapel ,jumped back onto the metro to spagna for the Spanish steps and then walked to the trevia fountain . Was smooth and no trouble ! I'd recommend eating where the Italians eat and not tourist spots etc, just ask and they are happy to point you in the right direction. On site facilities are brilliant , they offer excursions, and the animation team are active throughout the day with aqua gym , pizza making etc ! The swimming pools are beautiful and safe , my son and I loved them . We got the same spot throughout our stay and a parasol . The slides provide much fun and we also purchased water tennis bats etc to play also ☺️ It was lovely to be able to head into Rome , walk the Italian streets and see just how pretty it is etc as well as relaxing by the pool . My so. Also enjoyed go karting which was £5 euros for 5 hours ! The bar by the pool and the icecream parlour was reasonably priced and the quality of the icecream was amazing ! We ate far to much ! There was one guy in there with a beard ( gelato parlour) who was endearing and as we tried to understand one another and we often giggled . Nothing was too much trouble! There was one lifeguard blonde hair and sunglasses who was very vigilant etc however the other lifeguards were pretty chilled on their phones , which wasn't too great especially when the slide got busy! Last but not least was the animation team!! How amazing they were and one of the best I've ever seen ! They gave 110% every night , the chemistry and teamwork between them was brilliant . Like one big family ! Roberto , damiano, Nicole and Christian was wonderful and I'd hope to see them when we return ! So affectionate and my son felt very special ! Music was great and if the resort sold an album of it I'd buy it ! Overall our holiday had everything ! Sightseeing and peace , fun and beautiful scenery ! The animation team made this review five stars, my son adored them and cried when we left ! We were also checked on 4 times throughout our stay which was great! We will be returning as there is so much of rome yet to see and I believe if you want best of both worlds then come here ! Thank you camping fabulous for the great memories and happiness felt for myself and my son ! X

We stayed in Camping Village Fabulous in August 2017. Nice and clean mobile homes, well supplied supermarket, good snack bars and restaurant, swimming pools children loved and always helpful staff. Definitely worth recommendation!!!

This campsite is the perfect example of just okay. Everything is there and okay but nothing scores a great. Pool is clean and great for kids but its way to crowded, too loud music during animation events, too few sunscreens. Snackbar at the pool is pretty poor and expensive. Icecream quality is okay but prices are higher than anywhere else in Rome. Restaurant quality is okay, prices are okay and staff is okay. In the night everyone "enjoys" the music of the (mini)disco up until 2400 hours. Supermarket is okay but again prices are pretty high and assortment is pretty limited. They offer an easy way into Rome and beach but since the van is not provided for the way back, you have a terrible public transport route back or need to take a cab (35€ from Rome center). There is a large supermarket nearby but I dont consider walking for 20 mins and back with full bags really holidays. Overall, everything is just okay.

We visited Camping Fabulous as a family of five, our children are aged 7, 5 and 2 and I don't think we could have picked a better site. The shallow lagoon pool complete with slides allowed myself and my husband to be able to have a relaxing holiday as we could see the older boys at all times and our daughter was able to paddle at the waters edge without us fearing she would go out of depth. The lifeguards in the pool were very vigilant in making sure the sensible rules were followed. The entire pool area is fenced off and didn't open until 9am (high season) this meant that the beds didn't get snapped up in the middle of the night. We found if we headed to the Pool for 8:45 there would be a few people waiting but we when the gates were opened you would still get pick of the seats. There appeared to always be beds available it just depends if they were in your ideal spot. The entertainment team worked very hard, my children loved the mini disco and enjoyed watched the aerobics by the pool etc... my only gripe would be the inconsistency of the evening entertainment, it didn't always start at the advertised time and it wasn't always what was advertised, I have definitely stayed at parks with a better evening schedule, that said the Foam Party was a highlight of the holiday!! Credit to the blonde haired chap in the animation team, nothing was too much trouble for him and his enthusiasm knew no bounds. The site is clean and tidy, as are the shower blocks, there seems to be someone in there cleaning 24/7. There are men's showers, women's showers and even cute little section just for the children with mini showers and toilets. The shop is well stocked and priced as you would expect for an onsite store, however there is also a supermarket a two minute drive away which offers greater variety at a cheaper price. The restaurant offers delicious food and the staff are friendly, the price is also reasonable its just let down by one thing... everytime... one hour wait for food. This is far too long! If you have the time make sure to book on to the Rome By Night tour that runs from the site, well organised and informative trip that we thoroughly enjoyed. The info point can give you all the information you need, there wasn't one question they were unable to answer and were so helpful. FYI you can hire pushchairs on the park for 4EUR a day with a 50EUR deposit, we found this very helpful when we went in to Rome. If staying at Camping Fabulous be sure to visit Ostia Antica, vast and stunning roman ruins, we also visited Europa1 shopping centre but was not impressed, the Macarthur Glenn designed outlet nearby though was worth a trip. I would definitely recommend Camping Fabulous.

First time in the camping village with the whole family.. The kids really enjoyed their swimming pool. A lot of activities during the night. Good thing is you can do barbecue. I think we're coming back again next year!! You can sleep well with the airconditioned mini-case.. Very clean and neat. It's worth it

We had high hopes for here after reading reviews but now we've booked in (canvas holidays) and are experiencing the accommodation we are less than happy! The outside furniture is filthy then you come inside the tiny caravan and it stinks of nicotine, especially the bedroom! its quite tired looking and the cleaning is sloppy at best. the bathroom smells evil, theres no wifi, no microwave, half the doors don't close properly, there are no protector covers on the pillows or beds and the blankets supplied?! well thankfully it's awesome weather so we won't need them!! our bedroom window is right on a main thoroughfare, meaning its noisy and we cant leave our window on mesh as smokers regularly pass by. On the plus side.. the location of the campsite is awesome, the staff we have encountered are friendly and helpful, there's a really well stocked supermarket just up the road from the campsite, the air con (once we found the remote ;-)). ) works like a dream, the shower is great and it's easy to adjust the temp, separate toilet, there's a stove kettle, badly chalked up but hey ho, at least there is one! Linen hire is cheap, there are 2 plug sockets available for charging our devices, we only paid 15euro for 2 bath & 2 hand towels, (main reception) bed linen for a double and single bed. (Nice white cotton sheets) You can park right at the side of your caravan.

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