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Bel Air Collection Resort & Spa Riviera Maya

3.5 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Just returned from our most recent stay at Bel Air Xpu Ha and had a great time once again. I have to thank the manager, Geovanni, for helping slide the dates for us at the last minute due to blizzard delays that stranded us in Boston for a couple of extra days. The hotel was super helpful in adjusting the dates to support our travel. Jorge and Catarina in Reception did a great job seeing to our needs, and Daniel in Concierge was always on top of transportation, etc. Our room was spotless, comfortable, and everything worked well, including the Wi-Fi and a/c. Our cleaning lady, Yeymi, worked with us to clean early while we were out with our dog - yes, Xpu Ha is pet-friendly and we saw a few other dogs there during our stay. The hotel was nearly full and offered buffet-style dining in addition to ala carte ordering from the menus in the dining rooms. Manuel Mclean, head of food services is doing a fantastic job. Francisco and his staff, Ruvicel, Wiliam, Armando, Ramon, Carmen and Lupita, were just a few who did an excellent job for us; they were always aiming to please and ensured that our orders were just as we requested. It's readily apparent that management takes training of the staff seriously. The pool areas were always very clean with comfortable loungers, and there was plenty of shade to protect us from too much sun. The pool bar and the snack bar provided us with great service and a nice variety of food and drink. Thank you, Jessica, for your service, you were always there when I needed something. In the evenings, the Lobby Bar had family-friendly entertainment and Tomas made some great drinks and is super personable. We keep coming back to Xpu Ha for the peace and quiet, the beautiful gardens, and the friendly staff. It's a great atmosphere and they all want you to have a great time. While we didn't take advantage of any of the nearby trips, Xpu-Ha has an excellent location that allows easy access to all of the Riviera Maya and the Yucatan. We'll be back before the end of the summer!

I love this place and the staff but I believe it needs lots of improvements. Nevertheless, I have returned three years in a row as it has so much to offer. The prices are great, food too. Bar service is very slow and for those on all inclusive deals it's hard to get your monies worth. The manager is super friendly and accommodating and has gone out his way to make us feel welcome and almost family. Pool entertainment is great and overall atmosphere too. I feel this place needs money pumped into it to restore its former glory and make it shine again! But I do recommend especially for those with children!

Outstanding and friendly service by Armado on 23 Mar '17. We appreciated his personal touch assisting us with a special meal request. Thank you. Look forward to his service again this week. It is readily observed how attentive he was to all his customers. He is very personable. We are very happy with his service.

Upon arriving we were having a few doubts about why we had chosen this resort, however we took a deep breath and reminded ourselves that we wanted to try something a bit more unique and different as a belated 25th wedding anniversary gift to each other. Check in was quick and effiecient and in no time we were loaded up in one of the golf carts with all of our luggage and off to our room. We were excited to see the room as we had booked the Deluxe Palapa style. The rooms are all the same but the upper floor has the palapa roof. We will probably never have a room like this again. It was very unique. We had a king size bed, which was comfortable and we both slept well. The double sinks were great, and the shower was a decent size and we never lacked hot water. The double tub was not used, we just never had the urge to fill it when the ocean was in our back yard. The balcony was huge, with lots of space. We enjoyed sitting out there either reading, having a drink or cooling down after a run. It was so peaceful sitting out there surrounded by the tropical jungle. We had a couple of small issues with the room. Our safe and our door key reader didn't work, but a phone call to the front desk had staff there within minutes to fix them. Hats off to the maintenance staff (Fronlier) for their prompt response. The resort is small but quite spread out. From our door (Building 700) to the ocean was about 750 meters. It seems like a lot of walking but it is part of the charm of the resort. You could walk all that way and not see another person until you got close to the restaurants. You could also jump on a golf cart to catch a ride. The cart staff was awesome, I wish I would have got more names. They were all friendly and always had a smile for you. Lots of wildlife along the walk to keep you looking. The cenotes on site are a real treat. We finally went for a kayak in the large cenote. It was so peaceful. We were the only ones out kayaking at that time and we had the entire area to ourselves. We really took our time to explore as we were in the search for the manatee family. We went as far as we could go and were able to see parts of the abondoned portion of the resort. Our patience paid off as we were able to find the manatee family. We just floated with them as they swam around our kayak. I was able to get some fantastic photos with our under water camera. We probably spend 30 minutes just floating with them, it was truly an amazing experience. The one thing that concerned us about this resort was that there is no direct beach access. However, there is the beach club at Playa Xpu Ha. This beach was beautiful. The sand was amazing and so was the water. There was some seaweed the one morning, but it was cleaned up eventually. We like to hit the beach in the morning after breakfast and were usually there by 10 or 10:30. We always had a front row umbrella and chairs. That way we could be in the sun or the shade. We found that the beach club area could feel a bit crowded if it was busy. We are used to spreading out and having some space and we found it cozy. The drinks and lunch were adequate. Not a lot of selection for lunch, so one could tire of that over the week. What we ended up doing was beach until early or mid afternoon and then we would jump the shuttle back and hang out around the pool for the rest of the day. The pool was nice, nothing fancy, but you could always get a lounge chair no matter what time of the day you got there. We found that a lot of the people seems to gather at the pool in the late afternoon for drinks and a snack from the pool bar. It was really our first time spending time around the pool. We usually don't because it's load and crowded. Not here. Not crowded and you could always find a quiet spot if you wanted. The restaurants were all located around the pool area. This was one of the great things about this resort. It's smaller and quieter so there aren't any reservations required, which was awesome. We never had to wait to get a seat and most times we were able to get a table outside to enjoy the beautiful evenings or mornings. The food was very good with a decent selection. My mornings usually consisted of a fresh made omelette and fresh fruit. Coffee was good, hot and the cup was always full. Good lunch selections as well, you could either order off the menu or hit the buffett. Dinner was always great. We always ordered off the menu, and would sometimes grab the odd thing from the buffet as well. The selection was decent and we tried a number of different dishes during the week and enjoyed everything we sampled. We tried out the sushi restaurant one evening. The service was excellent, and the martinis were tasty. We just didn't find the sushi to be that great. The tempura was awesome and a couple of the rolls were good, but we liked the main restaurant selection better. I did check out the gym as I like to go for a run, but there wasn't a treadmill. It's a unique gym as it is open air which I have never seen at a resort before. I highway our front of the resort is very busy and not condusive to running if you value your life, but since the resort had nice wide walking paths and is quite spread out, I was able to run a loop around the resort. I was able to get a 2.5 km loop, so depending on the day I would just loop as many times as I needed. We did do some exploring along the front of the resort. If you go left at the water you can access public beach and also the Barcelo Resort beach. Again, beautiful sand and a large beach, but it was a bit rocky and challenging getting there. Wear decent shoes, not flip flops and that would help. We also explored going right which leads you along the front of the abondoned portion of the resort. It is worth the short 10-15 walk to see what the resort was like before the huricanes hit in '05. It's kind of erie to see, but also very interesting. If you follow the old boardwalk it will take you the the Casa Cenote that would have been one of the highlights of the original resort. We actually went back another day with our snorkel gear and checked it out. It is quite deep and was like swimming in a fish tank. Awesome experience and I would recommend it. Again, wear decent shoes for the walk and be prepared to maybe scrap an elbow or a knee getting in and out of the cenote. Finally the people. One work, amazing. We had such a great experience with all the staff that we interacted with. They make this resort!! Every staff person that you met always offer an hola in greeting and a big smile. Everyone person that works here deserves a tip of the hat for their hard work and making our vacation as enjoyable as possible. I am going to give a shout out to staff that always made us feel welcome and made our stay so enjoyable. At the Front Desk, Juan and Catelina were always quick and responsive, answered our questions or exchanged our towels. To all the front desk staff, whenever we called they responded so quickly sometimes that we weren't even ready. The cart staff and bellboys were all excellent. Shout out to Fidelio for always having a smile on his face and moving us around all week and helping with our luggage. Great job. The restaurant staff was all awesome. Cecilia Garcia was by far the best hostess we've ever had. Huge smile that just brightened your day when you walked into the restaurant. She is a absolute joy. Roger. He never seemed to not be working. He was always there with fresh coffee, answers to our questions, help with anything we needed. You could tell took pride in his work and you could see that the staff looked to him as their leader. The others that made our week were Lupita, Ramon, and Daniel. We had Lupita a number of our evening for dinner and again she was such a joy to have serve us. Her English was not great, and my Spanish isn't either, but we always got by. Many laughs with her all week. Ramon was always the perfect waiter. Quietly went about his work, always there when we needed him. He the type of waiter we migrate to. Would sat in his section most days for lunch because he is good at what he does. Daniel was also great in the restaurant as well as around the pool area in the afternoons. Always a smile, quick and effiecent service. Keep that smile, and keep working hard. One of our favorites at the pool. The staff at the Pool Bar were all excellent. Jesus and Domigo lead the crew here and we really enjoyed our afternoons around the pool or at the swim up bar with this group. Jesus made great drinks, always had a smile, and like to show off a few dance moves behind the bar to entertain us. Domingo made great drinks, offered fantasitc service all the time. My wife claims he makes the best Sombero she has ever had. It is now her favorite drink. Daniel, Juri and Alex rounded out our staff at the pool. All were awesome and made our afternoons a treat. We didn't spend a lot of time at the lobby bar in the evenings after dinner, but whenever we wondered through we would spot for a drink and have a visit with Tomas at the bar. He always had a smile on his face, made great drinks and would take the time to visit with you. And he makes great popcorn. The Animation Staff was lead by Hector. You couldn't miss Hector because he always seemed to be working. The pool wasn't your typical party type of pool, but he was always entertaining the guests with music, dancing or some small games. Normally we don't hang out around the pool because we want quiet and relaxation, Hector had just the right mix as we went to the pool most afternoon. He would also lead the evening entertainment at the lobby bar. We went a couple of evening for drinks and to watch the entertainment. The evenings we went, the entertainment was good. In closing. If you are looking for a party resort, this is not the place for you. If you are looking for something a little different, that isn't crazy busy with people and is quiet and relaxing then give it a try. We've been to a number of resort and have enjoyed them all for different reasons. This is the first time that I have left after a week feeling like I was there longer than 7 days. To me, that says a lot about the staff, the food, and the atmosphere they have here. Hats off to all of you.

This resort is very different to where we have stayed before. It was fun exploring the cenotes, especially by kayak and the opportunity to snorkel in them in an attempt to see a manatee. Sleeping in a palapa was fun and the balcony was huge with a variety of furniture including a string hammock. The food for the most part was very good but there is a lot of food with cream cheese in it including all the sushi. All the staff were very friendly and a little bit of Spanish language helped.

I know that many of the reviews of this place are very positive, that's why we decided to stay there... But the thing is that most of the reviews are from tourists who have never been in a hotel in Mexico or at least in the Quintana Roo area, and sadly people think that this is a 5 star hotel, but it is not. The hotel paints itself as the best one with the best, cleanest, efficient, working and good looking facilities, but the truth is that this place looks so mistreated and so terrible. I paid too much for this place. The service from the working people tho, is really nice and warm and cheerful, but that's not everything that makes a hotel a 5 stars hotel. They keep animals in terrible conditions, with the heat that there is in this place the animals have no water and their cages stink terrible. It is a very sad thing what is going on there. The first day we arrive, the reception manager told us that our reservation was not taken into account in their system and, after wasting most of our day going from the airport to the hotel, they wanted to offer us to take us back to Cancún... They did this to a few more couples. This is embarrassing, we didn't get anything neither an apology from the Bel air team... After arguing with this man, they gave us a room we didn't even book... The room was disgusting, there was hair on the pillows when we just arrived and you could tell that the jacuzzi and the toilet never had the best cleaning attention. Not to say more, one day after we were the whole day out, when we arrived our room was open with the lights on...yes, open.. the cleaning lady had already clean our room before we left so we know it wasn't a mistake from the service people... "Security" came and checked but never did anything about it. The beach club is so terrible... Their drinks, like the ones from the hotel, were all made out of only sugar... Artificial flavours and Ice. And the worst thing is, that being a all inclusive they don't even have food service for the people at the beach, they offer these disgusting cold nuggets and some other things that I didn't dare to try since it was seafood in a warm environment staying there the whole day. The day of our check out, the car service had to help us since we had 4 suitcases, they came 50 minutes late... I don't recommend this place at all, the money you would spend here, you should spend it in another place.

If your looking for a cheap place to stay in Mexico and plan on spending most of your time out at the beach or out on excursions its not so bad. The biggest downer was the food. We live in Arizona so we have plenty of great Mexican restaurants to choice from. We were very excited to eat great Mexican food all week but it really just kinda sucked. The food was ok but just standard bland buffet food. The customer service was hit or miss as well. We had a couple good experience and many bad ones as well. Luckily we had a busy schedule and spent little time at the hotel.

Overall we enjoyed our stay at Xpu Ha, the food was very good and people were welcoming. The resort itself is unique and having 3 cenotes on site is pretty nice. We loved kayaking and snorkeling in the large cenote. The food was very good and varied. The "a la carte" menu was very nice and food was fresh. On another note it would have been nice to get more information about what was going on in the resort. When we arrived we were given a key and a little cart drove us to our room. But we had no idea where our room was compared to the amenities and what activities were available....we had to guess/call/ask to find our way. One of the thing we were looking forward was to see the animals in the resort but we were not told where they were in the resort and what animals were there. We looked at a lot of empty cages before discovering the animals. Even though we had no internet in the room, the safe broke down and one of the balcony ledge almost fell off, I found the service desk response to be very prompt. I would say Xpu Ha resort need to improve on maintenance ( check all balcony ledge on the first floor rooms for example) and get rid of half broken cages which will obviously never be used again. The beach was really nice and the service was good there. I found there was a huge variety in term of service in the resrot...from waiting 1 hours at the pool to get someone to get our order to having staff remembering your favorite breakfast drink and bring it over as we arrived in the restaurant. If you like nature, authenticity and a friendly environment I would recommend that resort but don't hesitate to ask a lot of question to reception!

This resort suffered 2 hurricanes that destroyed part of the resort and grounds. It still has charm and the manatee containing lagoon where you can kayak & snorkel are the best thing the resort offers. Along with the staff, who were all helpful, said halo, as you walked the grounds. This Mayan Riviera all inclusive resort is a series of slightly rundown two-story structures surrounded by serene tropical forest. Our second floor room had spacious patio, king size bed, Jacuzzi tub. Surrounding jungle full of birds, a large rodent called an agouti, raccoons and coatimundi. There is a large dining hall, sushi restaurant, pool and swim up bar, on the ocean side of the resort. We enjoyed the walk to dining and the pool from our room. It could be difficult in the heat. There were golf cart shuttles that would drive you around the resort grounds. The dining experience was decent, but the staff was excellent. Armando, Jorge, Raoul, Rene, Magda at the restaurant and the bartenders at the pool bar. Breakfast and the buffet food was also very tasty, with the added bonus of an omelette station and even sparkling wine. The ceviche at lunch was really nice, with large chunks of fish. They had a very impressive show one night with a fire\dancing\acrobatic troop. The show thrilling for children and adults. However, I wish they would remove the animals that are in enclosures far too small. Please rehome the jaguars, panther, apes and crocodiles. They are sad to look at and feels inhumane to keep them there.

Loved it - nice walks getting from one place to the next. It was fun to see all of the animals. The pool bar was fantastic - everyone was very helpful! We can't say much about the beach because we were not able to take the tram to the bus.

Carreterra Chetumal Xpu-Ha QROO

Bel Air Collection Resort & Spa Riviera Maya places you next to Bel Air Animal Park and within a 10-minute walk of Chan Yu Yum. This 144-room, 3.5-star resort has a private beach, a full-service spa, and 3 restaurants. In a regional park, the resort is also close to Xpu-ha Beach and Cenote Cristalino.


This resort is home to 3 onsite restaurants, perfect for a quick bite to eat. Savor a meal from the comfort of your room with 24-hour room service. Start your day off with cooked-to-order breakfast, available for a fee.


The 144 rooms are air-conditioned and have an array of amenities, including balconies, minibars, and coffee makers. Guests can expect to find free WiFi and TVs with cable channels. Bathrooms offer jetted tubs, hair dryers, and designer toiletries. Ceiling fans, safes, and phones are also standard.

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Guests of Bel Air Collection Resort & Spa Riviera Maya have access to a private beach, a full-service spa, and an outdoor pool. There's free parking and a free beach shuttle. The front desk has multilingual staff standing by 24 hours a day to assist with concierge services and luggage storage. Other amenities at this beach resort include a children's pool, a fitness center, and free WiFi in public areas.

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Bungalow, Balcony

Full 2 | King 1 | Sleeps 4

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