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Mayia Exclusive Resort & Spa - Adults Only - All Inclusive

5.0 out of 5.0

Mayia Exclusive Resort & Spa - Adults Only - All Inclusive

5.0 out of 5.0
Kiotari, Rhodes,

Recent guest reviews

Have just returned from a beautiful holiday at Mayia. And wow! Mayia is fabulous, but what makes it is the staff. I hope H hotels realise that their true asset is not just the lovely rooms, pristine pool, beautiful beach, and stylish bars but the people they have working for them. My favourite restaurant was Thymera, my husband and I both loved listening to Greek music looking out to sea. Captain Giannis has such professionalism and his eye for detail is awesome, also I think he has great depth of character, his team are the best. He knew after the first time we ate there what table we liked and treated us with such kindness and warmth, as did the beautifully soul Vasilis, who also had a great sense of humour, and lovely Maria. Their sincerity would be one of the reasons to return, they made us feel a ‘connection’ here and I was truly sad to say goodbye. I highly commend this team. Captain Yiannis and his team at the Italian restaurant were also so kind to us and we loved how we were treated. Ashley and her team at the Asian restaurant were also so very kind to us and always gave us a great table where we could take in all the views. Ismail and George at breakfast were very kind and helpful also. Elena, we met at Boutique 5 last year and I was so pleased to see her here, she always listens,for example, we thought there should be more of a reflection of Rhodes in the hotel, I said that Greek music and watching traditional dancers in the evening would be a welcome addition to the entertainment. She agreed and I feel the hotel may implement this. She always treated us with warmth and kindness and any problems she was right there.. also we had booked the Premium suite on the top floor but decided we didn’t like being in the main block, until you actually visit a resort you don’t know where the best rooms are, but this problem was swiftly sorted, we were moved to a Junior Suite for a small supplement, the Reception manager had us moved in less than an hour, Junior Suite is a room we would book again. There is just one constructive thing I would say,and that is that the Champagne Bar, had the wow factor but was a little ‘soulless’, there was nobody behind the bar, nobody to interact with. I felt it needed that heart. Last year we met Ari, cocktail barman at Boutique 5, his knowledge and showmanship is something to really appreciate, also he had a great relationship with hotel guests, I would strongly recommend having Ari there to give the Champagne bar the ‘pizazz’ it needs with perhaps a very small selection of elegant signature cocktails . Honestly, the Champagne Bar would benefit from this. Ari’s personality, he could make the difference to giving guests the feeling they would like to return, he certainly made us feel that way. We even used to walk to Boutique 5 for a cocktail and to see Ari, he really does make fantastic cocktails! I believe the hotel cares about getting things right. Music was originally in the main bar but then tried out by the pool bar, this was such a great idea as it made it easier to have a little dance under the night sky, we had a full moon while we were there and it was so romantic to dance with the beauty of the night sky. The beach was beautifully set up and the Aegean was crystal clear to swim in and enjoy the natural beauty around you. All in all I would say Mayia is a stunning hotel with ground and rooms very well looked after, there is a huge selection of food throughout the day, but what makes it special is the staff that showed such kindness and true warmth, it is Giannis at Thymera, Vasilis, Elena, Ari at Boutique 5, that gave us the heart to come back. So thank you Mayia for giving us such a wonderful time and for looking after us .

Great hotel we stayed 7 nights then added a further 4 . The hotel was new late 2018 and is still developing its staff and remedying some gaps once that’s all done it will be ideal. Information sharing is not great they have entertainment most nights but you are never informed when or where a great shame as they are mostly good shows. The nightclub advertised is a nice intimate venue but not open every night and not well signed . There is an open air nightclub within walking distance however never tried it but looked decent . Other than that you are into drive or taxi to Lindos or Pefki both worth a visit. The hotel is great very clean and bars and al la carte restaurants offer good service and choice albeit at bars during entertainment seating can be limited and smoking levels high ! The service levels at the pool bar and lounge bar are very good complemented by great staff not least Alkis and Maria at the lounge bar who you cannot help but warm to. The only let downs were cold pools (none heated ) which included main and majority of swim ups which was a disappointing thing as we upgraded to swim up for our extra nights , explains why they were mostly empty. The main restaurant had real service issues not due to bad staff but more lack off staff in particular drink service was very slow you could eat a meal before being asked let alone served a drink this occurred near every visit the opposite of the al la carte locations who were very attentive . The food on the main restaurant was very canteen feel very mixed theme , look warm mostly often undercooked certainly not 5 star . Cooked vegetable was more available with breakfast than lunch or dinner (broccoli and green bean for breakfast ) and if you have allergy’s you may have an issue as dishes are mostly without signage and staff rarely know what a dish is let alone what is in it . There is a lot of choice but as we all know big menu = less quality . That all said we did stay an extra 4 night and did not want to leave so the positives still outweigh the negatives though maybe a 4 star tag is more applicable it’s a worthy one. Have to add one of the few all inclusive with a champagne bar included !!!!! Would we visit again most likely 👍

So many outstanding things about the hotel: Beautiful design Absolutely brilliant lead and team working on yoga, Pilates and general fitness - you’d be mad to miss out Never stayed at a hotel where the manager has been present from early morning to last thing at night watching over everything Cleanliness and cleaning staff excellent Friendliness of staff and other guests Hygiene in the food preparation area Violinist at breakfast on Sunday was outstanding and the dancing group were fantastic too Food very good range, but needs more focus to be as outstanding as the hotel deserves. We booked to stay again whilst at hotel. First time I’ve ever done this.

What a fantastic place. We have just spent one of the most relaxing and wonderful weeks away I can remember at this superb resort. The accomodation is simply fantastic and the staff are welcoming and helpful. The location is great too your away from the tourist traps and surrounded by beautiful landscapes gardens and great views across the Med. The food is plentiful and of a good standard in the main dining areas, room service is excellent and the A La Carte restaurants are very good as well. I've stayed in 5* All Inclusive all around the world but this one frankly sets the standard I've not stayed in better. All in All it is a wonderful place and we will definitely becoming back.

Amazing hotel , grounds , rooms , facilities , spa , location all 5 star. Staff very friendly but understaffed in main buffet restaurant and bars. Extremely large selection of food however seems little organisation in replenishing those that ran out. Even ran out of English tea one morning , and it was only May and certainly hotel not full... often ran out of bacon , eggs, mushrooms pancakes omelettes and wait of over 5 mins to be replenished. Staff there work hard and are friendly but not enough of them. The spa and facilities in general were stunning .. the Italian restaurant our favourite and Yannis in the Italian was one of the few managers that had organised his staff well, they worked as a team and were very attentive and prompt. The food overall in all the restaurants was excellent and the choice of wine and drinks second to known. Eva in the champagne bar was lovely as was the free Moët although I’m not sure this will last for the season. There were prices against all the drinks and food in the restaurant menus which did confuse us , you can have anything without the extra sign at the side for free under the all inclusive which was extensive however Beware ... the all inclusive stops at 12 noon on your last day regardless of when you leave so if your flight is at 11 at night on the day of departure you get no food at all without Being charged for it from 12 noon onwards , ( hence the prices on all the foods) crafty. No one tells you this either we found out when we booked our courtesy room just by chance . The hotel laid this blame directly at the door of the operator , we went with jet 2 and TUI customers were also Unaware. The customer service manager at hotel was very very unhelpful , not prepared to even try and resolve this issue kept stating it was on their website , which we finally found when we dug through the small print , but why would we even look we booked a package stating premium all inclusive, when has that meant no food on the last day from noon ! She also said it was our tour companies fault for not telling us , so please make sure you are aware of this especially if you leave on a late flight home. We went second week in May so the hotel had been opened about 2 weeks prior for the summer season and I believe about 2 months before Xmas. It’s new so hopefully all the above will be resolved, it will need to be for the summer when it will actually be full

After a lot of research, we landed on the Mayia. On the journey to the hotel, we dropped off at several other "5 Star" properties, and the Mayia certainly looked like the only genuine 5 star. We opted for a junior suite (not a swim up as we were worried about privacy/inconsiderate neighbours). The room was beautiful, lovely views and so peaceful. We arrived at the start of the season when there were fewer numbers of guests - the service was impeccable. However, as the week went on and more guests arrived, you could see staff were struggling to keep up with demand. I found it difficult to be irritated though, the staff are among the warmest and most engaging I have ever experienced in a hotel and it was evident they were trying (and I would apply this sentiment across all areas of the hotel not just certain bars/restaurants). You need to get to breakfast before 9am to avoid the rush and get served. The Asian restaurant was definitely a highlight for us (the very talented pianist should be in the main restaurant to add some ambiance). Overall we found the hotel very peaceful, very very comfortable, the food was excellent (for a European all inclusive!) and the staff lovely. There was a few minor details I think the hotel should improve upon - a resort map would be most helpful (we spent half a day trying to figure out where everything was), the wine list should include some international choices (the wine in the mini bar was quite unpleasant also), a beach towel exchange hut at the pool would be better than the current system - twice we set our towels out for exchange and it didn't happen, the pool was freezing despite the 27 degree sunshine (i think due to the size it would be difficult to heat) and the spa pool is pretty cold too (as is the Jacuzzi). I also think the all day comfort restaurant is redundant - the space could be better used for some more loungers! Would I return? without a doubt (but I will probably bring my own wine lol!)

We arrived late at night and from around a mile away we could see the hotel beautifully lit up. We checked in to a lovely looking reception area reasonably quickly but found the male night receptionist rather stuck up. We wondered whether this would be all staff in the hotel and fortunately it wasn't. The porter took us up to his room and was great at explaining all the amenities of the room. The room was very clean and the bed comfortable. Breakfast is definitely a questionable experience. Good luck trying to get a coffee or tea in time to eat. Infact at least two mornings our order was taken after we'd finished eating. Majority of the food was cold, I watched about 15 people stood in a queue for 10 minutes just waiting for a fried egg. The orange juice was empty 9 times out of 10. The only morning it improved was when a manager was stood watching. Evening dinner in the buffer restaurant wasn't much better, resorted to taking drinks out of the mini bar down to dinner just so we could have a drink with our meal. Not what you expect from 5* However on to the a la carte restaurants... We could not fault the Greek restaurant at all. Food was lovely and the staff were great. The manager down there definitely knew what he was doing and he and his staff provided great service. Was our most enjoyable meal. The Italians nice, they do great pizza's at lunch. The wasabi Asian served delicious food, great menu, well presented. However back to the service issue again, took asking 3 times over a 30 minute period to get a drink. Also found it odd that the Champaign bar was in with the Wasabi restaurant, was strange sitting for a drink watching people eat, but that's a personal preference. The pool is absolutely freezing. I know it will probably get hotter over the season but the indoor one wasn't much better. Again service for drinks was a long wait. There only seemed to be one waiter for both pools and you could tell he was trying his best but there was to many people. On to the spa; coldest jacuzzi I've ever come across. We had a few treatments here and they were all pleasurable. Found the lady on reception polite and friendly. Vicky the therapist was lovely too. Everything else was nice and clean. Well presented. Street food: Food was always nice (apart from cold tacos) some lovely options, ice cream, crepes, sandwiches, giros etc. Again service so slow! There was always someone huffing in the dessert shop because it was taking 15 minutes just to be passed a cake out the fridge in front of you. Entertainment; virtually non existent. There was singers on 2 or 3 times in a week and that was it. When questioning where the entertainment was I was told the piano in the wasabi was entertainment. Found most people just seemed to talk to eachother and make their own entertainment. Again not what you expect from 5*. Non of the cocktail making or cookery lessons as advertised were available. Although I did see posters with this being put up as we was leaving so maybe they might deliver to some people. There was a pool fitness class available and darts at 4:30. Bigeot (apologies if spelt wrong) was great and actually showed some enthusiasm! Finally, my favourite area... The Del Mar bar! My favourite because of the service. The BEST service! Alkis and Maria were on top of everything. They remembered everyone's drinks orders to perfection. They're polite, friendly and know what they're doing. The same goes for the guys at the bar. Some of the other staff in the hotel could really learn from these guys. Nothing was too much trouble. To sum up...the hotel has so much potential, it's the service, lack of entertainment and general vibe that lets it down. Definitely not up to 5* standard. We had a lovely holiday and there are some great points to this hotel.

The design and facilities’ at the hotel are stunning, but they need to work on the five star experience. If you book certain rooms, for example the Mayia Suite with private pool check what you should be getting or you may miss out. For the Mayia Suite they say you get access to an express check in area. We did not get this on arrival and had to wait some time to get checked in. We missed out on the complimentary VIP airport transfer when we arrived but got this on departure. We would suggest calling the hotel before you leave the UK to check how these extras will work. The rooms themselves are well designed with some nice features like a USB charger in the safe, good aircon, comfortable bed and pillows, good quality towels, toiletries and they give you face flannels. The down sides were the heated pool did not feel heated so we did not use it very much. We did raise this with the hotel and they said they would get this checked, but the pool temperature did not improve. We noted that there were very few people using any of the pools. So be warned. The tea and coffee making facilities are poor in the Mayia Suite rooms. There is a lack of tea and no milk, which when we asked for these they wanted to charge us. No tea spoons at all in rooms, the mini bar was not topped up at the same time every day. One day the mini bar had not been topped up by 3pm and we had to ask for it to be topped up as we had no water left. There was no real benefit from paying extra for the Mayia Suite rooms. There was also a lack of attention to detail. The things in the room like beach towels, face flannels were not always replaced, we had to ask. In the dining room, the food was good but they seemed to be short staffed and were not that efficient. The other restaurants and pool bars were very good and efficiently run. We also asked for late checkout and they wanted to charge up to 250 Euros which we felt was excessive. Especially given the overall room cost. We felt late checkout should be included. Also, in the Mayia Suites we felt that there should be free room service for dinks during the day as we had to leave the room to go to the pool bar, whereas, if we had sat by the pool we would have drinks brought to us all day by the pool bar waiter service. We would use the hotel again but would not spend on the expensive rooms.

Mayia exclusive Resort is definitely a stunning resort! As soon as you walk into the reception the architecture is mind blowing and you certainly are blown away by what you see. Sadly that’s the only thing the hotel deserves 5 star for just the way it looks and the facilities and nothing else. Service is definitely 3 star, with the members of staff being just about average in their dealings with you. They most certainly do not go over and beyond as you would expect in a 5 star hotel. The food is also very mediocre, doesn’t stand out at all and the buffet restaurant is really quite poor when it comes to variety. The hotel most certainly is not worth the price you pay. We paid £200 per night which would be fine if we got our money’s worth but we didn’t. And the worse part is they charge you for a late checkout whether or not they have availability. Most other hotels will offer it complimentary as long as they don’t need the room, not at Mayia, it’s £85 to get an extension till 4pm and even more if you want an extension till 7pm. We only wanted an extension till 1pm and were told we would still have to pay £85 and ofcourse we didn’t. Also it’s worth noting that on the day you checkout the all inclusive package finishes with breakfast. Most other hotels will include lunch on the day of checkout but not at Mayia. Will we go back there? definitely not. I would highly recommend one of the Mitsis Hotels especially Alila. Better value for money and the service is next to none. I think Mayia has to really step up its game if it’s going to compete with other 5 star hotels around the world. I mean it’s injustice to hotels like the Four Seasons and the One and Only to have the same star as Mayia. They are not in the same league. When booking make sure you don’t book any of the rooms in building one. It’s very motel like and when you are walking into your room you are walking outside facing the car park. Not a good look at all.

My partner and I recently stayed at the Mayia for 2 weeks. We arrived a couple of days in to the opening of the hotel. On arrival, we were warmly greeted by the wonderful night team who provided us with champagne and snacks after our tiresome journey. The hotel is aesthetically stunning, the design is grand and luxurious. There are plenty of areas to sit and have a drink and enjoy your long days and nights. The room is spacious with all the amenities needed to have a comfortable trip. A Nespresso machine is provided along with a mini bar, which are topped up daily. Our one gripe was that the shower was cold for the first few days of our holiday, but was resolved shortly after we had mentioned it to the reception team. A special thank you to the reception team for dealing with our many enquiries promptly and swiftly. The swimming pool is freezing cold, I understand that the weather is warm and will get warmer but it is difficult to relax in for a length of time. Also, in the spa it is worse, the water in both the pool and Jacuzzi is cold. We told the spa manager about this and she told us the temp of the Jacuzzi was 35 degrees and the pool was 25, NO CHANCE! We asked her to make the Jacuzzi warmer as it should be and she declined which is disappointing as there were more than one person’s requesting for this. Also the spa manager became a sales person after the first week. She would uncomfortably place herself in busy areas, selling the spa treatments to customers, this is not a 5* experience. On the plus side the facilities in the spa are really nice, the Turkish bath, sauna and steam room were good. The food at the hotel was not up to 5 star standard in our opinion, in particular the a la carte restaurants. They served the same menu for the duration of our 2 week stay, with little vegetarian options. Also, I think they need 1 maybe 2 more restaurants on site, they have space to be able to facilitate this. The food is quite bland and tasteless at times, the Italian restaurant does not even provide chilli oil/flakes which is common practice. In saying that, the Italian were kind enough to make us an arrabiatta which was tasty - don’t be shy to ask the a la carte restaurants to switch it up. Wasabi is a beautiful setting for dinner, however the food is not on par with the Asian food we have eaten in the UK, my local Chinese is 10x tastier. The food is not authentic in style or taste and can be either bland or heavily salted. Also, the service at these restaurants can be slow at times, but this is down to the lack of staff rather than them being unprofessional. A massive shout out to Vasilis and Maria at the Greek restaurant, the service they provided us was great. There is an overall lack of light snacks on offer during the day e.g. crisps, chocolates and nuts, apart from the crepes and the street food corner, there are not many in-between options for food during the day. We had to resort to buying snacks from the mini market to have things to eat during the day/night. We ate at the street food corner daily and felt the menu can be improved on. Street food comes from across the world, but we were mainly provided Greek options apart from the one day, where they served tacos (stay away from them, you will thank us for it). The food at times, again is fairly bland, bar the pork gyros which were delicious. The staff who work in this area are very kind and helpful. The buffet style restaurant can quite be hit or miss, mainly miss. In particular the breakfast items, which are served lukewarm at best. It is also difficult to get hot items made fresh for you i.e.: eggs, pancakes, waffles – which is generally expected in a 5* resort. The staff are quite slow and it is hard to get their attention to get drinks, particularly in the morning apart from George, this guy is on job. The bars in the resort are fantastic, especially the Del Mar. Great beverage options are provided with fantastic named brands. The views are spectacular from the bar and a great place to have a drink at any time of the day. **THE BAR STAFF IN THE DEL MAR ARE PHENOMENAL, THEY MADE OUR TRIP FANTASTIC AND ALWAYS MADE SURE WE HAD A DRINK. A SPECIAL MENTION TO ALKIS AND MARIA - THESE GUYS ARE SUPERHEROES - BOTH ARE GREAT WITH THE CUSTOMERS AND ARE ALWAYS WILLING TO HELP AND GO THE EXTRA MILE.** The hotel also had a lack of entertainment that is clearly promised on their website. I understand that it is the beginning of the season, but all guests no matter the time of year should be given the same experience. Also advertised where pasta making classes and cocktail making classes. This did not occur, which is massively disappointing. Overall the hotel is stunning, but it could do with improvements to give it that 5* feeling. I would echo what others have said, in that if you have stayed at 5* resorts before, you will definitely be able to notice the differences that are meant to set it apart.

Hotel highlights

  • Free buffet breakfast
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining

Mayia Exclusive Resort & Spa - Adults Only - All Inclusive places you next to Mediterranean Sea and Kiotari Beach. This 250-room, 5-star property welcomes guests with 4 restaurants, a full-service spa, and an outdoor pool.


Free buffet breakfast is served each morning from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM. There are multiple options for onsite dining with 4 restaurants, including WaterFront, which specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. Savor a meal from the comfort of your room with 24-hour room service, get a quick energy boost at the coffee shop/café, and chat with other guests at the free daily manager's reception.


Guests can expect to find free WiFi and 43-inch a Smart TV with cable channels. Beds are dressed in premium bedding and pillow menus, and the bathroom offers a hair dryer and designer toiletries. Other standard amenities include a balcony or patio, a minibar, and an espresso maker.

Property features

Mayia Exclusive Resort & Spa - Adults Only - All Inclusive features a full-service spa, a nightclub, and an indoor pool. If you drive, take advantage of free parking. The front desk is staffed 24/7 to help with dry cleaning/laundry, securing valuables, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this adults-only property include an outdoor pool, a fitness center, and an outdoor tennis court.

Room options

Deluxe Bungalow, Sea View

Full 1 | Twin 2 | Sleeps 2

Deluxe Room, Pool Access, Sea View

Full 1 | Twin 2 | Sleeps 3

Deluxe Bungalow, Pool Access, Garden View (Swim up)

Full 1 | Twin 2 | Sleeps 2

Junior Suite, Pool Access, Sea View (Swim up)

Full 1 | Twin 2 | Sleeps 3

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Mayia Exclusive Resort & Spa - Adults Only - All Inclusive

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