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We stayed in Phuket for 6 nights. 3 nights at the Naka Island - a luxury collection resort - and 3 nights at the Sri Panwa Luxury Hotel. We had very high expectations from the Sri Panwa because of it‘s reputation and our amazing experience at the Naka Island resort. The staff at Sri Panwa is really friendly and helpful at all times and they try to do their utmost best. Nevertheless, 1/3 of our stay at Sri Panwa was crossed with disappointment. Upon arrival, I missed the WOW-Feeling. The room was clean and looked renovated and modern (the rain shower head needs decalcification though). There was a small pool with a great view and a free minibar with free beer - which we liked. We wanted to book a table at the sunset bar. It was closed due to a special event. I wanted to book a Spa appointment. The Spa was closed due to a special event. We tried to book a table at the bar for sunset view again 2 days in advanced . Not possible. Fully booked. We tried yet a third time -our wedding day- we got a table but not as we wished - outside at a good spot, only in the center of the bar. I tried to book another Spa appointment again on the second day. Also not possible, closed again due to a special event. They offered an in-room Spa treatment, but that is just not the same as a spa treatment on site. Spa is more than just a massage. It should come with a nice Spa room, decor, scents, lighting, sounds and all with a propper spa-atmosphere. In the menu the in-room treatment is listed even more expensive than in the spa. How come? On the first evening, we returned to the hotel and went to the bar at 11:20pm just to have a beer before going to bed. The bar keeper said, we still had ten minutes to order and we could stay until midnight. That was okay for us. We didn‘t even want a glass, so they don‘t have to wash up shortly before closing. At 11:40 the lights arround us went out. At 11:45 the bar was pitch black and the staff was gone. How uninviting if not rude is that when you are told that you can stay until midnight? I understand that the staff is entitled have their free time but we were told until midnight and we were not very demanding. Maybe I wouldn’t have minded under normal circumstances but after all the „sorry, it is not possible“ we have heard on this stay, this was just too much! Then on the second day -which was our anniversary - , a very attentive staff member (Arn) practically saved our stay and made us feel very special! Thanks a lot Arn! After spending the first 36 hours in dissappoinment, we went to the Baba Nest Bar to celebrate our Anniversary. Everything was just PERFECT. Arn made sure, we got a better spot, than innitially reserved. We enjoyed the most beautiful sunset at one of the most beautiful spots. It was truly unique, breathtaking and so romantic. Afterwards, we came back to the room and yet amother surprise was waiting. The bed was decorated with two swans and rose blossom leaves and a card wishing us a happy anniversary. There were two glasses and a bottle of sparkling wine. From that moment on, we went with truly lifted moods through our stay, could enjoy it finally and all seemed well. I could even squeeze in a massage appointment on our last day. It was very good -not special though and therefore a bit pricy. For check-out , the hotel booked a taxi for us. Unfortunatelly, it dropped us off at the wrong station. We called the hotel regarding the mistake. The driver came back to take us to another station. He wanted us to pay extra for a mistake we didn’t make. When I paid, he pretended not to have change, so we ended up paying more than we should. In moments like these you feel powerless and end up paying more or arguing. If this was a mistake of the hotel or the taxi driver, I cannot say. It doesn’t matter. We obviously seemed to just have tough luck. I discount three stars fro the first 36 hours of our stay and the feeling of disappointment I endured! After all, we paid about 450 USD per night. But I award 2 stars back to the hotel beacause of the good staff, especially Arn, who really did make us feel good in the end! Would we return? No. Even though our wedding anniversary and surprise were amazing, the hotel did not meet our expectations. Too many frictions for this price, especially compared to our stay at the Naka Island luxury resort which was truly ONLY amazing. But thank you very much again, especially to Arn - for your kindness and surprise and also to the rest of the great staff.

The hotel is gorgeous, with amazing pool villas that have beautiful views! The vibe is super swanky with relaxing lounge music playing everywhere! The food was great and I really love the hotel! However I would not recommend to any friends because the pools are all soo cold! We had an amazing private pool but we could not even use it because it was wayyy too cold!! What’s the point of such an awesome pool villa if you can’t even enjoy the pool! The common pools which are also some of the nicest I’ve ever seen were also too cold to swim in! All the other customers were also complaining! The weather was warm! It was in the 80s and the sea was even warmer than the pools!! I visited Sri Panwa in January 2019, so unless the management has made some changes I can not recommend this hotel because the main feature (being the pools) is useless!

Let me tell you about our visit, because a simple review simply won’t do. Opted for a Garden Villa with pool. Room was exactly as pictured. Well appointed. Beautiful bathroom. Lovey natural wood. Super comfy bed and bedding. Immaculate pool kept at around 76 degrees. Fully stocked fridge. Several snacks in the pantry and always restocked daily. Restaurants: plenty of them. At least eight different places. Japanese. Thai. Chinese. Italian. Rooftop tapas and bar called “Baba Nest” which provides a near 360 degree view. Book it days in advance, it’s amazing. Limited seating - about 10 tables, all Japanese floor-sitting style. Even the sushi was superb. The breakfast buffet has food for every nationality. Amenities: hot water always works, high water pressure, super cool A/C in the rooms, ceiling fans, dimmable lighting in multiple spots in and around your Villa. IPod connected stereo systems inside and outside the Villa. In short, every luxury you’d expect anywhere else in the world from a Five star resort. Five Star Staff: Cannot say enough about the staff. Our Personal Butler, “Nance,” was a delightful young lady who spoke English well. To say she went above and beyond for us would be an understatement. Ex: our TV wasn’t working. Within 15 minutes, a satellite TV crew was on our roof replacing the satellite dish! WTF? WTG!! Another example: the Baba Nest’s computer stopped working mid-service one night. As a result, we had to leave after 2 hours without ever getting our food. One call to Nance, and within minutes, she was at our door with fresh fruit to tide my wife over until we got seated at one of their other fine restaurants. On TOP OF THAT, five minutes after we were seated at the new restaurant, all of the tapas we ordered at Baba Nest showed up at our table AT NO CHARGE. Nance made sure our fridge was stocked with only our favorites, made all arrangements for our day trips and even sent pest control to check our room for critters after I saw a big one outside our door. Every staff member was super friendly. In a country where people are already so friendly, they were all above and beyond even that standard. THE PROPERTY: I can’t believe how well maintenance the property is. Every street and walkway is hand swept every morning to clear the fallen leaves. The pool bathrooms are designer showpieces. Every railing and every wall is meticulously painted and maintained. Shrubs and trees are trimmed regularly. Pools are cleaned and PH tested every morning including the pools at your private villa. Gentle sea breezes arrive every morning and last most of the day. Even in September, we saw rain for only 20 minutes over our 8-day stay. A FEW TIPS: The resort leaves a bottle of insect repellant in your room. Use it. Every time you go outside. Every. Single Time. There weren’t a lot of mosquitoes but a couple of good bites in the wrong places will annoy you for days. Also, remember that you’re in the jungle. Do NOT leave your doors or windows open at night or you might wake up to an unwelcome guest - we had an Asian giant hornet buzzing about. Our butler installed electronic devices on the second day and we never saw another insect. LOCAL SCENE There’s a tiny strip of shops at the base of the hill. A short TukTuk right will hey you there. There’s a nice bakery, small grocery store, a 7-11 store and a few restaurants. There’s a night market on select days/evenings. Patong is a 40 minute ride in a resort taxi. Worth the trip. All in all, this place was AMAZING! It’s secluded enough to provide for peace and quiet but close enough to day trips, services and shopping to keep your entertained. PS: The Thai people are some of the friendliest in the world. All of the staff were young, professional and know how to deliver superb service. We loved them all!

My husband and I visited Sri Panwa for our honeymoon last year and the property is absolutely gorgeous! We had the split one bedroom villa. It was spacious, clean and had amazing views. It also had ANTS! They completely swarmed everything the first night to the point where we didn't feel comfortable sleeping in the bedroom side of the villa. We called the front desk many times and they were very responsive and did come to spray the room. The ants just kept coming back. We only went over to that side of the villa to shower after that. We slept on the couch/lounger in the living room side for the duration of our honeymoon. We stayed out a lot, so we never really got to the front to complain as we SHOULD HAVE. We just left the resort often to enjoy our honeymoon. The food that we did eat at the resort was ok. Nothing special. We did try a few new things, so that was fun. The pool area is gorgeous and a DJ was there with upbeat music. The real seller of this resort is definitely the views from the suites. The Panwa cape was beautiful at day and late evening. We weren't able to enjoy the beach. It had a lot of trash washing up to shore. We had a pool in our suite, so it was fine. Minus the ant invasion rendering half of our suite unusable, the resort was great and I would consider revisiting again.

We stayed here for 2 nights at the Pool suite, the room was clean and well maintained, no flaws what so ever. A wonder about this resort is anywhere you look, the views are just gorgeous. We had reserved a table at Baba Nest at sunset which was quite something, this is a must do, if you are around panwa. The staff were very courteous and the setup of the rooftop bar is top class. The spa is an absolute jewel and must try, the ambience there is pure bliss. The disappointments 1. The checkin experience was a let down. The staff who received us upon arrival, wasnt very welcoming. We had to ask them to get the luggage. I saw him throw our passports and credit card to the other guy, which is just not right. The property really needs to take a look at their staffing at check-in, i mean i had better check in experiences at 3 star properties 2. The breakfast at Baba pool club is just not good enough for a 5 star resort. The options are limited. The food is good, just you don't have many choices 3. There is a minimum spend of 1000 bht per person at baba nest which is understandable but what we dint understand was the number of times that they repeat it. We were told about the minimum spend 4 times (at reservation call, upon check in, upon asking for a vehicle to baba nest, upon arrival at baba nest). We get it already. To sum it up. I don't regret staying here because the views were good and the spa was nice other than that there is not much that makes you want to stay longer or comeback for that matter.

We relocate from Baba Beach Club as my friend would like to enjoy different environments. Khun Q and Khun Art at Baba restaurant truly friendly and wonderful, Khun Q always observe and keep monitoring all customers and prompt to deliver his best Thai services. Khun Kem at Baba Nest is super star, he fly around to take care all the customers and sincere for suggestions. Will absolutely stay again.

My wife and I stayed in LV18 for 8 nights. LV18 is a very nice villa with a sunset view - they did charge us a bit more for the sunset view but we knew that when we made the reservation. Overall, we had a great time. We enjoyed our villa and the privacy it provided. The property is very nice although extremely hilly however they will come pick you up and drive you to where you want to go on property (we always found them quick to pick us up). Our villa was clean. We noticed a few little maintenance things they will need to repair, but nothing which impacted our stay. Housekeeping staff and villa assistant were always helpful. To a person, they really work to take care of you. We booked roundtrip airport transfer through Sri Panwa. Upon arrival a Sri Panwa representative met us just outside, called the driver and we were off in a Sri Panwa van. A check out, they used a third part van to take us to the airport - seemed like a popular time so they likely didn't have enough resort vans. Because it was a third party transport a Sri Panwa staff member rode with us to make sure we were taken care of, very professional. Few things I would recommend you consider for your stay: 1. It is a long way from Phuket so you pretty much stay on property. So just make sure that is the type of vacation you want. My wife and I would definitely go back but would not stay 8 nights. 2. They add a 10% service charge on everything. This may be common in Thailand or required, but I would rather have them raise the price for each thing a bit and not see the service charge on my bill - I realize it would be the same net. 3. When you are making outbound flight reservations, try to book so you are not checking out around the noon check-out time. It always sees like a good idea to get everything you can out of your stay, but a noon check-out was extremely busy and a bit slow. If I could i would book a noon fight and check-out at around 9:00 - my guess is it would be less hectic. 4. They have multiple restaurants on property which provides good food. I think the prices are a bit high however there are restaurants just outside the property which offer comparable food at a fraction of the price. They will drive you to the entry and you just walk a block or two. That said, we ate most of our meals on property. 5. Breakfast buffet is nice however it does get busy and the inside tables fill up. They have outside seating, but it was hot for us even in the morning. Not an issue, we just had to learn when the more popular times were and adjust our schedule. 6. They charge you a deposit when you check in, they don't just take your CC for charges. The amount might depend on how long you stay but for us they charged 40,000 Baht (little under $1,300 currently). We charged less than that and were told they would credit our card back in 10-14 days. Just a good thing to know as you consider. The Baba Nest has great views and drinks but the food is nothing to write home about. They have a minimum spend every for resort guests so know that going in. We enjoyed our stay and would go back in the future if we wanted another lazy, relaxing vacation.

We stayed at luxury pool Villa for 3 nights. The view was great, but the villa was very dirty and very pool maintenance. For $700+ USD per night, by far we were expecting more on the room quality. Nothing special for the materials, equipments and so on. Plus the villa was very dirty. There were rat feces in our closet and until 3 nights, none of cleaning maid was cleaning it. I would NOT recommend this hotel at all for this price. It can just be more normal rate around 3-400 USD. Services from staff were good. View was good, but I think you can get this kind of view and services anywhere in Thailand. I did not feel anything were luxury at all. Materials of interior are normal, cheap glade you can get at Homepro. They should not call it "Luxury". If you want to know how luxury I mean you can refer to 137 pillars hotel in Sukulwit 39. All materials there at 137 hotel are all high glade and high quality. Next, the curtains are horrible. They use normal cheap roller bind where you have to pull up and down yourself and worse there are 10 roller bind curtains in our bed room and when we close all of them, the room was not full dark. There is a small gap between each curtain. So, hotel normally provides 3 things, 1) room cleanliness, 2) the darkness and quiet of the room, 3) good services. By far, Sri Panwa only can provide god services. The rest is by far very poor quality to me. I would NOT recommend this place for the price they charge. It is not worth your money. Trust me. I rarely write any comments. But for this hotel, I have to spend time write this so you guys would NOT be disappointed like me. See all attached pictures of rat feces! How bad the cleanliness of the room, pool and so on. Very dissatisfied and disappointed!!!

We wanted to try a new side of the island on this trip and choose Sri Panwa but wish we had not. It was a long way from the airport - over 1 hour in the vehicle with really bad traffic. It was 4 pm so not quite rush hour but the roads were packed. The resort was average at best. We expected so much more from the website and pictures but really it was disappointing. The room was tired looking and needed attention in many areas. Staff were not that interested in providing good service, and more interested in playing on their phones. The views are good but not as nice as the properties on the West coast. The food was poor on all levels and we just got the feeling that no one really cared to put any special effort into the property or experience.

Credit where credit is due, the location and hotel facilities are absolutely outstanding. I would literally go here instead of some places in the Maldives, it is breathtakingly beautiful and very... natural somehow! But... The service levels and the way the staff approach service, strongly indicates there is severe lack of training as well as understanding of the expectations customers have when they pay thousands of dollars/euro/pounds for a short stay. It destroyed our stay here. Very sad. Firstly, the way check-in was handled was just unbelievable poor and nobody had a clue about anything. The key facilities (restaurants, bars etc) guests visit this resort for, virtually all seem to be booked out in advance. The resorts allow big groups, not only independent travellers, to book out these facilities with (seemingly) no limitations whatsoever. The result? The entire bar/restaurant etc can be booked out even before a guest arrive. The experience when you visit? Somewhat destroyed and a letdown. You will need to leave the nearby places or settle for what they can offer. We did not make reservations for the bar before our arrival, and as a result we weren't allowed to visit it as it was booked out both evenings. They offered to add an extra table, for which we were incredibly grateful. But, that was not what happened at all. The extra table was in fact, not even in the venue we wanted to visit because... and picture this situation (I would have exploded if this happened to me) You fly from the other side of the world, spend serious money to stay for 2 nights only to arrive and be advised that their main facilities (like the roof top bar) is booked out during your entire stay. Not only that, you were actually aware of this and made a booking in advance, (which I did not) but then the resort allowed a large group to book out the entire rooftop bar (Baba's Nest) AFTER SEVERAL INDEPENDENT TRAVELLERS HAD MADE RESERVATIONS. The resort staff then literally moved all non-group customers to another location, despite having a confirmed reservation too. This is where they then offered us to add an extra table. Imagine the mood in this place, 30 people having made a reservation for the Famous Baba's Nest and then being moved without any warning. Unbelievable. We rejected, as I suspect most would. It is the way in which the resort managed customer perception, and the expectations they set, versus how it translates in reality. The two frontal crash with one another, over and over.

88 Moo 8, Sakdidej Road Wichit Phuket

Hotel highlights

  • Walking distance to Phuket Aquarium
  • Free continental breakfast
  • Free WiFi and wired Internet in rooms and public areas
  • Free valet and self parking

Phuket Aquarium is a short stroll from Sri Panwa Phuket Luxury Pool Villa Hotel, and other popular attractions like Khao Khad Views Tower are within a 15-minute drive. This 89-room, 5-star villa welcomes business and leisure travelers with 3 outdoor pools, a private beach, and a full-service spa.


Start your day off right with a free continental breakfast, served each morning from 7 AM to 10:30 AM. Get your fill of international cuisine for breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Baba Poolclub, one of 7 onsite restaurants, or enjoy the ocean views at Baba Soul Food. Savor a meal from the privacy of your room with room service, or get a pick-me-up at the coffee shop/café.


The 89 soundproofed villas feature furnished patios and afford space to spread out with sitting areas. 42-inch LED TVs come with satellite channels and DVD players, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi and wired Internet. Pillowtop beds sport premium bedding and down comforters, and bathrooms offer deep soaking tubs, rainfall showers, hair dryers, and designer toiletries. Other standard amenities include private pools, washers/dryers, and free minibar items.

Property features

Sri Panwa Phuket Luxury Pool Villa Hotel features a private beach, a full-service spa, and 3 outdoor pools. Free valet and self parking are available, or if you're not driving, take the airport shuttle (available 24 hours) for THB 2300 per vehicle one-way. Multilingual staff at the front desk are standing by 24/7 to help with concierge services, securing valuables, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this beach villa include a nightclub, a children's pool, and a fitness center.

Room options

One bedroom Penthouse Ocean View

King 1 | Sleeps 3

2BR Luxury Pool Villa Ocean View, Free MiniBar&Snacks

King 2 | Sleeps 5

5BR Residence Villa, Free MiniBar&Snacks

Twin 5 | Sleeps 10

Two bedroom Family Suite Ocean View

King 2 | Sleeps 5

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Sri Panwa Phuket Luxury Pool Villa Hotel

88 Moo 8, Sakdidej Road, Wichit, Phuket 83000
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