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Venus Beach Hotel

5.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

all I can say is you will be amazed ,great staff ,great pool ,our family loved every moment of it ,breakfast a bit cold ,lots of lovely cafés across the road ,don,t believe all the negative things wrote on here as I did I was waiting on a really bad dirty room as people said on here but guess what it was beautiful clean and fresh !! changed towels twice a day :)

So normally I try to be as honest as I can be - and I do not try and pick fault as you can't get it right all of the time which I appreciate . I also do feel that due the extortionate prices that families have to endure over the holiday season the expectation levels are even higher. But then why shouldn't they be - these holidays are not cheap! Anyway lets get on with the review of the Venus Beach Hotel I will of course be objective as I can and fair but this is my opinion which is based on my personal experience. General On entrance the lobby of the hotel is spacious, light, airy and very clean – there is an abundance of seating with storage room for your luggage – the hotel is low and wide with a sprawling reception area. The décor is nice and clean – watch the marble stair case if you come in with wet feet though. Well laid out and is nice. The staff on reception are polite and courteous but I feel that at times just a tad more customer service would not go a miss (will explain later). The only slight issue are the lifts – they are slightly aged and on occasions did not fully close – but they work! The room safe is 12 Euro for the week. No Free WiFi – 30 Euro For the week only one device at a time. Or you can pay by the hour. Towels provided free. Rooms Nice and clean and spacious we had a sea view room on the 4th floor the view was stunning – the rooms may look a little tired but they are adequate and clean – the bathroom is ample with a powerful flush toilet. The shower was lovely and powerful for an over the bath unit. Beds a bit hard for my liking but clean – so all good really. There is plenty of storage space for all clothing shoes etc…so everything can be put away. The curtains are proper black out which is nice – the air conditioning not really that effective and not silent. The colour TV and fridge worked, the room also comes with a safe which is very easy to use and program. Also note you are only given one key which isn’t really an issue. The ladies that cleaned the rooms were lovely and a credit to the hotel – very polite always smiling. So what of the bad points? Well for me there are two points of issue but they are not major – 1) No tea or coffee making facilities in the room 2) No extractor fan in the bathroom. Restaurant/ Eating The restaurant areas clean and well-kept not too well staffed at times I must add – on occasions tables not prepped for the next sitting quick enough. You can eat either inside or outside. Breakfast, lunch and evening dinner much the same set up with the buffet style approach – for me the Italian night was the best food wise. Apart from the main run of the mill buffet there was another BBQ/Pasta station cooking BBQ and pasta meals – made to request there was plenty of food choice – therefore there was something for everyone. The drinks orders at both lunch and evening meals are taken at your table by the service waiters and then subsequently brought to you while seated you had to give your room number. This is a great way to avoid carrying drinks around with you whilst also getting your meal. Outside you have a pool bar and a food bar (together) where food is available in the day burgers, chips, toasted sandwiches and the like but you have to pay for this separately all-inclusive or not – the staff are polite and friendly. This is the same bar you can get your all-inclusive drinks from as well as free ice cream (only available two hours per day11-12 and 16.00 -17.00). On one occasion the Ice Creams had turned to liquid but the staff happily dished them out lol! There are plenty of sunbeds in the hotel grounds and the sun bed reservation game was in evidence and in full flow - beds being reserved by the pool as early as 7am – crazy I know but that’s the way it is! The pool for me was the best feature of the hotel by far it was lovely, clean and manned by the best bit of hotel entertainment – the pool attendant. He must have blown his whistle at people over 50 times a day very animated and angry looking but he was cool. The highlight for me was when he flipped and yanked a child out of the pool by the arm – talk about customer service at its best. He was the best and only doing his job – and very well he did it too and I could sympathise with his frustration – it clearly stated no climbing, jumping or sunbathing on the pool rockery – but does that stop people? Towels can be exchanged here by the way. Travel Buses run like clockwork and it is very easy to get around – they drive on the left so if you are used to that it is easy to get around by car, traffic lights road signs and signals very similar to the UK. The Beach The beach is right on your doorstep but non-existent really I have seen more sand at a builders merchants – it is very rocky in parts with little breaks of sand and there is a clear warning sign to advise that swimming in the waters is dangerous and is done so at your own risk. I was told by other holiday makers that the water was lovely – I only went in knee deep. So Why Not The 5*? The first thing was that there was no water left in your rooms – one evening we asked for bottled water at the bar we were advised it was only tap water in bottles – which was really not an issue – the next evening we asked for the same but were told we would have to pay. Really??? I mean really pay for tap water?? Really??? You could only order one drink (alcoholic) per person or that was what was being advised – but not enforced! When you ordered your drinks at Lunch, Evening meal or in the evening at the bar you had to give your room number. This I find odd for a 5*. Although one or two members of staff were happy – the majority looked miserable – and the language barrier was an issue at times – trying to get the waiter to explain if a certain item of food contained nuts was painful. The conversation went something like this - Me - “Hi there, could you please advise me if this item contains peanuts?” – Waiter - “yes, nuts”, Me “what type of nut?”, Waiter “Nuts”, Me – “Is it peanut”, Waiter – “nuts”. And so the comedy sketch continued for about 3 minutes. Eventually he piped up “Almond” but then I thought best leave it just in case. As we were going to leave at 18.00 pm I requested a room extension if possible on departure date – I was advised to check on the morning of departure which I did – so yes you guessed it! - no room available or courtesy room available which is not an issue but it is what happened next which surprised me. They said we could leave our luggage in the luggage room which is under lock and key – I then asked ok if we check out at 12.00 noon how we freshen up before we leave – the reply there are showers by pool side! I thought wat! You kidding right?? – There was communal type changing area, but it was the initial reply that got to me. Then on checking out at 11.50 the woman say I need to cut your wrist bands as all-inclusive finishes at 12.00 noon. So I said er we are here till 18.00 its 36 degrees outside what if we want a drink? Reply – er sorry but it finishes at 12.00 noon – but you can eat at the restaurant if you want. It was then I thought hang on a minute I arrived here at 21.30 which is 9 and a half hours of all-inclusive I have missed out on – so where is the good will gesture?? But no she wanted to cut them. And sure enough I went down to the pool bar for a drink and even after having been there for 7 days and visiting this bar on numerous occasions the first thing the staff did was look at my wrist? I again just thought – really??? So all in all there were some issues which after having stayed in other 5* hotels made me feel this place is 3 ½ at best…..but the weather was fantastic, the pool was a gem of a pool 100% and the kittens were cute!!!. Return to Cyprus? = Yes – To this Hotel? = Maybe not…….

Basic 5* hotel Pools, playgrounds, gym, restaurants, average service, clean. Regarding other reviews saying it's not at 5* level, I respectfully disagree. What I am going to say though is that it is an overpriced 5* hotel because its services, products and amenities although present, are not as refined as they could have been or on par with the ones offered by other 5* hotels of same or even lower prices.

We had €5 stolen from our excursions money pile which was in a drawer. We spoke to Mirela at reception and she offered to call the police however we felt it was more appropriate to log a complaint with the housekeeping manager as it was only €5. They offered a safe however we were leaving the following day so we declined. They also offered free bottle of champagne as an apology. Upon arrival we were told we needed to put €100 deposit incase we used anything not included in "all inclusive", which was a safe and wifi, which upon reflection we couldn't have used anyway so u would challenge that in future. However the couple checking in next to us a similar age, maybe younger also with kids didn't have to pay for the deposit? Now that your data is within your plan in the eu we didn't need the wifi so didn't pay to use it. We were also told all drinks and food was free upon our arrival, however this is not the case. You only have a small selection of drinks, no slushies and only icecream at 11-12:00 or 16-17:00 even though it's only in pots ready to pass over I saw many kids turned away at 12 and 5pm to say it was over. There's no drinks facilities in the room. In other 5* hotels I've stayed in you get free WiFi, a stocked fridge, a safe and a kettle. However these are all extras to be paid for. The show cooking was great everyone seemed to love it with large queues, and the food in buffet was ok; although they do put black pepper on everything which is not to my personal taste. There was something different everyday in the buffet and the chef staff were fantastic. The drink waiters/waitresses only come up to you when you first sit down and don't come back to ask for a second drink. When on multiple occasions I wanted a second drink I was told off for coming up to the bar to ask. It was difficult to flag them down when they were walking past the table. Or sometimes they don't bring the drinks back after ordering. The cocktail bar was none existant and was used as a kids club at night from 9pm which was just a movie. There was no other entertainment for kids. It's a good job we took cards to play. They did bingo, karaoke and a music quiz at 10 pm the rest of the nights was either a singer or a dj. I was expecting more from a 5* hotel for families. No welcome meeting or map of the hotel just a list of food times in a wallet in the room. They also didnt give any advice on excursions until I enquired. We did arrive late at night past the dinner closing time and they did give us a plate of food consisting of a turkey sandwich and ham on the side with olives. Our flight back was 10pm and the all inclusive finishes at 11:30 on the day of departure. They do cut your wristbands off the moment you check out although they did offer us lunch but we decided to eat at the harbour. The pool in the photos is not accurate it seems they have used a wide angle lens to make the pool look bigger. The sea is not recommended to swim in due to currents. Also the sunbeds are all gone if you don't get up before 7am. It seemed fairly clean. Some of the chairs in the bars were quite grubby and broken glass tables. It needs a lot of renovation in the rooms and general areas. There is a lidl outside the front of the hotel and a bus stop it's €5 per adult for a day pass which I recommend to go to the harbour or coral bay beach. It is next door to the tomb of the Kings which I recommend going early evening when it's cooler. The food restaurants around are about £10-15/person and a kfc is nearby. All in all the food was good but lacking in service and amenities for a so called 5* hotel.

My girlfriend booked this as a surprise bday present, and i actually feel sorry for her as she knows i do enjoy the finer things in life! Its a mediocre hotel 3 star nothing more or nothing less, im quite astounded how it still has a 5 star rating, when its service, its layout and its cheek to advertise its self as 5 star, i feel for my girlfriend who booked it for a surprise as she doesnt look to much into reviews. Anyways rant over if you want 3 star book here

For the whole 2 days I stayed there I was trying to find something, anything to support the 5 star allocation. Honestly, I didn't find anything! The room was dusty, the building was very old, understaffed, noisy air conditioning, basic breakfast (compared to other luxury hotels) and you even had to pay for WiFi! The only positive remark I remember is the location as the Hotel is situated on the beach and the view is beautiful.

Food very poor,I booked half board and had to eat out because the food was very poor indeed and I didn't want to take the chance of it not agreeing with me again,shame because the rest was fine!except I couldn't. Elieve we had to pay for wifi and the safe!

After booking I read reviews that made me think I had made a mistake, well, I was pleasantly surprised ! We went in early May, the weather was quite warm, the room was good, cleaned every day and fresh linen, as fully inclusive we had all we could want although if you plan on pouring drinks down your throat you wont be able to, all drinks are waiter service with about 20 minutes to half an hour between being asked if you want another one and you can only get drinks for your travel party as you are asked for your room number every time, don't listen to the bad reviews, yes a lot of what people are saying is true like the Wi-Fi, but do you really need it ALL day? we have stayed in worse hotels and would return to this one, the staff are great and choice of meals is extensive, if you go hungry here its your own fault. The deposit for the safe key is returned to you at the end of your stay and the safe has instructions inside to put in your own code so it CANNOT be opened by anyone else, this is a family hotel and has guests from all over the world staying in it, there is also has a Lidl opposite if you need anything that you have forgotten, all in all its personal choice, some people are never satisfied, I can only speak as I found. we hired a car before we went, I recommend Elephant car hire, no fuss and no rip offs, but buses run right outside to all the good places.

I read many reviews about this hotel and i am wondering what people want and what they are looking when they want to make a reservation. For sure this hotel is not new, is located front of the sea (with all those damages that salt of the sea makes), next of tombs of the kings (too many dust) and non stop season !!! So with all the above i do not really care about if the paint is good, or the toilet is new or not or about the design and the decoration. I really care about the cleanest and i can say that is the most clean hotel i saw in my life and i saw many !!! Breakfast is super, swimming pool is big and clean, huge parking area, front desk staff is tired from the big season but are willing to help you, with smile and kidneys. Welcome drinks, fruits and Champaign. Do not read the bad reviews about this hotel. Find the website of this hotel and read what facilities you cant find here. You cant find a 5 star brand new hotel !!!

Don't listen to the wingers. So you have to pay for wifi. It is a family hotel and you can imagine if the kids were on wifi all day without some controls the system would crash This property was clearly built as a 5star I would guess in the 90s. The interiors are well maintained and the rooms comfortable. The outside is showing some wear but absolute beachfront properties are high maintenance. The staff tell me they are going to do some renovations so then you can pay the 5 star price instead of half a normal 5 star.!! Finally I received a warm Cypriot welcome from the staff. In all it is extremely good value so book with confidence but only if you have the right attitude.

Tombs of The King Road Paphos

Hotel highlights

  • Walking distance to Tombs of the Kings
  • Free hot/cold buffet breakfast
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining

Tombs of the Kings is a short stroll from Venus Beach Hotel, and other popular attractions like Paphos Lighthouse are within a couple of miles (3 km). This 216-room, 5-star hotel has free breakfast, a full-service spa, and an outdoor pool. On the beach, it's also near Paphos Archaeological Park and Paphos Harbour.


Free hot/cold buffet breakfast is included with your stay. Enjoy a leisurely bite to eat at Nefeli Restaurant, the hotel's onsite restaurant. Savor a meal from the comfort of your room with room service, or get a quick energy boost at the coffee shop/café.


The 216 rooms are air-conditioned and have an array of amenities, including furnished balconies or patios, minibars, and phones. 14-inch TVs come with satellite channels, and guests can stay connected with WiFi. Bathrooms have hair dryers, free toiletries, and bidets.

Property features

At Venus Beach Hotel, guests enjoy a full-service spa, an indoor pool, and an outdoor pool. You can take advantage of free parking, along with a shuttle from the airport to the hotel (available 24 hours) for EUR 34 per vehicle. The front desk has multilingual staff on hand 24/7 to help with dry cleaning/laundry, concierge services, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this beach hotel include a children's pool, a fitness center, and a sauna.

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Standard Room, Partial Sea View

Full 1 | Twin 2 | Sleeps 4

Standard Room, Sea View

Full 1 | Twin 2 | Sleeps 4

Standard Single Room, City View

Twin 1 | Sleeps 1

Superior Twin Room, Sea View

Full 1 | Twin 2 | Sleeps 2

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