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The Caves Hotel

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

We found this Jamaican gem on a best list of all inclusive resorts. We normally take very busy logistical vacations with our kids. This was the first vacation alone without the kids in 12 years and we wanted to completely unplug and relax. The Caves met and exceeded our expectations in every way! The staff was great and accommodated our every need and wish. We stayed in the Blue Hole Room which was excellent. Our day started at breakfast overlooking the ocean and we literally stayed there until dinner - swimming, snorkeling, jumping from cliffs, eating and drinking dirty bananas. The other 6-7 couples were really cool and we formed a little community. Food and drink were excellent. I would say that the jerk dishes were made to suit tourists tastes. I wish The Caves would provide the authentic jerk experience. That's my only change to a wonderful week of relaxing, eating, swimming and chilling on the beautiful cliffs. Paul the lifeguard was amazing with his daily snorkel expeditions around the various coral formations and sea caves. I got to know about 35 of the staff and they were so friendly and professional. Tears were shed the morning we left. We plan on coming back over and over. Please don't go / we want to keep it to ourselves!

We call The Caves "our happy spot" after visiting multiple times. Each time we are a bit nervous that perhaps it won't be quite as good as we remember, and yet somehow each time just gets better! This place is so special to us, and though we like to see new places as well, we will always return here. On our most recent stay, we were warmly greeted by name by each staff member that we've seen in past years - a genuine, warm greeting with hugs included. We can't say enough good things about Karen, Paul, Brian, Oren, Fiona, and the list goes on. The staff is the heart of this beautiful, quaint and unique resort. The food was as usual absolutely delicious and plentiful. We love that it has Jamaican flair- no cheeseburgers here. The patty appetizer was awesome! Food is consistently wonderful and has been each and every time we visit. Drinks are top notch as well - the Dirty Banana continues to be one of our all time favorites and nobody does it as well as they do here! We have stayed in Moon Shadow our last few visits and noticed new bedding on this trip. We would love to see more comfortable chairs on the small balcony as the view is amazing - the chairs not so much. As always, the fridge was well stocked with beer, wine, rum and plenty of snacks. We also received a beautiful welcome basket as return guests! We noticed new kayaks, umbrellas, and floats as well. Spa treatments were wonderful - highly recommend. Many other reviews (my previous included) describe the beauty and serenity, so I won't go into that again other than to say yes, it is BEAUTIFUL. This is a place to unwind, de-stress, and enjoy the peacefulness. We have never left the resort once we've arrived - not once in all our visits - because we don't want to miss a single minute here. :)

The prices are high, so therefore, were our expectations. The staff at the Caves exceeded every one of them. The property is spotless and unique. The rooms are rustic but luxurious and well-appointed. If you think of something you'd like, it appears. The food was excellent and the cocktails were too. The Cave Dinner was spectacularly special. We didn't try the spa but heard great reviews and cannot wait to go back to try it. Excellent in every way. We vacation a lot. We vacation in the Caribbean a lot. We now include the Caves among our most favorite vacation spots in the world.

We are on way to the airport now (bummer) but we wanted to make sure we write a review while the experience is still fresh. Beautiful location, beautiful food, beautiful rooms & beautiful people. 10/10

We stayed at The Caves in January 2017 for 4 nights / 3 days. To put this review in context, my wife and I travel a few times per year and usually stay in higher end brand hotels, i.e. Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, St. Regis, etc. Let me start by saying that we were scared to book a room at The Caves. Why? I honestly can't remember now. I think it was because it was out of our comfort zone. It wasn't Ritz or a Four Seasons. It didn't look like the usual cookie cutter resorts that we normally stay at. There isn't a beach at the property. All I can tell you is that I am so glad we stayed at The Caves. If you are looking for the Ritz or Four Seasons or anything even close to it, please don't stay here! You will be disappointed. If you need a lot of people around so that you can people watch, stand at the bar and drink with, or party with at night, please don't stay here! You will be disappointed. If you are looking for an activity filled resort, please don't stay here! You will be disappointed. If you are looking to stay at a completely unique place, with gorgeous views, with friendly service, where no one is going to bother you, and you can just layout and completely relax and not worry about a thing, this is the place. The Good: - The property is tiny. There are only 12 cottages on the property. I think we only saw 4 or 5 other couples during our stay. - The cottages are completely unique. - There are no TVs in the cottages (which is a plus for the vibe of this resort). - All of the staff is extremely friendly. - The water is crystal clear, deep and gorgeous. - All of the food was very good. - This is an all-inclusive resort. I don't think the website did a good job of describing that aspect of the resort. All of the food and alcohol is included. - No children are allowed at the resort. - The resort was completely quite and relaxing. - Jumping off the cliffs was an amazing experience. Just do it! The Bad: - There isn't much that I can say that was bad. - The cottages could maybe use some updating, but it is the primitive not new aspect of the cottages that lends itself to the vibe of the resort. - The outdoor showers could maybe use some updating. - The waiters could maybe come around and ask if anything is needed a little more often. - Not much was bad. - You might get bored if you stay here more than 4 or 5 days. Comments / Not Good, Not Bad, Just Comments: - There is no beach. You have to know this going in. - There are cliffs with designated places where you can jump in the water. - The water is crystal clear and deep (15 feet to 30 feet). - If you want a drink, we typically had to go ask for it. However, the property is very small so this was not a problem and this sort of lent itself to the vibe of the resort. If you wanted to be left completely alone, you could. No body would bother you. If you wanted something, take 30 seconds to walk to the bar. - There is no nightlife. - There is no shopping. - The resort is very quite. - My wife says the resort is very romantic. We are certainly glad we got out of our comfort zone and stayed at the caves. Would we stay at The Caves again? Absolutely!

Not sure there is anything that could be added about the Caves Resort that hasn't been said before. It is hands down our favorite vacation destination. We have visited many places all over the world once and enjoyed them, but never felt we MUST return to them. We have repeated visits to the Caves though without regret and plan to visit again and again. From the moment you book with them, you are in good hands. Upon arrival at the resort you will meet and be pampered by a never ending parade of friendly, courteous, helpful staff members that make you feel more like family than a guest. The resort is beautiful and the views are stunning. It can be as quiet and private as you like, or more of a party atmosphere with the added thrill of jumping from the cliff locations scattered around the resort. The resort is all inclusive, but despite this the food is amazing and the wine and drinks available are top quality, unlike many all inclusive resorts. The Chefs at The Caves do a wonderful job selecting and preparing meals and I don't think you could get better with a private chef. There are several bars scattered through the resort where you can find any drink of choice. And like I said, it is like home so if the bartender is busy feel free to fix yourself anything you'd like because everything is included and they want you to feel like you are at home. I highly recommend the Cave Dining experience as well for your first visit. A uniquely beautiful experience that everyone should enjoy. I have heard and read complaints from some guests in the past that the rooms weren't as nice as they expected or the television channels were lacking. The rooms are very nice, the beds are comfortable, the air is cold (if you want it) and anything you truly need is available. Anybody that voices those type complaints about a resort like The Caves did poor research and made a bad choice from the start, their fault. If you are worried about watching television at any moment you are at The Caves you have missed the true beauty of the world around you. Look out across the water, listen to the waves crashing in the caves below you, then pull the stick out of your ....and go jump off a cliff!

The Caves was one of the most unique experiences I've ever had and surely the best all-inclusive I'll ever experience. The staff is beyond amazing. Everyone is kind, and wants to talk, and genuinely wants nothing more than for you to have a great time. We left the resort twice in the 9 days we were there but honestly, we didn't have to. Paul was unbelievable as a lifeguard. He also gave amazing snorkeling tours, kayaking adventures, and made sure people felt safe and had fun jumping off cliffs. He also jumped for us and was amazing. The food is BEYOND UNREAL AMAZING. You know how all-inclusives so often serve boring American food? Not here. It was real Jamaican - and yes, please, please, get the soups, even though they are hot. They are the best soups you'll ever have in your life. We stayed in Stardust, which was secluded and wonderful. While the top floor could get hot on the hottest nights, it wasn't super bad and the fan and A/C helped enormously. The only wish I had is that the chairs on the deck were a bit more comfortable for lounging, but there were so many other lovely places to sit I didn't really mind. There was also enough room for me to work out every day and stare at the ocean, which was pretty sweet. Finally, I'll say that you should explore the entire property and make friends with the other guests. One of our favorite nights happened in the empty rum bar, a place we didn't realize existed till we befriended other travelers and they showed us the way. I want to bring back friends to The Caves - everyone needs to experience this place.

My husband and I recently returned from a 5-night stay at The Caves. This was our first time at The Caves and it will most definitely not be our last. This resort is a diamond in the rough. My husband and I have stayed at many "big box" resorts over the years in our travels but this one truly won our hearts and left us feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated than any other. In addition to the landscape and amenities, the staff and cuisine really set this resort apart from others. We can't say enough about everyone we met and the care they take to make sure you have the most wonderful experience on their resort. We traveled with another couple and our husbands, the social butterflies that they are, really got to know all of the staff and the other couples staying at the resort. It really added to our whole experience! I know I am missing some folks but I can't help but give a shout out to Elvis and Everod, who made sure we had everything we needed during our stay, Melicia and Fiona who knew my husband's breakfast order before he even had to say anything (he always got the Jamaican dish and combo'd everything!), and Orane, Glenn, Randy, Zoom and Jamoy for their most excellent drink mixing and just being really cool dudes to hang out with! When you visit make sure to try everyone's special drink, our favorite was Glenn's Mr. Smooth. Two more shout outs to Hugh and Owen who always greeted us with smiles. I admit I was nervous about not having a beach (didn't miss it!) and swimming in more open/deep ocean but Chad and Paul eased those fears quickly. Be sure to do the water activities with Paul. We kayaked and snorkeled and it was amazing. I am claustrophobic so some of the snorkeling around and inside the caves caused me anxiety at first but as soon as Paul took my hand and guided me through I immediately calmed down and knew I could do it. I am so thankful for his expertise, he is one of The Caves gems. The food was second best to the people. I loved everything and always went with the Jamaican lunch and dinner option. Every meal had so much flavor. ALWAYS order the soup! I know it seems odd to eat hot soup before every meal but do it. The vegetable soup that was served daily at lunch was amazing and we left with he recipe (just ask the front desk for it). We stayed in the Butterfly and hope to experience other rooms on future visits. They are so unique and boho chic. I loved the open air (note, you must be OK with some harmless bugs). If ants and small gecko's in your room will freak you out then this may not be the place for you, but they didn't bother us at all. We brought bug spray but really didn't find that we needed it. Thank you Caves for the most wonderful vacation I've had in a long time, see you next week mon! (not really but I wish!)

I have nothing but good things to say about The Caves Resort! What an amazing getaway! We were greeted upon arrival with a warm welcome from the manager, a cool towel and their signature cocktail of watermelon juice, coconut water and local rum! 😋. Our room wasn't ready yet which was no problem at all because we were able to eat lunch and gaze in awe at the gorgeous views! After lunch our "love shack" was ready for us (we stayed in Mackatree) and we were blown away!!! The room was immaculate and the high ceilings, ocean view and uniqueness of room was everything I wanted! I will say that if you are a cookie cutter traveler not looking for adventure then maybe this is not the place for you. I read every review and blog prior to booking and was shocked to see that some referred to The Caves as "glamping"! It was everything we wanted AND MORE! Let me take a moment to mention the food..... we stayed at a Sandals the first three days of our honeymoon then arrived at The Caves. You can't even begin to describe the difference in cuisine. We came to Jamaica for an AUTHENTIC Jamaican experience and we received that at The Caves. EVERY meal we had was cooked with love and was absolutely scrumptious! And I consider myself a food critic lol. Also you can have your full meal served to your room if you like. Ohhhhh and that Blue Mountain Coffee...... I wish I had some right now! The Cave and Cliff Diving were exhilarating! Paul was so supportive and right there if you needed any help. And if you're not into doing it yourself, many enjoyed just watching us do it ☺️ The pool is a small, saltwater pool and we loved it!!!! We spent an entire afternoon in the pool with two couples we met there laughing and talking. The size of the pool was great for socializing. I HIGHLY recommend a Cave Dinner in The Rum Bar!!!! It was an experience we will never forget! We also booked 2 excursions through The Caves office (Mayfield Falls and Horseback riding) and were very pleased with the professionalism. Mayfield Falls was incredible (ask for Shane as your guide). The horseback riding was alright only because the horses weren't trained like we're used to in the states and we had to ride the whole way at a slow trot with a guide walking the horse in front of us. But no bother! We still made it fun! Now I HAVE to give a huge shout out to Orane and Glen who were not only our bartenders but we now consider our friends!!! They were extremely professional, fun and helpful! AND Sheree and Michelle who were our massage therapists! My husband and I received the BEST MASSSAGES OF OUR LIVES from these 2 pros cliffside at sunset! I highly recommend this service! Honestly we are counting the days till we can go back! Thank you to all the staff at The Caves for making this this best honeymoon we could've ever imagined! Oh and the Club Mobay package at the airport is worth every penny!

This was our third stay at The Caves: We previously stayed in 2009 and 2013. We always found the resort to be a place of relaxation and rejuvenation with its bohemian beauty and rustic romance. The food is consistently delicious, and the staff members are very friendly. However, the resort has slipped in its ratings and appears to be losing its competitive edge as newer resorts are constructed and existing resorts are renovated in Negril. We enjoyed the following during our stay: - The "Love to Love You" package, which included a round-trip airport transfer, cave dining, and sunset hot tub - Great customer service from the servers and spa staff - Info on the VIP Airport Service - Welcome basket from the resort, which included sauces and crackers, a mini rum cake, a bottle of rum, tonic wine, Blue Mountain Coffee, and vanilla supplemental drinks The following were areas of improvement: - Less modern and luxurious rooms compared to nearby resorts - Technical difficulties with resort equipment (stereo, TV, A/C unit) - Higher costs for guests but less services (For example, unless you book a package deal, you now have to pay for cave dining and the sunset hot tub. But guests have less TV channels to watch and less fancy meal options than in previous years.) - Dim lighting around the pool and hot tub makes it difficult to enjoy this area during the late evening

144 One Love Drive Negril Westmoreland

Hotel highlights

  • Free breakfast
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining

Located in West End, The Caves Hotel is a short stroll from Negril Lighthouse and within a 10-minute drive of Throne Room. This 4-star resort welcomes guests with 12 rooms and conveniences like a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, and free in-room WiFi. Times Square Mall is also nearby.


Free breakfast is included with your stay. This resort is home to 2 onsite restaurants, perfect for a quick bite to eat. Satisfy your hunger from the comfort of your room with room service.


The Caves Hotel's 12 air-conditioned rooms provide refrigerators, coffee makers, and free bottled water. Guests can stay connected with free WiFi. Beds sport premium bedding and bathrooms offer hair dryers and free toiletries. Other standard amenities include ceiling fans, safes, and phones.

Property features

Guests staying at The Caves Hotel enjoy access to a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, and a spa tub. There's free parking, and an airport shuttle (available 24 hours) for USD 90 per vehicle one way. Front-desk staff can assist with dry cleaning/laundry, concierge services, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this adults-only resort include a sauna, free WiFi in public areas, and free use of bicycles.

Room options

Clandestino Villa

Queen 1 | Sleeps 8

Two Bedroom Ocean View Cottage

King 1 | Sleeps 4

One Bedroom Partial Ocean View Cottage

Queen 1 | Sleeps 2

Cottage, 1 Bedroom, Ocean View

King 1 | Sleeps 2

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