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H10 Suites Lanzarote Gardens

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

It is only one night we spent in this hotel (out of 7) but I already have a clear picture of the performance of it: first we have waited 40 minutes for the check in with only 2 personal staff at the desk and 10 guests lining to be attended. Th hotel is old and really need to be refurbished but in particular our room was not clean: the bide was dirty as well a dish and the hair dresser was sticky. We had one problem with the broken shelf of the closet but even if at the reception assured me to send somebody to fix it, nobody came. The two pool should be at 25 and 28 degrees but I think they are are 20 and 22.... It is very windy . I guess it is the zone: we were in arrecife, playa Blanca and Puerto del Carmen and it was not windy at all. The only positive point of this hotel is the buffet, however we you half board and we must pay the drinks for dinner which prices are about 50% higher than in normal restaurants. Finally I would give only 3 stars to this 4 stars hotel and price is too high for what they offer especially when compared to other resorts in Canary islands...

We were back for our second stay in H10 Lanzarote Gardens and it was excellent again. It's a beautiful hotel. Gorgeous smell when you walk into the foyer and lovely Christmas decorations. Bungalows are terrific - very clean and spacious. Two tvs with BBC, ITV and Channels 4 and 5 and Euro News. Our kids really enjoyed it even though they didn't avail of the kids' clubs. They spent their time in the pools. Evening shows were very good - great effort put into them by the staff - they work long days! Food was very good too - great variety and plenty of it. We were very impressed when gluten free food was provided for one of our party. No. 3 bus right outside the door which will bring you to Arrecife or Peurto del Carmen and the No. 11 on Sunday to Teguise Market. Supermarkets, chemists, Doctors all very close by. Also the aquarium is very close. Like Terminator says "we will be back...!"

(TIP: join the H10 club for a 5% discount and go through topcashback to get an extra 6% cashback) I really like this hotel but you would not know it by this review. We have stayed here lots of times over xmas or new year over the last five years – we keep coming back as it does most things right. It is spotless, the rooms are very nice, as are the balconies – the staff are amazing and the enthusiasm of the blue team is fantastic to see – be it first thing in the morning or late at night. They are amazing with the kids. In all my previous reviews I have said it is good to use as a base – what we normally do is go half board then swap the evening meal to lunch so that we can eat out at the nice local restaurants e.g. La Bohemia, Portobello. This way you benefit from the gala meal on either xmas day or new years. It works out a similar price to go HB with the gala included as opposed to going just B&B and paying for the gala meal as a bolt on. This year was a game changer – the food at breakfast is what it is – can’t argue at all with it. However, the food at lunch was utter rubbish. It was a chore, a bush tucker trial to be endured – truly awful, the worst here in years. It was so bad that none of us looked forward to going through it and it was basically just get some calories in you to get you through to a nice meal in a proper restaurant in the night. One day it was so bad that we got some tuna, mayo and sweetcorn from the buffet and made a sandwich as the other stuff was cold, inedible rubbish. I eat anything me – not a fussy eater at all and I struggled to put something together over and above the salad, cold meats, cheeses etc. I’m guessing that others agree with me as it was quite empty most days with the AI people seeming to prefer eating in the snack bar. Then they sting you 3.5 euros for a beer and you have to buy water and drinks with your rubbish meal. Surely they should include free water? At breakfast you can get still or water with gas from pumps - but at lunch they turn the pumps off so you are forced to buy water. I think that is disgraceful and holding you to ransom. The food was SO bad (apart from the gala meal – that was actually quite nice – but not as nice as previous years) that I would now suggest simply going B&B and popping over the road to get toasties etc for lunch and going to the many nice restaurants at night. I don’t know about the bungalows but the normal rooms have rubbish cooking facilities so you can’t even make your own stuff in the room. There are restaurants open on christmas night to eat so you don't need to in that gala meal - just go to a nice restaurant instead. This year the beds were really hard too - don't know if they have changed them since our visit last year? At least they had a working toaster machine this year so you could have toast with your breakfast. In summary – brilliant hotel that is ideal for kids (mine loves it) but the food is rubbish. Do your maths and see if it is more cost effective to go B&B and eat out at lunch/night. I appreciate it won’t be for everyone as AI is good for drinks for little ones – but at xmas/new year it’s not that hot at all so you don’t need loads like the summer. You go away as a treat to yourself – why put up with rubbish food? Weather – quick note on the weather for people considering late December – we were here 21st to 28th December and the weather was spot on – sunny every day except for the last morning and for the first time in years there was no wind. Never seen it like that before and it really made a difference. Normally if the sun does go behind a cloud it can be cold due to the wind – but this year it was ace as there was no wind at all to speak of. We even got my little one in the heated pool without fear of the wind freezing him to death when we got him out.

Nice resort. 2 min walk to beach. Bungalow rooms are very spacious and housekeeping are great. So glad I wasn’t All inclusive. There are so many wonderful restaurants close by plus Breakfast got very repetitive after a 10 day stay. The beds are so uncomfortable, like the worst ever!!!!!! Even a mattress topper couldn’t help them! I ended up sleeping on the kids roll away bed. Said pool was heated to 28c, I highly doubt it. Cold AF. Would I go back? Probably not. And if you don’t have kids- Avoid!!!

We spent a week beginning November in Lanzarote. The weather was perfect - warm, sunny with a bit of wind. The hotel is located a short drive from the airport, close to the sea. 5 minutes walk from a very nice and clean beach. The hotel itself is a family spot, perfect if you are travelling with kids. First of all - all rooms are suites, which means you have your bedroom and the children sleep in the living room. Each room has a terrace, but the views can differ - I will come back to it later. There are no lifts, so if you have a second floor room you will be taking those stairs a couple of times per day - not an issue for us. The rooms are clean and confortable, bathrooms functional. Nothing to complain about. The grounds are fairly big, with a baby club and playground for small one, kids club and a playground and a teenagers club with basketball field etc. The kids club was really great - even thought no one spoke french our child loved it. There is a huge pool space, with three pools; for babies, and two that kids can use. The biggest one has different depths and three slides from a pirate ship. Perfect for kids to play. The only low point is that the big pool got closed on Monday 6 November... We were leaving the next day, so not a drama, but I would have prefered to have been informed about this at time of booking. Not to mention the noise of drilling all day long. I am really sorry for people who arrived that week. The restaurant was ok, nothing special, more like a canteen. Reasonable choices, but not really healthy cooking. The special kids buffet was a disgrace - fries, greasy nuggets... Desserts barely eatable, too sweet. We loved the mexican theme dinner, too bad that the chicken in the salad was not cooked! Fortunately we did not get sick. Regarding the room - at arrival we got a room in Fuerteventura building - on first floor with a view on the car park. Not really my best holiday spot, so I went back to reception. Very nice service, they proposed us another room in same building (view on the bar roof) and one with view on the park outside of hotel, which we preferred. There is not much around the hotel, limited walks. But plenty of activities at hotel, with a mini disco each evening. We had a very nice week.

Stayed here over Xmas and didn't know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised how enjoyable it was! Went half board with wife and 3yr old son which was convenient. Didn't find it overcome with children as others have mentioned but it is a family hotel so not sure what they were expecting! Great pool and I agree was a little chilly but not much complaint. Staff were tremendous and very helpful. Location was brilliant, 5min from supermarket and shops. 10min to a lovely beach. Clean place but would agree the beds aren't great but didn't bother me much. If I was to go again I would go bed and breakfast as there are so many good places to eat around there. Mi Place next door is an amazing pizzeria and their salads are delicious! 2min past that is bon bon cafe (same owner?) Great for brunch. Eating out is cheap too! Cannot fault it much. Breakfast at the hotel is probably their best meal. Dinner is convenient more than anything but they do try hard. Would go back definitely.

Our room was quite spacious with a separate lounge area and a very large balcony accommodating two loungers which were shielded from the which making it an ideal place to spend time in the sun. A cot bed had been put in the lounge for our 2 year old which was fantastic but left us nowhere to sit after he had gone to bed so we decided to move this into the bedroom with my wife and I. Unfortunately our bed wasn't great as it was 2 single beds pushed together, when I would have expected a king size for a couple in a hotel with this rating. The bathroom was the worst part of the room though, I would only rate it at 2* level. We also had a small bit of surface water on the balcony one morning and my little boy walked on it and slipped on his back and banged the back of his head. I would recommend the hotel replace the balconies with non slip materials as they should do outside the restaurant and bar. The pools looked very good and very inviting and one of the reasons we booked in December was because they were well heated. Unfortunately, the temperature stated bore no resemblance to the actual water temperature. The children's pool was supposed to be 28 degrees but my son was too cold and got out in less than a minute. I tried the smaller adult pool, also 28 degrees, but it was not an enjoyable experience and I never went near the pool again. It somewhat explains why the large pool at 21 degrees was always empty. The restaurant would fill up just before the childrens entertainment started and it could sometimes be difficult to get seated, the food could also be hit and miss, you had to really know what you were getting and try to aim for the fresh items. Our first night, we were quite late and the food I took was all quite cold so I mentioned it and was told I could heat it up in the microwave. After that I was very selective, although I did try Beef Cannelloni once which I only took two bites into to realise it had been cooked from Frozen with very cheap beef and was awful. Mash was shocking and very sloppy. The orange juice at breakfast was from a machine which left a nasty froth on the top and a bad aftertaste. The soups however were very good, the salads were excellent (that came from my wife who is a Michelin Star Chef), the freshly cooked meats are always good, particularly the chicken, steak, beef etc. There are different options on different nights, my wife and I ate differently every night and made our own decent meals from what was on offer, my father didn't really notice any themes but he only eats the same kind of foods anyway so it all bypassed him. My son was really into the ice creams and deserts. One of the best bits of this hotel has to be the entertainment team, who do a fantastic job during the day and putting on shows at night, although, think we got a few unfortunate shows our week as Beauty and the Beast was too scary for my son and there was one about a mermaid which was pretty awful so we went outside the hotel that night where we found some drinks which were nice and cheap. My son hasn't stopped talking about Daisy since he returned home though, so it has obviously made a big impression on him and he really enjoyed himself. Another thing we liked about the hotel is that it is very close to shops and to the beach which was great to walk along, even in December and we went down there every day. I'd recommend this hotel for families if you can look past the bathroom and single mattresses and you know how to select quality food - children will really enjoy it here. I don't think it is quite a 4 star because I have stayed in a lot of 4 and 5 star hotels and this doesn't quite hit the mark.

We were due to stay for the week, from the 16th December. We ended up having to leave early due to our children falling sick (no fault of Hotel but because of a scummy woman on our Jet2 flight coughing and spluttering directly behind us on the plane over, no attempt to cover her mouth, god forbid.......). Hotel was better than expected, clean and food very decent. Staff were all very accommodating and friendly. The room sizes were decent and the overall atmosphere of the hotel was lovely. Faults - the hotel beds were INCREDIBLY uncomfortable. Could not get a decent night's sleep on them. And when the children fell sick, this played a part in us not being able to stay for the whole week as we couldn't get them (or us) comfortable. Despite assurances from the Hotel that the pools were heated you could not use them. Even on the warmer days, they were freezing cold. Obviously, if you travel out of season then this is a risk but I was disappointed because I had contacted the Hotel to check the pools before we arrived. Given they are very child friendly (pirate ship and water slide) this was a big letdown for our children. Even with wetsuits, they would not have been able to cope with the pool temperatures. This meant that the days were quite long as there isn't much to do with the children (we don't use kids clubs). For those two reasons I wouldn't stay again but if they improved the beds then I imagine it would be a good Hotel in high season.

As I said in the title, this is our 3rd time (2015/2016/2017)with our 5yr old boy. As always, food lovely, entertainment great, rooms clean, staff lovely. Reason for my 3 star is, we looked into going again next year (same time/month) and the price has gone up €200. Simply cannot afford even with 5% discount. Your prices are going up every year. We came with another family this year and they were looking into going with us next year and they cannot afford. I am all for paying for good service but they’re has to come a time where you say enough. Please don’t fall into the trap of making your wonderful hotel too expensive where the ordinary hard working family will struggle to afford to stay in your hotel.

Entertainment : Fantastic entertainment for young children - clubs and discos alongside two play areas: one for toddlers another for older children and 3 pools. The pools were particularly good with a small pool for babies then a separate heated pool for kids and a large pool for adults with lots of slides. Rooms: The family room we were in was awful! Two single beds pushed together and extremely hard mattress and very uncomfortable pillows. I suffered horrendous back ache. For my young son a pull out sofa! Inadequate sheets meaning I was cold (we stayed there in december). Tiny bathroom. Very noisy even though the hotel wasn't full. Restaurant: lots of variety and delicious food but at times it got extraordinarily busy and was too crowded. Tables were put too close together making it stressful and uncomfortable when trying to move around, especially with hot food and children everywhere. Location: Excellent - within ten minutes slow walk to beach and shops and fifteen to airport.

Avenida de las Islas Canarias, 13 Teguise Lanzarote

Hotel highlights

  • Free hot/cold buffet breakfast
  • Free WiFi in public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining

Located in Costa Teguise within a 5-minute walk of Las Cucharas Beach, H10 Suites Lanzarote Gardens is within 2 miles (3 km) of AquaPark Costa Teguise. This 242-room, 4-star hotel welcomes guests with 2 outdoor pools, free breakfast, and free self parking. It's near the airport and also near Costa Teguise Golf Club and Telamon Shipwreck.


Free hot/cold buffet breakfast is included with your stay. This hotel serves as home to a bar, along with a buffet restaurant that specializes in international cuisine.


All 242 accommodations feature kitchenettes and furnished balconies, and there's space to spread out with separate bedrooms and sitting areas. Flat-screen TVs come with satellite channels. Bathrooms offer deep soaking tubs, hair dryers, and free toiletries. Sofa beds, coffee makers, and phones are other standard amenities.

Property features

Renovated in 2015, H10 Suites Lanzarote Gardens offers 2 outdoor pools, a children's pool, and an outdoor tennis court. You can take advantage of free parking if you drive. Multilingual staff at the 24-hour front desk can assist with dry cleaning/laundry, tours or tickets, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this beach hotel include free WiFi in public areas, a free kid's club, and laundry facilities.

Room options

Standard Apartment

Twin 2 | Full 1 | Sleeps 4

Bungalow, 1 Bedroom

Twin 2 | Queen 1 | Sleeps 5

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