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First I would like to say I am very sorry for this resorts unexpected fire because I do think with some time and work this could have been a 5 star and I do hope they get back up and running soon. That being said I have traveled to many all inclusive resorts in DR Mexico and Jamaica and this does not compare. My husband an I visited this resort for a few days before our cruise to Cuba in March 2018. When we landed in Miami 9am we received a text from the bungalows asking when we would be arriving ( I was so excited thinking to my self how nice this is going to be a great trip) I told them around 12:30 -1:00 we were waiting for our rent a car.The next text from them was about how the were an all inclusive resort and check in is at 4pm and if we came early there was an additional charge. I was SO annoyed we paid a fortune for an ocean front room more expensive then any all inclusive i have ever been too. I understand the room not being ready I have no problem with that but if I was going to have a drink and some food at 1pm instead of 4pm are you kidding me I had also asked in advance if checking in early would be a problem and they said no. I was no longer feeling pampered I was feeling disappointed. I texted back and told them this and my husband called them and expressed his disappointment. Then I got an apology text stating they didn't see the note on my reservation of early arrival. I don't think this is good policy we met other guests who told us they drove around for 2 hours because they were told there would be an extra fee. Not good. Ok now the good The resort is BEAUTIFUL.The rooms amazing. It is a small resort intimate. I can't say enough about how pretty in really is. We had the best time on the floating bar. This is really unique. We loved it.The bikes were fun to drive around the property. There was really no beach per se but it is waterfront (most the the Keys not much beach) They had some water sports. the 2 pools were very nice. Food. Not enough food options We went to the fancy restaurant one night I was not impressed. and service was way too long. Entertainment not much. Service, they tried but there were still dirty glasses left on the beach table overnight. Some of the staff were excellent and some not. I really think this could really be because it is so new. For the price we paid it just needed more. I hope when it opens again they fix some of these things it could be an amazing resort. When you are spending so much money you just want excellent service. I truly hope they get there.

My fiance and I went here on our vacation after we both returned from deployment. The entrance to the place was amazing it had a secluded feel to it and we were offered cocktails on arrival! The bungalow itself was gorgeous and so nice!! I do think that they should stock the fridge like a mini bar and also include snacks in the room. The grounds were gorgeous but the all inclusive food part is lacking. There needs to be more food options than the tiki bar and the planned dinners. There were some gaps in food times being available too, which if you are drinking this is not a smart option because when people drink they get hungry! If the resort can just figure out the food issues I do think this hotel will take off! The ground are amazing, it was so nice to not have any annoying kids around! Loved it and will go back once they reopen.

Had anniversary trip booked for May 5-8. The week before travel I noticed 2 "deposit" charges on my CC totaling $2695 Called and was informed payment for full stay was due prior to visit. OK I explained "the deposit" was on my corporate card and the full $2695 needed to go onto my personal card. I was told no problem and within 24 hours the full amount was on my personal card. Except they never took the 2695 off my corporate card. Then at 6:30am Sunday morning May 5th while standing in line to board our plane I received a call about the fire and the resort was closed and could not honor the reservation. Ok things happen. I explained we were boarding and the lady on the phone said go ahead and fly down we will work on alternate accommodations for you and will advise when you land in FT Lauderdale. Upon arrival in Ft Lauderdale I called back and was told that my "alternate lodging was not their problem and they could not help us". My wife and I were left to fend for ourselves. Great. Found alternate lodging at Playa in Key Largo WONDERFUL PLACE!! Only problem was I had over $5,000 tied up on credit cards and then Playa was another $2500. Bungalows took almost 10 days to credit my personal CC and get me back my $2695. I had to put the charges on my corporate card in dispute to get that money back. Stuff happens. ItS how you respond which they responded arrogantly and left us hanging. Have never heard a word from them since we have been back. When they reopen STAY AWAY.

We were supposed to stay here unfortunately there was a fire closing the resort. Fortunately noone was hurt. While reports stated that the resort reached out to existing customers this was not true. We heard nothing from the resort. In fact we called them and there was no assistance offered with regards to other locations. We had payed in full and it took a week to get the money refunded. We were understanding of the disaster but VERY disappointed with the lack of communication.

We were sad to hear that this place suffered a massive fire to the main building a couple days ago shutting down the resort until further notice. Thankfully, no one was injured. I hope all the wonderful people who work there will not be displaced for long and will be taken care of in the meantime. A word of advice: book a vacation here as soon as it reopens. My husband and I visited Bungalows Key Largo in late April for our honeymoon and we didn't want to leave after five days. Despite all the rave reviews, I was a little apprehensive before going because of the handful of negative reviews. Much to my delight, our experience was perfection. The grounds are immaculate. The rooms are lovely. The food is outstanding. The drinks are premium. The spa was luxurious and relaxing. The pools and activities (floating tiki bar, sunset cruise, kayaking, bikes) were so much fun! We did not have any of the same issues with service, food or housekeeping that I've read from a few others. However, my hunch is that more of the issues occur on the weekends when the resort is busier as they are still working out the kinks. We arrived on Monday and checked out on Friday, so we had the run of the place without issue. Shout-outs to the amazing staff for making our honeymoon everything we hoped: Rob at check-in; Trey, Fred and Jason with the water activities; Desiree and Jayne in the spa; Renda in guest experience; Reyna, James and Luis at the bars and restaurants. Thank you. One last comment regarding the staff. We were so pleased to see smiling, friendly, happy and personable people. They all felt very genuine. After a couple conversations with staff members, we heard that the owner treated the staff well and really cared about them, and that their employee experience was head and shoulders above other places (resorts) they had worked in the area. Gotta tell you that this made a difference in our perception of the place, too. (A side note: we also heard that early on there was a management company running the place, but the owner wasn't happy with how things were going and took over the management of the resort himself. He was there while we were there, and I saw him doing even the tiniest of tasks like adjusting bike seats. I wouldn't have even realized he was the owner until one of the staff members pointed him out.) A few tips to guests: 1) Call ahead of your trip to book at Bogie & Bacall's if you are coming on the weekend. Since we were there during the weekdays, we didn't have an issue getting a reservation but I can see how it would be tougher on the weekends when there are more guests. Also, eat lightly that day because it's a BIG meal, so you'll want to save room for it. 2) Listen to the advice of the spa about what services to take advantage of. I had originally booked an in-room service and upon the advice of Jayne, I ended up going to the spa, and I am so glad I did. I would have missed out on a wonderful and unique experience. 3) Book your sunset cruise and floating tiki bar ride immediately because there are limited spots (I think max of 6 seats for both). The upside is the experience feels very exclusive and intimate. The downside is that you may miss out on these awesome activities if you wait to book. 4) Don't drive down to Key West unless you are looking for a tourist-y experience. Upon the recommendation of a friend prior to my trip, we rented a convertible and drove the two hours down to Key West. Cool drive and experience but the problem is you have to turn around and drive back, so if you do it, at least stay overnight. As soon as we entered Key West, we sat in traffic. The place was crawling with people and screaming kids. We found a spot to eat and made our way down to the Southernmost point only to find a line of people down the street to take a selfie there. Hard pass. We wondered why we left paradise for this. A few pieces of feedback to Bungalows: 1) Bogie & Bacall's -- portions could actually be smaller. The number of courses made it hard to eat EVERYTHING, and I hated to see that food going to waste, though it was delicious. 2) Spa services -- better detail the breakdown of menu items and associated costs. (For example, I originally booked an in-room getaway but didn't realize that there was an additional cost for the Aromatherapy or Mineral Muscle Relief aspect because it was not clearly articulated on the menu). Also, make it clear that gratuity is included in the spa service. This was great surprise because I expected to tip on top of my service. However, not knowing that it was already included affected my decision-making about which spa services I selected. Finally, downplay the in-room services in favor of spa experiences where your best services actually occur. 3) Better poolside and cabana service during the weekdays. We noticed on Thursday heading into the weekend as more guests arrived that staff was more abundant and visible and offering food and beverage services throughout the property, which we really didn't experience Monday through Wednesday. It certainly wasn't a deal-breaker to have to make a very short walk to the bar for our drinks, but this type of attentiveness would have been a level up. 4) The club music that was pumping throughout the entire day on Tuesday at the main sunset pool, Sea Senor, Fish Tales and the Tiki Bar was grating after a while and didn't match the vibe of the place. Something more like ambient pop would've been a better experience and less headache-inducing. However, we were relieved that this changed by day and found the music to be much more mood-appropriate Wednesday and Thursday.

My husband and I booked a 3 night stay April 25-28 for our wedding anniversary. Friends of ours had stayed a few weeks prior and had absolutely raved about the property. We were looking for a staycation as we live in Ft. Lauderdale but this was a great location and easy to get to. To start off, the check in process was a little disjointed as we were checking in at the same time as several other couples. We were immediately offered a drink at the bar while we waiting and the valet/bellman unloaded our car and parked it. Check in went smoothly until we were driven to our room via golf cart (after you go through the Jurassic Park style gates.. VERY COOL!) and it was the incorrect room type. I had to pull up my reservation on my phone to show that I had booked a King/Garden View room, not a room with 2 beds. To change rooms we had to go back to the check in area, change keys and move luggage. I found it kind of strange that a "luxury" resort would make this kind of mistake especially when the young lady checking us in asked us what we were celebrating. Once we got in the correct room type we were blown away! Simply put, the rooms are gorgeous! The outdoor area is beautiful and I don't think we ever used the indoor shower during our stay! Privacy was not an issue due to the lush landscaping. I will say, the refrigerator would barely keep the beverages cool. We had to keep the cabinet open to let all the heat trapped out and eventually the bottled water would stay cool. If you are expecting snacks in the room, there are none. Also, we are not soda drinkers so water was the only thing in the fridge we could drink. Thank god we brought our own booze but there was nothing we could mix it with. Maybe a few more non-alcoholic options in the fridge, some small snacks etc would be really nice. The room was spotless and during our stay the housekeeping was inconsistent. I say that as 2 out of our 3 days, no water was replenished in our fridge. Also, if you need ice, you have to call the front desk and have someone deliver it. I do not think that part was well thought out. We were so close to the restaurant/pool area (RIP :-( ) that my husband would just walk over and fill the ice bucket from the coolers. Dirty glasses were not always taken and replaced with clean ones so there is definitely some room for improvement there but the actual room was cleaned very well. Location: our room was located right by the restaurant/ pool area as mentioned (room 209) so everything was super close. Our room did not have bikes outside and we were told to just "take some from the pool area"... we were so close it wasn't necessary but I definitely would not wanted to have been further out on the property from where we were. The Food/Drinks: This is where the biggest improvement needs to happen. The service staff was mostly all newly hired and didn't seem to have all the systems down yet. They were all extremely friendly and we could tell they were trying to make it all work but sometimes is was just a mess. The best meal of the day for us was breakfast hands down. The selection of hot and cold foods was nice along with a bloody mary bar! Lunch at Fish Tales was very slow and our pizza took forever as they made us the wrong one. Fish tacos were tasty though. Italian Night on the beach Thursday was so-so. Various pastas and sauces and that was it. It was OK. We couldn't get anyone to take our dirty plates or serve a drink, so my husband ended up walking down to the beach bar to get our drinks/refills. The same thing happened on Seafood Night as well. Pretty disappointing to have to trudge over to the beach bar to get a drink. The food on seafood night was much better than Italian night with a lot more variety. The biggest disappointment food-wise was Bogie & Bacall's. We made a reservation a few weeks before our stay for the 5-course tasting on Friday evening. We arrived at 6:40 for cocktail hour and were immediately seated at our table. After approximately 15 mins my husband got up to ask the hostess about drinks when we were informed we needed to get them from the bar. Would've been nice to know that ahead of time but really, no table service? The hostess confirmed my Tree Nut allergy upon seating us. The first course was served and it was coconut lobster bisque. Coconut is a tree nut by the way. They offered to bring me a clam chowder instead and it was delicious. My husband did not enjoy the lobster bisque. The ceviche was tasty but the fish course was a disaster. Neither my husband or I liked it or the table next to us. The steak course was tough and over cooked. Between that and the fact that it was 3.5 hours from start to finish, we got up to leave before dessert. They asked us to please stay for the dessert course as they had something special for us (Anniversary). Dessert was tasty (best course frankly) but the service was very "off". Neither my husband or I (or the table next to us) ever got our food at the same time. For a "luxury. 5 star experience" this whole restaurant experience was a huge miss. I feel like the potential is there once the staff is fully trained but it was definitely not a great experience. The Pool: The pool area is amazing! Be sure to get out early and save a chair if you want to be in the sun, otherwise the cabanas and such are mostly shaded. The pool is heated and very toasty. Pool side service was available and Renda & Dillon took great care of us and our new friends while we were there. They definitely could use a few more pool servers as Dillon/Renda handled the entire area plus the Zen pool so many times we just walked over to the tiki bar for a drink. Tipping: We chose to tip cash but most guests were charging it on their room. It is a great option if you do not want to carry cash. Overall, yes the food was disappointing BUT I feel like they just need to get the staff trained/working together. They have so much potential and even with all the challenges, the staff was always super nice. I do feel like we would give them a second chance once they re-open but not at $1200/night. It was definitely not worthy of that rate with a lot of the issues that they had. Now, if they button up the issues and get the F&B/service side down, then I would have no problem paying that rate for that property. They have so much potential that I hope they can pull it together after they re-open. I do wonder if the F&B/Service issues had to do with the change in management companies? All in all a gorgeous property with so much potential.

We spent 3 nights at Bungalows in mid-March and overall had a very pleasant experience. There was clearly a lot of capital, thought and effort poured into the property's overall concept. When we stayed at the resort it was open about 3 months, so there were some growing pains. Some we found reasonable. Others, we felt, should have been taken care of for a 5* resort that has been open 3 months. 1. The sand would get racked everywhere overnight, yet every single morning while we were there we would find towels and glasses/bottles from the previous evening in areas, and that's not at 6 am, that's at 10 or 11 am. 2. Table settings. The staff overall was super nice and attentive, but careless in setting tables. 3. We had a lovely concierge show us around, but he did forget to mention some important details to "run" the room (lights, internet, tv). Also, for a 5* $1,000 per night cottage, there was no proper little toiletry kit in the room...The makeup remover pads, q-tips, tooth brush kit. 4. I have never stayed in a hotel where, after maid service, an item that wasn't mine (sweatshirt) was left on my bed. 5. Completely mind boggling to me, as our check-out happened, the team was absolutely uninterested in any feedback. Considering the newness of the resort and the captive audience, strange. So overall, Bungalows has ALL the potential to be 5*+, if they iron out those details, which I would assume will happen.

We were at the bungalows from April 18-24/19. We loved it. We were welcomed quickly and taken over to the bar area and offered a drink right away. We waited about 5 min for our turn to check in. It seemed busy but pretty well organized. We were taken on a tour by golf cart. I would recommend getting the full tour. We were tired and just wanted to get to our bungalow so we didn’t get the tour of the main building and pool area. Later we were a bit lost so the tour would have been good. Our bungalow was comfortable and very pretty. We had an ocean front that had a spectacular view and we could watch the sunset. The bed and pillows were very comfortable. When we went for our first meal we asked for a specific mix that we like and they didn’t have it. They made sure to get it for us. Thank you! There was lots of choices for eating. The tiki hut had salads,sandwiches, burgers, wings etc. The coconut shrimp were so good we had them every day! Breakfast was buffet with every choice you could want. We had to ask for peanut butter. After the second day they had it ready and waiting for us. For lunch we had tiki bar food or the salad bar at fish tales. Dinner was either Fish tales or Sea senors. Both these restaurants are four courses with two choices per course. You can pick and choose what you want. Just before the tiki hut closes for the night they do last call for food that you can take with you to your room. We loved hanging out by the pool. This is where they might need some work.... the service in the pool area needs to be a bit more organized and regular but if thats the biggest complaint on a trip that’s pretty good. The zen pool was so relaxing. We were by ourselves for a couple hours each time we were there. Just a note they only have service in there when Renda is working. This leads me to staff.... Renda really makes you feel welcomed and remembers everyone’s name. She does whatever it takes to make your stay wonderful. James and Tatiana at the tiki hut were awesome. Luis was fun to talk to. We also enjoyed talking to (I think her name was Indonesia) Mac was super attentive and seemed to always be working. During our whole visit we only had one person that had some attitude and wasn’t friendly. Everyone was always saying hello or asking if you need anything. It rained one night and they brought the cutest little bus to pick us up. To get to the bus James held the umbrella for me and I was able to carry my stuff and get to the bus without getting wet. People at the resort were so relaxed most people were ready to have conversations but kept to themselves too. It was a nice mix. The sunset cruise was fun. We saw a dolphin so that was exciting. We were able to go in the seaplane to key west. That was something I would have never booked in my own bit it was so awesome. I saw a dolphin from the plane. The only real complaint is that they want 300.00 to stay until 3:00 at the resort for late check out. I can understand if the resort was full but when it is only half occupied it seems a bit expensive. The bikes were fun. We were a bit Leary to begin with but we had fun. We heard of some people wiping out in the bikes so be careful !!! They give you a zero balance receipt when you order food/drinks and you can add a tip charged to your room. I would only suggest that they need a way to tip housekeeping. We only had large bills and had a hard time making change so that we could leave money for housekeeping We needed to go to an event and it was no problem to use the shuttle. I know they have been having trouble getting employees so sometimes they are short staffed in areas but they are trying really hard. Everyone at the resort only had nice things to say about their boss and I am sure once they get enough staff everything will run smoothly. We have never come from a vacation so relaxed. We met lots of great people and are looking forward to getting back there.

If your question is should we go here.....the answer is YES absolutely! My husband and I spent a long weekend at Bungalows as a get away. We found this resort to be exactly what we needed. It put us in a relaxing mood from the moment we stepped out of our car. We were greeted at check in with people who took our bags, put a drink in our hands and took us on a tour. The property is peaceful, relaxing and immaculate! The pathways are lined with palms that light up at night. It is very romantic! The rooms were beautiful, quiet and clean! We stayed in a garden bungalow and the outdoor shower, tub and sitting area was extremely private. Each bungalow comes with bikes that are fun to ride. There are two different pools and a great selection of food and drinks. Our favorite lunch spot was Sea Senors. Small menu but fabulous food and service. That’s one thing we noticed all weekend. Everyone working was working HARD but they were still friendly and helpful. Italian night and Seafood night on the beach were delicious. Bogie and Bacall’s is an experience. It’s not just a quick meal. Plan to spend sometime at dinner but just relax, your on vacation why be in a hurry?! The exercise facility was clean and had plenty of equipment. My husband enjoyed the Peloton bikes! MUST KNOWS- 1. Make spa reservations early (call even! They book up fast and it’s an amazing treat!) 2. Make a reservation for the floating tiki bar too! Do it as soon as you get there! It books fast too! But is SO much fun! 3. Do yourself a favor and have the bar pizza! It’s phenomenal. 4. If you have a small Bluetooth speaker bring it with you! Makes for great background music for morning coffee on your porch or while you relax in the outdoor tub! 5. Do the stand up paddle boarding! It is so much fun and they give great instructions! It was our first time ever and we stayed out in the water for about an hr and never fell in because we listened to their advice! 6. Ice cream at the bar is also fabulous. Make sure you save room for some! SHOUT OUT- Everyone we met was friendly and willing to help make our trip as amazing as possible. However Tatianna and Reyna at the tiki bar are fun and great bartenders! Reyna found out it was my husbands birthday and went and got key lime pie for everyone as a surprise! Well above what we would ever expect. Tatianna made great drinks and kept us all laughing. They definitely made our trip memorable! Unfortunately we can not remember his name but the man who helped us on the stand up paddle boards was great too! He also drove our floating tiki bar and really is an asset with his local knowledge and personality. Last thought- If your looking for wild and crazy commotion go elsewhere. But if you want the most relaxing and romantic get away, do yourself a favor and go to the Bungalows! We plan to make it a yearly trip!

We stayed here for 4 nights. The property is absolutely beautiful. From the gates that open to the property giving you a very private feel to the lit palm trees that line the walkways it feels like paradise. You can see the beautiful sunset from each restaurant and many places along the pool. The property is meticulously maintained. There are a variety of seating possibilities along the waterfront and pool including Adirondack chairs, loungers and cabanas. Pool service was excellent. Wait staff pass by frequently and pick up empty glasses and take new orders. You can order food from the Tiki bar at the pool. They give you a little cooler with waters. The bungalows are beautifully decorated. We stayed in 332 which was very secluded but close enough to all amenities. Our friends were in a unit that was near the Zen Pool and it was identical. The units have a fridge with a few sodas and a keurig with a few coffe pods. No tea room service. I love a cup of tea before bed but it wasn’t possible. - a miss. Each bungalow has an outside area that is lovely and very private- a seating area, railhead shower, a soaking tub. The bungalows have a very sexy feel. The bungalows are very clean but daily housekeeping is a little haphazard. Our friends had some glasses On their coffee table that sat there for 3 days until they moved them to the coffee bar. Then they were finally removed. One day we only had decaf coffee at our coffee bar. Another day they left a dust rag in the room. None of this was a big deal but they are definitely misses for a high end property. We found the food to be much better than most all inclusives and better than most places in the Keys and we have been in the Keys several times in the last few years. Fish Tails and Senor Sea offer 4 course dinners with 2 choices per course. Each was very good and you can always have more. The bartenders are excellent but there are no after dinner cordials...a miss. Bogie and Bacalls is a lovely dining experience - cocktails, 6 courses, beautiful views from the balcony, wine pairings, a definite must Lunch is a buffet or you can order from the Tiki Bar. The signature burger is an another must try as the tomato jam is the perfect finishing touch. Breakfast has all of the choices you would want- eggs benedict, veggies, pancakes, French toast, fruit, cheeses , hot and cold meats, yogurt, cereals, muesli, nuts, omelet bar but strangely no oatmeal - an interesting omission since they advertise a spa and yoga classes. Many people who are interested in healthy choices would want oatmeal - as an add-in for yogurt or hot as a base. We found our time here very quiet and relaxing but if you are choosing this place because you want the activity of an all inclusive it is simply not there yet. They publish a daily schedule but it really only lists one yoga class (which was great) every day. The only thing that changed on that paper everyday was the date. One day there was an Italian dinner- it wasn’t on the daily schedule ...they had to come by and ask each person at the pool or text you...odd. There are some paddle boards, kayaks and a floating tiki bar. There is a living room with some board games but we were not shown on our tour so we didn’t find it until later. The spa menu is sparse- no facials and definitely high end. I approached the guy at the water sports hut to arrange fishing for my husband. There is no fishing equipment for use on the piers. He offered a back country fishing trip. Since we were just in the Keys in February I knew he wouldn’t want to go on a back country trip alone. I asked if there was another guest that might want to split a boat and said yes he thought there was. I also asked him to find out if there were per head boats that went out from Key Largo and he said there were and he would check them out and get back to me. He took my phone number and said if he found out soon he would come by the pool, if not he would text me. He did neither and my husband ended up not going fishing...a big miss. I would have set it up myself but I was confident that at a property like this concierge type services would be in place. I think they are still figuring this part out. This is a beautiful property, great food, lovely restaurant and pool staff, quiet and, relaxing. They still need to work some things out but it would be a perfect place for a honeymoon or special anniversary.

Overseas Highway Key Largo FL

Hotel highlights

  • Free buffet breakfast
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free valet and self parking
  • Onsite dining

Within a short walk of Dolphins Plus, Bungalows Key Largo - All Inclusive Resort, Adults Only is within 2 miles (3 km) of John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. This 130-room, 4-star property has 2 outdoor pools along with private in-room spa tubs and 4 restaurants.


Free buffet breakfast is included with your stay and awaits you each morning from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM. There are multiple options for onsite dining with 4 restaurants, including Fish Tales, which has ocean views. Order from room service to satisfy your hunger without leaving your room, or make new friends over drinks at the bar/lounge.


Bungalows Key Largo - All Inclusive Resort, Adults Only's 130 rooms are soundproofed and provide private spa tubs, furnished patios, and microwaves. Smart TVs come with digital channels and pay movies, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi. Beds sport premium bedding and bathrooms offer rainfall showers, hair dryers, and slippers. Free minibar items, coffee makers, and free newspapers are also available.

Property features

Bungalows Key Largo - All Inclusive Resort, Adults Only features a private beach, a full-service spa, and 2 outdoor pools. You can put free valet parking to good use if you drive. Front-desk staff can answer questions 24/7, and assist with dry cleaning/laundry, luggage storage, and concierge services. Other amenities at this all-inclusive property include a 24-hour fitness center, free WiFi in public areas, and a business center.

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Bungalows Key Largo - All Inclusive Resort, Adults Only

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