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4 times/years in a row staying one night at Hotel Croatia. After a full boat day and lunching in "Tavernas", feels like coming home. For a few amount more, a good halfboard meel included. Great garden including Jacuzzi, easy staff. Rooms are clean, building nice. Stay at the HulaHula-Bar till sundown, a little shower, a little food and than out to carpe diem till daylight.

Wow what a beautiful island this is,the old town is so stunning and the harbour and promenade is a lovely place to have a meal.We had a walk through parkland along the coastline and the views are amazing, I could of sat there forever just taking in the beautiful view. This is one of my favourite places in Croatia.

Having read several reviews on this hotel I am at a loss and cannot believe I stayed in the same hotel as some of these reviewers. Lovely location and gardens. Warm welcome on arrival and able to access room before stated check in time. Large smart lobby room well equipped with private patio looking over the gardens, clean and welcoming. Peaceful and relaxing. Generous breakfast with good choice and replenished quickly, lovely friendly staff. Particular mention to Dominic who was a complete star. The only minor points that should be addressed are that we stayed 6 nights and our room was not swept or hoovered during that time and it got very dusty! Also the sunbeds on the beach are expensive at 90 kuna a day (for two people that equates to £154 over 7 days) Residents should be offered a much bigger discount, say 200 kuna (£25) a week? We loved this hotel and will come back again, thank you.

We stayed a few nights here and it is a great hotel if you get a seaview room. The area can be a bit crowded in the evening but we were alone when we did our early morning swims. The food was OK and the breakfast as well but the thing that absolutely ruined our stay here was the supersappy Muzak that played in the lobby, dining room and terrasse. I have never hear so many truly painful tunes played one after the other! We asked them to please turn it down but the results were less than satisfactory. I can only recommend this hotel if you are hard of hearing.

Beautiful location, near the beach. Only 10 min to center. Clean and tidy. Food ok, breakfast could be a little richer, missing fruit in offer. Staff wonderful, friendly, helpful, smiling and professional. Recommended.

Great location just outside from the noisy and packed part of Hvar, around 10 minutes walk along the coast. Beautiful views and short stroll down to the beach. The hotel is great given the 3 star rating with nice breakfast included. Would recommend.

Booked 11 nights half board with Jet2 holidays. Their website description has changed, but still inaccurate. Safety deposit box, not individual box in the room, or hotel, states any losses from room are at your own risk, if not put in the safe. Medium size floor safe located behind reception. Given a plastic bag with your room number wrote on, placed in safe. Went to enquire at reception (immediately after, checking in, putting bags in room), given a carrier bag taken from the safe with 106 wrote on (our room number), a wash bag inside, when opened up, someone else’s belongings. Handed straight back and informed reception could not be ours. There was a reluctance to take it back from me. If you are missing this item, it was with hotel reception on the afternoon of 28 May 2019. Be aware of this, in case any issues regarding leaving valuables in hotel safe, and items go missing. Hotel not situated in a Park, it may have been a hundred years ago. Surrounded closely by buildings, and main road, runs around 3 sides used by motor vehicles and pedestrians, you get noise from vehicles, dropping off and picking up noisy revellers, pedestrians walking past, it is the main throughfare road to get to Hula Beach. Other side through the hotel garden are steps down onto the waterfront close to Hula Beach, closer to the hotel than you are led to believe, clear mis-representation the hotel is in a quiet location. Anyone can cut through from the waterfront to the road, across the hotel grounds. Noise from outside traffic and people making their way to and from the waterfront, music can be clearly heard from the waterfront, this starts around lunchtime, so if you are sitting out you can hear this. Hotel not in peaceful location. Large complex hotel, overlooks the Hotel Croatia, we personally did not hear any noise from their guests who were out on their balconies, this gives another indication that the hotel is not in any kind of park, or close to any forest, another misleading description, hotel is close to other properties. (Jet2 claim hotel is in residential area). Other properties in close proximity are holiday rentals. Rooms situated at the back of the property described as either a park view, or an inland view. Bedroom door onto balcony, small heavy cube table, and 2 (yes 2) seats, means room is only for 2 guests, seats recline, railings separate other balconies, small garden wall with flowers/small bushes, then footpath inside the property, then straight onto wall, anyone who wanted to could get over from the main road and get onto the balconies of the first floor rooms 102 to 107. We were in room 106. Picture on website showing these rooms and balconies. You can see the balconies from the road outside. The balcony door was open when we arrived. A week after we had been here, around 06 o’clock, woken by the sound of vomiting, at first thought it was from someone on the road outside, but then could hear it hitting the balcony below. Someone was vomiting out of the window above room 103 onto balcony below, then throwing water out (think it was water) onto the balcony below. This was reported to reception, who seemed only interested had it hit our balcony, it had not so not really interested. The balcony was not cleaned until the next day Wednesday, after the room 103 was being occupied. Made it clear to reception we did not expect them to be accepting intoxicated guests. Reported to Jet2, we later discovered rooms were rented out from 06.00 to 18.00, day rentals, including walk-in bookings (this service may be of some use to people partying all night and sleeping all day). Hotel claimed they don’t know the type of guests they are booking into hotel or what their behaviour will be. The clubs close at around 06.00 in the morning, so taking bookings for the day only is accommodating people who have partied all night. Surrounding apartments at back of hotel accommodate noisy parties. On 2 nights they were clearly being used as clubs with a DJ, he was announced. Noise was so loud on 2 consecutive nights that even with the window and shutters closed, it sounded as though you were in the nightclub. We asked hotel to try and do something they were reluctant apparently the Police need to be called. Jet2 were phoned both nights this was the last 2 nights of our holiday. Jet2 should have captured noise on call to them, calls are supposed to be recorded. Building work at time of stay, not informed by Jet2 holidays, villa being built next to hotel, nearly finished, and new one being started, noise was during the day. More guests in room, that should be, add to increase in noise. The room next to us 107 was rented out to 2 females and a male Brandon, woken at around 2.00 in the morning by the females shouting his name over and over, firstly noise on the balcony then in the room, including moving of furniture. Earlier on around tea time all 3 had come out onto the balcony and said this will do. We did wonder about 3 adults viewing the room, just enough room for 2 people. Hotel overbooks rooms. On the last day, room door opposite was open, it was empty and being cleaned the hotel was cramming people into rooms, double bed, then single foldaway bed, side by side, no room at the side of the beds. Hotel has no pictures on website of this room layout. Room 107 also had 2 adults, cannot be sure if there were one or 2 children, staying in the room, we saw 2 adults and 2 children out on balcony, not babies or toddlers, old enough to require an adult sized single bed, the adults had a good old argument in their room, on the second day and left, maybe it was due to the cramped conditions. Room clearly not a family room. Hotel not suitable for a family. Jet2 don’t understand the impact ie, if there had been a fire, and the hotel needed evacuated, the knock on effect of too many people in other rooms. The UK have laws around this. Jet2 seem to take the stance as their guests are put in the rooms they booked, no issues. As mentioned, hotel rents rooms out from 06 o’clock in the morning to 18.00 at night. The noise early on in the morning was not from guests leaving, but arriving to check in for the day, having partied all night. Cost is 50% of a normal stay (rates found in hotel directory in room). Check in time is from 14.00. Check out time is 10.30, for those guests who are booked with Jet2 holidays. Cleaning is extremely basic. Rooms are small, dated, I agree about comments regarding the tacky wallpaper. The bathroom has seen better days, especially with the colour was in fashion in the 70’s and 80’s, our toilet seat had been replaced with a totally different coloured one. The shower is difficult to get into, you have to navigate around the toilet. Please refer to photos on website of bathroom, misleading as the shower door does not open fully. Need to be aware of this, especially for guests with mobility issues. Sachets of shower gel were supplied for the first 5 days, then stopped. I don’t recall the bedding being changed in the 11 nights we were there. Jacuzi in garden, no bigger than the type you would pick up at the local DIY, for your own garden. Not sure what that is about. Some sunbeds located in garden, table tennis. No bar and no swimming pool. Lack of guests remaining at hotel during the day (I mean those that are awake). The food previous contributors note that the breakfast items that should be hot are cold, all true. The response from Jet2 regarding the food at the hotel was anyone with dietary needs should eat out and book accommodation on a room only basis. For those who do book half board, separate menu. When I arrived informed reception I was vegetarian, (I do also eat fish). Given piece of paper to tick options available, choices never changed. The menu one starter, no choice, out of the first 5 nights only one vegetarian starter. Main courses same every night. Only one vegetarian choice, remained exactly the same Risotto with the same vegetables, no variation. This could also be problematic if you only eat one type of meat, religious reasons, vegan, vegetarian, nut intolerance etc, there was never any indication of type of fish, just grilled fish, which almost always was whole, head and tail left on, not easy to remove bones. Did manage to get the menu changed to have meat removed, fish remained on, but my partner was not offered this menu. You tick for salad (consists of only one item example small bowel with sliced tomato, cucumber another night, lettuce another, shredded cabbage, occasionally and more for decoration really another vegetable added ie a finely cut small ring of pepper, or a few shreds of grated carrot. No dressing. You have to tick to get vegetables, potatoes or rice, served separately, fish arrives on a plate nothing else, same with meat. Not one time throughout the stay were the items ticked for correct, you either did not get something, or you got something you did not ask for, chips seemed to be the favourite which you got ticked or not. Dessert only 3 choices, while the cake option did change, it was repeated regularly with the same cake rotated around 3 types only. The fruit option was same throughout, tinned fruit with minimal amount of fresh fruit added, or ice cream. Every night waitress said the kitchen never gets it right. Only one waitress working throughout stay, and one bar man, occasionally bar man helped waitress. Despite the lack of guests eating in the evening at hotel, the waitress could not cope on one night. We saw 6 people who had ordered food from al la carte menu, and heard 4 complain sending their food back at least twice we knew of, reason it was cold, and not cooked properly (different choices), heard waitress say they did not have to pay for the dishes. Other 6 guests were on pre-ordered food, same as us, so had already chosen their dishes the previous evening. Those on half board are asked not to eat until 19.00.although restaurant opens earlier. Last night at hotel, I was handed a bill for a glass of wine charged on our room. We had not charged anything onto our room. We only bought water and paid in cash, The bar man and receptionist seemed to think we would still pay for it. My partner took a photo of the receipt. I point blank refused to pay. We had not ordered it, drank it or signed for it, and were not in the bar or reception at that time it was signed for. The name on the bill was totally different, to ours. Please be aware of this. The reception is staffed by a receptionist at night, not a night porter. Accepts walk-in bookings. When you leave the hotel and try to hand your key over it is not placed in the docket behind reception, but left on top of the counter, in a tray there it stays all day. Anyone can take it out, so anyone could go into your room. Someone else has posted a concern about this. We had to chase up our departure details with Jet2 who said the hotel had them, eventually the ferry tickets were simply left on our bed, the night before. On the last day we witnessed, while waiting by the terrace, for our transfer, the bar man and the receptionist asking 2 people who were seated in the outside dinning area, if they were staying at the hotel, which they said they were, they then went on to ask what board they were booked on, when they said half board out came the piece of paper for them to choose their evening meal. Hotel, for being small and friendly they really do not know who their guests are, even when they have just arrived. Some things may have been out of a scene from Fawlty Towers, personally with this high turn over of people at the hotel did not feel very safe. Hotel is not in a Park. Marketed as being quiet location clearly is not Half board – gamble even if you eat fish and meat. Overcrowding in rooms, means it is no longer small and friendly. Booking intoxicated guests into hotel Booking day guests only Keys to rooms not kept secure accessible to anyone. Jet2 rep only visits on Tuesday, near lunchtime, Jet2 do not return call as promised, when you phone 24 hour line, that is if you can get through. Hotel does not know who is actually staying in their hotel. . Since returning from holiday, found other reports on other websites about this hotel, the hotel has posted aggressive and threatening responses. This may indicate why people do not post comments.

Stayed at the hotel Croatia in May / June 2019 for 11 nights. Nothing was as we had expected. It's not in a quiet location. To make things worse, one of the apartments directly behind the hotel decided to throw full blown discos complete with DJs. The hotel was literally bouncing. Tried to get the hotel to get the police out but they didn't seem to care. So if you want a quiet holiday don't come to Hvar Town. Definitely not the Hotel Croatia. Don't bother calling the Jet2's 24hour helpline. If it is an emergency you could be back home before they answer the phone. If you get drinks put on your room ensure that you get a copy of the receipt. We paid in cash but at the end of the holiday they tried to charge us for drinks that another hotel guest had charged to our room. Be careful with the safety deposit system as they get you to put your valubles in a plastic bag and put the bag in the safe. We asked for a safety deposit at the start of our holiday and were given someone else's things.

I'll start with the positives: -Location. Great stroll to Hvar town, about 12 minutes around the coastline. Also close to the popular Hula Hula Bar, 100 yards from bottom of hotel steps. -Setting and gardens. Manicured beautifully and hotel looks very grand in the setting. View is beautiful to wake up to - Nice restaurant space both inside and out - Lots of seating outside, some nice amenities like the sauna, jacuzzi and the table tennis table. - Nice power from the shower! - The aircon works well Not so positive: I could question a lot of things about the hotel, have they finished giving it a once over? Looks like the downstairs features do not match the bedrooms (modern furniture etc). Why is there not an outdoor pool with the space it has? Feels like a family run place so could understand from this perspective. - Breakfast, average. Not a terribly wide spread and very salty (as most food is in Croatia) - We were half board and the evening food im guessing was pre prepared, as you order the night before (didnt taste as fresh as could be) - Rooms were dated, wallpaper was slightly tacky (old maps of London style), the bathroom was small and dated, tiles are cracked and the beds were not terribly comfy. Sheets for duvets with a steamed wool blanket as the warmth. - I didnt find the staff terribly friendly after the welcome. But again, there didnt seem like many staff work there so again can understand if they are busy. I saw something innappropriate when one member of staff popped a bottle of prosecco right by another member of staff's ear, he found it funny, myself and two female guests did not, I winced at the thought of it happening to me. - They have a hotel bus, which I saw in the town. They charge 100 Kuna if you want a lift in it (approx £12 for a 6 minute drive to town).....felt like a bit of a liberty especially if you had to charge disabled people with local taxis also costing 100 Kuna from the hotel. - Cocktails were undrinkable, member of staff asked, told them twice that they were too strong and tasted odd, must have been pre mixed from a pack of some description.....still charged 100 Kuna for them however! Having worked in hotels previously, I understand limitations however considering the popularity of the island and the changing demographic of the customers, the service needs tightening up. With the amount of money floating about on the island from tourism, I hope this place would benefit from refurbishment. Based on the setting alone, IF this place had an outdoor pool, nicer rooms (not necessarily bigger) and some more attention to detail with customer service, you would not want to stay anywhere else.

This hotel is nicely situated amongst lovely gardens with easy access to the sea. Unfortunately our room left a lot to be desired, upgrading required , especially in the bathroom. We managed to get upgraded to a suite and we were much happier then although it was still in need of work. Breakfast was buffet style, that’s all I can say. The staff, particularly at reception, were friendly and helpful. Walking into the town takes about 15 minutes where you will find plenty of bars and restaurants.

Vlade Avelinija 7 Hvar

Hotel highlights

  • Close to Hvar Fortress
  • Free buffet breakfast
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free valet and self parking

Hotel Croatia places you next to Momo Beach and within a 15-minute walk of Franciscan Monastery and Heritage Museum. This 28-room, 3-star hotel has free breakfast along with conveniences like a marina and a private beach.


Free buffet breakfast is served each morning from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Enjoy a leisurely bite to eat at the onsite restaurant, or have a drink at the bar/lounge. Savor a meal from the privacy of your room with 24-hour room service, or get a pick-me-up at the coffee shop/café.


All of Hotel Croatia's 28 rooms are individually decorated and have an array of amenities, including free minibar items, portable fans, and safes. TVs come with satellite channels, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi and wired Internet. Bathrooms have hair dryers and free toiletries. In-room massages are available, and rooms also include desks.

Property features

Guests staying at Hotel Croatia enjoy access to a marina, a 24-hour health club, and a spa tub. Free valet and self parking are available, or if you're not driving, take the airport shuttle (available 24 hours) for EUR 600 per vehicle one-way. The 24-hour front desk has multilingual staff ready to assist with securing valuables, luggage storage, and concierge services. Other amenities at this beach hotel include a sauna, free WiFi in public areas, and a meeting room.

Room options

Deluxe Double Room, Balcony, Sea View

Full 1 | Sleeps 3

Deluxe Suite, Balcony, Sea View

Queen 1 | Sleeps 4

Suite, Balcony, Park View

Full 1 | Sleeps 4

Superior Double Room, Balcony, Garden View (Smart Lobby Room)

Queen 1 | Sleeps 3

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