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La Isla Huatulco Hotel & Beach Club

3.5 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Firstly, thanks SvenfromCanada as your review convinced us to try the Isla Huatulco. We just returned from a one week stay. Food was satisfactory but very limited selection and usually lukewarm at best (at Hotel restaurant). Some dishes were quite good - lots of shrimp choices at Beach Club. Best to eat as soon as food is put out (at Hotel Restaurant) as they don't appear to have burners to keep buffet hot. Service at Hotel pool hit and miss, better at Beach Club. Limited drink selection - no rum, no rye, no blender at Beach Club. I hope these things improve in time. We paid $685 Cdn which is basically what you'd pay for air only. This was our first time in Huatulco and the hotel was comfortable, very clean and too good a value to complain about anything really. (We've had worse issues at 5 star resorts). Probably won't stay there again as we'd like to venture further afield next time and we missed having an ocean view, but if your expectations are low AND you get a good deal, you will likely be satisfied with this choice as you can afford to partake in excursions and try the restaurants in town for a change of scenery. (La Crema has great pizza).

Stayed here for Christmas last year and felt like I let my family down by doing so. We travel quite a bit and thought for what we had spent on this vacation that we would make the best of it. Boy was I mistaken. The only good thing about this place was the people that we met there and traveled with from Toronto. The food was horrendous. Like next to no selection and not enough. If you weren't there right at the beginning you were most likely going to bed hungry. They did have snacks during the day but burgers and fries only and that was served by the pool. The wait was also sometimes a hour long as well. We did clue in to go to the beach for lunch. That was the best meal of the day along with the selection. Christmas dinner was edible. They did their best and served it at the beach. The did do a nice job on the decorations. The beach was nice. It was a 15 minute walk or you could wait for the shuttle. Most times we walked there and took the shuttle back to the resort at the end of the day. The pool was ok. At most resorts you see people cleaning the pools and the grounds, except here. The pool was clean"ish" Chairs were rather uncomfortable. The room was your standard run of the mill room. Nothing special but each room did have a balcony. It was cleaned on the regular basis and once again just your standard cleaning job. Huatulco is a beautiful city. This was our second time there. I wish we had stayed at Las Brisas, where we stayed the first time. The people are friendly and there is lots of things to see and do. We would not travel back to this resort. I hope there have been some changes since we've been there. As stated in the title of the review spend the extra little bit of money on somewhere else to stay.

I went last minute with a friend of mine. the hotel staff were was lovely. the staff made sure we always had what we needed...even let us play our music by the pool. great food. they even took us out into town to clubs! vip treatment for sure. Johnny Erik and Griselle are my favorite! ! I'll definitely me returning to see everyone!

Our first trip to the Bahia's of Huatulco and overall we loved the area. Over the last few years we've always been able to find really good deals for a one week stay in some amazing all-inclusive properties along the Pacific coast, so when Air Canada Vacations offered up this property on a flash sale we jumped on it! The hotel is fairly new and well maintained, and is located a short 15 minute cab ride ($30 pesos) from town, or a 20 minute walk to the beach club. Expect some traffic noise as the property is located inland on a fairly busy road in an isolated wooded area connecting two much more developed bay areas. Food and beverages are OK, with less variety than you'll find in a comparable Cuban all-inclusive. Unfortunately, for the first time after 25 years of travelling down south, my wife (and I by default) lost two days to Montezuma's Revenge :( - and so did at least three other Canadian travelers we were aware of!!! Our rep told us not to drink the water (which we never do) and that the hotel uses purified/bottled water to prepare all the food and beverages in the hotel. We feel that some local water may have been used in the frozen drinks served at the beach club - so BEWARE or drink bottled beverages to be sure. There are WAY nicer properties in the area, and we will definitely return to the area, if we can grab a deal! You get the rugged and mostly unspoiled beauty of the coast with a relatively "safe" town experience if you want it.

Ok We returned to La Isla a second time New: all inclusive Much more enjoyable But the shuttle to latitude club/beach runs every two hours now bummer So you can have a nice walk to there in 20 minutes Or ride the taxi (30 pesos) Or wait for tithe shuttle Seems the owner has aquired another resort and the hour you need it it is going to there (la isla natural) The resort seems to have ran down a little with the pool appearing a little mucky and in need of a shock/cleaning The room (3rd) floor was nice till the sink started working overtime, we did our best to contain the mess with the trash can and a regular emptying Maintenance They showed the next day and remidied the issue Our maid was fantastic We saw how hard she had worked cleaning up after us and chocolate and cash was on the pillow every day for her All in all the food at the hotel (breakfast and supper) were very good but don't expect steak and lobster The latitude was very good(lunch only) and it offered us snacks too Try the burger with cheese and bacon-yum and a side of fries (that's a snack?) it helps if you understand a little Spanish as the menu is not in English We noted a large flat screen in our room with English stations on it This resort has only a little evening entertainment it comprises of a talented singer in the eating area and we enjoyed his songs both English and Spanish A side trip (30 minute walk) found us in front of the all new super chee (has a new name) and they seem to have everything from swimming gear to pigs feet to cheap prices on beer/booze, and everything else including new motorcycles-crazy We recommend the bay tour which is cheaper if you ask the gal sitting at the table in the lobby than the tour Rep All in all we love this place and look forward to returning soon, yeah it's not a true 4 star but with all the improvements since our last visit 8 months ago we still recommend it

My wife and I stayed at La Isla in early February, 2017. In 2016 we did breakfast plan only, which we prefer because we head off to one of the many area beaches afterwards, lunch there and eat dinner in La Crucecita. Why eat marginal all inclusive- which is what La Isla offers - when there's so many good local restaurants? My overall impressions haven't changed much and I like the Isla. It's a clean basic resting place, much different than the large sprawling all-inclusives. However, it's definitely not a 4 star, at best a 3, and then only when compared to equivalent Cuban resorts. Having said this, I like it because it's quiet and hosts a mix of Mexicans and foreigners. Its associated Chahue Beach Club with pool, bar, and restaurant, is ok and actually the food is better there than at the hotel but the menu is limited. It offered Tlayudas (big flat tacos with a tortilla on each side), the best guacamole we had in Huatulco this year, and decent grilled shrimp. After our daily outings, we returned to the Isla beach club for snacks and drinks. The beer was weak, so the darker negra was our choice, and we had to teach the bartenders how we liked our Margaritas, "Sin asucar con mucho tequila, por favor": no sugar and lots of tequila, please. Decent tipping helps! Drinks at the hotel poor bar were the same. I had two odd events happen at the beach club with Euletario, one of the waiters.He brought me a bill to sign that also listed many food and drink items from a few other guests as their room numbers were also noted. I questioned him on this and he said it's not a problem as everything on the bill was 'all inclusive'. Perhaps other guests forgot to sign. Who knows but it seemed odd and I wouldn't have done that again. Another day, he brought us a shot of tequila after we had been served by Wilberth for hours. I heard both waiters discuss this in Spanish, and in retrospect perhaps a bit heated, though the best I could understand was that the shot of tequila was to generate a better tip. Quickly after the tequila shot, Euletario brought us the bill to sign and I tipped him quite handsomely thinking it's being shared with our main waiter Wilberth who worked long and hard for us that day. On leaving the pool area, I checked with Wilberth to ensure all tips were shared among staff and I learned they weren't. I then spoke to Euletario telling him the tip was to be shared with Wilberth. So, IMO, Euletario was snatching up tips that he hadn't actually earned. And I suspect he was aware I knew his antics as he avoided me from then on. I intended to speak to the Isla manager about this but she wasn't available when I sought her out. Going forward, when I signed a pool food/bar bill from anyone, I put a large X through the open space below what we had consumed -to ensure there'd be no add ons - and I gave the tip directly to the waiter who had served us. You should always hand your tip to your waiter, as Mexicans are insulted when money is left on the table --- it's not personal, it's a cultural thing. BTW, the other waiters were great, in particular Urbano who spoke good English and had worked legally north of the border. I don't mind if the staff no habla ingles as it helps me to practice and improve espanol. Knowing some spanish always help out and quickly builds rapport but it's not necessary. Though we went all inclusive, we only ate the breakfasts which were good, and food at the beach club. I never ate at the poolside bar though I sampled the main restaurant dinners twice to see what they're like. There were only 3-4 main entree choices, all quite Mexican though tasty. The big issue was the first sampler I had was cold. The second sampler, shortly after the dining room opened, was hot and ok but not as good as virtually anything in town. By going all inclusive, total cost of the vacation compared to last years. I could have saved a bit of dough had I not had mid-afternoon drinks and snacks on the beaches. Once I learned to forego that in lieu of drinks and snacks at the beach club, all inclusive made sense. One change at the Isla this year was that we had fresh new towels in our room daily. No shortages or waiting. Hotel staff had been renewed, as some went to the more prestigious La Isla Natura. We missed a few of them though the always cheerful and entertaining Daniel appeared to lead the breakfast serving team. In summary, the Isla is ok, actually good, if you don't have high expectations and don't rely upon it to be a full 4 star resort. I've seen deals there for as low as $600/week CAD, taxes in, from Toronto. On the high end, March break is listed for mid 1600 bucks. No way, Jose. For me, the Isla is a bit too far from La Crucecita to walk there. Possibly once, but certainly not both ways. You can walk to restaurants at the Chahue marina or a few hotels & restaurants towards town. On the down side, tourism in Huatulco has increased, empty lots are filling up with hotels - Hilton & Starbucks are now there - and its losing some of its charm for more commercialism. The once peculiar and quaint Superche supermarket has been renovated and modernized. Huatulco still has many beaches though a few of the formerly secluded ones now have business or hotels such as the megamonster Secrets on Conejos bay. Once it was built, that beach was fenced off and is exclusive to hotel guests only. That's the price of progress though I still love Huatulco. I'd unequivically go there again if the price were in the low eight hundred CAD or less. If more, there are better values in Huatulco.

Before staying here we were not 100% sure what to expect based off of most reviews, lack of photots & seeing as the beach is not directly linked to the resort. After our week stay from Feb.21-28 I can now say this resort was well worth it! We flew Air Canada and got 2 adult all inclusive for under $800 each (amazing deal for Mexico). Below I would like to help out any travellers that want better insight into La Isla resort. PROS: -The staff and cooks on resort & at the beach club were very nice and helpful, even with the language barrier they do their best to understand and get whatever it is you want done! -The hotel itself is clean & modern, we stayed on the third (top) floor in room 301. Great view of the pool from this room. Pleased with the cleanliness of the room and how comfortable each nights sleep was! The high ceilings were also a plus. A/C worked well everyday keeping us cool when we needed it. -Both pools (at the resort & at the beach club) were well maintained and comfortable to swim in. The beach was a short shuttle ride away with running times at (9a.m, 11, 1, 4, 6 & the last one returning people back to resort at 7) this didn't cause any sort of problem for us as it was also a short walk to & from the resort and the taxis are super cheap! approx. $2 CAD. The beach itself was beautiful and hot with nice water temperature. -Food on resort was good! Even for a generally picky eater you can find something you like. Snack bar is from 11am-11pm giving you the option to snack on burgers, fries, chicken nuggets etc in between meals. The main buffet isn't the biggest i've seen but it is a smaller resort. With that being said all the food was still very good including off resort at the La Isla beach club. There is a little more variety there, that is also where we would spend most of our days eating lunch. -This resort felt very safe, a lot of cool things are walking distance or a short cab ride which was unlike any other resort i've been to. This includes restaurants, beaches, bars, the market & a variety of shops. CONS: -NO BEACH CHAIRS. This wasn't a deal breaker but definitely a disappointment considering all other resorts i've been to have this option. Many times during our stay I would have liked to lounge on the beach but this would have been only achievable with my beach towel. With that being said there still were beds close to the beach and chairs surrounding the pool, which is where we preferred to lay! -Maids were clean and trustworthy BUT would come at random times to clean the room which would be nice if they had more of a schedule so we could know when we should be out of the room by. -Shower was nice but would get on the floor if the door was open even a little bit and also took awhile to find a balance between HOT & COLD. Overall this trip was amazing, it is what you make of it and if you can get this place for under $900 I would definitely go for it! For our first time in Mexico this was a treat:)

The hotel itself was nice. The rooms were good. The beds were very comfortable. The staff was excellent. The food in the restaurant in the hotel was not to our liking, we ate out most nights. The beach resort food was very very good. That was lunch only and we only had it twice. We usually don't bother with lunch. The resort ran out of beer and straws different days which didn't bother us too much but enough that we probably just won't go back. I hate to say this because the staff at the resort are so great but when the owners don't provide them with what is needed to give a guest a great experience, it needs to be mentioned.

We went to this resort with an open mind.We found the staff very helpful even with our limited Spanish and their limited English. Our room was comfortable - but lacking in a few amentities we are used to. We would have appreciated a fridge mostly for some cold bottles of water. You could get some recognizable food for breakfast along with a selection of Mexican food. We never ate lunch at the hotel but did at the Beach Club - I can say this was delicious. We tried everything there. Dinner - well wehad it once and then we ate out every night. There were limited selections and no a lacarte. As a hotel that wants to encourage foreign visitors I would recommend a few more choices that would appeal to many tastes. As a hotel good. But as an all inclusive resort needs work

Like others after reading the bad reviews I was very nervous about our stay. However, becaue of the bad reviews people came to check out the hotel and a lot of things have turned around. It was clean, never ran out of anything and the staff was very helpful and friendly. The beach house food is fabulous, different options for dinner and we were happy to eat there and also eat out. We loved the beautiful walk to the beach everyday although there is a shuttle. I would go back there again as it served our purpose of an r & r holiday.

Blvd Benito Juarez Huatulco OAX

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Outdoor pool

La Isla Huatulco Hotel & Beach Club places you within a short walk of Marina Chahue and within a mile (2 km) of Chahue Beach. This 3.5-star resort has 90 guestrooms and offers conveniences like 3 restaurants, a private beach, and an outdoor pool. It's near the airport and also close to Zaachila Beach and Las Parotas Golf Club.


Relish the international cuisine at Latitud 15, one of 3 onsite restaurants. Entertain your taste buds with a beverage at the bar/lounge or coffee shop/café. Start each morning with breakfast, served for a fee from 7 AM to 11 AM.


All of La Isla Huatulco Hotel & Beach Club's 90 rooms are air-conditioned and have an array of amenities, including balconies, iPod docks, and free bottled water. Guests can expect 32-inch LCD TVs with cable channels, along with free WiFi and wired Internet. Other standard amenities include laptop-compatible safes, phones, and ironing boards.

Property features

La Isla Huatulco Hotel & Beach Club features an outdoor pool, a children's pool, and a 24-hour health club. You can take advantage of free parking, along with an area shuttle for a fee. The front desk is staffed 24/7 to help with tours or tickets, luggage storage, and securing valuables. Additional amenities include free WiFi in public areas, 2 meeting rooms, and conference space.

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Standard Room, 1 King Bed (La Isla)

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