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GUTI Resort by AKA Hua Hin

5.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

1. Staff members Most of the staff members speaks English and communication with reception staff was smooth. They were friendly and nice. We arrived the lobby 15 mins before the shuttle bus arrival and the staff served us with cold pineapple juice while waiting, which is heartwarming. 2. Swimming pool I love the scenery outside my room (room 306). Swimming pool in the villa is equipped with chloride disinfection. People complained that there were leaves and bugs but I feel that it was completely normal to have fallen leaves as the swimming pool is surrounded by trees. I'd also recommend potential visitors to wear sandals. 3. Shuttle bus service Shuttle buses were mini van/ MPV that were new and well-maintained. I'd not say that the shuttle bus services was frequent enough but sufficient from holiday retreat if you planned to stay few days away. Taxi from clock town to AKA Guti was around 250-300 thb. 4. Breakfast Make sure you have put on mosquito repellent because restaurant is an open area. Breakfast is acceptable. Fruits, muffles, breads, protein main course, and coffee are included. After all, there are only 18 rooms and can't ask for buffet breakfast like those in large-scale hotel. 5. The villa There are 2 AC - one for living room area and another for bedroom. The one in living room was not working good but I survived with the one in bedroom. I appreciate that mosquito coil was provided and I placed them in the bathroom area with curtain separating the bedroom from bathroom. That protected me from any insect bite during the visit. It'd be amazing if there was microwave in the minibar for traveller to reheat their food. I didn't use the bathtub but the shower was good with enough hot water. The hotel didn't provide tooth brush and tooth paste but I brought my own so didn't ask them. 6. Overall It was a pleasant and relaxing stay. Afterall I only paid ~100USD/night, what can I ask for? Visitor should be reminded that the hotel is natural-oriented - buds and wildlife is unavoidable and I can see the hotel's effort in pest control.

It's a pity. Very beautiful resort, infinity pool nice rooms but maintenance is very very poor Patio ceiling fan not working- staff insisted it's for decoration only, chair n door knobs falling apart, poor reception for tv n yellow streaks on screen, happy hr cocktail not available because staff say no vodka. Safe not working.

The overall condition looked old and damaged. The wooden at the pool side had a nail sticking up, very dangerous for families with children. The wash basin is running very slowly. The wifi signal is worst. A buggy cart waiting to run for a very long time. More than 20 minutes

Second time here, this time with family. Previously, it was a company trip in one of their colossal double room pool villa. This time it was the single room pool villa I will base my review on. Still the same word to describe – E X C E L L E N T. However, do not expect the same level of privacy as the double room villas. These single ones are spaced closer to each other. I enjoyed watching my neighbor posing in her bikini for glamour shots. The single room villas are very large and comfortable as well. A living area, separated bedroom, the large bath, a pleasant walkway to a simplistic gazebo where I had many coffee and of course the so very necessary lap pool. That pool was the highlight, and was also where I spent 70% of my life during the trip. Hot April, I did not want to go anywhere. The pool is where I stayed till my wife hauled me out. And having direct access from the bed room to the pool, I repeatedly took flight and plunged back into it again. Had my infant kid along. Delightfully, the villa provided sufficient escape and hiding spaces for me during those periods where diapers needed to be changed. The compound is mostly stroller friendly, except for some parts where we had to do some lifting to overcome stairs. Breakfast, no bacon. Why no bacon for that is the love of my life, and I normally will expect them in resorts of such caliber. Few years ago, it was the same. Aka is certified bacon free I guess. I really enjoyed my relaxing stay and for a small family of 3 the single rooms will be ample. Larger families should go for the double villas, for the privacy and largely also for containing noise pollution contributed by screeching toddlers.

I love the villa and environment. Been in Hua Hin and embraced by the forest. I love the pool with the view while soaking in the water. The breakfast was ok but I am sure the resort can make it better. Staying here you need to have private car to go around. The resort should provide enough buggy car to service customers at busy time. The buggy car driver is the best part of resort. I can't remember his name but he was very helpful, informative and with big smile. There was the main pool which was very spacious but I enjoyed enough private pool at villa so I didn't use it. I love the privacy and the room, I'd definitely return when visit Hua Hin next time

Positive: Quiet place , fantastic for a gateway weekend. Room are quite authentic with good view Location is nice if you want to go to black mountain ( golf and water park) Value is very good Negative: Rooms are old and not so clean Food is terrible It is far from anything in hua hin town

I have to say that I am perplexed by the rampant negative reviews of this place. I think that the people rating it so low were expecting a Palm Springs type facility instead of what this is. The deluxe pool villa is spacious and very clean, the infinity pool as well except for a few leafs floating around on the surface which is perfectly understandable given that the pool is sorrow fed by trees, giving you a perfect private spot to relax in. We haven't seen any creepy crawlers although it's located in the forest, except for a few tiny lizards climbing the walls, but they're not bothering anyone. While the place certainly needs maintenance, it's by no means dilapidated, as some would suggest. Just in need of a touch up of the location (in nature). Pros: great view, terrific villas with private infinity pools, clean and friendly staff. Cons: no hot water (needed in Thailand?), a little far away from the city if that's your thing. All in all we had a terrific stay and would definitely come back!

The wooden floor was cracking. It seemed this propert was not well maintained. Check-in and Check-out process was very poor no sense of warm welcome but the buggy driver was very polite and helpful. TV had 8 channels but just only 3 channels had worked. Private pool had bugs and leaves no sun shade provided. Breakfast was terrible many flies and insects in the restaurant. Curious how can they rate themselves as 5 star hotel as just given only poor hospitality and unmaintain of property.

The hospitality was nice by the buggy driver. The rest were poor. When I called to book the spa, the line was disconnect. I dialed the guest service instead which led me to the reception. She asked me to call directly to the hotel (local number!) itself. I asked if she could transfer she said no so I reminded her that I was the customer and it would be better for her to book the spa on behalf of me. She finally agreed! We were picked up to another sister resort for the spa without informing that it will be outside of the property. Once we arrived the sister property (AKA resort - 5 minutes drive), we were not informed if we booked the spa. The staff asked me to walk to the spa ourselves. We do not mind walking but we were not inform where it was. The spa is unbelievable. We were bitten by the mosquitos as it is outdoor in the forest. The service was on and off as there were 2 staffs taking turn replying the phone calls during our service. The staff kept yawning when massaging me. I asked another staff if this happened regularly, she said yes as it is afternoon. Yawning is common at this time around. When we were back to the room, I called and asked for the sea salt for the bathtub. The staff got no idea what it was. I asked if she had anything to mix in the bathtub, she said no. I ended up pouring the body shower gel into! The wooden floor at the balcony was cracking. The toilet lid was broken and we could not sit properly. I believe this property was not well-maintained as it was more than 10 years. They tried to get customers just for granted. I have discussed with the manager right after the visit. It seems they can't do nothing better but acknowledge the comment I provided. This review was supposed to be minus but I added to 2 star rating purely because our buggy driver was so polite!

Disclaimer- I have included some subtle humor into this review to help ease the pain of forfeiting over $1,000 after abandoning AKA Guti having stayed only 1 night despite booking and paying for 4. From the moment my wife and I drove up the driveway to the entrance of Aka Guti we were worried....this was not the 4 star exclusive resort we had envisaged, and to be fair it felt more like a 1 star wilderness resort for budget travelers. The location of the resort is very remote and is a isolated a good 20 minute drive from town. The check in process was sterile and just that...a "process" as opposed to a warm welcome you would expect at any semi reasonable accommodation. The lobby area - like all of the common areas at Guti was open air, dated and generally tired looking. It is surrounded by a stagnant rubbish and algie filled lagoon which really didn't help ease our earlier concerns. The welcome drinks were almost undrinkable and by this stage alarm bells were ringing about what we were in for (we had booked and paid for 4 nights - conveniently non refundable...more on that later)... After "checking in" we were ushered onto a golf buggy and whisked away to our room. I must admit the driver was very polite and helpful, carrying our luggage into our room and generally showing some level of customer service. Upon walking into our room, the look on my wife (and my) face said it all..."this doesn't look like the brochure"... Where do I start (from the top I guess...) - the "couches" in the tv area were covered in white dubious stains (refer photos) and were extremely uncomfortable. - the pillows on the bed also had numerous "stains" on them which resembled a certain type of bodily fluid produced by horny men - the bed itself was as firm as the handshake your father in law gave you the first time you took his daughter out - the "complimentary" tea and coffee facilities consisted of a single tea bag - and no kettle...hmm?? - the TV had 8 channels - all of which were in Thai - the "in room welcome fruit platter" consisted of 4 chunks of brownish pineapple on a plate covered in cling film which contained several ants... - there was NO wifi in the room despite it being advertised as free wifi in room (and when we raised this with guest services were told "our devices were the issue" I'm no IT expert, but my IPhone 6s has never had issues with WIFI before (or after). - The private pool (which was one of the main draw cards) had rubbish (pieces of paper) dead bugs , leaves and was NOT inviting at all (despite it being 34 degrees) refer photo. There were also no sun chairs despite all the resort photos depicting them. - The room had an extraordinary amount of wildlife in it from mosquitos, to frogs (4 in fact!) and several large flying bugs that seemed harmless but were damn annoying. - The minibar chocolate and chips were BOTH out of 5 months!!! As the magnitude of just how bad this place was dawned on us we mustered up the courage (actually it was more so our grumbling stomachs and the fact that this place is SERIOUSLY isolated (and by isolated I mean in the middle of NOWHERE)) try the hotel restaurant for our dinner - ohhh boy was it bad... The walk from our room (room 306) to the restaurant was about 5 minutes along a poorly lit and bumpy path. We arrived at the restaurant at 7:00pm on Friday night to find that we were the ONLY ones in the place. As mentioned earlier - the restaurant consists of a large open air "hut" with 10 or so tables scattered throughout. The ambiance was ZERO - no music, no lighting (apart from the overhead fluros) and the table settings were just as drab. The one staff member working there seemed genuinely surprised when we sat down (we seated our selves as he was to "busy" texting his Mia Noi (that's Thai for mistress)) and then finally were presented with some menus. The menus itself was generally unappealing and consisted of significantly overpriced Thai dishes. After placing our order (Green curry and holy basil beef Noodles) with Casanova we realized that we were more of a meal to the 2000 strong mosquitos circling our table and so requested our meals be brought to the room - perhaps THATS why we were the only diners in the place...The food itself was ok and the green curry was of a solid standard and good portion. After a near sleepless night my wife and I decided to cut our losses and check out after breakfast - there was no way either of us could stand another sleepless night in such a dirty and disgusting place. Although we had booked for 4 nights, 1 night in AKA Guti was enough to satisfy me for a lifetime. Breakfast was served in the same place as dinner and when we arrived (approx 9:30am) there were two other groups in there - a german couple who were dressed entirely in Khaki (so much so that they resembled two giant trees sitting at the table), and a second table of two young Aussie guys and their two ladyboy "friends" - I know this sounds made up but it SWEAR it is entirely true. Breakfast itself was as ordinary as everything else at AKA Guti (at least their consistent there!) options of stale bread, fly covered spam (or some type of processed meat), freshly made omelette (which was fine) and freshly made pancakes (which were not fine and were badly undercooked and uneatable) rounded out a slam dunk of terrible experiences at AKA Guti. With that - we went back to our hovel to pack our bags and hi-tail it out of there before we contracted dengue fever or some other type of rare tropical disease. Our checkout was rather more zealous than our arrival - however worryingly the staff didn't seem at all surprised when we left after only 1 night - they did however conveniently remind us that the booking was non refundable and gave us complimentary candy canes for the inconvenience - again I am being deadly serious. As our car departed and made its way down the driveway, past the boggy marsh and the rabbied dogs I took one final look in the rear view mirror at the WORST hotel I have EVER had the misfortune of staying in. If you are considering staying here and have read this much of my review I urge you to NOT be as stupid as I was and to book somewhere else. There are PLENTY of beautiful places to stay in Hua Hin to suit all budgets - the AKA Guti is NOT one of them!

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