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New Park Manor

3.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

We took our grandson there to start work there. We were welcomed with our two dogs. We were given tea and coffee in the lounge. The dogs were allowed with us and were given water and carrots. All the staff were very friendly and welcoming.

Recently went for a Spa Day at New Park Manor (last weekend) with a few friends. When we arrived we were told there had been a fire recently therefore the hydro pool bubbles were not working and was offered free use of the spa facilities on another day which was fine by us. My facial was disappointing. I felt like the only part of my face that got a facial was my chin!! The therapist missed out my cheeks and hardy touched my head. I go to different spas around 5/6 times a year and was very disappointed with this facial. The outside jacuzzi was lovely and relaxing and the pool was lovely however there is not enough room for beds/chairs and on busy days like it was in the morning it was difficult to sit down. Very average experience.

My partner and I had a spa experience booked including a 30 minute treatment. The treatment was fantastic and the therapist friendly. The facilities were good, however we felt some updating wouldn't go amiss. The pool area looks like it could do with a bit of updating, and there were a couple of facilities such as the foot spa which weren't working. There also wasn't enough places for people to sit inside (outside seating is plentiful however it was raining), and at times it felt cramped with no privacy. We had lunch whilst we were there which was delicious, especially the dessert! The waiting staff were attentive and friendly. We chose to wear our clothes during lunch however many other spa guests were allowed to wear their robes which we thought was a bit 'odd'. Overall good experience but room for improvement!

Booked in for Afternoon tea in March and was looking forward to it as I work in a Hotel myself and it was nice to be a customer for once and to try out somewhere new. Table was set up well and we were shown to our table, unfortunately from there it went a little downhill. Firstly I noticed where we were sat (in a “lounge” environment) that there was no subtle background music so when you were shown to your table everyone who was already sat down looked up at you and this made me and my partner quite uncomfortable. A little while later the afternoon tea came, it looked good although unfortunately we had no idea what we were eating as nothing on the display was described to us. No staff came back to check on us to see how our food was or to see if we needed a top up on tea or coffee. I then had to find someone to ask for the bill and a takeaway box. All in all not a great visit, sort of reminded me (and I hate to say it but) like a care Home, it was like going to visit your nan, so quiet in the room and we felt ourselves whispering as, if we were to speak, anyone on a different table would hear us. Just a Little uncomfortable for us.

We stayed here for the weekend of Mother's Day with our son and his family. The hotel is part of a group that specialise in luxury breaks with children. We have stayed in 2 of the others, Ickworth and Woolley Grange and both are much better in terms of accommodation and value for money. I know a lot of hotels have a dress code which is generally not adhered to but here I was very disappointed to see people come directly from the spa or swimming pool in their bathrobes and then eat in the restaurant. This hotel specialises in breaks with children so it you are looking for a break without the noise and inconvenience of children you will be disappointed. Dogs are also allowed in the bedrooms and our room had lots of hairs on the carpet. Prices are also quite high.

I booked this through travelzoo! What a lovely hotel an spa! Also very family orientated, fantastic facilities for adults and children alike. Food including breakfast and dinner is excellent. The staff also are fantastic! the Receptionist is excellent too! Everything you could want for family and also with no children. Such a pleasure.

We are just back from The New Park Manor and are suitably chilled! Our first time visiting, we missed the turning initially but, we are more than glad that we persisted, turned back and found our destination at the second time of asking. The New Park Manor has a quaint, relaxed frontage and on entering reception, it is clear that this is a family friendly spot that caters for more than just the experienced spa set. We made our way through to the spa reception and received a friendly, professional and informative tour. We had treatments booked very soon after arriving and the therapists were very personable and skilled, putting us at ease straight away and providing a very relaxing start to our day. The spa itself is not extensive but, very functional and when we visited, was not too busy or overly populated with younger guests. You are left to your own devices and should you need anything, have your needs met swiftly without intrusion. The pool was a lovely temperature, all stations were fully functional and the relaxtion we were experiencing was deepening by the minute. After a couple more very enjoyable treatments by the excellent therapists, it was time to dry off and head to lunch... The light lunch menu was interesting and extensive enough for a package deal but, we were told that if we wanted anything extra we would have to order from a different menu. This menu was not presented to us so, we didn't bother (our only niggle). As a result, our expected very light lunch arrived and we were left a little unsatisfied and underwhelmed as a result. The food we did have however, was of a very decent quality. We didn't unfortunately have time to return to the spa after lunch as our day had to be rudely interrupted by the school run!!...but, we will return on another day soon. Not least and definitely not only because we were given complimentary tickets due to the outdoor hot tub having been removed prior to our arrival. The New Park Manor is a great family spot and during the weeks of term time, is also a very relaxing place for couples. Very reasonably priced and with a great team of staff, definitely worth a visit!

The first thing I noticed after booking and reading reviews is that they don’t reply to their trip advisors!! I run a business and it’s an important tool to use to engage with your guests and fix those niggles that maybe you’re not aware of. We arrived in brilliant sunshine which makes the back drop even prettier, the hotel is child friendly and looks brilliant for the kids. We were shown around the spa by a lovely receptionist/therapist and then left to our own devices which was perfect. However on our show round it would’ve been courteous to mention that two of the hydro jets weren’t working and that only one of the foot spa pods was working!! The seat to sit on was not heated as it said on the notice. The pool was cool in temperature unlike the outdoor hot tub which was stunning but extremely hot. The experience shower was an experience as the water literally dripped out the middle and then spouts in the rain full shower weren’t even working properly. The sauna and steam room were so hot it was uncomfortable. With so many stunning spas in the area they really need to start taking more care. You don’t pay the money you would pay at Carey’s Manor but it’s a case of what you pay for is what you get. We had lunch which was lovely, hence why I gave three stars.

We had a fabulous stay last week at this hotel. We really needed a break away with the kids. It was meant to be a break that we would all enjoy together and one that would give us time to use the spa without the children and that definitely did happen! The kids club was a massive hit! The location was fabulous; around lots of local attractions and great walks -which the children loved. The kids absolutely loved the room from the get go. We had a gorgeous suite with a great lovely big bathroom in the middle of the two rooms. We all enjoyed the room so much we had our delicious dinner up there in front of a family movie which we picked up from the hotel’s collection. We would recommend the steak and the lovely wine. The hotel caters really well for children, the rooms are clean bright and comfortable and the children loved seeing the ponies outside their windows in the morning. We would thoroughly recommend this hotel to any family needing a break. The service was excellent, the general manager Sarah Stacey is really very good and the location is second to none. Thank you New Park Manor!

The New Park Hotel is in a lovely location towards the South of the New Forest and only a stone’s throw from the coastal town of Lymington. But on this occasion it appears that location isn’t everything. To be fair to the hotel we actually booked our weekend away with was their sister Hotel in Bradford on Avon, but their booking system failed and they double booked our room so we were offered the New Park Hotel as an alternative. “You will actually get a nicer room there than you would here” My wife was told by the other hotel. In which case they are now also struck off my list of potential places to visit, because what we had at the New Park was small and tired and far from the ‘luxury’ moniker they have given themselves. But the room is just part of the problem. The whole experience falls far from luxury, except perhaps the price, we definitely paid for luxury. We took our two youngest children (3 and 7) and hoped that they would have a fun time, The hotel had a pool, so we knew they would love that and also boasted lots of other activities. But it soon became apparent that having kids with you means one of two things; if you want them to join in with the activities either you abandon your kids with the creche or you choose to stay with your kids and all your expectations of the hotel are lowered to the level of a school canteen. There is a spa, but as we didn’t have any of the treatments I will reserve from commenting on that side of it and stick with the bits we did use. As the spa and pool are connected to the main house, the chlorinated pool smell pervades upstairs and is an assault on the nostrils the minute you exit your room. I assume this is also why the windows overlooking the front of the main reception (which is also the car park), were constantly covered with condensation. The reception fo the Spa was also hit by either condensation or a leaky bathroom upstairs , because slap bang in the middle of it was a rather inglorious bucket surrounded by towels to mop up the water dripping from the ceiling. OK, perhaps this just happened and was in the process of being repaired, but in the two days we were there I din’t see a single tradesman and when we left on the Sunday it was still dripping away. The pool and spa area (a couple of saunas, an indoor and an outdoor hot tub and a 16M pool) were probably quite nice a few years ago , but all looking distinctively shabby now. With a tide mark around the edge of the pool, one set of broken water jets and the pool set at a temperature that would chill a polar bear. In fact the pool was so cold that my wife didn’t want to get in on the second day and was only able to bear it by putting in a few laps of front crawl to warm herself up while our 3 year-old’s teeth chattered away. That said, it was nice that the kids were able to use the pool, but if you were there on the auspice of a luxury spa break, I think you’d be somewhat upset at the noise of splashing children shrieking. Despite allowing their use, it clearly wasn’t set up for kids either. With notices everywhere informing them that you must be 16 years old to use most of the facilities and a single depth to the pool that forced parents with less confident swimmers to huddle around the steps as the only place the little ones could play safely. The fact that children were allowed in there was nice, but unfortunately the word supervision did not seem to have been applied, so we were harangued by two girls aged between 10-12 who seemed intent on leaving sauna doors open, dive bombing in tothe pool and spraying water all over our robes and towels as they entertained themselves. I asked them to take more care of their actions as they were upsetting the little ones and so they moved their harassment to the hot tub outside until we left and I saw them returning to the main pool. I mentioned that the room was pokey, but this wasn’t the only problem with it. We have stayed in many hotels, both luxurious and not so much. And those with he word ‘luxury’ in their title will generally have a mini-bar and some kind of high end coffee making facilities. In fact real ‘luxury’ hotels will often have a decanter of madeira or port at no extra cost and more often than not a nespresso machine or some such. Not the New Park, where a sachet of nescafe is about all you get and the mini-bar and port are replaced with a free cookie for the kids and two small bottles of water (300Ml), one fizzy and one still between the four of us - not even a packet of nuts for the parents. I can live with the small room, and despite the crick in my neck now, I don’t mind too much that the bed was far too soft - not everyone likes a hard mattress. The fact that there was no zircon or thermostat in the room was also annoying and forced us to sleep with a window open above the 7 year olds bed, but the bathroom was appalling. The door handle was falling off, the bathroom furniture was cheap, the tiles were in serious need of grouting and the floor was a slippy death trap, made even more so with the addition fo the provided towel. There was a novelty waterproof TV in the bath, but it was limited to about 5 channels (all BBC) so even that served to simply highlight its own inadequacy). Less than 24 hours later the toilet refused to flush properly and by 1030 on Sunday morning there was no hot water. And while they had provided toiletries from he Elemis spa, they were in big horrible handheld dispensers with a sign stating that you’d be charged £25 if you took them home - yes I am sure that saves the hotel a few quid, but at £300 a night I want to be able to take my miniature shower gel home… To be fair the other hotel had sent a bottle of (very cheap) champagne to compensate us for the mix up with bookings, but when it arrived the room service girl had literally no idea how to open champagne (my wife had to do it for her) and her grasp of English was so poor we couldn’t even explain this to her. But she wasn’t the only member of staff with language difficulties and several times I found myself having to repeat orders more than once to try and bridge the language barrier. The food was mostly very nice. The lunch was a good sized portion and the adult’s dinner was delicious (We had Lamb rump), but the starter was minuscule - the two smallest scallops seen in a long while in some attempt at nouveau cuisine. The children’s dinner portions were also tiny. They came in two sizes, toddler and larger portion, but the only difference for our children was the size of the plate they came on and our 7 year old was hungry at the end of his meal even after supplementing it with bread. The wine was nice but a small selection meant that their Bordeaux was overpriced, we paid £56 for a bottle of wine that you could buy for £16 online. The chocolate fondant was delicious and probably saved the meal for my wife. But by-far the biggest issue we had with Dinner was that it was once again served in the conservatory on wipe-down formica tables and uncomfortable cafeteria chairs. It reminded me a lot of the Waitrose cafe, which is nice for a cup of tea and a scone, but not for a Dinner at £45 a head. All in all I think that this hotel has two major problems. First it is most definitely not luxury and so the cost of a stay is grossly over-inflated. With two adults and two children aged 3 and 7, for Bed and Breakfast with dinner and lunch as extras and just one bottle of wine the only drink we paid for in two days, it cost us over £500 for one night, which is an unbelievable amount of money to charge and not even provide a decent cup of coffee. Second, the hotel has an identity crisis. It sells itself as both luxury and kid friendly, but what that really means is that it provides facilities for parents to offload their kids to a kids club while they do their own thing, their idea of ‘luxury’ appears to be not having to look after your own kids. Now don’t get me wrong, if you have small children and you are looking for a break from them but still want to see them for that bit of time between finishing your spa and going for your adult dinner, then it’s probably a good choice for you. But if like us, you want to play with your children when you take them away for the weekend or you want to sit and eat your main meal with your children in a nice dining room or you don’t want to palm them off for breakfast with a stranger so you can have a lie in on a Sunday morning, then I really don’t see the appeal of this hotel. Luxury is a word that should be awarded and not chosen by the provider. Tired and shabby would be far better descriptors of this hotel. As for the price, if we had paid half what we did I would still have walked away feeling like I could have got more for my money at one of the ‘proper’ luxury hotels in the New Forest. My advice is stay away from this place unless you are at the end of your tether with the kids and want a weekend away but don’t have a grandparent to palm them off to.

Lyndhurst Road Brockenhurst England

Hotel highlights

  • Free English breakfast
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining

Within a short walk of Brockenhurst College, New Park Manor is within 2 miles (3 km) of St. Nicholas Church. This 24-room, 3-star hotel has conveniences like a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, and an indoor pool. It's also close to Brockenhurst Manor Golf Club and New Forest Museum.


Start your day off right with a free English breakfast. This hotel is home to a restaurant and a bar/lounge. Satisfy your hunger from the comfort of your room with room service.


New Park Manor's 24 rooms provide electric kettles, free bottled water, and phones. Guests can expect free WiFi and LCD TVs with DVD players. Bathrooms offer hair dryers and designer toiletries.

Property features

Guests of New Park Manor enjoy a full-service spa, an indoor pool, and an outdoor pool. Free parking is available if you drive. The 24-hour front desk has staff standing by to help with concierge services, luggage storage, and securing valuables. Other amenities at this spa hotel include a spa tub, free WiFi in public areas, and a meeting room.

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