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SBH Costa Calma Beach Resort

3.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

They say you can never make a second first impression, So after a long transfer , and a long flight , we were on the tarmac at gatwick waiting to take off for an hour !! we arrived late at the hotel , and the only two at this hotel , the check in was fast and efficient and we were told a cold meal was waiting for us in the restaurant ( nice gesture after a long day ) . we were directed to our room with a map . !! through the corridor over the bridge down the hallway into a large reception area in the lift up to the second floor … !! Our Room two beds pushed together with brown covers on , one bed the cover was creased and had blood on! the decor is drab the curtains looked old fashioned, but after a long day who cares ??there didn't seem to be any fridge or tea and coffee making facilities. The Restaurant The next morning we took the long stroll back to the restaurant , and as normal for an all inclusive there was plenty of food and variety , eggs bacon beans , bread all kinds , fruits cereals pancakes , cheeses hams salami , smoothies ,, tea coffee, juice and water The Pool The pool was great exactly as the photos and not too cold The Beach the beach was sandy and some pebbles sea shoes needed for walking on stones NOW READ ON FOR THE SECOND IMPRESSION .. What we realised as the days went by were that the original hotel we booked is adjoined to another hotel the one we had been directed to .. by now we had found another restaurant and another pool , of what was obviously now an adjoining hotel with its own faciltities , a far less busier restaurant with all the same foods and selections the pool was nicer and there were no rush for sun beds in the mornings , So we found a fridge in our room which wasn't filled once during our stay , a little disappointed with that as some places we've been the fridge has been filled with water a soft drink and a beer at least on the day of arrival , no tea and coffee making which was also a little disappointing , the aircon didn't work, but we left the patio doors open all night every night , the towels for the pool were supplied for a 10 euro deposit which we asked could we change very day and were told yes we could , yes you can, but for a 1 euro charge each time to help towards the turtles , we've never had to do this before , the coffee machines were turned off at night which i didn't understand as a coffee after dinner is nice to have after a meal and if you wanted but if you did want a coffee you had to pay even tho we were all inclusive .. we decided to walk along the beach and around the corner OH MY … THE BEACH IS AMAZING !!!! .. Just going to show you never know whats around the corner ! Trips we only went to the zoo, which was really good .. but a lot of walking my phone recorded six miles of walking for that day !! a coach picks you up and brings you back all in all .. would we go back ???? YES but only if we could go back to the hotel we stayed in even tho it was drab decor, and we didnt understand the animation team at all as everything was spoken in italian the team didn't even acknowledge a british tourist , GOOD MORNING, isn't hard to say and we tried hard to always say please and thank you in spanish .

Some of the rooms in this hotel have great views while others can look out over waste ground or in to the branches of trees. While some rooms get the sun most of the days some others receive no sunshine and are in permanent shade. The room we had was large clean and tidy with good facilities. The TV only had BBC News and Sky News in English. While showering the water could change quite suddenly from a nice temperature to scalding and then to cold. The toilet flush stopped working which we reported to reception but it hadn't been repaired in the 4 hours prior to us departing for home. The board we were on was all inclusive. On the first day the food looked and tasted great and was nice and hot. As the week went on there was still a nice selection of food, like you would see on a cruise ship but the temperature kept decreasing. By the end of the week most of the hot food was being served cold. On the evening you could get served quickly at the bar but the Beer was only served in small glasses and the Sangria was very weak. Due to the small glasses of Beer you would spend most of the time trying to get top ups at the bar. On occasions they would only half fill the glass. It would probably take five trips to the bar to get the equivalent of 1 pint at home. The pools were great and there were lots of Sunbeds although you had to hunt around for a free one as the hotel became busier. The entertainment in the hotel is what you would normally expect in a lower grade hotel and frankly was quite bad and limited. During the day the entertainment team would try and get people to join in with activities which clearly, most of the did not want to do. During these activities you will have to put up with loud music and one of the team constantly blowing a whistle. If there is one improvement this hotel could make it would be to sack the entertainment team. What was also good about this hotel was the private beach area. The domestic staff were lovely and greeted you every time you passed them. As hotels go, this was one of the better ones that I have visited, The resort is spread over four accommodation blacks so you may not be in the main block itself but due to the lay out this did not cause any issues with the guests.

My partner, 6 month old baby and I visited here for a week at the end of April, we can honestly say it's the best holiday we have been on so far. The hotel itself is very clean, with extremely polite staff. The reception staff were very helpful as we did have a few questions for them. The room was cleaned daily and towels changed daily too. Being a fussy eater I am always cautious about going on all inclusive holidays. However, there was never a day I went hungry, always something I liked on offer. My favourite was breakfast as there was lots of selection. The staff in the restaurant were lovely, they always talked and cooed at our baby. The only downfall is there are only pictures of what the food is, not actual words which I think there should be. There is no free wifi, this did not bother us though as we were there to enjoy some family time. We only realised that they give you a courtesy room on your day of departure after we had left for the airport. Had we known this we would've done more that day but it's still good they offer it if you know about it! The area is quiet with not many shops, the little shops they do have are up a hill. We took a bus to Jandia which only took 30 minutes and wasn't too expensive either! Jandia has a lot of shops and restaurants which is nice for a day out! All around we had a very good holiday and plan on returning in 2018 with more of our family!

We stayed in a 1 bedroom apartment with 2 kids for 2 weeks in this all inclusive resort. Wi-FI is expensive, around 20 EUR per device per week, much cheaper to use your normal network operators internet, safe is 24 EUR per week... It is ideal for people who doesn’t want to move around just relax at the resort, or do watersports. There is not much to see at Costa Calma apart from the beach, not even a promenade. The hotel itself is nice, clean and has beautiful gardens and pools outside. The main let down is the food, and feels like the management approach is to save money -“this is good enough for the s…d tourist”. Honestly, quite a few evenings the most popular dish by far was the plain pizza. Other 4* hotels try much harder to provide high quality food and to impress guests. Very limited variations, no themes for each evening, very limited freshly made food. The other quite annoying thing is, although the resort has multiple bars these opening hours are very limited and one of them permanently closed. Another example of not worrying about quality and customer service was the Ice Cream. If you travel with kids, you know this is one what they love. However, Ice Cream is only available for 2 hours in the afternoon, from 1 freezer. No cones, or plates are provided, but plastic cups, and small plastic spoons, which does not reach the bottom of the plastic cups. The queue is usually 15mins, as everybody needs to use a single ice cream spoon to get a portion to their plastic cup. This is not very clean neither hygienic, and can heard few people complaining about it – nothing changed…. Also, some limited lunch is available at the external bar, but if you been to other 4 stars you might expect it is freshly made burgers, hot dogs, chips, salad etc…. Here you can have chips and pasta which is brought out from the main kitchen. Early afternoon the only food available is 1 type of cake (which is always the same, regardless it is coloured to green, pink or orange…) and also, birds make regular appearances inside the bar, where you can get these cakes from, and there is constantly a terrible smell coming from underneath the table. Around the pool, cockroaches make regular appearances, and you just hope their kitchen is cleaner. The hotel does have its own beach, however it is covered with stones. A large sandy beach is about 200m away, and you can walk their easily. At first look the hotel seemed well maintained inside, but the outside play areas does need improving. Most rooms has sea view, and we had probably one of the best rooms on the top floor. Unlike in other resorts the apartment does not have a kitchen, and it only had 4 single beds – no doubles. Room was confy otherwise, and had beautiful views. I been to the Canarias 9 times already, but this was the first (and the last) time for Fuerteventura. There is nothing on the Island apart from Oasis Park (but this is overpriced, and can’t be compared to Loro Park). We hired a car and travelled around a bit, missing only the very north of the island. The moonlike landscape means there is not even a tree up in the hills, and felt sorry for the cyclists on the bursting sun. As we travelled there are some nice little villages like Betancuria, but don’t bother going there unless you already hired a car. There is a large shopping centre in Puerto del Rosario, but again, nothing like the towns on the other canary islands. We went to Morro Jable from Costa Calma with the local Bus. There are more shops their and seems a bit busier than costa calma. Also, finally found a nice playground in from of a closed zoo. So back to the hotel, it was a bit disappointing, I believe with a bit of a hard work and more attention from management the hotel and the food could be significantly improved. We had a great time there, but unfortunately, probably will not return.

This Is a very long review but only is worth the read I promise We went here for a week all inclusive I've broken it down so you can choose what you want to know The coach transfer It was a disaster at the airport we was sent on the wrong coach and could of left half an hour before the one was on left the airport which was extremely frustrating but we got to the hotel eventually at around 8:45pm Luckily we had already let family know we had arrived safely in fuerventura as when we got to the hotel there was no wi-fi which I found odd The wi-fi disaster So the next morning we go down to the reception desk and said about this and they said 'oh you have to pay for the wi-fi here at the hotel you can either pay daily or 25€ for the week we paid for the week and was given the login details for the wi-fi ( thought it was a bit of a cheek to be honest but we needed the wi-fi to contact people ) we then went up to our room and both me and my boyfriend tried to log on but it would only let one of us log on which was extremely annoying but left it at that . We again went down to the reception desk and said that only one of us could use the wi-fi We was then informed 'No it's 25€ per device per week ' We was not informed of this when we handed over the 25€ at no point did they mention that so we then had to alternate between ourselves for the internet as we weren't going to pay 50€ for a week of internet how ridiculous that's like £45 for a week just a total rip off as you couldn't even load anything on you tube and it was really slow in general The air conditioning What air conditioning there was none at all no air came out of it We only found this out once we've turned it on and what an awful noise it made so even if it had worked ( which of course it didn't ) it would have kept you awake at night The waiters in the main restaurant These were amazing so friendly and efficient they can not be faulted at all they were absolutely brilliant one of them called Erickson really stood out to us always smiling and just generally a really lovely person so happy in his job which was nice to see The food choice The food was ok I wouldn't say it was exceptional just pretty basic at lunch and dinner was pretty much the same food as lunchtime The breakfast however was lovely and the cooks were always friendly at whatever time of day you went there The staff at the reception You would ask for information for something for example we wanted to go to a bank to get some more money exchanged we happily went on our way when we got there we was then informed we needed our passport which I didn't know so we had to come all the way back and get our passport and go back again just something so simple that try could of mentioned as we don't carry our passports around with us ( why would you ) And they seemed abrupt and rude at times we are tourists and unfortunately we didn't know everything so we had to ask them for a bit of guidance Excursions If you want to do excursions I would recommend doing them I will upload a photo of the Thomson reps pricing they gave us They looked great we didn't do any but will definitely do some next time we go fuerventura ( to another hotel further along the beach ) The rooms The rooms were lovely and clean and the cleaners do an amazing job some are very creative to making towels into animals which I thought was sweet The pool bar The staff here are great and the cocktails are extremely nice and a lot of choice too which I wasn't expecting Places to shop nearby If you like Michael kors the African market was great they do amazing Michael kors fakes and the colors they do the bags was so nice and different A recommendation to try is along the beach from where we was was somewhere called Beach bar Horizonte this was a great place to go if you fancy something different to eat and the staff were so nice and would go there again and the prices were pretty good too ( the sizzling prawns were lovely ) Even after all those negatives We still enjoyed our holiday and will go back to the island again just not at this hotel As they could of made the experience better

So I went to costa Carma beach resort with my nan and grandad we went for my grandads 50th birthday I would like to say that it was an amazing holiday and I would definitely go back which we are in 2018 first of all I would like to say that are hotel was very clean and tidy and was always clean bythe house keeper the only thing I was disappointed with was the view because we had a big tree in are way but that wasn't that bad I would now like to talk about the food the food was loveley everyday and was a mixture for English and other countries my grandad is usually fuzzy and dosent realy eat a lot but when we was on holiday he ate loads entertainment was usually good and was a variety of things to do and of a night kids entertainment and adults We also took a trip to the zoo and thought it was was very good also thanks for the bus that took us there I realy liked everything there and can't wait to return in 2018 and will gladly be back thanks for the stay and the lovley staff at costa Carma

So me and my partner have just stayed at the hotel for a week Please note that we never usually leave reviews but felt compelled based on our experience with this one. Good points - Own beach - Friendly staff - No crazy fights for sun loungers (despite the hotel being mainly catered to German customers) - Animation team are amazing with kids and daily activities! - Breakfast was the best meal of any given day and the only consistent one with a wide range of choice. Bad points - Air Con in rooms non existent (its there but doesn't make any difference) - Food Badly labelled and repetitive. Poor, especially considering its mean to be a 4*. It barely made 3* in my opinion - Beds rock solid and pillows junk too - Poor evening entertainment - Poor maintenance around the property (stage made of wood that is warped and a hazard to customers / their kids) - Pool bar doesn't stick half the drinks - Snack bar again very poor, not your usual. Just chips and muffins. Some days not even out on when it should be. - TV in rooms all catered to German / Dutch customers also. Only English Chanel is Sky News. This hotel is also very remote. Not much to do out with it apart from to walk to other hotels and a spar shop. Avoid hotel shop and walk to spar shop. Miles cheaper. Won't be visiting again or recommending. AVOID 😓

I cannot fault the location of this resort, so close to the sea and even has a private beach area. The resort itself is so pretty with 3 large and clean swimming pools. Check in was very easy and informative although you are asked to sign a disclaimer to say you will raise any complaints or issues during your stay and not afterwards. The room was cleaned daily, very spacious with a large bathroom which had a bath and shower, there is a large TV although the only english speaking channels are Sky Sports and BBC World News, there is air con and a fridge. There are plenty of bars to get drinks and the beer, wine and soft drinks are self service in most bars and in the restaurant. The food was nice although it is standard all inclusive fare, quite repetitive bit with enough variation to not get bored. Staff throughout the resort are very friendly and the animation team work very hard all day. There are plenty of activities including rifle shooting, darts, poole, shuffle board, volley ball, water polo, aerobics and plenty more. The mini disco tends to star in the evening at 8.30pm and then main entertainment started at 9.30pm, this is a mix of shows by the animation team and professional shows. There are 3 shops, a clothing shop, jewelry shop and gift shop which has a limited range of snacks to purchase. There are signs up to say no shorts to be worn at dinner, on night 1 we changed into trousers for dinner and found most people were in shorts still, nobody seemed to mind, as long as you dont wear a vest top and swimming shorts you will be fine, All inclusive stops at 11pm in the evening although things are generally winding down by this point anyway. There are lots of cats around the resort, all very clean and friendly and well looked after on the resort. This resort seems very popular with german tourists, we were one of a handful of English guests but generally everyone was friendly. There are plenty of sunbeds, no need to get up early to reserve these, you will find them available all day. There is a jacuzzi and sauna which you can use free of charge but these need to be pre-booked. We really enjoyed this resort and will be going back.

Traveled with Thomas cook excellent. Arrived at reception with wife daughter and granddaughter.asked for rooms next to each other which we got . upgraded to gold all inclusive for booking early ,can use other sbh hotels with this .rooms spacious and fridge .no tea making facilities in room ,took travel kettle wife is a teacoholic.hairdryer in and BBC news in English only .staff friendly and pleasant. Decent size edible u will not starve.beers and drinks excellent, fizzy drinks not so good.animation teams do games and activities through out the day .different shows daily through out the week by different entertainers .all inclusive stops at 11 pm then its pay as u go .supermarket at end of road for drinks on the balcony after 11.not many shops ,u have to travel into next town.fantastic place would defo go again .probably about 2 percent British people .granddaughter had her birthday there so asked reception for a birthday cake for a small fee we got one and a table decorated and a bottle of champagne excellent birthday pressie.loads of sun sea and laughs👍👍👍

Just back from another stay at Costa Calma Beach Hotel - our second one this year, having stayed there in January 2017 as well. . Another pleasant and relaxing stay, made all the more enjoyable by the very helpful, hard working and well-trained staff. As we said in previous review, their work attitude runs rings around many in the British catering trade. In particular, we must mention Danielle on the hotel reception staff. She was witty, very helpful, and resolved any queries very promptly. The pillows we ordered turned up within 20 minutes. Danielle put up with our often rather off-beat questions about the resort and area with good grace and humour. She is a credit to the hotel, and brilliant at the welcoming stage when us tired Brits arrived at the hotel. This was our fourth stay at this hotel and we cannot understand the various negative comments-- a little home work prior to departure would no doubt negate some of these anyway. Am sure we will be back again fairly soon.

Avenida Agustin Millares, 2 Pajara Fuerteventura

Located in Bahia Calma, SBH Costa Calma Beach Resort is a short stroll from Costa Calma Beach and within a 10-minute drive of Oasis Park Fuerteventura. This 556-room, 3-star resort welcomes guests with 3 outdoor pools, a restaurant, and a fitness center. Sotavento de Jandia Beach is also within a 20-minute drive.


Grab a bite to eat at the onsite restaurant or get an energy boost at the coffee shop/café.

SBH Costa Calma Beach Resort's 556 rooms are air-conditioned and provide balconies, sofa beds, and safes. TVs come with cable channels, and WiFi keeps guests connected. Bathrooms offer hair dryers and free toiletries. Rooms also include phones.


At SBH Costa Calma Beach Resort, guests enjoy 3 outdoor pools, a children's pool, and a fitness center. There's free offsite parking if you drive. The 24-hour front desk has multilingual staff ready to help secure valuables, and answer any questions about the area. Other amenities at this beach resort include a spa tub, a sauna, and an outdoor tennis court.

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