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Ri Sheng

3.5 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

1. The lobby is dirty, filled with cigarette smoke and stray cats, cluttered, stuffy (they don't run any a/c at all) and almost always exposed to the outside. 2. The staff was relatively friendly but altogether unhelpful to foreigners. 3. After we paid an unexpected RMB 200 deposit, we got into an elevator that smelled something between an ashtray and a urinal. 4. The room was poorly lit; the carpet was so dirty that walking on it with bare feet for any amount of time made one's feet black; sleeping on the beds was like sleeping on a slab of rock; the window, complete with a broken latch, could not close, leaving us to enjoy the smog and frantic sounds of the overtly crowded city and the incessantly impatient drivers on the busy highways below; and everything in the room (except clicking the remote) cost additional money. 5. The shower quickly flooded into the rest of the bathroom; however, the owners are apparently privy to this, because they have a second drain outside of the shower. Oh, and there is carpet in the shower to keep you from slipping. It was moldy. 6. The establishment provided us with next-to-no toilet paper and never replenished it. 7. Twice, some unknown presence slid business cards under the door with ads for Chinese "escorts" on them. 8. When we had the "Do Not Disturb" tag on our door, housekeeping still tried to get in, making it through the deadbolt but not the privacy latch. This frustrated us greatly, because we were trying to recover from jet lag. Closing remarks: Orbitz should not have told us that this hotel was 4 stars. We went through a lot of discomfort and should have paid extra for a "5-star" hotel. Maybe this 4-star hotel was rated based on a different standard, but we wanted at least something akin to a regular (not even 4 star) hotel in America. We were disappointed and wish we could get a refund.

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