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Faena Hotel Buenos Aires

5.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

When I booked online at the Faena’s website, the total amount for the December 29th to the January, 1st period at Faena Hotel Buenos Aires was USD 2404.27. I gave them my CC number and waited for the confirmation mail. The confirmation mail said there were an extra compulsory rate for the NYE party to be paid before my arrival at the hotel – USD 575. Note that when booked, the final amount did not include the compulsory rate for the party. So, they sent me an Authorization Form with the amount of USD 2.979,26 (room, taxes and NYE charges). December, 29th, 2016 12am. Check-in: an experience manager welcomed me and I told her I was overcharged by the hotel. At the Authorization Form I sent by email I authorized to be charged in USD 2979.26 (Room, Tax and NYE Charges). For some reason when I checked my AMEX CC online, and I NEVER do this, there was a debit of USD 3258.35. The experience manager did not know how to explain that, what was that, said it never happened before at the hotel and that I should contact AMEX to solve the problem, as it was a personal issue. I told her I was not comfortable with that and was sent to my room. Meanwhile, I asked for some water and was given a plastic bottle of ambient temperature (not even fresh) – no cup. Room 507 – unpacked. 33°C outside. Hot, hot, hot. 24°C inside the room. I called the experience manager and she immediately moved me to another room. Packed. Room 609 – unpacked. Hot, hot, hot. 24°C. Called the experience manager again. She said I should wait a few minutes before the temperature got down. I went to the pool and 3 hours later I got back to my room. 23°C. Talked to someone in charge and ask her to come to my room with me, told her it was already my second room in 2 hours. Getting there she said the 23°C was ok, was the average temperature of hotel. “Honestly it’s cold for me. But, if you want to, I can provide you a “ventilador”” – moving her index finger in circles. She didn’t know how to say fan in English. I asked her: “Are you offering to provide a fan to a hotel guest who is paying USD 3K for a three-night stay? Is this the average service Faena gives their guests?”. A few minutes later she came back to my room asking me to see 2 other ones – as hot as mine. At the last one she showed me (which seemed to be a little bit fresher) I asked if I could be setting there for 10 minutes to see how was the AC because I didn’t want to pack and unpack for the 3rd time in 3 hours, was tired, weak and haven’t had lunch yet. She said ok and told me to feel free to have something from the mini bar – at 6pm. A mini bar with Pringles, alfajores, peanuts, Absolut vodka, Jack & Daniel’s, M&Ms, among other typical mini bar stuff. Finally, I went for lunch after 6pm. Something light, since it was hot. Pool bar. A Caesar Salad with shrimp looked perfect. And tasted really good. Until 1 hour later, when I started feeling sick of my stomach, had fever and threw up until 2am – in a 23°C room. December, 30th, 2016 I woke up, wrote a letter to the person in charge describing all my disappointments: the overcharge, the hot rooms and the. Went for a walk at Puerto Madero and got back less than 2 hours later. I was told by the experience manager that the manager in charge would like to show me a few other rooms. The manager approached me and asked me to go with her to visit the rooms. All of them pretty much the same average hotel temperature – 23°C. But one of them was a bit fresher, so I packed and unpacked again – 3rd time in less than 24 hours. Note: the manager never asked me about how I was felling, if I was better, needed something. That time I doubted if she received the letter, so I asked her about the letter. She said: “yes. Are you ok?”. Later that day they sent to my room the overcharging refund receipt. December, 31st , 2016 Set up to the NYE party: 32°C, pool was crowded. There are two showers next to the pool bar. Both were out of order because the party set up. There were energy cables around them, would be dangerous. I asked a maître if I could use another shower and he said there were no more showers, but I had a big pool to dive in. As I wanted to pee, I had to decide between going to my 23°C room, to the ladies’ room inside the hotel (with no shower) or, very likely most of the people who were around that hot day, pee in the pool. Couldn’t help but wonder what was the choice of each one of all that people around that beautiful pool. NYE party Good party, good food, good music. Not much intervention/decoration besides lights, a big screen, a DJ and 4 girls dressed with wings or something and a guy dressed as a lion. 2am no more food. At a USD 575 party for hotel guests and USD 665 for non-hotel guests. Now this is the scary part. Since 9pm not even one guest was able to enter in their rooms – the key system went down. The guests of the 87 rooms had to wait until 4am when one only person arrived and started to go to every and each single room to unlock their doors. Yes – no one could get in their rooms until 4am. Since 2am the hotel guests were sleeping all over the lobby in the ground, in the couches, everywhere. There were old ladies, pregnant women, drunk people, no shoes, a kid was crying – CAOS. I asked for the manager on duty, the general manager. Was said there were no manager on duty or general manager that night. Only the experience managers. They were in panic. Didn’t know what to do, what to say, how to minimize that situation. To the hotel guests who was in the lobby was offered one (1) EMPANADA tray and water – in thermic cups. I saw a middle-aged male in the lobby freezed, eyes wide-open, no reaction – he was not an experience manager. Some maître or something from one of the restaurants, probably – and talked nicely to him: “Excuse-me Sir, but look at your guests. There’s a lady sleeping on a luggage cart, beside that one sitting at the concierge chair with her legs up at the table with no shoes and that couple sleeping on the ground on your right. This is unacceptable for the guests and for the hotel. You should, at least, invite them to one of your restaurants (both were already closed!!) and offer them food and something to drink. Take them away from here.” The scene looked like a war camp. There were like 30 people in the lobby, and countless in the huge hall. That sir came back to me saying that he talked to the food and beverage manager and the “El Bistro” was going to be opened for guests. But this sir or neither nobody else never informed the guests that the restaurant was reopened for them. The restaurant was opened and nobody was there, not even one person – besides the staff putting some food on the buffet table. So I went to the lobby and knowing exactly what that people were going through, informed group by group that the restaurant was opened for us, that we didn’t have to wait at the lobby ground, the restaurant was more comfortable and serving other things besides empanadas and water. Some went to the restaurant, others were very tired and really wanted to sleep. So they went to their floors waiting for the only one person who could open the whole hotel room’s doors. This guy started doing it at 4am and each room could took up to 10 minutes to be opened. I felt so much sorry for that ones that didn’t go to the restaurant and were sleeping on the ground (we were informed we had to be in front of our rooms waiting for that one only guy to have our rooms opened) that I went to the gym and the yoga room and took some mattresses for them to sleep in – not in the carpet. My room was opened after 5am and I finally got to sleep. Most of the hotel guests still waited much more than me. There was a Russian lady crying. She had a flight at 7am – her locked room could not be opened even by that only one poor guy. The hotel sent her to another room so she could sleep. Hopefully she was able to get into her own room to get her belongings and board. At one point I was laying down in front my room very asleep when a lady started screaming very loud in spanish: “I’m gonna kill you! I’m gonna kill somebody here! I have 4 rooms and I can’t get in to none of them!”. People were desperate, tired and without any information. January, 1st , 2016 A regular day at the hotel, as if nothing has happened. Not even a sorry note under the door. I checked out at 12am at one of the experience manager’s table and: Me: Hi, good morning. I’m checking out. Experience manager: Good morning. Of course. Did you have something from the mini bar today? Me: A bottle of water. Experience manager: Ok. One moment. Here you are. This is your bill with the mini bar, pool bar … How are you going to pay? Cash, CC? Me: I’m paying cash, dollars. (I was not believing it was happening. She did not say Happy New Year, is presenting me the bill and will not say a word about that whole Dante scenario?) Experience manager: Thank you very much. Me: Are we done? Not even one word to apologize for what happened yesterday? Experience manager: Oh, yes, I’m sorry. It’s unbelievable. Me: Not really. That was unacceptable and outrageous. Are we really done? Experience manager: Yes, I’m so sorry. Me: We are not done. One word: refund. Experience manager: Oh, yes. We are refunding our guests for the inconvenient from last night. You can go home. This is our number and email and we will refund you. Me: There’s no way I’m leaving this hotel with this problem. I want to be refunded now. I’m not taking this problem home. Another experience manager, from the other side of the lobby, heard us and said I could be refunded If I had the receipt from the booking. I had it, so she refunded me – or that’s what I thought (after calling the hotel like 5 times on the January, 2nd, some mails exchanged, I only got my refund on the January 3rd). Bottom-line: the experience manager said absolutely nothing about the night before, no apologies, no “how was your stay?” or “happy new year” and presented my bill as if nothing has happened – and did not mentioned I could be refunded. What makes me think that if I have not asked for refund, I wouldn’t get it. And even if nothing has happened I was not expecting this kind of check out at Faena. After checking out I went to El Mercado (one of the hotel’s restaurant) to have lunch, cause the experience manager told me it was already opened. I entered the restaurant, a lady approached me and said they were going to open in 20 minutes. When I asked her if I could stay there, she said no. Said I had to leave and come back in 20 minutes. I kindly informed that situation to the experience manager who did nothing. Not even “I’m sorry”. Came back to the restaurant 20 minutes later. That day, January, 1st, there were no à la carte menu, as usually. It was a buffet and barbecue – ok. At the buffet, I noticed that most of the options were exactly the same we had at the NYE party. That coincidence made me think they might be using the leftovers from the night before.

For starters, I had been there before. In deed an upscale designer hotel with a perfect location, good rooms and a variety of hospitality offerings. But here's the point: all this is worthless when you feel treated as if you were garbage...and you are cheated in the end. Wondering what happened? Imagine for example you entered the Library Lounge bar, let us say on an early Sunday afternoon, shortly after lunch, when the place is basically empty, and upon entry you were told the place was sold out, with virtually no places available, and you were pointed to a seat at the bar. And if finally, upon insisting, you were allowed to occupy one of the very many vacant couches, you would be advised that if needed you would be required to share that very couch with other guests... how awkward would that feel? So, know that you are wondering what's all the fuss with am empty place pretending that it's a crowded one, the fun really starts... Let's imagine you order drinks, easy ones, nothing impossible to handle for a junior bar tender and waitress: fancy a Habana 7 and Coke? Great. Now, would you be surprised if the waitress placed a glass with ice cubes halfway filled with (hopefully) rum on the table and left a bottle of Coke next to it leaving you to job share with her and pour your own Coke into the glass ? Might you nit think this may ok in road-side trucker and biker joint, yet not at all acceptable in a wannabe upscale joint on Puerto Madero? Yes, in deed I would most certainly agree with you. But what can you do? So you pour your own drink and enjoy it while then crowded place continues its Sunday afternoon idleness. Next, say you wanted to settle the account and leave, just on time before the crowds may takeover the place. So you would wave the waitress who in a moment would produce the bill for you and drop it off on your table (next to where the place the Coke bottle a little while ago). 25 USD in local currency for two soft drinks and a bit of rum isn't too bad and you would happily place your credit card and waive the waitress. Let's ignore the very part where she displays her full repertoire of unpoliteness and jump straight to the moment when an even less friendly supervisor would claim your credit was rejected (note this was a Amex platinum card, usually difficult reject anything)... and so it goes with the second, the third and the fourth credit card you would produce, until finally, only after alerting the supervisor that if the next card did do the job either, he might want to start considering changing the terminal or calling the police, the last credit card is good enough to cover 25 USD. Now imagine you left the place just to receive the usual Amex text message confirming just a 25 USD charge our unfriendly supervisor had told me to be rejected. How would call that? Theft? Of course I did ring the house to complain about the double charge and the truly unacceptable attitude and behavior of their staff and supervisor in the bar. In fairness, The fine young man who took call was polite and courteous, yet his promise that someone would call be back straightaway was left unfulfilled to date... Shameful, disappointing, unacceptable. Period. There are plenty of places to go and stay in Buenos Aires. I for my part will certainly continue to prefer the Four Seasons or Hyatt's Duhau Palace for example. But never ever get lost in the Faena. And I recommend you consider your choices, too.

Roons are very spacious but colour res dominates. Spa and gym are very well equipped and offer interesting treatments. Breakfast is good bur not outstanding. Swimming pool should offer higher temperature in autumn and winter. Rooms are not very functional for work but invite to erotica...

We spent 2 nights at the Faena in May. Room was spacious (and quiet) for a boutique hotel. Friendly staff (recommended us to an excellent wine store close to the hotel). The bar is worth a visit (live music on weekends) and the gym/spa exceeded expectations. Great breakfast served in the hotel's El Mercado restaurant. We did not watch the Tango show (found it a bit mispriced). Beautiful pool - and would certainly come back in warmer weather to spend the day a the pool. Overall, we loved our stay. The hotel is in excellent shape (in spite of being around for a few years already) - it has all the charm of when I first went there some 8 years ago. The location is also perfect - centrally located and walking distance to excellent restaurants.

Faena Hotel is all about design and singularity, so it will all depend on how much it matches your taste. It is OK for me, but the retro décor, the visually impacting environments are not my first choice. Services are good, but would expect more "availability and alert" from the personnel. Very good breakfast and restaurants in general. Tango show is quite impressive (I am Argentinian and felt it authentic). Rooms are OK, best is the old iron bathtub and my room had a full oven and kitchen which I did not use but was quite impressive. Location is special. You are at no walking distance of any main attraction, but in a nice neighborhood with tight security and a lot of green areas. You can always take a cab to go around the city (preferably call in advance, not so many in this area) The recycling and improvement of the building and the area is a great contribution to the city A bit overpriced from my perspective

Drink and dinner with 20 persons and the service and foot was very good. We had different plates where all could take a bit and this gives a good impression of the quality of food. Fisch or meat vegi or dessert I liked it all. The atmosphere is special and gives a good feeling to round up. What I didn't like was the open kitchen so on the end of the evening we smelled like a kitchen.

The rooms are gorgeous and the spa is worth any price. The hotel contains two excellent restaurants, an inside bar and a pool bar, AND a tango lounge. Be sure to check the price of anything you do in the hotel before you commit, but staying there is like being a movie star.

This was my first time in Buenos Aires and I had a friend who got me a great rate. I heard a lot about the hotel and it doesn't disappoint you at all. The place is indeed modern and stylish yet maintaining some elements of the past. The room I had faced the courtyard and the bed was in the middle of the room, it was comfortable in size, the amenities were excellent. The Spa and Fitness Center was outstanding. A must see is the Tango Show. Service by the staff is excellent. I would recommend you stay there. Porto Madero is a good area. And if you are a fan of live music, the band that performed that Friday night was great. I definitely would come back again.

stylish and chic, with very friendly staff and superb food and service, this place always impresses. Ask for a top floor room with great views and to avoid the bar noise at night and take advantage of the excellent spa and gym facilities !

This now swanky and sophisticated hotel once uses to be a warehouse. The marbled floors, leather furnishings, stylish rooms, whirlpool tubs add to the fun of this hotel. Instead of having a posh restaurant and high end bars, the hotel offers a bistro, a library bar and cabaret shows for entertainment. With its red and dark brown interior the hotel exudes warmth plus class. The cathedral in the hotel is another unusual place that Faena has. Another luxury offered by the hotel are the automated velvet curtains, venetian blinds, minibars and home theatres in each and every room. The wine cellar boasts of having the largest collection of Argentinean wines . the spa services consists sauna, hydro-massage, hammam and fitness centre.

Martha Salotti 445 Buenos Aires Capital Federal

Hotel highlights

  • Walking distance to Presidente Sarmiento Frigate Ship Museum
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa

Located in Puerto Madero within a short walk of Presidente Sarmiento Frigate Ship Museum, Faena Hotel Buenos Aires is within a mile (2 km) of other popular sights such as Casa Rosada. This 87-room, 5-star hotel has conveniences like a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, and free in-room WiFi. It's in central Buenos Aires and also close to Plaza de Mayo and Obelisco.


Enjoy dining at one of 2 onsite restaurants including El Bistro, which specializes in Argentinean cuisine. Satisfy your hunger without leaving your room with 24-hour room service, or quench your thirst with a beverage at the bar/lounge or coffee shop/café. For your convenience, a full breakfast is available for a fee.


Faena Hotel Buenos Aires's 87 rooms are air-conditioned and provide iPod docks, minibars, and free newspapers. LCD TVs come with cable channels, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi and wired Internet. Beds are dressed in Egyptian cotton sheets and bathrooms offer hair dryers and bathrobes. Other standard amenities include laptop-compatible safes, phones, and desks.

Property features

Guests of Faena Hotel Buenos Aires enjoy a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, and a fitness center. Valet parking is USD 25 per night if you plan to drive, or hop aboard the airport shuttle (available 24 hours) for USD 195 per vehicle roundtrip. Multilingual staff at the front desk are standing by 24/7 to help with dry cleaning/laundry, concierge services, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this luxury hotel include a sauna, free WiFi in public areas, and 3 meeting rooms.

Room options

Duplex, 1 King Bed

King 1 | Sleeps 3

Skyline View Room One King Bed/Two Twin Beds

King 1 | Sleeps 3

Suite (Porteño)

King 1 | King 1 | Sleeps 3

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