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Mukarnas Spa & Resort

5.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Sadly we only had a week at Mukarnas but it was a week that delivered in every way. The first thing to say here after reading some reviews is that you do need to take them with a pinch of salt as for the cost of this Turkish 5 star Hotel versus nearly every other European Beach all inclusive, it's hard to see anyone getting much better. The Hotel itself is beautiful, lovely gardens, pool areas waterslides and pebble beach with a long pier and sunbathing deck over the sea from which one can jump dive and somersault off. We arrived at ridiculous o'clock in the morning and found the we had been allocated the wrong room by the company we booked through. The following morning, Mehmet at reception promptly looked into everything and the next day we were able to get the seaview family 2 bedroom option. Do check the room category as there is a family accomodation option that is essentially a wide standard room with a double bed a single and a sofa bed. It's not great! The rooms in fairness are not 5 star in terms of decor etc, hence why I used the term Turkish 5 star, but they do the job of giving you space and you really are not in them for much of the time. The beds are pretty hard mattresses which is fine for some people but sadly not for me. That is not the hOtels fault but handy for you to know. Also they don't bed sheets to sleep under. Just a weird blanket type thing that if you have the air-conditioning on leaves you a little chilly in the night. So maybe ask for extra ones if you can. That is the end of the constructive criticism. I want to talk about the guests at this hotel. As most people have already said, this is not a Brits Abroad type place which we really like. Nice to have a break from your own Kin. However, it has to be noted that whilst not directly being affected by it, the Turkish guests, Russians and Ukranians have to be the rudest most horrible people for any Hotel to have and they should all be ashamed of themselves. You can see it on the faces of the staff, you can hear it and you can sense it. Clearing "staff" are beneath these people and it's pretty horrible. We of course were the polar opposite and as such had nothing but warmth, friendliness and lovely interactions with everyone in the hotel. From the hotel floor sweepers, bedroom staff, reception, waiters, chefs, pool staff etc, given to all of us. Our two children of 4 and 6 will not forget their experiences with the hotel staff for all the right reasons. The food was insanely good. Consider the number of people they are catering for, then go out and look at the buffet room and one can't help but be dumbstruck by the giant effort made. The variety of salads on offer was incredible, the food was always delicious - again bearing in mind the scale of numbers they are preparing food for - always good choices. Yes there could be more meaty things, more traditional "british main course" but they get so few people other than from Turkey, Russia and Ukraine that of course they have to try and cater for that market, especially because of how rude and ignorant they are. The food is amazing at all 3 times of the day. They don't do Pork products at all, so no bacon which was the only thing I missed but hey it's not a perfect world. A quick shout out to the chefs again, who I think do not get the credit they deserve. Amazing! The waiters, are great. They look a little brow beaten by the clientele and they are crazy busy. I mean crazy busy so you will need to make the first moves of happiness and smiling and any interactions but once you have done so you will make their day and they will look after you for nothing more than being polite and friendly - it's not rocket science! Special shout out to a very babyfaced Mehmet who my children adored and will miss! He was awesome. Yes his english wasn't the best but not for lack of trying and inno way negatively impacted our communication! All the waiters were kind and very helpful to us and they do an awesome job. They have clearly been told to clear up tables as quickly as possible which is understandable given how irate the Russians Turks and Ukrainians get if they can't have a table. That does sometimes lead to a waiter coming to take a plate a little too early but no big deal. Do go Early to meal times especially lunch and dinner. between 7 and 7:20pm and you'll get a table with no fuss at all. But between 7:30 and 8:30 it's super busy and you may end up outside. Given the temperature doesn't drop by much, it's not overly pleasant. The pools and water slides - PERFECT! Honestly the giant pool is sensational. lovely a warm and big enough that even with a full hotel didn't feel overcrowded in the slightest. Lot's of pool loungers, but of course if you only go to the pool at 10/11am then you may struggle to get one when it's busy. The water slides are very good. It's not a water park but they are good enough to have hours of endless fun. There is a baby set of slides but sadly they have made the pool in which you land in too shallow and most of the time you get a bump on the bum or a scrape. So rather use the main slides and put your smaller less able swimmers in arm bands and go down the slide with them. Oh there is an indoor pool, but it's pretty chilly in comparison to outside so not sure who would use it. We tried and left! But nice enough and big. Very slippery and some poor girl went down all 8 steps having slipped from the top. I imagine that happens often and will be painful. In the main pool itself are some classes throughput the day. In the pool excersizes, out of the pool bikini Zumba, water games etc. All very popular and always had lots of people doing them and watching of course! The Beach and Sea. It is a pebble beach. and we though we would be disappointed by it, but actually it made little difference to us. Just take some beach/reef shoes that fit snuggly and you can swim in and all is good. The sea is so warm and so much fun, as was jumping of the jetty platform. Night stuff : Every night is a kids disco from about 9 I think, which sounds a bit cheesy, but the kids had so much fun. Very little is done in English but they didn't care and now know some of the songs in whatever language they were in. There is also a show in the evening for everyone that always seemed fun. Props 5to the announcer who does the announcing at speed in 4 different languages and somehow entertains everyone. Good fun and not cheesy! Spa : Had myself a massage at the spa, and it was Soooooo good. My male masseuse put through teh ringer as I do have multiple back and neck stress issues, but he was great, Had two more after that and the 4th was a complimentary one which I gave my wife. The facilities are lovely as were all the spa staff. Look, overall, you really can't go wrong with this place. It's great value for money. May not be perfect but perfect costs a lot more so manage your expectations and you won't be disappointed. The trip from Antalya airport to the hotel is at best 2 hours by normal transfer via as many hotels along the way as is necessary so my big tip would be to pay for a private transfer to reduce the tie to an hour or so and the stress of getting to the airport pretty late for your flight home. It is not the speediest process to go through immigration, security etc. Want to pay special mention to Big Mehmet on reception who was always eager to help and who's english is absolutely fine - as was everyones else's on reception. The lovely Valentina on guest relations desk who always had a friendly and welcoming smile matched by her willingness to help with any questions at all and who was happy to take me to the head chef to thank he and his whole team for their efforts. Lastly I just want to say to everyone considering going, please do take with you a sense of humour, a giant smile and politeness for the whole Mukarnas staff and a little forgiveness for anything minor going wrong. You will make everyones day by just being nice and you'll enrich your experience at the hotel as they will respond accordingly so that everyone wins!

We arrived on the 1st of August for two weeks. The hotel is lovely. We have a family room with a sea view. Since we've been here every meal has been really good loads to choose from and good quality. All the staff have been friendly, polite and helpful. The facilities are excellent there is always something to do. The entertainment team work hard and the evening shows are mostly good . The hotel is clean and the lobby is a great place to sit and relax. This is our second visit and we have enjoyed it as much as the first. The English are in the minority but that isn't a problem for us. We have also used the spa which was a great experience. I would recommend this hotel for families and young people.

I went on holiday with Makeshya, my other daughter and my son-in law and grandson. The hotel was beautiful, loved the glass lifts. The rooms were clean and modern but hated the fact that we had 2 single beds. The bedding were clean and got changed daily but the bed and pillows were very hard. I had a room at the front of the hotel and my view was the road but not a problem as had double double glazing so never heard any traffic and had a balcony to dry our clothes so was happy. The air conditioning was excellent when you got to set it right. The shower was powerful and amazing and I could have gladly taken it home with me! The restaurants were all good and had a wide variety of food. They also had theme nights so food choices changed but as they only had a week rotation was starting to get familiar after 8 days. Most of the staff was lovely, friendly and attention. There was a small, very small few who were rude. I don't know if it was because we were a minority there because we were British or because we were black. As the only Black family in the whole hotel we became a bit of a celebrity. We were approached by complete strangers who wanted to touch and take pictures of my 4 year old grandson which after a while came across as damn rude!! what world are these people from!! This is in no way a reflect on the hotel as they cannot control who books to come to their hotel. Pity! The hotel had a lot for the kids to do although some things came at extra costs e.g. kids club, bowling arcade etc. The hotel provided a free bus to Nova Mall which is a nice shopping center but its better to wait for the Bazaar the is across the road every Friday. It is huge and you MUST haggle for what you want as that is what is expected. The customers relations lady was lovely. She was friendly and very efficient. The bars and public toilets were kept clean. The pools were lovely and clean. Towels were provided for the pool/beach and could be changed daily at no extra costs. The evening and daytime entertainments were really good and the entertainment team made time for everyone who wanted to join in but didn't pressure anyone if they didn't. The only downside to the hotel was they didn't have enough sun loungers. I had to get up at 7.00am daily to reserve them as if you went to the pool after 9.00am you wouldn't get one. I would have loved to have had access to a iron either via one being in the room or them having a ironing room being available. Laundry service was provided but at a cost. Such a pity that the hotel was dominated by the Rude Russians and Germans but the hotel is not to blame. It was my first time to Turkey and I loved the country and Hotel but I think next time I go abroad I will go to somewhere where Black people are stared at like they are aliens.

Family of 5, 2 adults 3 children 9,6,4 we stayed for a week and had an amazing time! Weather was great reaching to 41 degrees high. The hotel in its self is amazing the only down side is the clientele consists of vast majority of Russians German Ukrainian & not in a bad way they are not very pleasant people!! Our whole stay I only came across 3 British families. Also the staff are very limited to english speaking but we never had a huge problem communicating when we arrived was around 11:30 pm we were given the wrong room (we booked and paid for sea view was given a side road view) issue was promptly resolved the following day! The gardens are breath taking, 3 outdoor pools (baby pool & slide pool is where we spent most of our time) water is the perfect temperature and it wasn't overly busy the time we went! Be sure to get up early and reserve sunbeds as they go fast... beach is great would be better if it was sand be sure to buy some beach shoes or u will not enjoy the beach. U get given a towel card on arrival for ur daily towels u get them from the spa! Various snack bars surrounding the resort operating at different times serving different things, food is in the hotel could be so much better but Luckily me and the family are not fussy eaters we didn't go hungry through our whole stay! Plenty for the kids to do there is a small arcades/games area (pool,bowling,and gaming consoles all at a extra cost but nothing to pricey) also a mini fair ground which the kids loved,there's a few shops also the guy in the convenient store is so miserable... Room we was in front sea view (worth paying extra for it) was amazing nice size nice and clean one room was bunk beds with a sofa bed and a double bed in the other, air con was sufficient enough although one night in the double room the air con had gone awol and wasn't doing justice cleaning maids were great and mini fridge was stocked daily,Internet connection was good obviously at peak times it would be slower to connect but wasn't a issue, we didn't go to any animations as most of the evenings we went out for dinner or visiting the local bazaar, alanya is around a 40 min drive we had made friends with the guy who deals with car hires and he offered to take us places at a good price.. we booked excursions through the hotel rep although 10mins walk across the road is a little store that apparently sells excursions at a cheaper price! Would be nice if the hotel was more local to little towns it's situated in the middle of no where-ish and is 2 hours away from Antalya airport but worth the journey.The spa is a must go for the full package well Worth it! We had to use the doctors due to son having heat stroke and they were amazing, of course u have to pay! All in all we had a fantastic stay here and made amazing memories! Thank you mukarnas for a amazing 1st family holiday!

I will summarize this horible stay at this hotel: 1. Reception - unable to speak other language than turkish...I find this unacceptable for a 5* hotel, stubborn personnel and miserable behaviour (they tried to scam us with the room) 2. Room - with lots of mosquitos coming from the AC ventil, smelly bathroom, lack of warm water to shower 3. Food - repetitive, very poor, rancid food...watermelons were the only tasty food 4. Service - I`ve never seen so much stupidity gathered at the same place: ignorant servers (they took your food when you pause to drink), unable to order a drink because they don`t understand other language than turkish, at the bars they don`t have a drink list and, again, the personnel speak only turkish 5. SPA - terrible smell (urine and toilets), broken towels 6. Animation - poor and unorganised 7. Bar timetables - it`s a shame to close the lobby bar at 23:30 8. The personnel is being very economical, you have to go 3-4 times for a drink or pop corn to be satisfied because they give very very few 9. The hotel itself looks very nice and it`s a pitty to have this kind of services I just want to say that I`m not a pretentious person, I`ve been in Turkey before and it`s the first time I came home dissapointed.

This hotel is beautiful, anyone who says otherwise is lying. It is immaculate, cleaned continuously and the rooms are well kept. There are 3 pools, pool 1 is 145cm deep all round, pool 2 is 120cm deep with 4 slides and the kiddy pool is 34cm deep with a further 2 slides. The kids and adults love the pools. They were also very warm, that is probably due to how hot it was whilst we were out here (mid to high 30 degrees everyday). I food is nice, there is an excellent choice of salads and fruits every evening in the main restaurant, the menu would probably feel repetitive if you were there 2 weeks as they only have a weekly rotation. There was always chips, rice, grilled meats etc. It was hard to go hungry. We hardly ever got up for breakfast so can't really comment on it, but others said it was nice. We tried the Italian and Ossman restaurant which were both ok and made a nice change from the buffet. Issues: The level of English spoken by the staff was below average. I am not a brit with an expectation that I go on holiday and that they should all speak English, but when the staff seem to speak every other language but yours, it feels a bit off putting. Most staff spoke fluent Russian, German, Polish and Turkish. Rude Russians as usual, but they seem to be everywhere I go, not really the hotel's fault. Hardly any British families, but that seemed to increase the longer that we were there. Lots of 'hidden' extras - the entire arcade area, pool tables, bowling and games consoles are at extra cost. Even the kids club, if your child makes a picture, you have to pay for it. Want fresh juice? You pay for it. I would rather be charged slightly more to visit this hotel and not need to put my hand in my pocket whilst there. Lovely hotel, with great amenities, but probably wouldn't return. This is mostly because we try to visit different places each year.

Just returned off our second visit in less than a year, made to feel very welcome by certain members of staff, the rooms and grounds all kept very clean by the hardworking staff, the gardens looked beautiful, food was good weather was excellent, enjoyed "Turkish" and "Love" themed nights and the African show. My only voice of concern was that there wasn't enough sun beds to go around. If your seeking a truly 5 star all inclusive holiday then I highly recommend this Hotel.

Overall this hotel is absolutely outstanding !!! Couldn't ask for more in regards to the look, feel of the place, amount of pools, space, cleanliness & helpful staff BUT & I mean a huge BUT - all but most of the guests are either Russian or German, some from Ukraine, Kazakhstan & other areas near there - NO ENGLISH bar the odd few. In the seven days we stayed, we heard only 3 other families speaking English, 2 of those we spoke to & got along with but the other family were all adults so never mixed with us. This was & is the only disappointment of the stay here !!! My 10 year old son had a hard time communicating with other children so mainly played in the park on his own or spent most of the holiday in the pool with his dad (would be ok if 2 or more children) but for him he got bored a lot. The 3 pools are catered for all ages with slides for all & very well maintained and clean as are the grounds & flowers. The animation team are superb with the lead speaking in all languages - the only team member who seemed to. A lot of the entertainment is in the amphitheatre of an evening. We never used the gym & indoor pools but I paid for the 'hamam' Turkish bath. This I wholey recommend as my skin felt amazing. Do this at the beginning of your stay though & also haggle the price, I should have paid €65 but only paid €50 - most things are in euros but you can pay in Turkish lira. The shops on site are very reasonable too, not over priced but definitely go to the markets across the road and haggle to your hearts content. There is an amusement arcade, bowling & pool tables - for a price, not free. We used a taxi to go to the nova mall which cost aprox £40 - not worth it for the little amount of shops it actually has. Not a big shopping centre. Back to the hotel - dining area huge & lots of choice, my son wasn't keen on most of the exotic foods so mainly lived off chips but we thoroughly enjoyed it. We mainly ate lunch at the snack bars - pool one has different snacks like pizza, chicken, pasta, burgers & chips whereas the beach one has toasties in a morning then hotdogs in the afternoon. The other one has a variance on a daily basis & ice creams each day too. Towels per person provided free of charge also. Our room had sea views which was worth paying the extra £20 for as the sun is at the back of the hotel & our balcony came with a clothes airer which was brill for our towels & swimwear to dry on. The room was very modern & of a decent size with a tv which only has one English channel, the news, all other channels catered fir Russians & Germans. Housekeeping came every day with fresh towels and stocked up the mini fridge with water & coke. However the air con was not very cool, we left ours on every day & night, the room was never cold, just cooler than outside. The WiFi was very intermittent & only worked now n then. The beach is all stones & pebbles so decent waterproof footwear is essential. In a nutshell if this hotel catered more for English people we would return over & over as it is exceptional & worth being a 5* but with the lack of guests & staff speaking English it was very hard. So will not be returning.

I visited the Mukarnas Resort and Spa Hotel in July with my family of seven. The hotel is amazing - grounds very well looked after, rooms cleaned on a daily basis, many activities to engage in (children or adults). I shared a room with my mum, we had a double and single bed, bath with a shower, etc. Hairdryer and television in every room. Our balcony overlooked the water slides, swimming pool and the sea - beautiful 😍 The sea water can be quite dangerous as the waves can be very big and rough but that is obviously nothing to do with the hotel. Reception staff are very kind and helpful especially Mehmet and Valentina from guest relations, my family always felt very welcome when in their presence and was always able to have a laugh. I was feeling very sick one morning and Valentina was so kind in helping me to feel better. My mum is disabled and not one of the staff members ever discriminated or looked down on her in fact they would always do their best to help if we needed assistance in any way. Our room was on the first floor but that did not matter as there are lifts in the hotel. The only thing was we could wait up to 10 minutes for a lift as some guests didn't want to take the stairs. Overall the hotel is amazing with wonderful staff members. The entertainment at night was really good too and the variety of food is very pleasing - you could never go hungry. Drinks served all throughout the day. Don't miss out not coming here!

Had ten days in this hotel from the 19th to the 29th of June and i have got to say me and the wife had a lovely time.From first arrival you are greeted with an amazing lobby which was great for chilling out day or night as it also had its own bar.We spent most of the day on the beach and there always seemed to be sunbeds avaiable,but it is full of pebbles so take some rubber surf shoes or just jump in the sea off the jetty.Had quite a few dips in the pool whilst visiting the pool bar and always found this clean.As for other guests i can honestly say yes it is mostly ukranian or Russian speaking nations but we don't go on holiday to meet new friends, they were never rude mostly always queued up and just seemed to keep themselves to themselves,never once found the staff biased.So if you want loads of Brits to make friends with stick to Benidorm.Food was excellent,the back wall in the main restaurant always had the fresh grilled fish or meat and and a great choice of salad to go with it.Beer was top drawer,quality efes in all the bars red wine was nice and the wife was able to get white wine and soda so she was happy,can't comment on the shorts as we didn't try them.The night time entertainment for adults could have been better,everything seemed to be centred in the amphitheatre where there were some good acts but no bar,great for kids but been there and done all that.Not complaining though as we always had a nice relaxing evening.The room was great,overlooking the gardens and the sea,cleaned every day with fresh towels and the mini bar was always topped up.Fresh towels for the pool/beach every day,friendly staff at the spa,we treated ourselves to a 1 hour massage which i can't recommend enough.Not much outside of the hotel,there is a big market about a 10 min walk down the road if you wanted some snide gear. Overall i would definately recommend this hotel,clean,friendly staff,good food/drink,always something to eat somewhere and with the pools and slides is great for kids.And yes i would go back.

Alara Turizm Center Alanya Antalya

Hotel highlights

  • Free buffet breakfast
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa

Located in Okurcalar, Mukarnas Spa & Resort is 0.8 mi (1.3 km) from Alara Bazaar. This 420-room, 5-star hotel has a full-service spa, a water park, and 3 restaurants. Alanya Aquapark is also 21.1 mi (33.9 km) away.


Start your day off right with a free buffet breakfast, served each morning from 7:30 AM to 11 AM. This hotel is home to 3 onsite restaurants, perfect for a quick bite to eat. Order from 24-hour room service to satisfy your hunger without leaving your room, get a quick pick-me-up at the coffee shop/café, and mingle with other guests at the free daily manager's reception.


All 420 air-conditioned rooms feature balconies, minibars, and safes. TVs come with satellite channels, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi. Hair dryers are also available.

Property features

Guests of Mukarnas Spa & Resort have access to a full-service spa, a water park, and a nightclub. The front desk is staffed 24 hours a day to help with dry cleaning/laundry and tours/tickets. Other amenities at this beach hotel include an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, and a children's pool.

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