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Crystal Admiral Resort Suites & SPA – All Inclusive

5.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

We arrived at the hotel not long after midnight local time - a party of 6 with 3 children. I showed the man on reception our booking confirmation which clearly stated 6 guests with 2 rooms. Unfortunately we were met with a very rude response and were told that only 1 room was booked. He completely disregarded our email confirmation and simply repeatedly told me that we only had one room booked. At one point the man asked me to email him the confirmation email from our travel agent from my phone. He noted his email address on a piece of paper for me and as I was typing it onto my phone I made an error - a simply typo. The man loudly tutted at me and grabbed my phone from me to input himself. This tutting and extremely rude attitude continued throughout the conversation. The man then informed us that they could not give us our second room as it was not booked. If we wanted another room we were told that we must pay 100 Euro. Initially I disputed this but after a long period of time I offered to pay just so we could get a room and get to bed. By this time it was after 1.30am and we had 3 children with us. We were all very tired after a long journey. However, when I gave my bank card to pay the 100 Euro he told me it must be cash! Where ever this error came from (not sure if it was the booking agent or the hotel, but it definitely wasn't us!) the hotel handled this terribly - we were tired, had 3 children, we obviously had booked and paid, but I felt the hotel were not interested at all unless we paid cash for another room. Something obviously changed somewhere as suddenly we were informed that they had found the booking and another room card was thrust at us. No more explanation. On our first night we went to watch the show in the amphitheatre. Myself and my mother-in-law stayed at the top of the amphitheatre while the children went down the stairs to collect cushions for us to sit on (they are aged 9 & 10 years, so capable of doing this). Suddenly all the lights were turned off - it was literally punch black dark. The lights then stayed off for around 10 minutes until the show started. Unfortunately, as my children were making their way back to us in the dark they both tripped on the steps and fell. My daughter landed badly on her hand so we spent most of the next day at hospital having X-rays! The following night we again went to the amphitheatre and again the lights were turned off prior to the show! My mother-in-law went to the booth where the music and lights were controlled from to ask them to turn the light on as it was unsafe. The men in there were extremely rude, mocking her, and just jokingly saying ‘it’s showtime, it’s showtime’. Every night we had to ask for the lights to be turned on, and every night we were mocked. One night we were sitting in the amphitheatre waiting for the show to start and a young boy knocked over a glass which broke on the steps, sending glass everywhere. My mother-in-law went to the booth to advise them of the hazard and she was shooed away, again being told ‘it’s showtime, it’s showtime’. It would appear that 'showtime' is more important to this hotel than the safety of their guests. When we booked we did so on the basis of the rooms having air conditioning. This was not working in either of our rooms. We went to reception and were told that the air conditions was not working in any of the rooms. It was a flat response and then the receptionist walked away. One of our rooms had a very small balcony. In the top corner of this balcony were 2 swallows nests. The birds came in out all day long. Whilst we do love nature, this meant that we could not sit on the balcony or hang any clothes on there to dry - the birds created lots of mess and there were droppings all over the balcony. Our room was cleaned daily inside, however, not once during our stay was the balcony cleaned of bird faeces. One night we sat in the outside dining area. Unfortunately there was a dead bird on the floor next to our table. I advised a waiter and then had to ask a further 3 times for it to be moved - not nice to sit next to when you are eating! I completely understand that these things happen, but my issue was again with the unhelpful staff not being bothered at all to remove it. To top all this off, I emailed the hotel after we returned to let them know our concerns and we received a short and very rude response - apparently we should 'look after our kids', birds are part of nature, and they meet all Health & Safety standards. Also, they said it was normal procedure to handle us the way they did when we arrived. If this is their normal I would exercise severe caution if you plan to travel here! The hotel is also in the middle of nowhere, so if you want to go anywhere else you need to get a taxi or bus. In summary, the hotel itself has really nice facilities, pool & slides are great, good access to the private beach, food good, but for me completely let down by rude & unhelpful staff and a dangerous entertainment area. Would never go back & would not recommend to anyone.

I booked this resort for myself and my Partner, his 16 year old Daughter and our Son of 2 years old, twin girls of 13 and a boy of 12 so 7 of us in total. We booked via Onthebeach. The hotel transfer from the airport took us 2hrs 45 mins! We waited over an hour on the hot coach as a young couple were missing who eventually turned up and got dropped off first. The driver kept getting lost and had to reverse the coach several times which with 4 teenagers and a 2 year old was quite stressful. Saying that my initial thought upon entering the hotel was "WOW"... The hotel itself is stunning, so clean and very helpful staff.. we arrived at 1am ish and having not eaten we were told of late night snacks in the main restaurant which turned out to be stale bread and salad. The pools were extremely clean and the bar staff lovely. We stayed from the 12th July-19th and had a great holiday. The entertainment in the evening was ok but not as good as I have had on non 5* holidays so a little disappointing. Also, there was no entertainment for the teenagers so they were bored but during the day loved the pools and slides. Food was very good but "samey" every day.. it was very diverse but after 3 days I became bored.. the staff do well considering the amount of people in the evenings... If you are English then this hotel is not for you... We spoke to 2 other English couples in the whole hotel which was 90% Russians who were extremely rude and bulshy and barged into cues and pushed and shoved their way through... The whole hotel was set up for the Russians which was disappointing and outside the hotel there was nothing to do and the excursions were not advertised so we did not do anything. Based on this I would not be returning

Well what can I say other than perfect really.every need was catered for.we did not find any issues with staff what so ever. The breakfast/lunch/and dinner was great very good selections of do have to hustle for a table but it all adds to the fun. There are a few other little food outlets about the complex these where great to. Bars and entertainment was excellent as well. Rooms where a great size/beds where comfy and the rooms where cleaned and changed everyday. The only moan if anything would be some of the maintenance aspects of the hotel(carpets are very warn out on the top floor and rooms could do with a spruce up painting wise.not really a downside what so ever.(just a picky British builder) Thank you crystal admiral for a great family holiday and a wonderful experience 👍👍👍 see you again next year

We visteted this hotel with two other couples. We have all been to Turkey before but not to this region. On arrival we where quite overwhelmed by the size of the hotel. I am not keen on large hotels but on first impression it seemed very nice. We had only paid for a standard room and we where taken to a nice room. Very clean. But with no balcony. This didn't bother us as you only sleep in your room. The negative of not having a balcony is more for drying your towels and swim things. It was very late when we arrived so we went to bed looking forward to the next day so we could explore. We went down to breakfast in the restaurant (aka the canteen ). It was like a frantic free for all. 90% of the guests who where Russian. Did not think they had to wait in line or queue for anything. The amount of food that they put on their tables was unbelievable. Fair enough if it was all going to be eaten. But when they all got up and walked away from the table the amount of wastage was criminal. It was like they where animals. I realise that different cultures have a different way of doing things but waste is wrong no matter where you come from. The hotel catered for them too. Quite a lot of greasy food. But the salads and bread and Turkish food was lovely. The hotel was spotless. The staff where constantly cleaning and caring for the hotel. We could not fault it. In all the years of going to different places I have never experienced anything like it. They would push you out of the way to get what they wanted. Unfortunately. We will not be returning which is a shame as the hotel was nice

Really nice hotel, although not quite 5 star. Waiters and bar staff are really friendly and helpful but completely understaffed so rushed off their feet. Reception staff are ok. Customer relations (the one older lady in particular) are rude and can't be bothered to help, always referring you to reception rather than doing anything themselves. Hotel is clean and tidy and pools are kept clean. Food is a bit samey, got bored of it in 3 days although there is plenty of it. Went to the Mexican Al a carte and it was fantastic, really good food and professional, friendly waiting staff. Felt like eating at a 5 star restaurant. Entertainment seems to be not very well promoted, with animation team just wondering around, not really trying to engage you or tell you what's going on. Would I come here again? Probably not, as there are nicer hotels for less money along Lara beach. Plus if your British, you will be severely out numbered by the flock of Russians.

I like my room. I have wifi in my room and it is fast. I can download games 😅 i like foods and drinks. I love anination activities and night shows. They are so funny and entartaining. I like pools. They are big clean and enough. I like this hotel.

The people who leave the’ not a 5 star hotel’ reviews have most likely been to one of the Lara Beach hotels or somewhere like magic life. This hotel will never reach their standards. Posh hotels have more space between guests and higher levels of service, such as waiters to take drink orders and civilised buffets. They have heated children’s pools. The key to this hotel is not to over pay. We booked on the day easy jet flights were released, with sunmaster and for the money we paid we got a great bargain. The hotels main client group are Russians. We did not hear or identify more than 20 English visitors during our stay. The people who leave’ the best holiday ever’ reviews are most likely to be families. I don't think this is a great hotel for mature couples but for family groups it provides a great holiday experience. What I liked best; not having to get up early for sunbeds. Lovely ice creams. The animation team. They were not pushy, they were genuinely nice. There are a good range of activities, but you will not find out what they are easily. I have photographed the list of shows, if you go to this hotel you would do very well to print off the photos, you will not be given this information. There is great junior disco in the amphitheatre at 8.30pm. There is an adult show every night. We only bothered to attend three; they were all professional, brought in shows and of a high standard. Every night there was live music on the stage by the main cocktail bar. It is a good all-inclusive with no hidden extras, e.g. free safe, mini bar and beach towels. They only money we spend was in the arcade, some evenings we paid extra to use the Pool table. Games machines and a bowling alley are also there. Take your own tea bags, and a pair of waterproof beach shoes, for the pebbles on the beach. Also they have glasses in the pool area so we tried not to walk barefoot just in case. You get one visit to a specialist restaurant for each week you stay. Make sure you book on your first day (At guest services). Italian was best. Mexican was nice, but they serve the main dish still cooking in an iron skillet, very dangerous for children, so be aware. The gluttony in the main buffet is a problem, and here is the solution. Be at the restaurant by 18.50. No later. Take an empty old handbag and couple of hats, grab some drinks off the bar as you enter, and leave them all on a table to reserve it. Dash around the buffet. If there are strawberries grab them first. Visit all the stations where the chefs are cooking next. Then go to the tureens. The internet is patchy. The router is in the lobby bar, best reception in the patisserie, and the area outside the Mexican. If you need good internet, then, when you exit Antalya airport and see the taxi drivers with signs, look around. You will see a Turknet shop. We purchased an all singing dancing sim for 38 English pounds but they do cheaper packages. We got 4g and if one person has the card others can piggy back on the signal. Effes beer and free cocktails, Mojitos are the best. Milkshakes, and the chocolate drink from the machine is nice. No tequila or Malibu. There is a pancake hut (free) hidden near the tunnel. They are lovely, cinnamon sugar filing or cheese, or potato and spinach filling. The pool cafe serves jacket potatoes and donut things at 5pm. We went to Manavgat Thursday market on the bus. 10t.l. return, each.( The hotel change up money without problem), the market is long walk from the bus station. You walk through the town, cross the green river. When you see the hill with the flag and’ cardboard man’, then walk until you pass Burger King then turn immediate left. The market is down that road. We did not use late check out. You are able to use the showers in the spa, but instead we choose to use the showers by the inside (not hot) tub. Our bed was a bit hard so we got them to fit a topper. We had a private transfer bus. Airport to hotel took one hour and twenty minutes.

We booked this hotel through teletext holidays online because it advertised what we thought was a huge water park and a club for teenagers so would suit our 15 year old son. 1st impressions were not great we arrived at the hotel at 1am after a long private transfer road trip of over an hour to be told at reception there was a problem with our booking and the hotel had not been paid by the agent. We had to pay a deposit of £200 to stay in our room for 2 days! We had little reassurance from the man who checked us in it was our problem to sort out from here. The family room was spacious but not suitable for young families as has an open staircase. Balconies are very small. Safe and mini bar are free. Rooms are very clean with a friendly maid service. Late checkout was no problem only additional charge was €10 for electric. Admiral main restaurant is poor they just didn't seem able to keep up with the demand and ridiculously huge portions some guests would take only to leave wasted on tables. It was a struggle at times to find a table with cutlery for our meals so after queing for food it often went cold before we could eat it. The floor was very slippery no matter what footwear so ladies leave your heels at home or risk injury. The snack restaurant which is outside but very closed in allows smoking at times I felt I was trying to eat a meal in a chimney so the hotel should look at this as there are plenty of areas to smoke in or put tables outside for a smoking area. All bars offer local drinks only unless you pay additional. Mixers are overly sweet so we bought canned soft drinks from the shop. No waiter service at the bars only table clearance and all had long queues during peak times. The beach offers water sports and there is an onsite photographer. Small shopping arcade reasonably priced. Nothing outside the hotel is within walking distance. We enjoyed our holiday but will not be coming back as the Hotels in belek are much better quality with better service. The staff here do not seem as happy in their work as other hotels we have stayed in.

Great holiday but pure hotel...definitely not 5 star or not to belek standard. Big hotel with a lot of rude Russian guests and everything thing is made for them...ok they are the majority but there are also other nations... Nice restaurants, pools are big and clean, the beach is nice but the entrance in the sea is rocky. The entertainment is poor. But you get what you pay for... there is the difference between Belek hotels and others km away

well what can i say about this hotel very good ,good staff, very clean really helpful got here early morning the reception staff was not to good at english at first but other staff came out and was really good helpful so well done the bell boy took our bags to our room which was perfect xx we had a quick look around before we went to pool in morning and yes it was brilliant, clean ,and loads of beds the slides were very good food was good (could do better by changes the meats but i was only here for a week so it was fine )everything was clean the staff in restaurant were brilliant x the best staff were the bar staff very good english willing to learn very helpful and a laugh aswell so well done hope you all get a pay rise!! the entertainment was ok seen better the entertainment team was ok some of the staff were very poor when you are doing pool games you should keep everything going well and having fun i saw two big arguments!! which if a member of staff was there it would have been sorted asap but overall not bad hotel could be better xx the hotel is near nothing but the last night i got told there was a market place about 7 mins away in taxi for bargains so ask but i really enjoyed this hotel got to meet loads of new friends so thank you !!

Side Kzlot Manavgat Antalya

Hotel highlights

  • Free hot/cold buffet breakfast
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa

Located in Cenger, Crystal Admiral Resort Suites & SPA – All Inclusive is 7.2 mi (11.6 km) from Alara Bazaar and 10.2 mi (16.5 km) from Alara Han Castle. This 834-room, 5-star resort has a private beach, a full-service spa, and 5 restaurants. Alanya Aquapark is also 26.6 mi (42.8 km) away.


Free hot/cold buffet breakfast is served each morning from 7 AM to 11 AM. Enjoy dining at Admiral, one of 5 onsite restaurants. Savor a meal from the comfort of your room with 24-hour room service.


All of Crystal Admiral Resort Suites & SPA – All Inclusive's 834 air-conditioned rooms provide free minibar items, free bottled water, and safes. Guests can enjoy LCD TVs and stay connected with free WiFi. Bathrooms have hair dryers and free toiletries.

Property features

Guests of Crystal Admiral Resort Suites & SPA – All Inclusive have access to a private beach, a full-service spa, and a nightclub. The front desk is staffed 24/7 to help with dry cleaning or laundry, and answer any questions about the accommodations. Other amenities at this all-inclusive resort include an indoor pool, a children's pool, and a fitness center.

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