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Earn hotel savings and exclusive travel perks with Orbitz Rewards.

Earn up to 9% back when you book travel with the Orbitz Rewards Visa Credit Card1

Our Orbitz Rewards® Visa® Credit Card is the easiest—and fastest!—way to earn money off hotels and vacation rentals. We reward you with every purchase on your Orbitz Rewards Visa...
$1 Orbuck = $1 off your hotel stay
Earn Orbucks on ALL purchases made with the Orbitz Rewards Visa® card. Cash in Orbucks to save instantly on 385,000+ properties.

How much could you earn?

9% on hotels

Booked on the Orbitz app

Enter your hotel costs below:
Orbucks earned:
6% on flights

Booked through Orbitz

Enter your flight costs below:
2% on everything else

Restaurants, groceries, services and more

Enter all other costs below:
Total Orbucks
Intro Bonus Get a $100 statement credit when you open an Orbitz Rewards Visa and spend $1,500 in the first 90 days from account opening3
Orbitz Rewards® Visa® Credit Card highlights

No annual fee, no foreign transaction fees4

Orbucks don't expire as long as you use your card once every 12 months


Complimentary Orbitz Rewards Gold status and perks

  • Protections5

  • Baggage coverage: Lost and stolen bags are covered up to $3,000 when you book with the card.
  • Card coverage: Get an emergency cash advance or replacement card if yours is lost or stolen.
  • Accident coverage: You're covered in case of accidental death and dismemberment.
  • Visa Signature Benefits5

  • Airport priority: Speed through security with a 6-month CLEAR trial membership and $60 off automatic renewal.
  • More savings: Get free room upgrades at Visa® Signature luxury hotels and exclusive discounts at top retailers.
  • Signature events: Enjoy exclusive access to sports tickets, Sonoma wine tastings and more.
  • Travel help: Get free Visa® Signature Concierge service 24 hours a day.
Even more ways to get rewarded


Not an Orbitz Rewards member?

Earn hotel savings and exclusive travel perks when you book travel on Orbitz.


Orbucks promotions

Earn 2x, 3x or more in bonus Orbucks when you book one of our special offers.

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