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Earn hotel savings and exclusive travel perks when you join Orbitz Rewards
Platinum members pick their perks!
It's all about choice when you're Platinum. Our top status members save on baggage fees, airport WiFi, TSA Pre✔® and more!
Get reimbursed in Orbucks
We reimburse Platinum members up to $50 Orbucks for everyday travel expenses.
You don't have to pick just one—mix and match up to $50 in a calendar year.
(We'll reimburse you $50 Orbucks if your qualifying expenses are over $50.)

How to redeem:


Take a photo or screengrab of your receipt.


Fill out our reimbursement request form (must be a Platinum member to access).

$$$ 3.

Get paid back—just like that!

Fly through airport security
Platinum members can apply for a TSA Pre✔® membership — at no cost!
(You may request one authorization code every five years)

How to redeem:


Fill out our TSA Pre✔® request form (must be a Platinum member to access).


We'll email you a code to cover the application fee.

But that's not all. Platinum members still get all the benefits of Silver and Gold status too. Explore all Orbitz Rewards benefits
Still have questions? Read the Orbitz Rewards FAQ
Even more ways to get rewarded


Orbucks promotions

Earn bonus Orbucks when you book one of our special offers.


Orbitz Rewards Dining

Earn 5% back in Orbucks instantly when you eat at restaurants in our dining program.


Orbitz Rewards® Visa® Credit Card

Earn Orbucks without the card, but earn even more with up to 10% back!

Join for free, get Silver status instantly! What are you waiting for?
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