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For some reason, drunk food is always a good idea after bars close—well, at least at the time. And it seems people around the world aren’t all that different when it comes to how they cap off a big night out: We all get the drunk munchies, even if our go-to drunk dishes differ. Next [read more…]

Looking for unabashed romance and relatively sparse crowds? These 12 beaches do the trick.

Travel should be transformative, right? Then what better way to develop as person than to face your greatest fears while on the road. While we’re not advocating doing anything totally crazy—like wresting with sharks—flirting with a little uncertainty, as this article suggests, could be your ticket to a truly transformative travel experience. When you’re done [read more…]

It’s easy to eat well in Mexico. From mouthwatering moles to enticing enchiladas, the country has no shortage of enticing traditional dishes from which to choose. One of the best ways to get a taste of everything is by attending a local food festival. If you’re a foodie who’s heading south of the border, consider [read more…]

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After the holidays come and go, and the barrage of kisses from crazy Aunt Judy have subsided, you’re going to need to treat yourself with some major relaxation. We’re talking over-the-top, best-in-the-world, worth-hopping-on-a-plane-for kind of relaxation. RELATED: Check out these 10 super indulgent hotel suites To help you start planning, we’ve rounded up a list of the world’s top 10 [read more…]

Our travel-obsessed writers name their ultimate highlights of the year.

The sun-drenched Baja Peninsula is poised for a ton of 2017 buzz.

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Read any tourism pamphlet or travel guide and you’ll likely see the word magical thrown around like it ain’t no thing. But it’s rare that a pre-planned vacation can fully embody such an elusive word. That is, unless you’re headed to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, aptly nicknamed [read more…]

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