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Shell collecting is an addictive pastime and the best place to do it is Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Have a blast at these 7 National Park experiences perfect for kids.

Air and hotel prices at the most popular Memorial Day weekend getaway destinations are dropping.

The Orbitz creative team was lucky to see a media preview of some of the newest summer attractions at Disney World in Orlando. From acrobats to Kylo Ren to a nighttime safari, read below to find out what’s new this summer. Animal Kingdom at night It’s a whole new world when the sun goes down at this park. [read more…]

Which Memorial Day weekend getaway do you think is the hottest?

A glimpse into the new Star Wars experience at Disney.

Remember the early aughts? It was the end of the Y2K crisis and the beginning of the iPod. It was also a time when many American towns and cities were in the midst of revitalization. It’s hard to believe now, but if you rewind to ’01 many destinations we visit today were still off the tourism radar. [read more…]

Vote for your favorite regional specialty, from coast to coast!

Beaches, water sports, marine life and museums also make the Sunshine State great.

Did your teams’s mascot make our list of the MLB’s most unusual characters?

Think you can handle this much cute?

If every person were to create a textbook definition of the phrase ‘spring break’ it would yield many variations indeed. Some of us thing of it as a time for unwinding, others consider it a time for revelry while others consider it an ideal week for family bonding. No matter where you fall on the [read more…]

Take a dive among manatees, hot springs, fossils and fish.

Get close to marine life, go wild with water sports, and more H2O fun.

Wander outside the Florida parks to discover more Disney fun.

LA isn’t the only place to spot the famous.

These destinations and events make winter a season worth savoring.

Nothing delivers romance and relaxation like a good soak.

These classic spots offer plenty of options for the non-college set.

Take advantage of having these popular attractions all to yourself.

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