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If you’re in Paris for Fashion Week (or just wish you were), you’ll want to check out every one of these great shops and restaurants. And don’t forget, Orbitz is here for all your Paris travel needs, with great deals on flights, hotels, rental cars and more! Virginie Garnier Tatiana and Katia Levha In 2014, [read more…]

The Italian city that was once capital of the realm is still considered a capital of cars, cinema and chocolate, though it may be terra incognita for most visitors to Italy. But as we discovered during a recent trip, once you unshroud Turin, you will find a never-ending supply of things to do…and foods to [read more…]

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. We love the originality of these native Berliners’ styles. Go see Berlin’s global style for yourself—plus, explore its forward-thinking art and music scenes—with great travel deals from Most of us don’t get our fashion inspiration from glossy mags or red carpets anymore. Ever since the rise of [read more…]

Ham, parm, balsamic—there’s an Italian museum for that, and plenty of samples.

As if we needed one more reason to fall in love with France.

For some reason, drunk food is always a good idea after bars close—well, at least at the time. And it seems people around the world aren’t all that different when it comes to how they cap off a big night out: We all get the drunk munchies, even if our go-to drunk dishes differ. Next [read more…]

Live out a fairytale fantasy on your next vacation by booking a room in a castle. Yes, you read that right: Castles aren’t just places to admire by day. The most discerning of travelers can spend a night (or two or three …) in a select few sprinkled around the globe. Many have been renovated to include modern [read more…]

With the help of beautiful Instagram photos and Pinterest boards on which to create dream trips, it seems some destinations go viral to the point of being over-done. Exciting at first, some hot spots can eventually become overrun by excess tourism, losing their inherent charm and a bit of authenticity. As you start planning your 2017 trips, [read more…]

Long before there was Disney, there were real-life castles inhabited by real-life princesses set amid majestic European backdrops. Some of those gorgeous and utterly romantic spots still invite romance-minded travelers. Read on to hear about Slovenia’s enchanting castle and if you’re still looking for a romantic escape, be sure to check out these 5 most [read more…]

Looking for unabashed romance and relatively sparse crowds? These 12 beaches do the trick.

Where should you travel in 2017? Perhaps the answer is written in the stars! We asked noted astrologist Janusz Donatowicz to examine the coming year and craft a vacation destination for every sign of the zodiac based on what they’re up to in 2017. RELATED: 17 amazing places to travel in 2017 Aries You like to get [read more…]

It may look like it’s a part of Italy, but teensy-weensy Republic of San Marino is a world apart. At 24 square miles, it’s the fifth smallest nation in the world, and dates back to the third century AD. That’s when a guy named Saint Marino came a callin’. If you want to come a [read more…]

Wondering where to go gay in the coming year? Here are the places everyone will be talking about in 2017.

Our travel-obsessed writers name their ultimate highlights of the year.

I’m sitting behind the milk-chocolate leather steering wheel of a 2017 Maserati Quattroporte on a hilly stone-and-grass road in the Sicilian mountain town of Erice. An 800-year-old wall sits directly in my path. I’m praying that my foot doesn’t slip off the brake pedal, because I’d prefer not to crash a $103,000 car. The engine [read more…]

New Year’s Eve in the United States is marked by champagne flutes, midnight kisses and the famous ball drop in Time Square to the tune of “Auld Lang Syne.” People around the world, however, celebrate the passing of another year and the start of a new one with different customs—and sometimes, those traditions can seem [read more…]

I’ll admit, I was sceptical. Over the last decade or so, publications such as Food & Wine and the New York Times have expounded on Ireland’s exciting new food scene, revelling in the capital’s locally sourced ingredients and highlighting new chef talents along the country’s southern coast. Even Saveur magazine’s 2015 Good Taste Awards named [read more…]

There are a lot of beautiful places to travel, but only some truly shine under your camera’s scrutinizing gaze. Here are 17 of the most photogenic vacation spots in the whole entire world. Don’t bother choosing a filter…they’re as gorgeous as it gets, all on their own. Cristinatrif/Getty Images Positano, Italy From vibrant beach umbrellas [read more…]

Although we could probably name a million, these 8 will inspire a London trip for sure.

Home for the holidays? We prefer traveling to these destinations instead. December promises plenty of holiday celebrations, wild New Year’s Eve parties and music, art and film festivals. Squeeze in some end-of-the-year travel with these best places to travel in December. Oahu No way you’ll freeze your feet off while taking in the Electric Light [read more…]