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Bluesun Hotel Alan

3.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

We have just returned from a fortnight at Neilson Alana It was excellent in many respects, especially the kids clubs and childcare, which if anything were even better than our previous 2 Neilson holidays. Cutting to the chase though - we were initially very disappointed with the rooms for our family of 4. We were in the "tower block" and our rooms were cramped, the air con hardly worked and there was almost no storage space, there was not even enough room for bedside tables. We complained and were moved to a marginally better pair of rooms but we were still hugely disappointed. We were then able to move again for our second week (which is of course a bit of pain packing up and moving) and our final rooms were actually ok - 2 rooms/1 bathroom - I really didn't get the earlier 2 rooms/1 bathroom/1 additional toilet set up as it was just a waste of what little space there was. Whilst we were at reception on arrival, there were also people complaining about the "cabins". There are small static caravan type huts and whilst some said they were better then the rooms in what Nielson describe as the "central tower" (!), I understand these were plagued somewhat by a nearby bar in the adjacent campsite. I certainly would not pay much if anything of a premium for these. The resort generally was great (there's a kid's playground as well as crazy golf, a climbing wall, volleyball court and the usual hotel pool), however I would NOT return unless we got the same room as we finally ended up in. The first rooms - no way. In short, this was not a case for us of utter despair, especially after the second move, but for us and others we spoke to, the feeling was just that Nielson should simply describe the accommodation more accurately and honestly - many rooms are "basic" and "small". The word we heard around the resort in relation to the rooms a bit was "mis-sold". However - and here comes the good stuff: these Nielson Holidays are fantastic. The water skiing was superb, with top class tuition, delivered by lovely people, using great boats and skis. My wife took the premium package and said it was the best water skiing she had done on holiday. She used one of her slots to request a session for our kids (just 6 and 7) and the guys got them both up and skiing safely on the boat's ski bar - to huge smiles all round. Same with the sailing - I think there are around 45 boats you could sail in, including lasers (full rig and radials), Bahia's, Argo's and 6 Dart catamarans - all in great shape. We joined the "race clinic" class and it was so good we did it again in week 2, whilst also taking part in the weekly "champion of Croatia" regatta (superbly organised) as well as the "warm-up" regatta. There are windsurfers, SUP's and Kayaks-a-plenty too. As always, the Kids clubs (in our case Sea Badgers and Surf Busters) were excellent, our Kids loved them and their carers and they were brilliantly looked after - and fed. This was really their summer holiday and they loved it. I decided to get back into Tennis (there are many courts) and they had (for a tiny supplement) a session called Super Drills - I can't recommend this enough. We also went on a couple of the easier guided bike rides - great fun. In short, you go on these holidays for the activities and Nielson did not disappoint. We chose Alana in part because it also had a climbing wall, and this too was superb. The activities manager even went and bought a small full body harness one day because our Son was too small for the larger harnesses they had - that's going out of your way! Whilst you definitely go on a Nielsen for it's activities, we would also like to point out that this hotel has a really excellent spa - there were 2 sauna's, a steam room, an "aroma" room (which smelt a bit like a steam room if I'm honest - what will the spa industry think of next!), 2 Jacuzzis, a counter-current type pool, a cold plunge in a barrel thingy and a lovely (and quiet) area to relax away from the busy outdoor pool area. There are massages on offer (which were quite good value and very good). This was a real plus for us. We thought the food was pretty good. It's such a subjective thing but we could not fault the breakfasts, yes lunch could get a bit familiar but there was always plenty of variety at dinner and we were impressed that there was good quality seafood in the form of mussels, squid and fresh langoustines - top marks there from us! Unlike some earlier reviews we found the service (table clearing etc) to be spot on. The BBQ night was great too and we also enjoyed the cocktail clinic. If I was to get a bit picky, the bar service at the beach bar was at times slow, and some bar tenders didn't know how to make the cocktails, and the bills to sign were not at the correct (namely happy hour) prices, so we had to correct these. If you are going to do cocktails, do them well, or perhaps reduce the cocktail list to just a few that everyone can do? I think the resort could be hugely aesthetically improved if it were grassier and better tended - it was a bit dry and a bit stony. Lusher surroundings would really lift the mood by enhancing the environs. We got the distinct impression that huge efforts were being made by all the staff. There was nothing they could do about the accommodation gripes but such efforts where they could enhance people's stay really counted, and was much appreciated. I could summarise our feelings by reproducing something we saw from "Very British Problems" whilst we were there: Well that's no good Oh dear It's hardly ideal Bugger Not to worry It's fine Could be worse Yay Great! So it's 4 stars from us, it would have been an easy cruise to 5 were it not for those rooms! Come on, just call a spade a spade!

We've just returned from a brilliant 2 week holiday with Neilson. It's only our 2nd Neilson holiday but we've also been on 2 Mark Warner holidays so had a good idea of what to expect. Location of the resort is great - beautiful sea, stunning backdrop of the national park, 10 mins walk to local town with lots of nice places to eat and a fun cocktail bar and only 40 mins drive to Zadar. All the equipment is of fantastic quality and brand new and all the reps were brilliant. Tennis coaching was of a particularly high standard and really enjoyable even in 40 degrees (and booze and balls was brilliant fun and to be recommended!!). Wind was variable for sailing/windsurfing ranging from nothing to full on, sometimes in the space of a few minutes (thank you Bora!). My 16 year old son had the best time in TAG and in fact the resort is perfect for teens. Special thanks to G, Iona and Molly the reps who looked after TAG and arranged lots of activities that really encouraged the teens to join in. We hardly saw our son all holiday! My daughter was less happy with her kids club but that was not due to to the lovely nannies - more to do with the activities on offer for her as an active, sporty almost 8 year old in a Surfbusters group which she found boring. I wonder whether a junior hotshots/sports group for 6-8 year olds might be an option for Neilson to consider offering? We found the food to be simple, but fresh, plentiful and enjoyable and not too repetitive and the local staff are doing a good job of adjusting to the new Neilson regime. The restaurant has a lovely outlook over the sea but needs some ceiling fans as it was stiflingly hot, particularly at lunchtime. Tip - eat on the raised section as it gets some aircon! Drinks prices are on the high side compared with local prices but still better than UK. Views from the Skybar are amazing. Beach bar is fun too. Tip - make sure you have insect repellent, as the Mosquitos can be vicious, particularly if you're under cover. We stayed in a cabin - which, to be really honest, is simply a static caravan. However we were pleased with it. I think the cabins and apartments seem to be the best options accommodation wise and Neilson probably needs to look at upgrading/enlarging rooms in the hotel. The cabin had a large deck from where we could see the sea. The rooms are small but the living area was useful as we put our 16 year old on the sofa bed and youngest in the bedroom. It was also helpful having a large fridge (supermarket just outside the resort useful for stocking up on beers!). There are 2 small bathrooms too. The downsides: (i) there is no air con in the bedrooms so we needed to sleep with the bedroom doors open; (ii) there was insufficient space for clothes and empty suitcases, which we had to leave outside; and (iii) cleanliness wasn't up to scratch - we had to ask for our sheets to be changed after a week and the bathroom sink wasn't cleaned properly the whole time we were there, despite us complaining (and our complaint wasn't properly followed up by the customer services manager). We were given plenty of towels though! As we left the plastic chairs and tables on the deck were being exchanged for better quality wooden ones and a lounger. In summary, it's not perfect (is anything ever perfect?) but has all the elements for a brilliant holiday.

Opening a beachclub near such a stunning national park is a great addition to the Neilson destination options. The rock climbing in the park with Paklenica Avanturist, which we booked through Neilson and included equipment & tuition, was fantastic and the walking is rewarded with stunning scenery. We did the 12 mile round trip to the Ramica Dvori mountain lodge a couple of times, the second time hiring walking sticks from Paklenica Avanturist who have an equipment hire cabin a short way into the park where it is also possible to hire rock climbing equipment. There are various points on the way through the park to refill with water at mountain spring stations so you only need to carry a couple of small bottles. However if you take the route to the cave, which takes 40 minutes from the main track, there are no water outlets but you can buy drinks at the entrance to the cave which is also worth a visit - cavernous and cool. So back to the resort - the staff are dedicated and have worked hard to address the issues which have been mentioned in other reviews. Our room was small and not our usual experience (we have been on 10 Neilson holidays since 2005) but the overall experience was excellent. We were is the main building in a very quiet location and the the room and common areas were kept very clean. Six new tennis courts was a huge bonus and great coaching as well. The beach is stony but swimming in the sea was lovely and I enjoyed the 1km open water swim (there was a 1.8km option as well). After the long walks the spa was great for relaxing and the best we have every experienced at a beachclub. The food was excellent and up to the usual Neilson standard (maybe not quite as good a George in Lesvos - but that is hard to beat). We ate out 6 times during our two weeks - all excellent especially in Marasovic (Taverna Konoba) just near the entrance to the park. I would recommend a visit for both the beachclub experience and the local area. Thank you Neilson and well done!

We got home from Alana Beach last night, having had a fortnight's holiday as a party of 14. Like so many, we are veteran Neilsonistas, on our 12th holiday and have been to most of the resorts. Like KateC, I want to write a review to reassure guests who are on their way out to Croatia. Please don't spend your run up to the holiday reading the more negative reviews and panicking - unless you are determined to find fault with absolutely everything, you will have a wonderful holiday. Yup, the rooms are small and basic, but ours was clean, comfortable and quiet. The beds were fantastic and I came close to stealing a pillow to take home as I have never had one so comfortable (I managed to resist the temptation!). Our cleaner was wonderful and worked so hard, including knocking each evening to check that we had everything we needed. I was shocked to read an earlier comment that "Neilson doesn't care about their customers". Our experience was the exact opposite - the staff, both Neilson reps and the Croatian staff - were wonderful and couldn't do enough the help. It is clear that the hotel has changed hugely since Neilson took it over, and this has meant a big change of approach and culture for the local staff, but they have really risen to the challenge and were helpful and welcoming. Pretty much all of the staff spoke English and were working extremely hard to make everyone happy. The restaurant food got better and better while we were there, and I can promise that you won't be disappointed. In addition, the food in restaurants in Starisgrad was wonderful (try Ante and Marin), but the real gem is in Marasovic, the taverna on the way to the national park. The food was of exceptional quality and we went three times during the holiday. (Don't miss the Black ink squid risottto). The welcome you get in restaurants is exceptional, and we also felt very safe all the time. Our kids (in their 20s) said that this felt like the safest local town that they had experienced. The campsite next door didn't impact on us at all (I am sure we are more of a nuisance to them than vice versa). One concern reported in earlier reviews was about the evening entertainment, but this has been addressed by the brilliant decision to hire Max who ran a fantastic "acoustioke" in week 2. If you want to sing with him, try and grab him for a practice - he is exceptional. Neilson has responded to concerns and has drafted in additional key staff to move things on really fast, and this has had an immediate impact. The activity staff were, without exception, talented, friendly and helpful, and made the holiday amazing. They are a really harmonious team and can't do enough to help. There is brilliant tuition (my son had the best tennis lesson he has ever had at Neilson, and the ski coaching was superb). The nannies were great and kept the huge number of kids entertained and occupied. I would echo lots of reviews praising the spa - it is an amazing facility and we really enjoyed being able to drop in and out. The national park is spectacular, and we absolutely loved the climbing, going out with Katerina and her team three times. It was really worth the extra cost and was the kind of activity that we probably wouldn't do at home - a real highlight. They were exceptionally friendly, knowleagable and adapted the sessions to suit the range of experience (and age!). We did do an excursion to Krka, which is stunning, but very crowded in peak season, so do be aware that you will not be alone!! So, my one regret was that I spoilt the run up to the holiday panicking about how it was going to be. We had a great time and this definitely won't be our last Neilson holiday. Thank you to all the staff who made us feel so welcome and cosseted - we are so lucky to be able to experience these wonderful holidays.

A big thank you to the staff at Alana Beach Club, both Neilson and local for their enthusiasm and hard work which contributed a lot to making our holiday such a happy one! Our first Neilson and hopefully not our last, we loved the experience. As others have said , the resort never felt too busy even though it was full and the guest services team worked hard to keep people happy - Sally even bringing a plate of prawns to us in the bar while we waited for a table to become available... The tennis coaches were amazing; the fitness classes wonderful; the cycling and hike up to the National Park great fun and the waterskiing, kayaking, paddle boarding all enjoyed in such amazing surroundings and supported by helpful and friendly staff. The resort has such a stunning location with the backdrop of the National Park and the beautiful coastline. Eating outdoors in the restaurant, or taking a coffee down to the beach each morning are really going to be missed now we're home. The food was good and generally varied; the service always efficient and friendly and the restaurant immaculate. Eating out was also great with fantastic steaks at Ante, sea bass at Dinko's, and a lovely fish platter at the taverna near the National Park. Walking into the little seaside resort of Starigrad was very pleasant and watching the sunset from a local bar on the seafront was beautiful. Out teenage daughters had a great time in TAG and were very complimentary about their Reps enjoying their boat trip and visit to Zadar in additional to all the other activities... The Spa was a great retreat and the massages great in beautiful treatment rooms. The Roof Top Bar offered amazing views - especially at sunset! Before going I was very worried having read a lot of criticism on Trip Advisor, and to be fair many of the comments about the bedrooms and bathrooms I will echo. Our clubroom in the Tower was very basic and dated...The bathroom was very cramped with a small shower screen that did nothing to stem water from the shower and an unpleasant smell seemed to linger! The one triple wardrobe for a family of 4 was inadequate and the air conditioning very poor (despite asking for it to be looked into) In temperatures in the high 30's this made a good night's sleep difficult! The fridge didn't work either and in fact emitted that much heat we unplugged it... The curtains were not properly fitted to the rails either and were of a really poor quality too. Having said that, the cleaners generally did a good job and were always lovely. I did see a friend's apartment on the other side of the hotel and was shocked at the difference in quality. In short the accommodation seems to vary from basic to very poor and it's a shame as it really lets Neilson down when all the staff are working so hard to make this resort the success it deserves to be!

We are midway through a two week holiday at the Alana Beach Resort and I feel compelled to write a review, primarily to reassure those looking forward to their holiday and concerned with some of the reviews on Trip Advisor. Travel here was easy, we travelled from Stanstead and had to queue to get off M11 but once in airport we had no queues at check in, 10 mins queue through security and enjoyed a nice breakfast before boarding the plane. Plenty of legroom on the Titan airways flight and we were seated together despite not paying for this. Plane left and landed on time. Transfer time was 50 minutes. We were in resort by 1.30pm and enjoying lunch. The rooms were not ready until 3pm so pack your swim gear at the top. We have enjoyed a number of Neilson holidays in the past and we have continued to book Neilson for the activities and children's clubs. Neilson accommodation is and has always been functional and if you want luxury then book with another company. Although I too would like to see a more accurate description of the rooms to better manage expectations. Here at Alana the rooms are very small but they are clean and well serviced. We are staying in a cabin which is tight for 5 people but we are managing well and enjoying the stunning views over the waterfront. The sunsets are spectacular. It is incredibly peaceful and we have not been disturbed from the nearby beach bar as mentioned in previous reviews. During our stay the toilet seat broke and we reported this to reception, within 15 minutes the maintenance team had fixed the seat. The restaurant provides standard Nielson fare, plenty of choice and is constantly being refreshed by the Croatian team who are incredibly efficient and hard working. We could not fault the cleanliness and attention to hygiene standards. There is a separate gluten free section and clear markings for allergens. On busy nights you may have to wait for a table for a short while in the beach bar- not a hardship! If you don't want to wait, be in the restaurant for 7.45pm to get a table. The activities on offer are huge and varied and there is plenty of equipment. We have not had to wait to use the equipment. The staff are hard working and all those we came in contact with were clearly working to ensure we had a great holiday. The nearby National Park is an added bonus to the Neilson activities and we would highly recommend the rock climbing. Katerina and her team are very professional and you will be amazed at how quickly you can be climbing some impressive rock faces. The 'beach' is stony and there is a limited area for swimming butlying on the waterfront among the olive trees watching the activity on the water is a wonderful way to pass a few hours. There was even a pod of dolphins in the distance this morning. The pool is fine, definitely not as lovely as Messini or Lesvos but big enough until the kids clubs arrive! We have had no issues with cleanliness and it is treated and cleaned every morning. My children have enjoyed clubs, they have done a wide variety of activities led by amazingly enthusiastic 'nannies' who maintain such high energy levels. Wind has been changeable and there have been some days when there is very little and other days when it has been pretty fierce. The weather is now a far more enjoyable 30 degrees following an amazing storm. And finally,the Spa, this is by far the best Nielson Spa we have experienced. It is 5* and well worth a visit. They offer a wide range of treatment options or you can use the pools, sauna, steam room and aroma grotto (!) at no additional cost. We are very much looking forward to our 2nd week!

We have been on 6 Neilson holidays. The rooms are always basic but good enough. The activity package is the same wherever you go. The food is always disappointing. The staff are mostly good but without exception there are staff that are lazy and appear to be on holiday, with the exception of the Nannies, who are always professional. I simply couldn't get over the disappointment of the basic, tired and not fit for paying guests hotel. Our bathroom smelt strongly of urine (we reported this many times but nothing could be done), the shower screen didn't work so our bathroom was a wet room, our bedsheets weren't changed for over a week (I had to report this 3 times before anything was done), the rooms are cobbled together so the night lights aren't near the beds. The swimming pool is tiny and dirty. A child did a poo in the baby pool and it was simply scooped out. The pool wasn't drained or properly cleaned. The main pool has a lot of dirt on the bottom. The pool area is dirty, nothing is kept clean and tidy during the day. I relayed all of this to the Guest Services Manager on the last night and she said there was nothing she could say. Neilson don't even offer a drink to apologise. We are a party of 10 and we have agreed this is our last Neilson holiday. As far as we are concerned Neilson don't care about their guests.

I'm here with my family at the moment for 2/52. We had a smooth transfer from the airport to the hotel where we were greeted by ice cold beers, local delicious drinks and snacks. Our room is clean and has amazing views across the coastline, especially stunning when the sun sets. The beds are really comfy, aircon efficient, no shortage of hot water and white towels, as well as tea and coffee facilities. I never intended to spend much time in my room, therefore it's size really isn't an issue, the corridors/landings smell reallyclean and our rooms are cleaned daily. I cannot fault the staff here, they cannot do enough to help and their energy is amazing! The standard of tuition is second to none, I know my husband and son have already had sailing and tennis lessons and gained confidence in both, I have done Pilates, yoga and HITT. There seems to be no shortage of great equipment for anyone to use. The restaurant is immaculate, lots of people waiting on and a large choice of food which I have really enjoyed. The sky is very blue, the sun is hot, plenty of sun beds and never any feeling of being crowded. I really believe in the saying "If you like what we do, tell everyone else, if you don't, tell us". I don't think anyone could come here and not be impressed by the professionalism and devotion of the staff. I've never written on Tripadvisor before, but read so many negative reviews that I felt driven to put my account here.

Will we ever learn?... One week is just not enough in any Nelson ACTIVITY resort. Two weeks is a must. Alana Beachclub is no exception. Accommodation and food were great, but what makes it is the activities and the staff - The Nelson activity team this year were beyond exceptional: professional, with the right level of fun. We did virtually all the bike rides (Josh, Alex and Jo were brilliant guides), both the intermediate and advanced sailing was fun, and at an excellent level (thanks especially to Cat and Chris). The waterskiing was also so much fun. We thoroughly recommend a sunset tow with Lewis! Unfortunately we didn't have time for regular tennis, but booze and balls was hilarious as ever (perhaps borderline PC but I think we can blame the guests for that). Worth noting is that the equipment provided is top quality here, and behind the scenes the activity staff are clearly working hard to keep it that way. Our daughter was in the Tag club for teenagers and Amy and Adam were fantastic. Our only complaint is that we did not get a customer feedback form so that we could say all this directly! Slightly aghast at one recent review - try giving the a place more than a few travel weary hours before writing reviews guys!

We have done many a Neilson holiday and love them all. The accommodation is never their best quality but everything else compensates for it. Unfortunately this hotels accommodation was the worst ever. We paid premium to be in a cabin as we needed 2 bathrooms with our teenagers . The cabins were far to small and had a kitchen which had no purpose ! The cleaning staff were appalling and the showers were starting to grow mould and toilets often had a bad smell. There was a lot of noise in the cabins from a local pub that played music till 2-3 in the morning. All other parts of the hotel were great but if they want families to return they must correct the accommodation. We will not return unless this is sorted. They upgraded rooms in Phoakia ,Vounaki and the new rooms in Sivota in the past so they need to do the same here. The cleaning staff need to be trained like the staff in Turkey and Greece . Were you would come back to a bleach clean smelling bathroom. Also to note these cabins are in the field next door as part of a camping site so to be fare they should have more solid structures for this quality hotel not the same as a camping site. Other than that the facilities as always are good . Food was good when we were there but I believe had improved from the weeks before. Glad they listened and finally got it right. Look forward to seeing the changes for 2018 and we will be back then!

Dr. Franje Tudmana 14 Starigrad

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  • Free buffet breakfast
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  • Free parking
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Bluesun Hotel Alan places you within a leisurely stroll of St Peter’s Church and Marasovici Ethno-House. This 163-room, 3-star hotel has conveniences like a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, and an indoor pool. Paklenica National Park is also close to this Starigrad hotel.


Free buffet breakfast is included with your stay. This hotel is home to 2 onsite restaurants, perfect for a quick bite to eat. Savor a meal from the comfort of your room with room service, or get a quick energy boost at the coffee shop/café.


Bluesun Hotel Alan's 163 air-conditioned rooms provide balconies, safes, and phones. LCD TVs come with satellite channels, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi. Bathrooms offer hair dryers and free toiletries. Desks are also available.

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Guests of Bluesun Hotel Alan enjoy a full-service spa, an indoor pool, and an outdoor pool. There's free parking, as well as an airport shuttle (available 24 hours). A multilingual staff is on hand to assist with concierge services, luggage storage, and securing valuables. Other amenities at this spa hotel include a children's pool, a fitness center, and a sauna.

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