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Shima Kanko Hotel The Bay Suites

5.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

I booked this hotel simply because if it was good enough for the G7, its good enough for me. My wife and I stayed here for 4 nights ( first 3 nights before Toba Ryokan and then 1 more night after Toba) on 2 occasions over Christmas. It met all our expectations with excellent service, goods on sale at both the Classic and Suites, lounges, laundry service, food for both dinner and breakfast at the French Restaurant. The rooms were large and good. The 4 nights stay of meals - dinner and breakfast at the French Restaurant were excellent - very well presented, cooked and excellent service. The Japanese restaurant was a bit disappointing for this class of hotel with its menu and food quality compared to say Hoshino Resorts or Toba International. All meals were substantial and if you are not hungry prior to dinner, you may not enjoy dinner - one of the few places with excellent bread selection to go with the meals in Japan ( having been to 25 out of 47 prefectures). A special mention of lady staff Hannah (from UK ) - saved us a lot of communication issues in English as we do not speak Japanese. It made a great difference in our second stay after she came back post Christmas. We walked around the property albeit the cold after breakfast and dinner - great place to explore and we enjoyed the variety of birds seen and heard on the property - great sunrise and sunset photo opportunity as well. The best gift for me personally was the ability to buy the limited edition of the book present to all G7 leaders on washi paper sold at the Classic shop.

I chose this hotel as G7 Summit 2016 was held here. Not to stay at the same room as the global leaders, but I thought this was the very best in Japan. The suite room is large, the dinner and breakfast are awesome, following the footprints of global leaders are fun... and some other good features are there. But... As meals are separately charged and expensive, I cannot give you any extra star for the hotel stay itself. At the time of check in, I was told that only available time slot for my dinner was 20:30 which is extremely late for my standard and I think this is an example of poor operational management. No open air bath, the swimming pool is just decoration, no gym or it's open during limited hours at Classic only, massage is too expensive... Those small problems annoyed me... In short, the actual stay does not satisfy my expectations. Probably this is for retired rich people to stay without any problem while they don't look for any extra activities.

エントランスから、素晴らしい光景が目に入ります。 とても美しいお庭も望めます。 お部屋は、素晴らしくモダンですが落ち着く雰囲気です。 お部屋が広くて素晴らしいので、朝食はお部屋で戴きました! お勧めのHotelです! From the entrance, a wonderful sight to enter the eye. It offers also very beautiful garden. The room is the atmosphere is wonderfully modern, but calm down. Since the great and wide room, breakfast was crowned in your room! Contact is a recommendation of the Hotel!

We stayed one night at the hotel. Our suite was spacious clean, and comfortable. The room has a modern design with remarkable decoration that is impressive. We were a bit disappointed to find that the hotel basically has no facility at all! No swimming pool and a so-called spa of only the size of 3 bathtubs for use by hotel customers. We felt stuck in the hotel! There were no restaurants nearby. We had dinner at the Japanese restaurant and the quality of food was average. The lobster sashimi and fried abalone were acceptable but the sushi was far below my expectation!

We stayed here as an overnight on a trip to more unusual places that Americans typically travel. The facility was nice but the bed was hard, I guess getting me ready for a ryokan to come. Dinner in the western French seafood La Mer was very good but I thought my math was wrong when I saw the exorbitant prices. I'm not a big eater and dinner for 2 with just 1 beer and 2 orders of plain lobster with grilled vegetables and 2 deserts cost $250.22 according to my Amex notification as that was my complete bill since the room was prepaid. The restaurant reminded me of Las Vegas showrooms of the 70's with their fancy banquettes. Not knowing what else is available in the area, and certainly not willing to risk it, I would recommend this place.

Shima Kanko Hotel has been well reputed for providing good seafood cuisine in French style particularly abalone and lobster, and picturesque sceneries of Ago Bay but has renamed the hotel as “Classic” when they opened a new hotel named “BaySuites” in October 2008. Both hotels are operated by Miyako Hotels & Resorts. BaySuites provides 50 suites only with 100 sqm. space each including balcony all overlooking bay sceneries. The restaurant “La Mer” provides French Cuisine for dinner and lunch as well as breakfast while “Hamayu” provides Japanese cuisine including breakfast. First about the room. Layout and space are unquestionably good enough. One could see beautiful scenes of the Bay even sitting on an executive chair with a large desk through private lounge and balcony with transparent safety fence (see photograph) It is so enjoyable to keep watching the sceneries that it discourages one to switch on a large TV set in the lunge and another in bed room. Bath room also faces with the sceneries and one could see the scenes while sitting in the bath tub. Only one that spoils the view and comfort is, in addition to a coffee table, a laid set of a table with a couple of chairs obviously to be used for room service. It is quite obstructing. Further obviously missing is sign of welcome from General Manger that is normally expected in at least 5 starred hotels in France, Italy and Britain such as a bouquet, an assorted fruits and/or a bottle of sparkling wine in an ice bucket with a letter of welcome. Both critical issues could be solved by killing two birds by one stone. The Library Lounge and Bar on 5th floor having good views is quite good which, I thought, could be a good place for morning coffee as well but it was pity as it was not attended that time despite the fact that check-out time is set mid-day. Last but not least important is dining. La Mer’s ambience (see photograph) is excellent. It reminded us of Il San Pietro di Positano though the latter is crowned with a Michelin Star. But the quality of foods was quite behind San Pietro’s while both are price-wise quite comparable. When going to start the dinner by amuse bouche at any Michelin starred restaurants we are usually let feel great expectation for what will follow. But here we were disappointed. Next was “Flan aux legumes du moment et fruits de mer en gelee de crustaces” which also disappointed us. I nearly shouted, ” Oh my god why should we have come here for such a long way from Tokyo ! ” Both were slightly salty but quite tasteless. Something for seasoning was missing. Next, one of our targets here was “Bisque de langouste delicate royale” but we decided not to expect much. When it came to our table, however, good smell of lobster drifted over our table. A good sign ? Indeed its taste was very good. The next “Langouste sautee sauce beurr blanc aux fruits exotiques taboule” was not exotic nor excitingly tasty. Then I shared with my wife “ Ormeau poele sauce d’echalote au champagne fondue de tomates au fenouil” and “Filet de boeuf noir de Japon sauce Bordelaise”. Both were expectedly superb. Abalone was a bit small but soft and tasteful. Fillet of beef came from nearby Matsusaka and very good. As for wine (only for myself as my wife cannot share it naturally) I chose “Chassagne Montrachet Joseph Drouhin 2009” from a special list which,I was told, gave 30% discount. Initially it did not taste good enough as it was not chilled enough quite obviously. I pointed it out to a maître or sommelier or what not undistinguishable. So I had to wait for a while and it became extremely good only towards the end. The cheeses that I chose were served quite charmingly with dry grapes and a pot of honey. The latter with soft cheese combined tasted so beautiful with the wine. A great “marriage”! I asked a waiter what kind of honey it was. The answer was the one from France and made by honey bee flying in chest nut flowers. The hotel is located quite near to Kashikojima Station but it gives a lift to and from the station. It is a bit far from Nagoya about 2 hours either by car or train but it deserves. Visiting from there to that great “Ise” shrine and have lunch nearby could create a good tourism. This hotel could be made perfect if improvement suggested above and addition of a swimming pool (not just decorative pool existing in the garden) and a walk way through the forest to the bay beach are achieved.


家内がかねてから熱望しておりましたザ ベイスイートに結婚35周年記念に予約しましたところ、ホテル側のお計らいでロイヤルスィートに宿泊させていただき、周りの景色や屋上ガーデン、ラウンジの素晴らしさもさることながら、スタッフ全員のホスピタリティとお気遣いに忘れられない安らぎと喜びをいただきました。感謝とともにまたいつか宿泊できることを切望しております。ありがとうございました。

今回は結婚30周年の真珠婚祝いで、同じく真珠婚の友人夫婦と一緒にお邪魔しました。 部屋はとても広く、センスも良く、部屋からの眺望も素晴らしかったです。 中でもバスルームはとっても素晴らしく、バルコニーにつながる扉を開けると、気持ちの良い風が吹き込み、素敵な景色を眺めながらのバスタイムは最高でした。 某外資系ホテルのマネージャーをしている友人も、これまでで最高のバスルームと、感激していました。 また今回は記念に、結婚した年の5大シャトーのワインを事前に準備しておいたのですが、フレンチレストランではそちらもとても素晴らしい対応をしていただき、忘れられない記念日となりました。 観光や行き帰りでの賢島駅への送迎も、タイムリーに対応していただき、とても快適でした。 ただ、全体的には素晴らしかっただけに、いくつか気になる点もありました。 1.庭の樹木に付けている電飾が、ホテルの雰囲気に比して、とてもチープで雰囲気をだいぶ壊しているように感じられました。できれば松明のような火で演出した方が素晴らしいのではないかと。 2.全体的にスタッフの皆さんの笑顔、挨拶が少ない *到着時、玄関にベルボーイの方が不在で、自分たちで荷物を運んでフロントに入って行かなければならなかったのが残念。たまたま立て込んでいたのでしょうか? *私はジョギングをするのですが、敷地内でスタッフの人とすれ違っても、どなたも挨拶をされず、私の方から「こんにちは」と挨拶するとやっと小さな声で挨拶を返してくれました。これはフロントやコンシェルジュデスクでも同じで、積極的にゲストに笑顔で声を掛けるなどのホスピタリティーの習慣が乏しいように感じられました。 3.レストランにて *先のフレンチレストランで電飾がチープなことを友人夫婦と話をしていたところ、たまたま通りかかった若い女性スタッフが「そうなんです。私もそう思ってたんです」と親しげに話しかけて来ました。全く悪気はないのでしょうが、自ら自分のホテルへのダメ出しをゲストにするのはいかがなものかと(^_^;) *和食のレストランでは着物姿の女性スタッフの皆さんの歩き方が速いせいか、パタパタと大きな足音が響き、ちょっと落ち着かない雰囲気でした。また、シャンパンの温度が高めだったので冷やしてほしいとお願いしたところ、男性スタッフがすぐにクーラーに入れて下さったのですが、そのすぐ後に私たちのグラスが空いているのを見た女性スタッフが、まだ冷えていないシャンパンを私たちに注いでしまい、スタッフ間の連携が取れていないなと感じられました。 4.清掃について *館内案内ツアーに参加した際、クラブのワインバーにご案内いただき、そのカウンターを見ると、前夜(?)のどなたかのグラスをおいた跡が残っており、テーブル拭きなどがあまり徹底されていないのかな?と感じました。 *私は気が付きませんでしたが、友人はTVのリモコンに埃が溜まっていたのが気になったとのこと。 5.その他 館内案内ツアーでクラシック棟の前でG7サミットでオバマ大統領の話をしていただいている時に突然後ろからスタッフらしき男性が現れ、何か大きな声を出して、持っていたジャケットを肩にかけ「オバマさんはいつものようにこんな風にして歩いていましたよ」と言いながら挨拶もなしにその場を通り過ぎて行ってしまったという不躾な態度に接して時には「まさかスタッフじゃないよね」と呆れてしまいました。 ご本人はフレンドリーな対応のつもりだったのでしょう・・・ これらのことはスタッフ個々人の資質の問題というよりも、ホテルとしての明文化されたミッションや文化があるのかないのか?あるとしたらそれをスタッフの皆さんにインストール、徹底する仕組みがあるかどうかの問題ではないでしょうか? 他のホテルの例をあげるのは失礼かもしれませんが、例えばリッツカールトンのミッションでもある「We are Ladies and Gentlemen,serving for Ladies and Gentlemen」のような何かがあるのかどうか。 もちろんリッツカールトンも完璧なわけではありませんが、滞在中、スタッフ一人一人の対応からこのミッションを体現しようとしている雰囲気は十分に伝わって来ます。 ちょっと言い過ぎたかもしれませんが、全体としてはとても満足させていただき、友人夫妻とも「是非また来たい」と話したほどでしたので、敢えて期待と感謝を込めて 書かせていただきました。 また、お邪魔させていただけることを楽しみにしています。

前から行きたいと思い、結婚記念日に利用しました。 正直、がっかりです。 夕食レストラン(ラ・メール)の、接客レベルはかなり低いです。 食器(ナイフ、フォーク、スプーン)の並べ方を二度も間違える、食事を提供するタイミングが悪い、食器をなかなか下げない、極めつけは、男性スタッフにいきなりキレられました。 レストランに行くまでは、ホテル内を散策し、部屋や景色を満喫していたのに、夕食ですべてぶち壊し。 最悪の記念日になりました。 せっかく良い設備があるのに、残念です。

731 Shinmei, Ago-cho Shima Mie-ken

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa

Located in Kashiko Island, Shima Kanko Hotel The Bay Suites is a short stroll from Shima Marineland and within a 15-minute drive of Ise-Shima National Park Yokoyama Visitor Center. This 50-room, 5-star hotel welcomes guests with conveniences like a full-service spa, free in-room WiFi, and free self parking. On the waterfront, the hotel is also close to Yokoyama Observatory and Tomoyama Park.


Enjoy dining at the hotel's 2 onsite restaurants: La Mer specializes in French cuisine, and serves breakfast; dinner, or Hamayu offers relaxing ocean views. Order from room service to satisfy your hunger without leaving your room, or make new friends over drinks at the bar/lounge. Start each morning with breakfast, served for a fee from 7 AM to 10 AM.


The 50 individually furnished accommodations feature balconies and afford space to spread out with living rooms and dining areas. Guests can expect 50-inch flat-screen TVs with satellite channels and DVD players, along with free WiFi and wired Internet. Beds are dressed in pillow menus and bathrooms offer deep soaking tubs, hair dryers, and free toiletries. Refrigerators, minibars, and coffee makers are also standard.

Property features

A full-service spa, a sauna, and a rooftop terrace are featured at Shima Kanko Hotel The Bay Suites. There's free parking and a free train station shuttle. Front-desk staff can assist with dry cleaning/laundry, concierge services, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this luxury hotel include free WiFi in public areas, coffee/tea in a common area, and a library.

Room options

Superior Suite King, Non Smoking

King 1 | Sleeps 3

Futon Suite, Non Smoking

Twin 3 | Sleeps 4

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