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Sensatori Punta Cana, Gourmet All Inclusive by Karisma

5.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Our holiday at the resort has just come to and end and we’re very sad to be leaving. We’ve had a wonderful time and can’t speak highly enough of the hotel and staff. The hotel has everything you could ever want from a Caribbean holiday. A beautiful beach, great swimming pools overlooking the sea, and huge, luxurious and extremely clean bedrooms. The staff were amazingly friendly throughout the resort, with even the gardeners saying hello with a smile whenever you walked by. A few people went above and beyond though, including Abigail (our TUI rep), and Yira and Darlin in the Shaken cocktail lounge, where we went every evening. They were a credit to the hotel. The food overall was really good, with a great selection of dishes at the a la carte restaurants. Our favourites were Wok Wok and Verdello. The only thing I thought wasn’t quite up to 5 star standard was the buffet restaurants. This might be being a little picky, but it wasn’t as good as we’ve had previously in other Caribbean resorts and it was just OK. The hotel is perfect for young families and the majority of guests seemed to fall into that bracket, but this wasn’t an issue for us at all. We stayed in an adults only area of the resort and at no point did we wish we’d gone for adults only hotel. It had a great vibe. We went for a swim up room, which was great. Having your own pool is a big plus, but we didn’t actually use it as much as we thought we would, opting for the main pools for the majority of the holiday. It might be something to think about, as these rooms do cost more. We went on one of the TUI organised trips, to Saona Island. The scenery was unreal and the boat trip was great fun. The only thing to point out is that there isn’t an awful lot of luxury on the island itself. It’s stunningly beautiful but the sun beds were a bit dirty and the facilities very basic. As much as we had a great time, we were glad to get back to the luxury of the Sensatori at the end of the day. I really would recommend this hotel to anyone. Probably the best holiday ever.

Nice resort. Not worth the money we paid. Currently staying in room 6108. Upon check in we were greeted with two glasses of sparkling wine and one fruit punch for one of my children....the other child was told ‘I have none left’ after a long day travelling and was not offered one. This set the scene for a catalogue of poor service and being treated like third rate holiday makers. Upon check in I was told that my name was Stephen and when I explained they had the wrong details and I am female it was met with ‘so you are a family’ no apology and a breach of data protection as I retyped over the gentleman’s name, address and date of birth. Both adults were then given grey tui sensitori bracelets (the down fall of our holiday!) tagged and bagged this is your passport to poor service! The room is inadequate for children aged 12 and 9, they are sharing a pull out sofa bed which is too small and extremely uncomfortable. We have had to make the bed putting the sofa cushions over the top of the extremely thin sprung mattress which you can feel every spring through. Breakfast is hit and miss to if you are offered coffee, we have gone three days visiting the coffee shop after breakfast to get a drink. Juices are placed on the buffet and after trying to get a glass to serve myself (there was a very long line) was told by a very rude waiter that drinks are served at the table. Again today we had no drinks but managed to get a glass for juice ourselves. If you get a teaspoon to stir the coveted coffee it is a very special day indeed. Room service is hit and miss if you get what you ordered and tends to take a very long time from ordering to delivery. The mini bar is poorly stocked with not very nice crackers 6 beers, 6 soft drinks but this is hit and miss. One day we were left 2 chocolates which was a surprise. The gentleman on the towel bar, where you book your Bali beds (been trying two days but as we are merely grey band holders “normal” customers that paid 10k for a holiday) they are full. Everyday the ‘poor’ section of the Bali beds are never filled. We did get a Bali bed waiter service, actually we haven’t had any waiter service at all from around the pools, eager to take you half filled drinks though and not offer a replacement. Speaking to a coveted black band holder they paid exactly the same for their holiday but had Nickelodeon water tickets thrown in (£200) and the extra services BUT they went on the flog you a time share speech, again booked by TUI, paid the same but received much better service. We have a swim up room and it has shade in the morning and sun in the afternoon which is lovely. Far from the nearest bar and as there is no waiter service and the mini bar is poorly stocked so we are constantly marching back and fourth for drinks. Restaurants: I am a vegetarian which they often have hog roasts in the afternoon and beach BBQs which is poor as there are no options for vegetarians so as a family I either eat alone and the family have BBQ or the family doesn’t participate. The lentil burger is vile in the burger place but the falafel waffle is very nice. The space place (have to book) has a fixed starter of mainly fish, which none of us eat and there is no option to change it. We visited at 5:30 and all the seafood dishes were sat on tables waiting for the next sitting. The only option here is Mac and cheese. A side salad, some garlic bread and some veg in it would make it more adult and more of a main meal. In the Italian (have to book) the beat pie is bland and service was slow with us sitting 45 minutes with empty plates in front of us. They only moved these when the main arrived. The pasta looked like left over veg and sugarcane offer much nicer pastas at lunch. Wok wok (have to book) service was brilliant the first time, second time we were waiting 1 hour for our starters. The best service has been at Fresco (lunch) although they didn’t get our order correct but they tried, with a smile and were attentive. Miscommunication via a language barrier but excellent service. Also kitchen 23 was excellent (one trip per stay and a dedicated review) Only eaten at Zest once which seemed like they were at the end of service and the only vegetarian meal was a congealed risotto made with tinned mushrooms. The lighthouse is quiet nice but again service is not great with getting drinks, you are normally half way through you meal or finished when they arrive. Our son had an ear infection and when we enquired at reception was told we needed to take a 45 minute taxi ride. However when we spoke to the TUI rep we were told there is an on-site doctor who speaks English. Which we used and they were very good. The receptions eagerness to send us 45 minutes away is a concern. The sports hub is a 5-10 minute walk from the main complex and there are very few activities going on around the resort itself. On one of the children’s football sessions only 4 children attended so the rep left and my husband to ran the session. This is our second Karisma hotel holiday the facilities are much better and modern than Azul Beach which we visited last year however the service is nothing in comparison. Having stayed here we were spoiled with the service element of the 5star gourmet all inclusive. Staff do not engage children and try to get them involved. In fact never seen any sport type events in the pool where children are encouraged to get involved only bookable balance boards in the pool or water aerobics (over 12). I agree with other comments regarding the tiers of service, orange bands (Nickelodeon) Black bands (premium) receive much better service. This is our family holiday that we worked hard for, we always tip unless the service is non existent which has happened several times. But to pay the amount we have and to be made to feel like a third rate holiday maker is disgraceful. 5 star facilities 1 star service.

This was my first time to the Dominican and I had a few reservations before we arrived mainly - would the food and hygiene be good? And would it be overrun with young children as it shares the property with the Nickelodeon hotel? Any reservations I had were dispelled almost immediately- the food was great, the hygiene was great, the whole complex was spotlessly clean, the rooms were very good , the various pools were clean and never too busy and all the staff were friendly, polite and helpful. And despite it being a family hotel and sharing facilities with the Nickelodeon it didn’t feel overrun or noisy. The beach is very nice but as many others have said it does suffer a lot of seaweed. This is regularly cleaned but it’s an ongoing issue. However it didn’t put us off swimming in the bathtub warm sea! Although the sea can be pretty choppy at times. We were impressed with the buffet restaurant with quality, choice and service being great. I would say the buffet was possibly the best buffet I’ve been to on any recent holidays. Wok Wok, Burger and Verdello were very good too. I was a little disappointed with Space Walker as I thought the choice was limited and it wasn’t as clean or welcoming as the other restaurants. We mainly ate lunch at the Lighthouse restaurant or Zest, both had a great choice of tasty food and friendly service. Our room was 9223 in the Premium section so it was located quite close (but not too close) to the beach/pool. The room was very nice, furnished well and in great repair. We didn’t spend much time in the room but did enjoy a few drinks on the balcony on a few occasions - this was also good for watching some of the fleeting storms. We only watched a couple of the shows and the entertainment team seemed very talented and the theatre was great. However we preferred the early evening entertainment which took place in the area outside the restaurants. It was great to relax in this area with a drink and watch from up close or from afar. This is were you can catch the very talented Lily singing and playing the piano. Whilst not a coffee drinker I loved the coffee shop with its air conditioning, great cakes (especially on chocolate Sunday) and their tea! Made a nice change. The only real negative I have is the quality of the draft beer which I found very poor. The soft drinks were fine and the cocktails were pretty good. Big thanks to all the staff and extra thanks for stand out service/smiling faces from: Kenny at the Jasmin swim up bar! Juan the poolside waiter at the main pool! Chris and Joel at Wok Wok! Anaulis at Lighthouse restaurant! Would I/we visit again? Yes definitely. Would I recommend to others? Yes.

My husband and I went there for the first time, along with our adult kids and husbands, and we all agreed that this was a perfect place to spend a few days on the beach. Very relaxing, and even with little kids around, that was not a problem. The beach was very nice, and super clean.....the windy days brought a little more sea weeds, but nothing to complain about. They do a very good job of cleaning it! I would like to give a shout out to : 1. Our butler DARIEL who was so attentive and always there for us, when we needed, and made our stay so much more pleasant and easy going ! He was so helpful with our restaurant reservations too !Thank you DARIEL for all your help. 2. Our beach butler MASSO, such a great personality and always serving our drinks with a smile. He was always willing to help! We appreciate all his work ! 3. Our waiter MONTILLO, at K23 , great job explaining the food concept at this restaurant, as we were presented every course. What a great personality ! Great Job and so much fun to be around !!

We've gone All Inclusive before in European Hotels but this was something else! All the a la carte restaurants were great and the main buffet restaurant Sugarcane was also very good. On top of this, room service was included plus waiting staff bringing you drinks at your sunbed by the pool. The coffee shop also handy for grabbing a drink or snack. Sunbeds and bali beds by the pool were plentiful and in good condition, so you don't feel like you need to reserve a sunbed or rush down to the pool early. Lots of activities laid on by the fitness team, in the gym, outside or in the pool. Instructors very friendly and knowledgeable. The only downside for me was that any walks or jogs organised were limited to the confines of the resort, which is understandable for security reasons, but I normally like to explore the area a bit when on holiday. The whole resort is very well-staffed and everyone we met working there was so friendly and they obviously work extremely hard to keep the whole resort clean and well-maintained and take exceptional care of guests during their stay. We weren't made to feel that it was expected to tip at any time, but we were more than happy to tip as they certainly deserved it! Worth bearing in mind that Dominican Republic is a very poor country and wages are very low compared to ours. I thought the idea of donating unwanted toiletries and clothes to a local charity when we left was a great thing for Tui to organise.

My partner and I are writing this review as we lie on the beach at the hotel (the weather is lovely and beach the same). I wouldn't usually write reviews but on this occasion there are a few things that we want to commented on. Last year we went to Mexico and absolutely loved it, the service was excellent and food/amenities the same, so this year we had high hopes for the Dominican Republic. -Firstly the hotel is clean, standards are high and there are plenty of staff. The beach is in our opinion the knock out factor - the sand is lovely and the ocean blue, some might think there are too many waves but we really enjoyed this. There has been one day where it was windy and there was a lot of sea weed, but the hotel did a good job of cleaning this up when it came onto the beach and it wasn't enough to stop people going in. -The beach cabanas are great and easy to book. -There are loads of swimup bars and the pools are equally lovely. -The rooms are nice, but there is no bath - something we specifically asked for when we booked, we also asked for a beach view, we dont have this either. Negatives: - We love food and like to have non-buffet options, buffets twice a day isn't quite what we were hoping for. We are enjoying the adult only breakfast at the Lighthouse. In the evening we have so far eaten at Wok Wok, Space Walker, the burger place and the buffet. All nice, but the food is a little muddled, especially at Space Walker. - Having to get to the concierge at 0800 every morning to book one of the restaurants (or 1500 at reception for K23) is really annoying, especially as they seem to be full a lot (granted you can book three days in advance). Be prepared to wait in line to make reservations. -Beach and pool service has been incredibly frustrating, this is actually why we have chosen to write this review now. Apart from one day where we were lying next to an American family at the pool staff have completely ignored us, on a few occasions walking past us as we were clearly trying to get their attention. This has been happening today especially as a staff member has been taking drinks to the cabana infront of ours and ignoring us completely. We have ended up going to the bar for ourselves on all other days which would be fine if we were not watching people get served at their beds over us. I have noticed that this has been commented on a few times in reviews and so we decided to bring dollars to tip as it seemed if you tip the staff come to you but it is very apparent that the staff differentiate between British and American guests and head to the Americans every time. We have so far kept our money as the staff are not serving us in the first place. Operator comments -This is the first time we have booked through Tui and have felt incredibly mislead by them. They made us believe that whilst the Nickelodeon resort was next door the two hotel are separate, this isn't true and is evident around the entire hotel. It is a family hotel through and through. - We spent a lot of time looking through hotels trying to find one that had beach views and a bath, this may seem picky but this is something we both want from our room on holiday. The staff member assured us we would have both, we have neither. Whilst this is not the hotels fault it has dampened our experience significantly. A bath in the room is particularly important to us. Again, it was a great escape but didn't live up to our usual experiences. If you have kids, it is definitely worth checking out. But we would not come here again. We have 7 days left at the hotel, but cant see much changing on the negative comment front.

Just arrived back from a 14 night stay at this hotel. The hotel is beautiful and spotlessly clean. We stayed as a premium customer and enjoyed the benefit of having our own exclusive pool and swim up bar. Vladimir was so friendly and looked after us everyday. We stayed on the second floor with a partial sea view. The room was spacious and we arrived to a chilled bottle of sparkling wine and chocolates. A lovely touch after an 8 hour flight and a 40 minute transfer. We did not pay for a private taxi as we usually do, but we went straight to the resort without stoping at other hotels. The food was very good most nights. The buffet restaraunt was one of the best we have been to with lots of choice and fresh food cooked at different cooking stations. The fillet steak cooked to your liking and kebabs were a hit with us. The other gourmet restaraunts were good but we were a little disappointed with our second visit to Spacewalker as we didn't find the service as good and the Nickolodeon guests seemed to get priority! I would say the Nicklodeon water park is worth visiting but a little pricey! Though my son did get to meet several paw patrol characters which he adored. Entertainment was ok. We would have liked more going on during the day as some afternoons we got quite bored. It is definitely more of a quiet resort. So if you're expecting to party every night you may be disappointed! Overall though we had a great holiday. Thank you and again a big thank you to Vladimir!

I really do not know where to start! What a fantastic 2 weeks we have just had. Our expectations were exceeded on every level. This hotels best kept secret is without question it’s staff. Good staff make great holidays and these people are great staff who really care about the customers experience. My wife almost always struggles to find food she can eat in resorts but not here. Every meal time there was usually a choice of options for her. Worth a special mention were the staff in the Italian restaurant. After booking we realised there were stairs to climb which being disabled would be impossible. The staff arranged for us to cut through sugar canes kitchens to avoid the steps! Our room was kept spotless by Carmen our maid who always had a cheery smile for us. We were so impressed we did something we have never done before and re booked for next year on our 2nd day in resort. Thank you Sensatori and thank you TUI.

Our family, a party of 5 with teenage kids, visited the hotel for a 14 night holiday in July/August 2019. We had 2 rooms, one room was a upgrade to luxury premium double room and a “normal” family room. The luxury premium one is just superb and worth the money. With the other room we had a bit of a smell issue. After we complained the hotel management offered a other room but we decided to stay in the old one and had a dehumidifier running 24/7 which helped to get the smell out. We used all the restaurant and the quality and variety of food is above expectation. We only have been a bit disappointed with the top restaurant K23, it just was not ours! There are plenty of poo-bars and the staff is absolute great. My kids and we loved it. Without the “smell” issue I would have given 5*.

Just returned from an amazing two weeks at the TUI Senatori Resort Punta Cana. This is an amazing hotel that certainly deserves the 5 stars I have given it. Flew Premium Club and have to say well worth the upgrade (think Premium Economy on BA). After a 30-45 minute coach transfer (with great A/C) we arrived at the resort to be met with choice of cool champagne or orange juice and cold towel. Following a brief check in process taken by buggy to our Family Swim Up Room (Block 6) which was great. The room is the perfect size for a family of four including Mum,Dad and 9 and 12 year old girls who shared the sofa bed in lounge area. Mini Bar stocked with beers (Coors Light or Heineken) and selection of soft drinks and water. Opened upon a good size patio with 2 sun beds and sofa and obviously to a swim up pool. From our block the Gourmet Village was a 2 minute walk and beech/main pool 3-4 mins. Food is awesome. All the food is of the highest quality and there is more than enough variety to never get board. Not sure why people have got so wound up about booking tables in restraints. Never had a problem as long as you plan in advance. Even then you don’t need to book for the Burger Place or Sugarcane and a few people were able to get last minute bookings in the other restaurants when they asked. In terms of restaurants Sugarcane is the main buffet walk in restaurant with lots of options. Don’t think of this like a European style mass table all you can eat buffet restaurant. Its a very funky modern looking place with a real “commercial” restaurant feel”. BrgrsPH is great with really good burgers, Spacewalker is an experience and well worth a visit, Verdello is very nice also. In fact the only return we weren’t that keen on was Wok Wok. Nothing wrong with it, just not our favourite. During the day there are numerous lunch options ranging from buffet style restaurants at the Lighthouse or Zest. Also try out the BBQ on the beach! Re the Hotel itself. Be under no illusion this is 100% combined with the Nickelodeon hotel. You share all facilities and activities and pools. In fact the only thing reserved solely for the use of the Nickelodeon guests is the water park and the daytime meet the character events in Zest! Therefore please don’t be surprised to find lots of families at this resort! On the subject of the water park…. THIS IS NOT FREE for TUI Guests. There is a hefty charge to use this of around $100 per adult (reduced by 50% on a Tuesday). We were lucky enough to get a free family pass (wife ran the 5K with the sports team) otherwise we wouldn’t have bothered. Its ok for smaller kids, but really (in my views) not worth paying upwards of $50 per person!. To be honest the park was mostly empty when we were there so not sure why they don’t just open it up to all guests for free! Sports activities are excellent. Lots of HITT classes and activities and good Gym on site. You do need to book up some of the tenets like archery etc early on, but this can be done on the Senatori APP. Pools are great. Bar service around the pool is brilliant. Keep an eye out of Jaun who will keep you full stocked in drinks all day long. You will be told repeatedly not to drink the local water, The hotel staff are really good at ensuring that all water served and ICE is made from mineral water so the risks are low. Also at the entry to every restaurant there is hand sanitisers to help minimise risk of infection etc. I’ve seen a few comments around Tipping. Some people have suggested that service is based on how much you tip. Just to clarify, you don’t need to Tip and even if you don’t you can expect excellent service. However, tipping is part of the culture of DR much like it is in the US. We tipped those staff who we felt went above and beyond and were really intent on giving great service. If you do Tip then would recommend stocking up on US Dollars before travelling. In fact US $ seem to be the most recognised currency, even more so than Dominican Pesos. Only negatives really are the seaweed on the beech (naturally occurring on Caribbean Atlantic so not a lot they candy about it), and the Hotel is quit remote so there is not a lot you can do outside the resort. TUI flight back was fine (as good as any night flight an be). In short a great resort, excellent friendly staff and brilliant facilities.

Carretera Uvero Alto, Parcela No. 214 Punta Cana La Altagarcia

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free valet and self parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa

Sensatori Punta Cana, Gourmet All Inclusive by Karisma places you 5.4 mi (8.7 km) from Macao Beach. This 252-room, 5-star property has 2 outdoor pools along with private in-room spa tubs and 7 restaurants.


This property is home to 7 onsite restaurants, perfect for a quick bite to eat. Order from 24-hour room service to satisfy your hunger without leaving your room, sip a beverage at the bar/lounge or coffee shop/café, and mingle with other guests at the free daily manager's reception.


A flat-screen TV comes with cable channels, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi. Beds sport premium bedding and the bathroom offers a rainfall showerhead, a hair dryer, and designer toiletries. Other standard amenities include private spa tub, free minibar items, and a balcony or patio.

Property features

Guests of Sensatori Punta Cana, Gourmet All Inclusive by Karisma have access to a full-service spa, 2 outdoor pools, and a children's pool. You can put free valet parking to good use if you drive. Multilingual staff at the front desk are standing by 24/7 to help with concierge services, luggage storage, and dry cleaning/laundry. Other amenities at this all-inclusive property include a health club, a spa tub, and a sauna.

Room options

Premium Double Suite With Pool Butler

King 1 | Full 2 | Sleeps 4

Premium Swim Up Suite With Pool Butler

King 1 | Full 2 | Sleeps 4

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Sensatori Punta Cana, Gourmet All Inclusive by Karisma

Carretera Uvero Alto, Parcela No. 214, Punta Cana, La Altagarcia 23000
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