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BlueBay Grand Punta Cana - Luxury All Inclusive Resort

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Last week my girlfriend and myself stayed at this hotel for a week. We basically felt at home! Staff is very nice and friendly and they will try their best to help you out. I wanna say a few names we felt like we need to mention... Tomas,Jomiset,Carlos,Andreina,Cyntia, Jean Carlos,Nathael,Keila,Francisco,Pedro, Federico and Cheriel. The rest were great too but forgot their names unfortunately. Food was also beautiful and the entertainment team made our stay more fun. There are a few reasons why we didnt give the 5 stars, as follows. The bar is open till 12 only. After that there are no lights in the area so it was very dark to come back to the room. Also in the corridor to get to the room there was no lights. They only opened a restaurant per night apart from the buffet restaurant because of the season( not busy yet), but funny thing they always said it was fully book till we finally booked 1 day and we saw there were tables available...strange. The thing that most pissed me off was the fact that on the website says you guys offer laundry service but at the end you only do offer to some apartments,not all of them, which is quite unfair because I brought not enough clothes thinking I could use the laundry service so I finally washed by hand on my holidays... funny. Also the housekeepers could be more equipped with enough toiletries for the guests plus they dont do a full cleaning, having hair and ants all over the room. Nevertheless, because of the nature of us two plus the fact we work in hospitality too, we understand certain things and will remember mainly the staff which are one of the best we ever found when staying at hotels. Muchas gracias por todo, Borja y Gabriella.

BEWARE: My familly and I just checked in and we are closing our first day. So far things are.. ok. Do not come here for the beach. However, I wanted to highlight the fact that the Hotel did not honor the prices mentioned on their own website. Despite showing them clearly the sale going on, we've been told that this was a mistake on the website, and/or an only weekend price. As soon as you are at the front desk after a long trip with your familly you kind off have no choice than to take what they give you. I wish things would have started a better way.. I've added the example of a screenshot for details, seems that they are not responsible for what is being disclosed on it..

I would consider this a boutique resort. If you are looking for a swim up bar, parties, tons of entertainment or a large kids club/play areas this is not the resort for you. If you want quiet, private, classy and smaller resort then I highly recommend. This is a much smaller resort than other mega resorts in Punta Cana. We loved the option of having a 3 bedroom suite with a living room and washer/dryer. It was perfect for our family ages 8-70. Patio was incredible with full table and chairs for 6, another seating area and jacuzzi! They do have entertainment but more low key. Kids did bingo and pool games with the staff everyday. Restaurants were good, not all open every night because this resort doesn’t cater to the masses of people. As for other review with being dirty? This resort is by far the cleanest I have been to, maybe because it is smaller and more manageable. If you are looking for a resort to unwind, relax and not a mega resort with thousands of people then this is a great option. We will be back due to the size of the suites, cleanliness, size and how quiet it was.

We had a amazing time at bluebay. The staff was great especially this amazing bartenders. Jomiset Castillo, Alejandro Montoya ( beach bar) and Carlos German. Just remember your on island time and relax

I went with my family of 5 and we stayed for 5 days at BlueBay. I can definitely say that we had one of the best experiences we've had in a while. I usually never write reviews but I decided to make an account just to give this place a review. My family could not be happier with our experience at BlueBay, and we really did not want to leave the resort. I think the best part about BlueBay is the staff. All the workers are so kind and caring. I need to give a special thank you to Pedro, Francisco, and Lappost. They were so sincere and caring and made sure we had fun every single day. You guys are awesome. The entertainment crew and food crew overall was fantastic. There were different events that they planned each day for the guests. The food was also amazing, with various options every day. The resort is very clean and beautiful. We are extremely satisfied with our stay at BlueBay and it was 100% worth the money. Thank you again to all the staff who made our vacation wonderful.

Check-in: Quick and efficient, which it should be as I was the only guest to come on the bus to this location (that should have been a warning!). Room: On checking-in I was immediately offered a room upgrade, which was surprising as I had looked to see if any were available when I booked and no other room alternative was offered. I was offered a Penthouse suite (G402) with a rooftop Jacuzzi. A price for the upgrade was agreed and paid locally. The Penthouse was on the 4th floor which meant 3 flights of stairs as there were no lifts in the buildings. There was a Jacuzzi, but the whole outside area had no shelter so I asked if I could have an umbrella (there were lots all over outside) but was told I could not. As the balcony and Jacuzzi would be un-useable to me if there was no shelter from the sun, I requested to be returned to the original planned room, instead of which I was offered an alternative ground floor room with a Jacuzzi, which I was shown and accepted (clearly did not wish to give me a refund!). The room I was given (F102) was a very nice, large apartment but it appeared it had not been in use recently and no maintenance performed. The Jacuzzi was half filled with slimy green water and the resident snake nearby had to be removed (much to its displeasure). The apartment itself had a large number of mosquitoes inside (which despite my best efforts to kill, sufficient survived to feast on me the first night). I asked for the Jacuzzi to be cleaned and refilled which was finally done about 36hrs later (after I had emptied it myself) and went to the reception desk to repeat my request for it to be cleaned and refilled. For the first night and the following morning I had no hot water, again which showed the room was not prepared in advance as it was a circuit breaker that had been opened thus removing power. The large main sliding door from the patio area into the room also could not be locked, but was repaired after a complaint to the reception desk regarding it. Batteries for the TV control being dead were just another minor irritation but when asking maintenance about it they just told me to “go speak to reception”! However, once all the “bugs” in the room were resolved it was actually a nice room, the only real complaint is that the hot water tank was way too small and not even large enough for one person to shower let alone 4-6 that could normally be there. Jacuzzi was not cleaned unless requested, and each time it was cleaned, the valves were not put back in the correct positions so the jets did not work. Requests for it to be resolved took around 3hrs to be actioned each time. Even when they were working jets were extremely weak at the strongest setting. Didn’t use as much as I would have wanted due to the number of bites from mosquitoes received whilst using it. Beach towels in the room were supposedly changed daily, but it was never done. One time one was so dirty I threw it on the floor for changing but when I got back to the room it had just been picked up and draped over a chair to dry…… Beach: It is advertised as “The private beach here has over 400 feet of silky-smooth sand to its name”. It may have 400 feet of it but much was covered in seaweed! Whilst this was a problem up and down the neighbouring resorts also, others actually continually worked on clearing it whereas Bluebay made minimal effort each morning. A huge pile of stinking seaweed that had been collected up was on the beach my first day (I put a pile of plastic I pulled from the sea onto it) was still there at the end of my trip except a lot bigger and a lot more smelly! Walk up or down the beach to neighbouring resorts and it is far cleaner (cleaned better and more often) and the water is MUCH cleaner and clear enough to see various marine life. Grounds: The mosquitos seen in the room were seen to be rampant throughout the area and little seemed to be done by the facility to try to combat them. There was no bug killers provided in the room, although you could buy a VERY expensive tin of spray from the shop. I did note them spraying around the outsides of the resort after about a week ONCE but never actually saw them doing it in the main areas, and judging by the huge amount of mosquitoes was never done. Cockroaches seen regularly all over, but particularly around the bar near the entrance (although also in rooms) The swimming pool advertised is not as you are led to believe. The vast majority of it is only 1 or 3 feet deep; in-fact there is actually only one real area of about 20-30m long suitable for swimming, where it is 5 feet deep, the majority of the rest is only really suitable for children. Had the resort been full of adults it would have been packed in one very small area if people wanted the deeper water Numerous times a guest dog was seen in the swimming pool and nothing was ever done about it, probably due to the fact that the resort general manager had a dog also. Even witnessed it urinating on the pool side once and all the owner did was pour a cup of pool water over it (thus running into the pool) The main swimming part of the pool is a fair distance from the bars. As there is no pool bar I would have thought that they would have had people walking around asking if anybody required drinks (there are MANY staff around, much of the time doing nothing except chatting). I did raise this as a comment and I was advised that this would be implemented. It was done ONE time on ONE day. Apparently it is done as standard when they “are busy”, obviously when busy enough to make tips to be worth their while! In some places around the pool there is a shortage of bins and so litter (mainly plastic cups) can be seen blowing around Music (piped) at times was way too loud, and VERY repetitive. Local band that played one afternoon way FAR too loud and was of very poor quality. Girls for the local massage parlour walk around constantly touting for business and can be a pain until they recognise you and then leave you alone. Massages are extortionately expensive but I am advised are “quite good” Grounds (bushes, trees etc) are kept well-tended by the gardening staff There was some STUNNING blue lighting around the pools for the first few nights but after that they stopped using it, guess not enough people to be worth having it turned on for, like their service in general. Food / restaurants / bars: Despite the claims of numbers of restaurants available, they are not all available all of the time. Indeed most nights ONLY one of the buffet or occasionally a single restaurant was open with no alternative choice (generally only the buffet was open). Should it be a seafood buffet and you want meat, you could only order from room service with the $7 room service surcharge, although later on the last “seafood buffet” they did start to offer one single meat choice. At weekends (Friday and Saturday night) locals would turn up and on occasions the resort would then operate ONE restaurant AND the buffet restaurant being open also. Information about restaurants being open was only available on the day and frequently changed during the day and so was completely different food / area to that which was specified earlier. Breakfast was disappointing, sliced bread disappeared after 3-4 days and eventually reappeared after complaints, bacon was missing on numerous days (and generally overcooked the rest). After the first 4-5 days I couldn’t even get something as simple as orange juice despite requesting for it EVERY day (happy with carton juice if no fresh available)!!!! (Also not available at the bar for drink mixer) The general buffet I would rate as poor in range, variety and quality, for any standard meal had there. Of the restaurants, when they were actually open, were generally of an average-to-good standard but were inconsistent in quality and certainly in service (orders missed, wrong orders taken to tables, some people allowed in without a bookling whilst others turned away). Generally speaking, the dining area you would use would in the evening would be dictated to you by the hotel as frequently, other than selecting room service, there were no alternatives available to you. The problem with this is there were clearly insufficient people to open a restaurant AND the buffet, but actually too many for just a restaurant and they clearly couldn’t cope. The bar near the beach, open 11am-5pm for lunch snacks is recommended as opposed to the main area buffet. CHeck your food carefully though, as I had one occasion where I had something on mine that looked very dubious!!! Last bar (on the beach) closes at midnight, and after that you are stuck for drink until 10am the next day. Bars are reasonably stocked although many “normal” drinks are considered premium. Bars also run out of basic items, water, juices regularly due to minimal stock they are given. Beer is only on tap near the entrance, being hand carried in jugs to the other bars and kept in fridges until required for the other bars… not very hygienic! Bars had no orange juice for drinks, only brought one small bottle of tomato juice per day (when it was gone, too bad), and on the last day when they had no orange and no tomato juice so I asked for gin and tonic they didn't even have tonic water!!! “On the Rocks bar & lounge - Located in the lobby area – this bar has a wide and varied drinks menu, plus relaxing music complements the scene” was NEVER open. Apparently it is only open when it is “busy” Entertainment: Difficult due to the extremely low numbers of people staying in the resort. Some was good, some was pretty poor. The band with the Venezuelan female singer that was there the last night though was excellent! Staff: Generally one-on-one the staff are very good, helpful and polite, with the exception of one or two individuals who clearly shouldn’t be working in a hotel service environment (including senior personnel). When they are in groups though, many prefer to chat between themselves if possible and guests go ignored and unattended. Staff at the bar near the entrance are very good, a special mention for “Jennifer” as being outstanding should be noted. I would say though, even though I tipped for 90% of every meal (some were too bad to tip!), and every night at the bar, it made no improvement to the service received, so if you do it for that reason then don't bother. Misc: Nets and Jacuzzi blinds etc clearly have not been cleaned for a long time. Usually covered inside by squashed bugs, outside by bird droppings etc. Many chairs and cushions etc suffer the same issues with birds, clearly little cleaning is done, easier to just “turn the cushions over” Wi-fi is extremely unreliable although seems ok in public areas. The hotel at many times through my stay allowed local street hawkers into the facility to sell their wares. Not a problem if they left you alone but they were a real pain constantly bothering you and at times were extremely pushy. I complained to the desk about if it on the second occasion, and whilst they listened, they did nothing about it. If I wanted to be bothered by street hawkers I would go outside the hotel grounds! The hotel shop was EXCEPTIONALLY expensive Hotel arranges trips were EXCEPTIONALLY expensive, up to 3x the price that they could be got from 50yds outside the resort Don’t bother trying to contact the hotel. If you go to their Facebook page and message them you get an automated response with an email address to contact them, which is returned as non-deliverable as it doesn’t exist. No posts to their Facebook page are answered. Tried to speak to the general manager in the resort due to enough being enough one night and was told to come back the following morning at “9-10am”. Sat waiting from 8:30am, but he didn’t show. Was told at 09:50 that an appointment had been made for 13:15, but again he did not show, front desk manager turning up saying he was too busy to come. Caught him the last day and asked him if he was aware I had tried to speak to him or if the staff hadn’t told him, to which he advised he knew about the complaints and that he saw no point in talking to me…. I advised him that it was clear why the hotel was so badly managed as the rot clearly stated at the top! I told him I would be telling everyone about how bad the hotel was and that I had videos, photos and clips to prove everything I stated. General manager accused me, as I was travelling alone, of being alone and bored and so just complaining to create trouble for fun, again I advised him I had photographic evidence of every single complaint. Lights in the area are turned off at 23:00, but beach bar is open until midnight. Walking back in the total darkness one night walked into a sunbed gashing my leg – hotel were advised by the Tui Rep but weren’t interested. Went to the medic on site and asked if the cut could be cleaned and dressed, told it would cost me US$160 for each visit (at least twice a day would be needed)!!!!!! Hotel, showed no subsequent interest in any follow-up to ensure my welfare, even though it was due to their negligence in turning the lights off!!! Resort: I actually think this location could be a real gold mine! It is a stunning location and the rooms once cleaned and maintained would be great! All the issues I have raised are minor and I believe is down to the resort not being managed correctly. There is enough staff to deal with the majority of the negative issues here but they need to be MANAGED much better than they are! Clearly it was being run as cheaply (ie spend NOTHING) as was possible due to the very low number of guest staying at that time. The Tui Rep advised me that the resort had stated that they had received a complaint about me from another customer saying I was trying to get them to complain. Whilst every single person I had spoken to in that resort was also complaining about similar things to me (and I can prove this), and I may possibly have said “Don’t tell me, tell them!”, the fact I actually asked anyone to complain is a COMPLETE FABRICATION! On the very last night I approached him again, due to no mixers for ANY drink I wanted being available, to tell him how appalling his managerial skills were. I confess I was angry (it was the last straw when they offered me soda as they had no tonic water) and shouting at him, but I did not approach him too closely. He took out his phone and started videoing me saying “why are you hitting me, why are you pushing me etc etc”! I told him he was an idiot, I hadn’t touched him, and that he was as stupid as his managerial skills were bad! He had (male) staff with him and I am sure if I had even attempted such a thing I would not have got close to him! It had clearly been set up for the sole purpose of knowing at some stage I would approach him. The following morning when I was preparing to check out I was called to the lobby by the Tui rep (Sandra - welfare). She advised me that the General Manager had been to the police station and made a report of "physical aggression" and that I would be arrested if I did not: • Delete all photographs, videos and clips from my laptop, mobile phone and Facebook. • Write a letter saying that I had deleted them and that I apologised for my aggression • Sign a disclaimer saying that I would not complain, post on social media etc etc etc The Tui rep advised that I should sign, that I really didn’t want to go to a Dominican jail, and that if I did go to jail, flights home etc etc after would all be my issue to resolve. So: • I deleted all photographs, videos and clips from my laptop, mobile phone and Facebook under the watchful eye of the Tui rep. Fortunately I had about 80% of them backed up to a flash drive but I still lost many good pictures including the better days where I had walked the shoreline to the good neighbouring resorts for the clean beach and water, plus some of some good friends I had made. At this time the 2nd Tui Rep (Adis) arrived. I advised them both that I was signing the paperwork on their advice but “under duress” of the threat of the general manager (whether true or not I will never know) to have me arrested, and that I was naming them as witnesses to this fact. • I wrote an apology for the “perceived aggression” on the handwritten document and that I had deleted files from laptop, phone and Facebook as requested • On the disclaimer I signed with a completely fictitious name I asked for copies of both documents but the Tui Rep, despite taking copies for her records, would not provide me with a copy I boarded the bus, went to the airport and caught my flight back to the UK Subsequent: I have contacted Adis with an update on the injury I received and that I had required emergency medical treatment when I arrived back in the UK, and asked for details of the general manager plus the hotels head office address. To this time she has refused to respond to emails. I have taken legal advice re the paperwork (not worth the paper it's written on) and have been advised, amongst other actions, to initially complain to Tui (I lodged a complaint on arrival home although stated no details) and Firstchoice Conclusion: The resort knew I was going to complain hard and had evidence of everything I was going to mention and so contrived to try to discredit me as much as possible and left it to the last minute to blackmail me to try and destroy my evidence. They will try to blame everything on me, and I am not going to argue with them as I am sure they will fabricate anything they want as they have proved they are willing to do, but even allowing that they will publish that everything was my fault, wanted to cause trouble etc etc, no matter how they try to lie / hide it, it still does not excuse the following, and even if you listen to both sides, why would you want to subject yourself to this: • Restaurant availabilty not as advertised • Bar availability not as advertised • Cockroach infested, not controlled • Mosquito infested, not controlled • Dogs being allowed (or at least not stopped) in swimming pool, urinating • Beach covered in seaweed, same pile building up for WEEKS • Low quality food, no variety, poor range in buffet restaurant • No basics at breakfast (orange juice, slcied bread for toast) • No mixers frequently for drinks • Beer carried between bars in jugs which I have never seen being cleaned out • Cleaning not conducted properly, stains over cushions, chairs, screens etc • Towels not changed even when requested (placed on floor) • Poor room maintenance and preparation, ie 36 hours to get Jacuzzi cleaned and working AFTER moving in. • Poor room maintenance and preparation, ie locks on ground floor patio windows broken so room was insecure until repaired • Jacuzzi only cleaned if ask for it • Jacuzzi never worked after cleaning • No meal planning / frequent changes. Cannot plan or book ahead • Initially if only seafood buffet no meat alternative without having to pay • Lights in main area turned off prior to beach bar closing, very dark and hazardous • Injury caused by resort negligence • Street hawkers allowed in to sell wares frequently throughout the resort, were pushy, aggressive and constantly hassling guests. Complained to the desk, nothing done. Beware though. If have issues take lots of pics, get contact details of people who experience similar issues and beware of schemes to stop you complaining. I am a believer of complaining over issues at the time and not after, which in this case the both did nothing about and sought to stop me telling others!

our 1st room had a problem with the shower , air con and view . both didn't work and the view was a glass roof above the reception our 2nd room had a jacuzzi on the balcony . great but the stench now and then from the main sewer was awful . but at least the shower and air con worked the sea was a putrid deep green . you could not see your feet in 6" of water . no one used the beach due to the colour and bundles of sea weed . according to the hotel this happens every year . its an annual thing . but ughhhh the pool was great and very clean and also looked great at night . the bars were a bit under stocked . the beach bar ran out most evenings and there wasn't more than 10 people there on any night the staff were great . they make the place feel good . too many to name . the main restaurant staff as a whole together were all very good juan lappost was fantastic , very good at his job , funny , polite and helpful .,thanks Castillo at the bar was very good . well done also jomiset Wilson at reception was very good , helpful and polite . well done

I never write bad reviews but I just wouldn’t want anyone else to waste their hard earned money on this place. I as sick twice eating the food. The rooms are run down. The drinks are only low level alcohol even pointing out I’m all inclusive they still serve you local watered down alcohol. Beach was clean but you hear all the tourists cheering at the dolphin jail next door. Pool was nice until I saw a dog swimming in it! Cockroaches in my room twice. You have to call daily for the room to be cleaned and fridge re filled with 2 beers a water and a Diet Coke. Not what I paid for at all.surrounded by a shanty town. Expensive taxis to go anywhere. It’s a shame it could be so much better. Management need to look at the whole package!

Nice place to stay. Especially at the all inclusive price. We stayed in a 2 bedroom condo style room which made the week very nice and quiet when needed. The people are all friendly from servers at dining times to all waitstaff and entertainment. The kids club is aimed at smaller children (up to 7 years old, older may get bored). Bartenders Thomas Orlando and Jennifer and Carlos were the Best! Always happy to fill your cup with your favorite or try something new. The “house” alcohol flows and is nice. “Good stuff” is also available for a reasonable fee. Plan accordingly what excursions you really want to go on, and avoid the ones that seem “just okay”. These are not as sophisticated as Cancun or Honduras but still worthwhile, especially the Caribbean side of the island!

The definitions of Luxury surely is not synonymous with the property. At best it’s a 3Star European meal plan property. Masters Bedroom of a 2Bedroom suite has Full size bed. The 2nd bedroom has 2 twin beds combined and no TV. Mosquitoes and Grout was observed. Refrigerator was stocked with 1Bottled water for 3guests, 2Cans of local Beer, 1 Coke and 1Sprite bottles! Someone at check in supposedly there are 4 Restaurants but through the stay they were mostly closed except for the buffet. Breakfast would be a Holiday inn class. Pool is 2-3ft average deep with only a tiny fraction at 4-5ft. F201 Suite should be avoided if you ever find yourself there except if you love loud noises from the bar next door. 0 insulation. For sure I ll never return even if at no cost. I felt ripped off and at the wrong place.

Cabeza de Toro Beach Punta Cana La Altagracia

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free valet and self parking
  • Onsite dining
  • 2 outdoor pools

BlueBay Grand Punta Cana - Luxury All Inclusive Resort places you within 3 miles (5 km) of popular attractions like Downtown Punta Cana and Bavaro Lagoon. This 135-room, 4-star property welcomes guests with 2 outdoor pools, a restaurant, and a 24-hour fitness center.


Enjoy a bite to eat at Blue Wave Restaurant & Gr, the property's onsite restaurant. Savor a meal from the comfort of your room with room service.


Guests can expect to find free WiFi and 42-inch a plasma TV with satellite channels. Beds sport premium bedding and the bathroom offers a hair dryer and free toiletries. Other standard amenities include a coffee maker, free bottled water, and a safe.

Property features

Guests staying at BlueBay Grand Punta Cana - Luxury All Inclusive Resort enjoy access to 2 outdoor pools, a 24-hour fitness center, and free WiFi in public areas. Free valet and self parking are available—or if you're not driving, take the shuttle from the hotel to the airport (available 24 hours) for USD 45.00 per vehicle. The 24-hour front desk has multilingual staff ready to assist with concierge services, luggage storage, and dry cleaning/laundry. Other amenities at this all-inclusive property include a free kid's club, a terrace, and barbecue grills.

Room options

Two Bedroom Suite Pool View

King 1 | Sleeps 4

Roof Top Blue Pod - Penthouse

King 1 | Sleeps 2

Three Bedroom Suite

King 1 | Sleeps 6

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BlueBay Grand Punta Cana - Luxury All Inclusive Resort

Cabeza de Toro Beach, Punta Cana, La Altagracia 23000